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I Always Wanted to Fly: America's Cold War Airmen 2001
I Am a Fugitive from a Georgia Chain Gang! 1997
I Am Because We Are: African Wisdom in Image and Proverb 2011
"I Am Not Master of Events": The Speculations of John Law and Lord Londonderry in the Mississippi and South Sea Bubbles 2012
I Am You: The Hermeneutics of Empathy in Western Literature, Theology and Art 1988
I Ask for Justice: Maya Women, Dictators, and Crime in Guatemala, 1898–1944 2013
I Bless You in My Heart: Selected Correspondence of Catharine Parr Traill 1996
I Call to Remembrance: Toyo Suyemoto's Years of Internment 2007
I Can't Remember: Family Stories of Alzheimer's Disease 1997
The "I Ching": A Biography 2012
I Did It to Save My Life: Love and Survival in Sierra Leone 2012
I Have Been Waiting: Race and U.S. Higher Education 2003
I Hope I Join the Band: Narrative, Affiliation, and Antiraciset Rhetoric 2012
I Know My Own Heart: The Diaries of Anne Lister, 1791-1840 1988
The I. L. Peretz Reader 2002
I Love Artists: New and Selected Poems 2006
I Love Dollars and Other Stories of China 2007
I, Maya Plisetskaya 2001
I Must be a Part of this War: A German American's Fight against Hitler and Nazism 2005
I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts: Drive-by Essays on American Dread, American Dreams 2012
i never knew what time it was 2005
I Respectfully Dissent: A Biography of Edward H. Nakamura 2012
I Sing the Body Politic: History as Prophecy in Contemporary American Literature 2009
'I Succeeded Once': The Aboriginal Protectorate on the Mornington Peninsula, 1839-1840 2011
I Think I Am: Philip K. Dick 2010
I to Myself: An Annotated Selection from the Journal of Henry D. Thoreau 2007
I Too Have Some Dreams: N.M. Rashed and Modernism in Urdu Poetry 2014
I Ulu I Ka 'Aina: Land 2014
I Walked With Giants: The Autobiography of Jimmy Heath 2010
I Want You!: The Evolution of the All-Volunteer Force 2006
I Wonder as I Wander: The Life of John Jacob Niles 2010
I Won't Stay Indian, I'll Keep Studying: Race, Place, and Discrimination in a Costa Rican High School 2005
I Wore Babe Ruth's Hat: Field Notes from a Life in Sports 2015
Iaiá Garcia 1977
Iain Sinclair 2007
Ian Hamilton Finlay: Selections 2012
Ian McEwan 2007
Iberian Crime Fiction 2011
Iberian Fathers, Volume 1 (The Fathers of the Church, Volume 62) 1969
Iberian Fathers, Volume 2 (The Fathers of the Church, Volume 63) 1969
Iberian Fathers, Volume 3 1999
Iberian Modalities: A Relational Approach to the Study of Culture in the Iberian Peninsula 2013
Ibn Khaldun: Life and Times 2011
Ibn Sina'sRemarks and Admonitions:PhysicsandMetaphysics: An Analysis and Annotated Translation 2014
Ibsen’s Drama: Author to Audience 1979
Iceland: The First New Society 1980
Icelandic Voice in Canadian Letters: The Contribution of Icelandic-Canadian Writers to Canadian Literature 1997
Icon in Crisis: The reinvention of CSIRO 2012
Icon Of Spring 1993
Icon: Studies in the History of An Idea 1995
Iconen van onze economie: Rolmodellen voor inspirerend ondernemerschap 2013
Iconoclastic Theology: Gilles Deleuze and the Secretion of Atheism 2014
Iconography and the Professional Reader 1999
Iconography in Medieval Spanish Literature 1984
The Iconography of the Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus: Neofitus Iit Ad Deum 1990
Icons of Life: A Cultural History of Human Embryos 2009
Icons of Mathematics: An Exploration of Twenty Key Images 2011
Ida Lupino: A Biography 1996
Ida Tarbell: Portrait of a Muckraker 1989
Idea and Ontology: An Essay in Early Modern Metaphysics of Ideas 2008
The Idea of a Colony: Cross-culturalism in Modern Poetry 2004
The Idea of a European Superstate: Public Justification and European Integration (New Edition) 2005
The Idea of a Liberal Theory: A Critique and Reconstruction 1994
The Idea of a University 1996
The Idea of Anglo-Saxon England in Middle English Romance 2005
The Idea of Commercial Society in the Scottish Enlightenment 2013
The Idea of Continental Philosophy 2006
The Idea of Enlightenment: A Postmortem Study 2001
The Idea of Greater Britain: Empire and the Future of World Order, 1860-1900 2007
The Idea of Haiti: Rethinking Crisis and Development 2013
The Idea of Liberty in Canada during the Age of Atlantic Revolutions, 1776-1838 2014
Idea of Loyalty in Upper Canada, 1784-1850 1988
The Idea of Pakistan 2004
Idea of Popular Schooling in Upper Canada: Print Culture, Public Discourse, and the Demand for Education 2012
The Idea of the Actor 1984
The Idea of the Castle in Medieval England 2004
Ideal Government and the Mixed Constitution in the Middle Ages 1992
Idealism: The History of a Philosophy 2011
Idealism Transformed: The Making of a Progressive Educator 1985
Ideals Face Reality: Jewish Law and Life in Poland, 1550-1655 1997
Ideas and International Political Change: Soviet/Russian Behavior and the End of the Cold War 1997
Ideas and Mechanism: Essays on Early Modern Philosophy 1999
Ideas and the Pace of Change: National Pharmaceutical Insurance in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom 2015
Ideas, Concepts, and Reality 2013
Ideational Leadership in German Welfare State Reform: How Politicians and Policy Ideas Transform Resilient Institutions 2010
Identification and Analysis of Technology Emergence Using Patent Classification 2014
Identifying and Mitigating Risks in Security Sector Assistance for Africa's Fragile States 2015
Identifying Consumption: Subjects and Objects in Consumer Society 2008
Identifying Marks: Race, Gender, and the Marked Body in Nineteenth-Century America 2006
Identifying Permanently Disabled Workers with Disproportionate Earnings Losses for Supplemental Payments 2014
Identities, Borders, Orders: Rethinking International Relations Theory 2001
Identity and Control: How Social Formations Emerge (Second Edition) 2008
Identity and Essence 1980
Identity and Justice 2008
Identity And Power: Puerto Rican Politics and the Challenge of Ethnicity 1998
Identity and the Failure of America: From Thomas Jefferson to the War on Terror 2008
Identity Captured by Law: Membership in Canada's Indigenous Peoples and Linguistic Minorities 2009
Identity Complex: Making the Case for Multiplicity 2011
Identity Crises: A Social Critique of Postmodernity 1998
Identity Economics: How Our Identities Shape Our Work, Wages, and Well-Being 2010
Identity: Fragments, Frankness 2015
Identity in Crossroad Civilisations: Ethnicity, Nationalism and Globalism in Asia 2009
Identity in Democracy 2003
Identity Matters: Ethnic and Sectarian Conflict 2009
Identity Papers: Contested Nationhood in Twentieth-Century France 1996
Identity Papers: Literacy and Power in Higher Education 2006
Identity Parades: Northern Irish Culture and Dissident Subjects 2002
Identity Poetics: Race, Class, and the Lesbian-Feminist Roots of Queer Theory 2001
Identity Politics and the New Genetics: Re/Creating Categories of Difference and Belonging 2012
Identity Politics: Lesbian Feminism and the Limits of Community 1989
Identity Politics on the Israeli Screen 2001
Identity Processes and Dynamics in Multi-Ethnic Europe 2010
The Identity Question: Blacks and Jews in Europe and America 2000
Identity Theft and Fraud: Evaluating and Managing Risk 2012
Identity Work in Social Movements 2008
Identity/Difference: Democratic Negotiations of Political Paradox 1991
Ideological Hesitancy in Spain 1700-1750 1991
Ideological Perspectives on Canada 2011
Ideological Profile of Twentieth-Century Italy 1995
Ideologies and National Identities (PDF)   2004
Ideology and Class Conflict in Jamaica: The Politics of Rebellion 1990
Ideology and Community in the First Wave of Critical Legal Studies 2002
Ideology and Inquisition: The World of the Censors in Early Mexico 2009
Ideology and Public Policy: The Case Against Pornography 1988
Ideology and U.S. Foreign Policy 1987
Ideology and U.S Foreign Policy 1987
Ideology, Culture, and Translation 2012
The Ideology of Hatred: The Psychic Power of Discourse 2013
The Ideology of Kokugo: Nationalizing Language in Modern Japan 1996
The ideology of the extreme right 2000
The Ideology of the Offensive: Military Decision Making and the Disasters of 1914 1984
Ideology, Politics, and Diplomacy in East Central Europe 2003
Ideology, Reason, and the Limitation of War: Religious and Secular Concepts, 1200-1740 1975
Ideology, Rhetoric, Aesthetics: For De Man 2013
Ideology: Structuring Identities in Contemporary Life 2003
Idiocy: A Cultural History 2008
Idle Threats: Men and the Limits of Productivity in Nineteenth Century America 2012
Idleness, Water, and a Canoe: Reflections on Paddling for Pleasure 1997
Idleness Working: the Discourse of Love's Labor from Ovid through Chaucer and Gower 2004
Idling the Engine: Linguistic sSkepticism in and around Cortázar, Kafka, and Joyce 2006
Idolatry and Representation: The Philosophy of Franz Rosenzweig Reconsidered 2000
Idols in the East: European Representations of Islam and the Orient, 1100–1450 2009
Idols of Modernity: Movie Stars of the 1920s 2010
Idylls of the Wanderer: Outside in Literature and Theory 2007
If A, Then B: How the World Discovered Logic 2013
If Beale Street Could Talk: Music, Community, Culture 2008
If I Could Write This in Fire 2008
If It Swings, It's Music: The Autobiography of Hawai‘i’s Gabe Baltazar Jr. 2012
If Mayors Ruled the World: Dysfunctional Nations, Rising Cities 2013
If Memory Serves: Gay Men, AIDS, and the Promise of the Queer Past 2012
If One of Us Should Fall 2012
If That Ever Happens to Me: Making Life and Death Decisions after Terri Schiavo 2009
If the Irish Ran the World: Montserrat, 1630-1730 1997
If This Is Mid-Life, Where's the Crisis? 1994
If You Tame Me: Understanding Our Connection With Animals 2004
Ignaz Moscheles and the Changing World of Musical Europe 2014
Ignaz Seipel: Christian Statesman in a Time of Crisis 1972
Ignazio Silone: Beyond the Tragic Vision 2000
Igniting Wonder: Plays for Preschoolers 2013
Ignorance Explosion: Understanding Industrial Civilization 1994
Ignorance: Literature and agnoiology 2009
Ignorance: (On the Wider Implications of Deficient Knowledge) 2009
iGovernment 2011
Iguanas: Biology and Conservation 2004
Ik, mezelf en wij: Over de constructie van onze identiteit 2011
Ike Ulana Lau Hala: The Vitality and Vibrancy of Lau Hala Weaving Traditions in Hawaii 2014
The Iliad: A New Translation by Peter Green 2015
I'll Have What She's Having: Mapping Social Behavior 2011
I'll Tell You What: The Life of Elizabeth Inchbald 2003
Illegal, Alien, or Immigrant: The Politics of Immigration Reform 2008
Illegal Migration and Gender in a Global and Historical Perspective 2008
Illegal: Reflections of an Undocumented Immigrant 2014
Illegality, Inc.: Clandestine Migration and the Business of Bordering Europe 2014
Illicit Trade and the Global Economy 2012
Illinois in the War of 1812 2012
Illinois Politics: A Citizen's Guide 2010
An Illinois Sampler: Teaching and Research on the Prairie 2014
Ill-Made Alliance: Anglo-Turkish Relations, 1934-1940 1998
Illness and Power: Women's Mental Disorders and the Battle between the Sexes 1995
Illness as Narrative 2012
Illuminating the 'Roman d'Alexandre': Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Bodley 264: The Manuscript as Monument 2011
The Illusion of Civil Society: Democratization and Community Mobilization in Low-Income Mexico 2008
The Illusion of History: time and the radical political imagination 2013
The Illusion of Progress in the Arab World: A Critique of Western Misconstructions 2006
The Illusions of Doctor Faustino: a novel 2008
The Illusions of Entrepreneurship: The Costly Myths That Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Policy Makers Live By 2008
The Illusive Trade-off: Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation Systems, and Egypt's Pharmaceutical Industry 2006
The Illusory Boundary: Environment and Technology in History 2010
The Illustrated A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers 1983
Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya 2006
Illustrated History of Canada 2012
An Illustrated History of Canada's Native People: I Have Lived Here Since the World Began 2011
Illustrated Special Relativity Through Its Paradoxes 2013
The Illustrated WALDEN with Photographs from the Gleason Collection 1973
Illustrating PRINCE2: Project management in real terms 2012
Illustrative Learning Experiences: University High School in Action 1952
Ilusionismo verbal en Elogio de la madrastra y Los cuadernos de don Rigoberto de Mario Vargas Llosa 2014
I'm Feeling the Blues Right Now: Blues Tourism in the Mississippi Delta 2011
I'm from Bouctouche, Me: Roots Matter 2009
I'm the Teacher, You're the Student: A Semester in the University Classroom 2005
Image and Pilgrimage in Christian Culture 1978
Image and Structure in Chamber Music 1964
The Image before the Weapon: A Critical History of the Distinction between Combatant and Civilian 2011
The Image of the Jews in Greek Literature: The Hellenistic Period 2010
Image Wars: Kings and Commonwealths in England, 1603-1660 2010
Image-building in Canadian Municipalities 2012
Images at War: Illustrated Periodicals and Constructed Nations 2006
Images, Iconoclasm, and the Carolingians 2009
Images in Sand 1977
Images Of Animals 1999
Images of Black Modernism: Verbal and Visual Strategies of the Harlem Renaissance 2010
Images of Bliss: Ejaculation, Masculinity, Meaning 2007
Images of Goethe through Schiller's Egmont 1998
Images of Human Nature: A Sung Portrait 1988
Images of Justice 1997
Images of Kingship in Chaucer and his Ricardian Contemporaries 2008
Images of Power and the Power of Images: Control, Ownership, and Public Space 2012
Images of Quattrocento Florence: Selected Writings in Literature, History, and Art 2000
Images of the Immortal: The Cult of Lu Dongbin at the Palace of Eternal Joy 1999
Imagic Moments: Indigenous North American Film 2013
Imaginal Politics: Images Beyond Imagination and the Imaginary 2014
The Imaginary App 2014
Imaginary Betrayals: Subjectivity and the Discourses of Treason in Early Modern England 2002
Imaginary Communities: Utopia, the Nation, and the Spatial Histories of Modernity 2002
Imaginary Ethnographies: Literature, Culture, and Subjectivity 2012
The Imaginary Institution of India: Politics and Ideas 2010
The Imaginary Library: An Essay on Literature and Society 1982
Imaginary Lines: Border Enforcement and the Origins of Undocumented Immigration, 1882-1930 2009
The Imaginary Lives of Mechanical Men 2006
The Imaginary Lover 1986
An Imaginary Tale: The Story of i [the square root of minus one] (Princeton Library Science Edition) 1998
Imagination and the University 1964
Imagination Beyond Nation: Latin American Popular Culture 1998
Imagination of a Monarchy: Studies in Ptolemaic Propaganda 2000
The Imaginative Argument: A Practical Manifesto for Writers 2005
Imaginative Programming in Probation and Parole 1967
Imaginative Structure of the City 2003
Imagine the Sound: Experimental African American Literature after Civil Rights 2015
Imagine What It's Like: A Literature and Medicine Anthology 2008
Imagined Cities: Urban Experience and the Language of the Novel 2005
The Imagined Civil War: Popular Literature of the North and South, 1861-1865 2001
Imagined Empires: A History of Revolt in Egypt 2013
An Imagined Geography: Sierra Leonean Muslims in America 2004
Imagined Human Beings: A Psychological Approach to Character and Conflict in Literature 1997
Imagined Museums: Art and Modernity in Postcolonial Morocco 2010
Imagined Nations: Reflections on Media in Canadian Fiction 2003
Imagined Orphans: Poor Families, Child Welfare, and Contested Citizenship in London 2006
Imagined Sovereignties: Toward a New Political Romanticism 2014
Imagined States 2001
Imaging Disaster: Tokyo and the Visual Culture of Japan’s Great Earthquake of 1923 2012
Imagining a Medieval English Nation 2004
Imagining Black America 2014
Imagining Culture 1995
Imagining Exile in Heian Japan: Banishment in Law, Literature, and Cult 2015
Imagining Gay Paradise: Bali, Bangkok, and Cyber-Singapore 2012
Imagining Germany Imagining Asia: Essays in Asian-German Studies 2013
Imagining Global Amsterdam: History, Culture, and Geography in a World City 2012
Imagining Holiness: Classic Hasidic Tales in Modern Times 2009
Imagining Identity in New Spain 2003
Imagining Illness: Public Health and Visual Culture 2010
Imagining Joyce and Derrida: BetweenFinnegans WakeandGlas 2007
Imagining Justice: The Politics of Postcolonial Forgiveness and Reconciliation 2009
Imagining Karma: Ethical Transformation in Amerindian, Buddhist, and Greek Rebirth 2002
Imagining Language in America: From the Revolution to the Civil War 1992
Imagining Literacy 2001
Imagining London: Postcolonial Fiction and the Transnational Metropolis 2004
Imagining Nabokov: Russia Between Art and Politics 2007
Imagining Native America in Music 2005
Imagining Philadelphia: Edmund Bacon and the Future of the City 2009
Imagining Rhetoric: Composing Women of the Early United States 2002
Imagining the Age of Goethe in German Literature, 1970-2010 2011
Imagining the Anglo-Saxon Past: The Search for Anglo-Saxon Paganism and Anglo-Saxon Trial by Jury 2000
Imagining the Middle East: The Building of an American Foreign Policy, 1918-1967 2011
Imagining the Other: The Representation of the Papua New Guinean Subject 2007
Imagining the Post-Apartheid State: An Ethnographic Account of Namibia 2011
Imagining the West in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union 2010
Imagining Virginia Woolf: An Experiment in Critical Biography 2009
Imagining Zion: Dreams, Designs, and Realities in a Century of Jewish Settlement 2003
Imago Dei 2013
Immanence and the Vertigo of Philosophy: From Kant to Deleuze 2009
Immanence - Deleuze and Philosophy 2012
Immanent Visitor: Selected Poems of Jaime Saenz, A Bilingual Edition 2002
Immanuel Kant'sGroundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals: A Commentary 2015
Immediate Struggles: People, Power, and Place in Rural Spain 2006
Immigrant America: A Portrait 2014
Immigrant America: A Portrait, Third edition. Revised, Expanded, and Updated 2006
The Immigrant and the University: Peder Sather and Gold Rush California 2012
Immigrant Canada: Demographic, Economic, and Social Challenges 1999
Immigrant Faith: Patterns of Immigrant Religion in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe 2014
Immigrant Integration in Federal Countries 2012
Immigrant Labor and Racial Conflict in Industrial Societies: The French and British Experience, 1945-1975 1979
Immigrant Model 2015
An Immigrant Neighborhood: Interethnic and Interracial Encounters in New York before 1930 2012
Immigrant Performance in the Labour Market: Bonding and Bridging Social Capital 2012
Immigrant Rights in the Shadows of Citizenship 2008
The Immigrant Scene: Ethnic Amusements in New York, 1880–1920 2008
Immigrant Settlement Policy in Canadian Municipalities 2011
Immigrant Women 1985
Immigrant Women Workers in the Neoliberal Age 2013
Immigrants against the State: Yiddish and Italian Anarchism in America 2015
Immigrants and Boomers: Forging a New Social Contract for the Future of America 2007
Immigrants and the American City 1993
Immigrants and the Labour Force: Policy, Regulation, and Impact 2000
Immigrants and the Right to Stay 2010
Immigrants and Welfare: The Impact of Welfare Reform on America's Newcomers 2009
Immigrants in Prairie Cities: Ethnic Diversity in Twentieth-Century Canada 2009
Immigrants Raising Citizens: Undocumented Parents and Their Children 2011
Immigrants to the Pure Land: The Modernization, Acculturation, and Globalization of Shin Buddhism, 1898-1941 2011
Immigrants Unions & The New Us Labor Mkt 2005
Immigration and American History: Essays in Honor of Theodore C. Blegen 1961
Immigration and Labor Market Mobility in Israel, 1990 to 2009 2012
Immigration and Race: New Challenges for American Democracy 2000
Immigration and social cohesion in the Republic of Ireland 2011
Immigration and Social Systems: Collected Essays of Michael Bommes 2012
Immigration and Women: Understanding the American Experience 2011
The Immigration Crucible: Transforming Race, Nation, and the Limits of the Law 2012
Immigration Dialectic: Imagining Community, Economy, and Nation 2011
Immigration Economics 2014
Immigration in Singapore 2014
Immigration, Integration, and Security: America and Europe in Comparative Perspective 2008
Immigration, Islam, and the Politics of Belonging in France: A Comparative Framework 2012
Immigration Judges and U.S. Asylum Policy 2015
Immigration Justice 2013
Immigration Policy in the Federal Republic of Germany: Negotiating Membership and Remaking the Nation 2009
Immigration, Poverty, and Socioeconomic Inequality 2013
Immigration Research for a New Century: Multidisciplinary Perspectives 2000
Immorality 1984
Immortal: A Military History of Iran and Its Armed Forces 2009
The Immortal Count: The Life and Films of Bela Lugosi 2003
Immortal Sofa 2008
Immortal, Updated Edition: A Military History of Iran and Its Armed Forces 2014
Immortality and the Law: The Rising Power of the American Dead 2010
The Immortality of the Soul; The Magnitude of the Soul; On Music; The Advantage of Believing; On Faith in Things Unseen (The Fathers of the Church, Volume 4) 1947
The Immortals: Faces of the Incredible in Buddhist Burma 2015
The Impact of 9/11 on Canada - U.S. Trade 2008
The Impact of Adopting Time-of-Day Tolling: Case Study of 183A in Austin, Texas 2015
The impact of devolution on social policy 2009
The Impact of Electricity: Development, Desires and Dilemmas 2008
The Impact of Full Practice Authority for Nurse Practitioners and Other Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in Ohio 2015
The Impact of Global Warming on Texas 2011
The Impact of Health Care Reform on Workers’ Compensation Medical Care: Evidence from Massachusetts 2012
The Impact of Health Insurance in Low- and Middle-Income Countries 2010
The impact of migration on transport and congestion 2011
The impact of research in education: An international perspective 2013
The Impact of the War on the Schools of Red Wing 1945
Impact of War on Federal Personnel Administration: 1939--1945 1951
The Impact on Federal Spending of Allowing the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act to Expire 2014
The Impact on Workers’ Compensation Insurance Markets of Allowing the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act to Expire 2014
Impacts on U.S. Energy Expenditures and Greenhouse-Gas Emissions of Increasing Renewable-Energy Use 2008
The Imperative of Integration 2010
The Imperative to Write: Destitutions of the Sublime in Kafka, Blanchot and Beckett 2014
Imperatives of Culture 2013
Imperfect Balance: Landscape Transformations in the Pre-Columbian Americas 2000
Imperfect Cosmopolis: Studies in the history of international legal theory and cosmopolitan ideas 2011
The Imperfect Friend: Emotion and Rhetoric in Sidney, Milton and Their Conexts 2008
Imperfect Garden: The Legacy of Humanism 2002
Imperfect Oracle: The Epistemic and Moral Authority of Science 2009
Imperfect Paradise: Twenty-four Stories 1995
The Imperfect Union: Constitutional Structures of German Unification 1997
Imperfect Unions: Staging Miscegenation in U.S. Drama and Fiction 2012
Imperfection and Defeat: The Role of Aesthetic Imagination in Human Society 2006
Imperial Archipelago: Representation and Rule in the Insular Territories under U.S. Dominion after 1898 2010
Imperial Babel: Translation, Exoticism, and the Long Nineteenth Century 2014
Imperial Benevolence: Making British Authority in the Pacific Islands 1998
Imperial Brotherhood: Gender and the Making of Cold War Foreign Policy 2001
The Imperial Canadian 1986
Imperial Challenge: Quebec and Britain in the Age of the American Revolution 1989
Imperial citizenship: Empire and the question of belonging 2006
An Imperial Concubine's Tale: Scandal, Shipwreck, and Salvation in Seventeenth-Century Japan 2013
Imperial Connections: India in the Indian Ocean Arena, 1860-1920 2007
Imperial Desire: Dissident Sexualities and Colonial Literature 2003
Imperial Eclipse: Japan's Strategic Thinking about Continental Asia before August 1945 2013
Imperial Encounters: The Politics of Representation in North-South Relations 1996
Imperial Entanglements: Iroquois Change and Persistence on the Frontiers of Empire 2011
Imperial Germany 1871-1918 (Revised Edition): Economy, Society, Culture and Politics 2005
Imperial Germany and a World Without War: The Peace Movement and German Society, 1892-1914 1975
Imperial Germany Revisited: Continuing Debates and New Perspectives 2011
Imperial Heights: Dalat and the Making and Undoing of French Indochina 2011
Imperial Ideology and Provincial Loyalty in the Roman Empire 2000
Imperial Japan at Its Zenith: The Wartime Celebration of the Empire’s 2,600th Anniversary 2010
Imperial Lyric: New Poetry and New Subjects in Early Modern Spain 2009
Imperial Masochism: British Fiction, Fantasy, and Social Class 2007
Imperial Masquerade: The Legend of Princess Der Ling 2008
Imperial Medicine: Patrick Manson and the Conquest of Tropical Disease 2001
Imperial Messages: Orientalism as Self-Critique in the Habsburg Fin de Siècle 2011
Imperial Nature: The World Bank and Struggles for Social Justice in the Age of Globalization 2005
Imperial 2014
Imperial Politics and Symbolics in Ancient Japan: The Tenmu Dynasty, 650–800 2009
Imperial Republics: Revolution, War and Territorial Expansion from the English Civil War to the French Revolution 2011
Imperial Rule 2004
Imperial San Francisco: Urban Power, Earthly Ruin, With a New Preface 2006
Imperial spaces: Placing the Irish and Scots in colonial Australia 2011
Imperial Technoscience: Transnational Histories of MRI in the United States, Britain, and India 2014
The Imperial University: Academic Repression and Scholarly Dissent 2014
Imperial White: Race, Diaspora, and the British Empire 2007
Imperialism and Jewish Society: 200 B.C.E. to 640 C.E. 2001
Imperialism in the Twentieth Century 1977
Imperialism, Power, and Identity: Experiencing the Roman Empire 2011
Imperialism, Power, and Identity: Experiencing the Roman Empire (New in Paperback) 2011
Imperial-Way Zen: Ichikawa Hakugen's Critique and Lingering Questions for Buddhist Ethics 2009
Imperiled Innocents: Anthony Comstock and Family Reproduction in Victorian America 1997
Impersonations: Troubling the Person in Law and Culture 2009
Impious Fidelity: Anna Freud, Psychoanalysis, Politics 2011
Implementación de Calidad de Servicio basado en ISO/IEC 20000: Una Guía de Gestión 2012
Implementation Actions for Improving Air Force Command and Control Through Enhanced Agile Combat Support Planning, Execution, Monitoring, and Control Processes 2014
Implementation of K–12 State Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts and Literacy: Findings from the American Teacher Panel 2016
The Implementation of Prolog 1993
Implementation of School-Based Management in Indonesia 2012
Implementation of the Asthma Practice Guideline in the Army Medical Department: Evaluation of Process and Effects 2005
Implementation of the Common Core State Standards: Recommendations for the Department of Defense Education Activity Schools 2012
Implementation of the DoD Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan: A Framework for Change Through Accountability 2013
Implementierung von Service-Qualita basierend auf ISO/IEC 20000: Ein Management-Leitfaden 2012
Implementing a Resource-Based Relative Value Scale Fee Schedule for Physician Services: An Assessment of Policy Options for the California Workers’ Compensation Program 2013
Implementing a Resource-Based Relative Value Scale Fee Schedule for Physician Services: An Assessment of Policy Options for the California Workers’ Compensation Program 2014
Implementing Innovation: Fostering Enduring Change in Environmental and Natural Resource Governance 2010
Implementing international environmental agreements in Russia 2003
Implementing restorative justice in children's residential care 2010
Implementing Service Quality based on ISO/IEC 20000: A Management Guide 2012
Implementing the Endangered Species Act on the Platte Basin Water Commons 2010
Implications of an Air Force Budget Downturn on the Aircraft Industrial Base: An Exploratory Analysis 2013
The Implications of Immanence: Toward a New Concept of Life 2006
Implications of Modern Decision Science for Military Decision-Support Systems 2005
Implicit and Explicit Language Learning: Conditions, Processes, and Knowledge in SLA and Bilingualism 2011
The Implied Spider, Updated with a New Preface: Politics and Theology in Myth 2011
The Implosion of Contemporary Capitalism 2013
Import Safety: Regulatory Governance in the Global Economy 2009
The Importance of Being Civil: The Struggle for Political Decency 2013
The Importance of Feeling English: American Literature and the British Diaspora, 1750-1850 2007
The Importance of Insight: Essays in Honour of Michael Vertin 2007
The Importance of Species: Perspectives on Expendability and Triage 2003
Imported Oil and U.S. National Security 2009
Importing Poverty?: Immigration and the Changing Face of Rural America 2009
Imposing Their Will: An Organizational History of Jewish Toronto, 1933-1948 2011
The Imposition of Form: Studies in Narrative Representation and Knowledge 1987
The Impossibility of Religious Freedom 2005
The Impossible Border: Germany and the East, 1914–1922 2010
Impossible Heights: Skyscrapers, Flight, and the Master Builder 2015
The Impossible Indian: Gandhi and the temptation of violence 2012
Impossible Individuality: Romanticism, Revolution, and the Origins of Modern Selfhood, 1787-1802 1992
The Impossible Jew: Identity and the Reconstruction of Jewish American Literary History 2015
Impossible Joyce: Finnegans Wakes 2013
The Impossible Observer: Reason and the Reader in Eighteenth-Century Prose 1979
The Impossible State: Islam, Politics, and Modernity's Moral Predicament 2013
Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America 2004
Impossible?: Surprising Solutions to Counterintuitive Conundrums 2008
Impostures in early modern England: Representations and perceptions of fraudulent identities 2009
Impotent Warriors: Perspectives on Gulf War Syndrome, Vulnerability and Masculinity 2009
The Impression of Influence: Legislator Communication, Representation, and Democratic Accountability 2015
Imprints, Voiceprints, and Footprints of Memory: Collected Essays of Werner H. Kelber 2013
Imprisoned in a Luminous Glare: Photography and the African American Freedom Struggle 2011
Imprisoning America: The Social Effects of Mass Incarceration 2004
Imprisoning Our Sisters: The New Federal Women's Prisons in Canada 2006
The Improbable Era: The South since World War II 1976
An Improbable Life: My Sixty Years at Columbia and Other Adventures 2014
The Improbable Swervings of Atoms 2005
An Improbable War?: The Outbreak of World War I and European Political Culture before 1914 2012
Improper Life: Technology and Biopolitics from Heidegger to Agamben 2011
Improved Earth: Prairie Space as Modern Artefact, 1869-1944 2005
Improving Air Force Command and Control Through Enhanced Agile Combat Support Planning, Execution, Monitoring, and Control Processes 2012
Improving Air Force Depot Programming by Linking Resources to Capabilities 2012
Improving Air Force Enterprise Resource Planning-Enabled Business Transformation 2013
Improving Assessment in Higher Education: A Whole Institution Approach 2013
Improving Capacity for Stabilization and Reconstruction Operations 2009
Improving Care for Chronic Conditions: Current Practices and Future Trends in Health Plan Programs 2015
Improving Care for Co-Occurring Psychological Health and Substance Use Disorders: An Implementation Evaluation of the Co-Occurring Disorders Clinician Training Program 2015
Improving Childhood Asthma Outcomes in the United States: A Blueprint for Policy Action 2001
Improving Dementia Long-Term Care: A Policy Blueprint 2014
Improving Demographic Diversity in the U.S. Air Force Officer Corps 2014
Improving Federal and Department of Defense Use of Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses 2013
Improving Implementation: Organisational Change and Project Management 2007
Improving Interagency Information Sharing Using Technology Demonstrations: The Legal Basis for Using New Sensor Technologies for Counterdrug Operations Along the U.S. Border 2014
Improving Inventory Management of Organizational and Individual Equipment at Central Issue Facilities 2013
Improving Literacy in America: Guidelines from Research 2005
Improving Mathematics and Science Education: A Longitudinal Investigation of the Relationship Between Reform-Oriented Instruction and Student Achievement 2006
Improving Poor People: The Welfare State, the "Underclass," and Urban Schools as History 1995
Improving Public Opinion Surveys: Interdisciplinary Innovation and the American National Election Studies 2012
Improving School Leadership: The Promise of Cohesive Leadership Systems 2009
Improving School Leadership Through Support, Evaluation, and Incentives: The Pittsburgh Principal Incentive Program 2012
Improving School-to-Work Transitions 2007
Improving Strategic Competence: Lessons from 13 Years of War 2014
Improving Student Achievement: What State NAEP Test Scores Tell Us 2000
Improving Technical Vocational Education and Training in the Kurdistan Region—Iraq 2014
Improving the Deployment of Army Health Care Professionals: An Evaluation of PROFIS 2013
Improving the Energy Performance of Buildings: Learning from the European Union and Australia 2009
Improving the U.S. Military’s Understanding of Unstable Environments Vulnerable to Violent Extremist Groups: Insights from Social Science 2013
Improvising Cinema 2013
Improvising Early Music 2014
Impulse Archaeology 2005
Impulse 2013
Impulsive and Hybrid Dynamical Systems: Stability, Dissipativity, and Control 2006
iMuslims: Rewiring the House of Islam 2009
In 100 Years: Leading Economists Predict the Future 2013
In a Fertile Desert: Modern Writing from the United Arab Emirates 2009
In a Maelstrom: The History of Russian-Jewish Prose, 1860–1940 2008
In a Queer Voice: Journeys of Resilience from Adolescence to Adulthood 2013
In and Out of Morocco: Smuggling and Migration in a Frontier Boomtown 2001
In Another Country: Colonialism, Culture, and the English Novel in India 2002
In Another Time 1998
In Armageddon's Shadow: The Civil War and Canada's Maritime Provinces 1998
In Athena's Camp: Preparing for Conflict in the Information Age 1997
In Babel's Shadow: Multilingual Literatures, Monolingual States 2010
In Ballast to the White Sea 2014
In Between Countries: Australia, Canada, and the Search for Order in Agricultural Trade 1997
In Black and White: An Interpretation of the South 2008
In Black and White: Race and Sports in America 1996
In Buddha's Company: Thai Soldiers in the Vietnam War 2011
In Capra's Shadow: The Life and Career of Screenwriter Robert Riskin 2006
In China's Shadow: The Crisis of American Entrepreneurship 2006
In Confidence: When to Protect Secrecy and When to Require Disclosure 2009
In Darkest Alaska: Travel and Empire Along the Inside Passage 2007
In Death's Waiting Room: Living and Dying with Dementia in a Multicultural Society 2008
In Defence of Open-Mindedness 1985
In Defence of Religious Schools and Colleges 2001
In Defence of the Faith: Joaquim Marques de Araújo, a Comissário in the Age of Inquisitional Decline 2013
In Defense of a Political Court 1999
In Defense of Doctrine: Evangelicalism, Theology, and Scripture 2015
In Defense of Justice: Joseph Kurihara and the Japanese American Struggle for Equality 2013
In Defense of Religious Moderation 2011
In Defense of Single-Parent Families 1997
In Defense of the Bush Doctrine 2007
In Defense of Youth: A Study of the Role of Counsel in American Juvenile Courts 1972
In Doubt: The Psychology of the Criminal Justice Process 2012
In Duty Bound: Men, Women, and the State in Upper Canada, 1783-1841 2014
In Enemy Hands: A Prisoner in North Korea 1991
In gesprek met morgen: Lessen voor de eenentwintigste eeuw 2010
In God's Name: Genocide and Religion in the Twentieth Century 2010
In God's Shadow: Politics in the Hebrew Bible 2012
In Good Faith?: Governing Indigenous Australia through God, Charity and Empire, 1825-1855 2011
In Good Hands: The Women of the Canadian Handicrafts Guild 1999
In Gratitude for All the Gifts: Seamus Heaney and Eastern Europe 2012
In Hawthorne's Shadow: American Romance from Melville to Mailer 1985
In Her Father's Eyes: A Childhood Extinguished by the Holocaust 2008
In Her Own Words: Conversations with Composers in the United States 2013
In Hindsight: A compendium of Business Continuity case studies 2014
In His Milieu: Essays on Netherlandish Art in Memory of John Michael Montias 2006
In His Name: The Anglican Experience in Upper Canada, 1791-1854 1991
In His Own Right: The Political Odyssey of Senator Robert F. Kennedy 2001
In Irons: Britain`s Naval Supremacy and the American Revolutionary Economy 1998
In It for the Long Run: A Musical Odyssey 2014
In Its Corporate Capacity: The Seminary of Montreal as a Business Institution, 1816-1876 1986
In Lady Audley's Shadow: Mary Elizabeth Braddon and Victorian Literary Genres 2010
In Light of Africa: Globalizing Blackness in Northeast Brazil 2014
In Light of Another's Word: European Ethnography in the Middle Ages 2014
In Love and Struggle: Letters in Contemporary Feminism 2008
In Love with a Handsome Sailor: The Emergence of Gay Identity and the Novels of Pierre Loti 2003
In Medias Res: Peter Sloterdijk's Spherological Poetics of Being 2011
In Memory of Jacques Derrida 2009
In Motion, At Rest: The Event of the Athletic Body 2014
In My Heart's Best Wishes for You: A biography of Archbishop John Walsh 2012
In My Mother's House: Civil War in Sri Lanka 2011
In My Power: Letter Writing and Communications in Early America 2009
In Other Los Angeleses: Multicentric Performance Art 2002
In Our Backyard: How 3 L.A. Neighborhoods Affect Kids' Lives 2002
In Our Hands: The Struggle for U.S. Child Care Policy 2014
In Our Name: The Ethics of Democracy 2012
In Peace and Freedom: My Journey in Selma 2013
In Place/Out of Place: Geography, Ideology, and Transgression 1996
In Plato's Cave 1999
In Praise of Copying 2010
In Praise of Falling 2009
In Praise of Mixed Religion: The Syncretism Solution in a Multifaith World 2014
In Praise of Nonsense: Aesthetics, Uncertainty, and Postmodern Identity 2012
In Praise of Poverty: Hannah More Counters Thomas Paine and the Radical Threat 2002
In Praise of Reason: Why Rationality Matters for Democracy 2012
In Praise of the Common: A Conversation on Philosophy and Politics 2008
In Pursuit of Ancient Pasts: A History of Classical Archaeology in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 2006
In Pursuit of Gold: Chinese American Miners and Merchants in the American West 2011
In Pursuit of Right and Justice: Edward Weinfeld as Lawyer and Judge 2004
In Pursuit of the Gene 2008
In Pursuit of the Good Life: Aspiration and Suicide in Globalizing South India 2014
In Pursuit of the PhD 1992
In Pursuit of the Public Good: Essays in Honour of Allan J. MacEachen 1997
In Pursuit of the Traveling Salesman: Mathematics at the Limits of Computation 2012
In Quest and Crisis: Emperor Joseph I and the Habsburg Monarchy 1979
In Quest of Great Lakes Ice Age Vertebrates 2001
In Remembrance of Emmett Till: Regional Stories and Media Responses to the Black Freedom Struggle 2014
In Search of a Safe Place: Abused Women and Culturally Sensitive Services 1998
In Search of “Aryan Blood”: Serology in Interwar and National Socialist Germany 2012
In Search of Brightest Africa: Reimagining the Dark Continent in American Culture, 1884-1936 2010
In Search of Chaucer 1960
In Search of Cinema: Writings on International Film Art 2004
In Search of Effective Disability Policy: Comparing the Developments and Outcomes of the Dutch and Danish Disability Policies 2003
In Search of Elegance: Towards an Architecture of Satisfaction 1999
In Search of Identity: The Japanese Overseas Scholar in America and Japan 1958
In Search of Korean Traditional Opera: Discourses of Ch'angguk 2010
In Search of Lost Meaning: The New Eastern Europe 2011
In Search of Opera 2001
In Search of Paradise: The Odyssey of an Italian Family 1993
In Search Of Parenthood: Coping with Infertility and High-Tech Conception 1994
In Search of Political Stability 1981
In Search of Progressive America 2008
In Search of Prosperity: Analytic Narratives on Economic Growth 2003
In Search of R.B. Bennett 2012
In Search of Schopenhauer's Cat: Arthur Schopenhauer's Quantum-Mystical Theory of Justice 2006
In Search of the Early Christians: Selected Essays 2002
In Search of the Good: A Life in Bioethics 2012
In Search of the Good Life: A Pedogogy for Troubled Times 2007
In Search of the Swan Maiden: A Narrative on Folklore and Gender 1994
In Search of the True West: Culture, Economics, and Problems of Russian Development 1999
In Search of the Whole: Twelve Essays on Faith and Academic Life 2011
In Spite of Partition: Jews, Arabs, and the Limits of Separatist Imagination 2007
In Splendid Isolation: A History of the Willie Commelin Scholten Phytopathology Laboratory, 1894-1992 2008
In Sputnik's Shadow: The President's Science Advisory Committee and Cold War America 2008
In Stereotype: South Asia in the Global Literary Imaginary 2014
In Subordination: Professional Women, 1870-1970 1995
In the Aftermath of Catastrophe: Founding Judaism 70-640 2009
In the Anteroom of Divinity: The Reformation of the Angels from Colet to Milton 2008
In the Barrios: Latinos and the Underclass Debate 1993
In the Bee Latitudes 2012
In the Beginning Was the Deed: Realism and Moralism in Political Argument 2005
In the Beginning Was the Worm: Finding the Secrets of Life in a Tiny Hermaphrodite 2003
In the Beginning, Woman Was the Sun: The Autobiography of a Japanese Feminist 2006
In the Belly of a Laughing God: Humour and Irony in Native Women's Poetry 2011
In the Black Window: New and Selected Poems 2004
In the Break: The Aesthetics of the Black Radical Tradition 2003
In the Catskills: A Century of Jewish Experience in "The Mountains" 2002
In the Cause of Freedom: Radical Black Internationalism from Harlem to London, 1917-1939 2011
In the Chamber of Risks: Understanding Risk Controversies 2001
In the Clutches of the Law: Clarence Darrow's Letters 2013
In the Company of Books: Literature and Its "Classes" in NineteenthCentury America 2006
In the Company of Crows and Ravens 2005
In the Company of Strangers: Family and Narrative in Dickens, Conan Doyle, Joyce, and Proust 2011
In the Company of Women: Contemporary Female Friendship Films 1998
In the Course of a Lifetime: Tracing Religious Belief, Practice, and Change 2007
In the Crossfire: Marcus Foster and the Troubled History of American School Reform 2012
In the Dark on the Sunny Side: A Memoir of an Out-of-Sight Mathematician 2012
"In the Days of Serfdom" and Other Stories 2002
In the Eye of All Trade: Bermuda, Bermudians, and the Maritime Atlantic World, 1680-1783 2010
In the Eye of the Beholder: What Six Nineteenth-century Women Tell Us About Indigenous Authority and Identity 2014
In the Eye of the China Storm: A Life Between East and West 2011
In the Eye of the Storm: Jai Ram Reddy and the Politics of Postcolonial Fiji 2010
In the Eye of the Wind: A Travel Memoir of Prewar Japan 2009
In the Eye's Mind: Vision and the Helmholtz-Hering Controversy 1994
In the Firing Line: A diary of a season 2011
In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark: Early Commemorations and the Origins of the National Historic Trail 2010
In the Grip of Freedom: Law and Modernity in Max Weber 2000
"In the Hands of a Good Providence": Religion in the Life of George Washington 2008
In the Hands of Providence: Joshua L. Chamberlain and the American Civil War 1992
In the Hollow of the Wave: Virginia Woolf and Modernist Uses of Nature 2012
In the House of Muhammad Ali: A Family Album, 1805–1952 2000
In the House of the Hanged: Essays and Vers Libres 2012
In the Image of the Ancestors: Narratives of Kinship in Flavian Epic 2008
In the Interest of Others: Organizations and Social Activism 2013
In the Interval of the Wave: Prince Edward Island Women's Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Life Writing 2014
In the Kingdom of the Ditch 2013
In the Lion's Mouth: Black Populism in the New South, 1886-1900 2010
In the Midst of Alarms 1973
In the Midst of Life: Affect and Ideation in the World of the Tolai 1992
In the Museum of Man: Race, Anthropology, and Empire in France, 1850–1950 2013
In the Name of Entrepreneurship?: The Logic and Effects of Special Regulatory Treatment for Small Business 2007
In the Name of God and Country: Reconsidering Terrorism in American History 2010
In the Name of Italy: Nation, Family, and Patriotism in a Fascist Court 2012
In the Name of Justice: Striving for the Rule of Law in China 2012
In the Name of Reason: Technocrats and Politics in Chile 2008
In the National Interest: A Chronicle of the National Film Board of Canada from 1949 to 1989 1991
In the Nature of Things: Language, Politics, and the Environment 1993
In the Place of Language: Literature and the Architecture of the Referent 2009
In the Power of the Government: The Rise and Fall of Newsprint in Ontario, 1894-1932 2015
In the Province of History: The Making of the Public Past in Twentieth-Century Nova Scotia 2010
In the Public Eye: A History of Reading in Modern France, 1800-1940 1991
In the Public Interest: Medical Licensing and the Disciplinary Process 2013
In the Realm of Nachan Kan: Postclassic Maya Archaeology at Laguna De On, Belize 2000
In the Scheme of Things: Alternative Thinking on the Practice of Architecture 2000
In the Service of the King: Officialdom in Ancient Israel and Judah 2000
In the Shadow of Antichrist: The Old Believers of Alberta 1991
In the Shadow of Empire: Austrian Experiences of Modernity in the Writings of Musil, Roth, and Bachmann 2008
In the Shadow of Gallipoli: The Hidden Story of Australia in WWI 2013
In the Shadow of Russia: Reform in Kazakahstan and Uzbekistan 2011
In the Shadow of Slavery: Africa’s Botanical Legacy in the Atlantic World 2009
In the Shadow of Slavery: Africa’s Botanical Legacy in the Atlantic World 2009
In the Shadow of the Bear: A Michigan Memoir 2010
In the Shadow of the Bomb: Oppenheimer, Bethe, and the Moral Responsibility of the Scientist 2000
In the Shadow of the Gallows: Race, Crime, and American Civic Identity 2012
In the Shadow of the Garrison State: America's Anti-Statism and Its Cold War Grand Strategy 2000
In the Shadow of the Greatest Generation: The Americans Who Fought the Korean War 2012
In the Shadow of the Han: Literati Thought and Society at the Beginning of the Southern Dynasties 1994
In the Shadow of the Law: Divorce in Canada 1900-1939 1991
In the Shadow of the Mammoth: Italo Svevo and the Emergence of Modernism 2002
In The Shadow of the Pulpit: Literature and Nonconformist Wales 2010
In the Shadow of Zion: Promised Lands Before Israel 2014
In the Spirit of a New People: The Cultural Politics of the Chicano Movement 2014
In the Steps of the Black Prince: The Road to Poitiers, 1355-1356 2011
In the Time of Love 2010
In the Trenches at Petersburg: Field Fortifications and Confederate Defeat 2009
In the Wake of the Crisis: Leading Economists Reassess Economic Policy 2012
In the wake of the great rebellion: Republicanism, agrarianism and banditry in Ireland after 1798 2008
In the Wake of Violence: Image & Social Reform 2008
In the Web of Class: Delinquents and Reformers in Boston, 1810s-1930s 1992
In the Whirlwind: God and Humanity in Conflict 2012
In the Whirlwind of Jihad 2012
In the Words of E. B. White: Quotations from America's Most Companionable of Writers 2011
In the Words of Frederick Douglass: Quotations from Liberty’s Champion 2012
In the Words of Theodore Roosevelt: Quotations from the Man in the Arena 2012
In the World, Yet Not of the World: Social and Global Initiatives of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew 2010
In Their Own Voices: Transracial Adoptees Tell Their Stories 2000
In Their Own Words: Voices of Jihad- Compilation and Commentary 2008
In Their Parents' Voices: Reflections on Raising Transracial Adoptees 2007
In Their Siblings' Voices: White Non-Adopted Siblings Talk About Their Experiences Being Raised with Black and Biracial Brothers and Sisters 2009
In Transit: The Formation of a Colonial East Asian Cultural Sphere 2014
In Translation: Honouring Sheila Fischman 2013
In Translation: The Gabrielle Roy-Joyce Marshall Correspondence 2005
In Translation: Translators on Their Work and What It Means 2013
In Twilight and in Dawn: A Biography of Diamond Jenness 2012
In Uncertain Times: American Foreign Policy after the Berlin Wall and 9/11 2011
In Walt We Trust: How a Queer Socialist Poet Can Save America from Itself 2015
In War and Famine: Missionaries in China's Honan Province in the 1940s 2005
In Whose Interest?: Quebec's Caisses Populaires, 1900-1945 1990
In Whose Interests: An Essay on Multinational Corporations 2011
In Your Eyes a Sandstorm: Ways of Being Palestinian 2011
Inadvertent Escalation: Conventional War and Nuclear Risks 1991
Inalienable Possessions: The Paradox of Keeping-While Giving 1992
The Inauguration of “Organized Political Warfare”: The Cold War Organizations Sponsored by the National Committee for a Free Europe / Free Europe Committee 2013
Inauspicious Beginnings: Principal Powers and International Security Institutions after the Cold War, 1989-1999 2004
Inauthentic Culture and Its Philosophical Critics 1997
In-Between God: Theology, Community, and Discipleship 2011
Incarnation: On the Scope and Depth of Christology 2015
The Incas 1995
Incense Tree: Collected Poems of Louise Ho 2009
The Inception of Modern Professional Education: C. C. Langdell, 1826-1906 2009
Incest and Agency in Elizabeth's England 2005
The Incident at Antioch/L'Incident d'Antioche: A Tragedy in Three Acts / Tragédie en trois actes 2013
The Incidental Steward: Reflections on Citizen Science 2013
Incised Drawings from Early Phrygian Gordion: Gordion Special Studies IV 2009
Including the excluded: From practice to policy in European community development 2005
Inclusion, exclusion and the governance of European security 2007
Inclusive equality: A vision for social justice 2013
Inclusive Equality: The Relational Dimensions of Systemic Discrimination in Canada 2010
Income and Employment in the Southeast 1967
Income Distribution in Macroeconomic Models 2006
Inconceivable Effects: Ethics through Twentieth-Century German Literature, Thought, and Film 2013
The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America 2012
An Inconvenient Text: Is a Green Reading of the Bible Possible? 2009
Incorporating Images: Film and the Rival Arts 1995
Incorporating Texts into Institutional Ethnographies 2014
Incorporating the Familiar: An Investigation into Legal Sensibilities in Nunavik 1997
Incorporations: Race, Nation, and the Body Politics of Capital 2006
Increase and Multiply: Governing Cultural Reproduction in Early Modern England 2003
Increasing Aircraft Carrier Forward Presence: Changing the Length of the Maintenance Cycle 2008
Increasing Flexibility and Agility at the National Reconnaissance Office: Lessons from Modular Design, Occupational Surprise, and Commercial Research and Development Processes 2013
Increasing the Odds for High-Performance Teams: Lessons Learned 2006
Incurable and Intolerable: Chronic Disease and Slow Death in Nineteenth-Century France 2009
Indecision Points: George W. Bush and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2014
Indentations and Other Stories 1991
Independence without Freedom: Iran's Foreign Policy 2013
Independencia y educación: Cultura cívica, educación indígena y literatura infantil 2013
An Independent Foreign Policy for Canada?: Challenges and Choices for the Future 2008
Independent futures: Creating user-led disability services in a disabling society 2006
Independent Language Learning: Building on Experience, Seeking New Perspectives 2011
Indeterminacy and Society 2003
Index and Finding List of Serials Published in the British Isles, 1789--1832 1953
Index Antiphonteus 1895
Index in Xenophontis Memorabilia 1900
The Index of Middle English Prose: Handlist XIX: Manuscripts in the University Library, Cambridge (Dd-Oo) 2009
The Index of Middle English Prose: Handlist XX: Manuscripts in the Library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge 2009
The Index of Middle English Prose: Handlist XXI: Manuscripts in the Hatton and e Musaeo Collections, Bodleian Library, Oxford 2014
Index of Middle English Prose: Index to Volumes I to XX 2014
Index Rerum et Nominum in Scholiis Servii et Aelii Donati Tractatorum 1930
Index to the Collected Works of Northrop Frye - Vol. 30 2012
Index to the Fragments of the Greek Elegiac and Iambic Poets as Contained in the Hiller-Crusius Edition of Bergk's Anthologia Lyrica 1908
Indexes to the Collected Works of John Stuart Mill 1991
Indexing It All: The Subject in the Age of Documentation, Information, and Data 2014
India and Pakistan: Continued Conflict or Cooperation? 2010
India in a globalized world 2006
India in the Chinese Imagination: Myth, Religion, and Thought 2014
India, Pakistan, and the Bomb: Debating Nuclear Stability in South Asia 2010
Indian Accents: Brown Voice and Racial Performance in American Television and Film 2013
Indian Esoteric Buddhism: A Social History of the Tantric Movement 2002
An Indian in White America 1994
Indian Nationalism and the Early Congress 1977
The Indian Ocean and US Grand Strategy: Ensuring Access and Promoting Security 2014
Indian Ocean Slavery in the Age of Abolition 2013
The Indian Ocean Tsunami: The Global Response to a Natural Disaster 2011
Indian Security Policy: Foreword by Joseph S. Nye 1986
Indian Self Rule: First-Hand Accounts of Indian-White Relations from Roosevelt to Reagan 1986
The Indian Slave Trade: The Rise of the English Empire in the American South, 1670–1717 2002
Indian Stereotypes in TV Science Fiction 2005
Indian Survival on the California Frontier 1988
Indian Voices: Listening to Native Americans 2011
Indianizing Film: Decolonization, the Andes, and the Question of Technology 2009
The Indians in American Society: From the Revolutionary War to the Present 1985
Indians in Minnesota 2006
Indians in the Fur Trade: Their Roles as Trappers, Hunters, and Middlemen in the Lands Southwest of Hudson Bay, 1660-1870 1998
Indians, Markets, and Rainforests: Theoretical, Comparative, and Quantitative Explorations in the Neotropics 2001
Indians, Missionaries, and Merchants: The Legacy of Colonial Encounters on the California Frontiers 2005
The Indians’ New World: Catawbas and Their Neighbors from European Contact through the Era of Removal 1989
The Indians of Canada 1977
Indians of the North Pacific Coast 1978
India’s and Pakistan’s Strategies in Afghanistan: Implications for the United States and the Region 2012
India's Democracy: An Analysis of Changing State-Society Relations 1988
India's Green Revolution: Economic Gains and Political Costs 1971
India's Israel Policy 2010
India’s New Middle Class: Democratic Politics in an Era of Economic Reform 2006
India's Rise as an Asian Power: Nation, Neighborhood, and Region 2014
Indicators of Change in the American Family 1970
Indicators of Children's Well-Being 1997
Indicators of Social Change: Concepts and Measurements 1968
Indicators of Trends in American Education 1969
Indicators of Trends in the Status of American Women 1971
The Indicted South: Public Criticism, Southern Inferiority, and the Politics of Whiteness 2014
Indie: An American Film Culture 2011
Indie, Inc.: Miramax and the Transformation of Hollywood in the 1990s 2012
Indiferencias, tensiones y hechizos: medio siglo de relaciones diplomáticas entre Perú y Brasil, 1889-1945 2012
Indifference Pricing: Theory and Applications 2009
Indigenous African Knowledge Production: Food-Processing Practices among Kenyan Rural Women 2014
Indigenous and Minority Placenames: Australian and International Perspectives 2014
Indigenous Australians and the National Disability Insurance Scheme 2014
Indigenous Biography and Autobiography 2008
Indigenous Dance and Dancing Indian: Contested Representation in the Global Era 2012
Indigenous Difference and the Constitution of Canada 2001
Indigenous Participation in Australian Economies: Historical and anthropological perspectives 2010
Indigenous Participation in Australian Economies II: Historical engagements and current enterprises 2012
Indigenous People and the Pilbara Mining Boom: A baseline for regional participation 2005
Indigenous Peoples and Demography: The Complex Relation between Identity and Statistics 2011
Indigenous peoples and Human rights 2002
Indigenous Peoples, Civil Society, and the Neo-Liberal State in Latin America 2009
Indigenous Peoples' Innovation: Intellectual Property Pathways to Development 2012
Indigenous Peoples of North America: A Concise Anthropological Overview 2012
The Indigenous Welfare Economy and the CDEP Scheme 2004
Indigenous Women and Work: From Labor to Activism 2012
Indios en escena: La representación del amerindio en el teatro del Siglo de Oro 2009
Indirect Rule in South Africa: Tradition, Modernity, and the Costuming of Political Power 2008
The Indirect Side of Direct Investment: Multinational Company Finance and Taxation 2010
Indispensable and Other Myths: Why the CEO Pay Experiment Failed and How to Fix It 2014
Indispensable Eyesores: An Anthropology of Undesired Buildings 2009
Individual disengagement from Al Qa'ida-influenced terrorist groups: A Rapid Evidence Assessment to inform policy and practice in preventing terrorism 2011
Individual Preparedness and Response to Chemical, Radiological, Nuclear, and Biological Terrorist Attacks: A Quick Guide 2003
Individual Preparedness and Response to Chemical, Radiological, Nuclear, and Biological Terrorist Attacks 2003
Individual Preparedness and Response to Chemical, Radiological, Nuclear, and Biological Terrorist Attacks: The Reference Guide 2003
Individual-based Modeling and Ecology: 2005
Individualism in Early China: Human Agency and the Self in Thought and Poliltics 2010
Indivisible Human Rights: A History 2010
Indo-European Sacred Space: Vedic and Roman Cult 2006
The Indo-German Identification: Reconciling South Asian Origins and European Destinies, 1765-1885 2010
Indonesia Betrayed: How Development Fails 2007
Indonesia: Peoples and Histories 2003
Indonesia: Resources and Their Technological Development 1970
Indonesia's Transformation and the Stability of Southeast Asia 2001
The Indoor Gardener 1939
Indra's Net and the Midas Touch: Living Sustainably in a Connected World 2011
Induction, Probability, and Confirmation 1975
The Industrial Base for Carbon Dioxide Storage: Status and Prospects 2013
Industrial Concentration and Economic Power in Pakistan 1974
Industrial Genius: The Working Life of Charles Michael Schwab 2007
Industrial Organization in Canada: Empirical Evidence and Policy Challenges 2010
Industrial Organization, Trade, and Social Interaction: Essays in Honour of B. Curtis Eaton 2010
Industrial Policy for National Champions 2011
Industrial Policy in the Middle East and North Africa: Rethinking the Role of the State 2008
Industrial Sunset: The Making of North America's Rust Belt, 1969-1984 2003
Industrial Transformation and Challenge in Australia and Canada 1990
Industrialization and Southern Society, 1877-1984 1984
Industrialization and Urbanization: Studies in Interdisciplinary History 1981
Industrialization Without National Patents: The Netherlands, 1869-1912; Switzerland, 1850-1907 1971
Industry and Revolution 2013
Industry Influence in Federal Regulatory Agencies 1981
Indy Dreams and Urban Nightmares: Speed Merchants, Spectacle, and the Struggle over Public Space in The World Class City 2002
Inequalities from Complex Analysis 2002
Inequality and American Democracy: What We Know and What We Need to Learn 2005
Inequality and Opportunity: The Relationship Between Income Inequality and Intergenerational Transmission of Income 2016
Inequality in America: Facts, Trends, and International Perspectives 2012
Inequality in the Workplace: Labor Market Reform in Japan and Korea 2014
Inequality, Poverty, and Neoliberal Governance: Activist Ethnography in the Homeless Sheltering Industry 2008
Inequity in the Technopolis 2012
Inescapable Ecologies: A History of Environment, Disease, and Knowledge 2006
Inescapable Romance: Studies in the Poetics of a Mode 1979
Inessential Solidarity: Rhetoric and Foreigner Relations 2010
Inexpressible Privacy: The Interior Life of Antebellum American Literature 2006
Infamous Commerce: Prostitution in Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Culture 2006
Infected Christianity: A Study of Modern Racism 1988
Infection of the Innocents: Wet Nurses, Infants, and Syphilis in France, 1780-1900 2010
Infections and Inequalities: The Modern Plagues 1999
Infections, Chronic Disease, and the Epidemiological Transition: A New Perspective 2014
Infectious Disease and National Security: Strategic Information Needs 2006
Infectious Disease Ecology: Effects of Ecosystems on Disease and of Disease on Ecosystems 2008
Infectious Diseases: Prevention and Treatment in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 1978
Infectious Fear: Politics, Disease, and the Health Effects of Segregation 2009
Infectious Ideas: U.S. Political Responses to the AIDS Crisis 2009
Infernal Triad: The Flesh, the World, and the Devil in Spenser and Milton 1974
Inferno 2014
Infertilities: Exploring Fictions of Barren Bodies 2001
Infertility around the Globe: New Thinking on Childlessness, Gender, and Reproductive Technologies 2002
Infinite Autonomy: The Divided Individual in the Political Thought of G. W. F. Hegel and Friedrich Nietzsche 2012
The Infinite Bonds of Family: Domesticity in Canada, 1850-1940 1999
Infinity, Faith, and Time: Christian Humanism and Renaissance Literature 1997
An Infinity of Nations: How the Native New World Shaped Early North America 2012
Influence in Art and Literature 1975
The Influence of Airpower upon History: Statesmanship, Diplomacy, and Foreign Policy since 1903 2013
Influenza 1918: Disease, Death, and Struggle in Winnipeg 2007
Influenza: A Century of Science and Public Health Response 2012
Influenza and Inequality: One Town's Tragic Response to the Great Epidemic of 1918 2010
The Informal American City: Beyond Taco Trucks and Day Labor 2014
Informal Governance in the European Union: How Governments Make International Organizations Work 2013
Informal Justice in England and Wales, 1760-1914: The Courts of Popular Opinion 2014
Informal Logic: Issues and Techniques 1997
The Informant: The FBI, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Murder of Viola Liuzzo 2005
Information and Exclusion 2011
Information and Learning in Markets: The Impact of Market Microstructure 2008
Information and Living Systems: Philosophical and Scientific Perspectives 2011
Information and Organizations 1990
Information and the Modern Corporation 2011
Information, Incentives, and Economics Mechanisms: Essays in Honor of Leonid Hurwicz 1987
The Information Revolution in Asia 2003
Information Security A Practical Guide: Bridging the gap between IT and management 2015
Information Security Breaches: Avoidance and Treatment based on ISO27001 2009
Information Security Breaches: Avoidance and Treatment based on ISO27001 2014
Information Security Law: The Emerging Standard for Corporate Compliance 2008
Information Security Risk Management for ISO27001/ISO27002 2010
The Information Systems Academic Discipline in Australia 2008
Information Systems Foundations: Constructing and Criticising 2005
Information Systems Foundations: The Role of Design Science 2010
Information Systems Foundations: Theory Building in Information Systems 2012
Information Systems Foundations: Theory, Representation and Reality 2007
Information Technology and the Challenge for Hong Kong 1997
Informative Psychometric Filters 2006
Informed Consent to Psychoanalysis: The Law, the Theory, and the Data 2013
Infrastructures: Time to Invest 2008
The Ingenious Dr. Franklin: Selected Scientific Letters of Benjamin Franklin 1931
Ingenious Genes: How Gene Regulation Networks Evolve to Control Development 2011
The Ingenious Gentleman and Poet Federico García Lorca Ascends to Hell 2013
Ingenuous Subjection: Compliance and Power in the Eighteenth-Century Domestic Novel 2005
The Inglorious Arts of Peace: Exhibitions in Canadian Society during the Nineteenth Century 1999
Ingmar Bergman: A Reference Guide 2005
Ingmar Bergman: Magician and Prophet 1999
Ingratitude: The Debt-Bound Daughter in Asian American Literature 2011
Ingrid Jonker: Poet under Apartheid 2012
Inherent Human Rights: Philosophical Roots of the Universal Declaration 2009
Inherit the Land: Jim Crow Meets Miss Maggie's Will 2006
Inheritance in Public Policy: Change Without Choice in Britain 1994
Inheritance Law And The Evolving Family 2004
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Initiative to Stop the Violence: Sadat's Assassins and the Renunciation of Political Violence 2015
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In-laws and Outlaws: Lessons in Research and Friendship and a Report from the Archives 2007
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Innovating in Urban Economies: Economic Transformation in Canadian City-Regions 2014
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Innovations in Government: Research, Recognition, and Replication 2008
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The Insecure American: How We Got Here and What We Should Do About It 2010
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Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror 2002
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Inside Terrorism 2006
Inside the California Food Revolution: Thirty Years That Changed Our Culinary Consciousness 2013
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Inside the Whimsy Works: My Life with Walt Disney Productions 2014
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Insider Histories of the Vietnam Era Underground Press, Part 2 2012
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Instabilities and Fronts in Extended Systems 1990
Installation and the Moving Image 2015
Installation Art and the Museum: Presentation and Conservation of Changing Artworks 2013
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Instrumental Community: Probe Microscopy and the Path to Nanotechnology 2011
Instruments and the Imagination 1995
"Insubordinate Irish": Travellers in the Text 2011
Insufficient Funds: Savings, Assets, Credit, and Banking Among Low-Income Households 2009
Insult to Injury: Rethinking our Responses to Intimate Abuse 2003
Insurance as Governance 2003
Insurance Class Actions in the United States 2007
Insurance Transitions Following the First ACA Open Enrollment Period 2015
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Insurgencies: Constituent Power and the Modern State 2009
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Insurgents, Terrorists, and Militias: The Warriors of Contemporary Combat 2006
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Intangible Materialism: The Body, Scientific Knowledge, and the Power of Language 2009
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Integrating Climate, Energy, and Air Pollution Policies 2012
Integrating Information into the Engineering Design Process 2014
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Intelligent Giving: Insights and Strategies for Higher Education Donors 2002
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Interest Groups and Health Care Reform Across the United States 2013
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Interface 2014
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Interfaith Encounters in America 2007
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