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M. F. K. Fisher among the Pots and Pans: Celebrating Her Kitchens 2008
Ma`afu, prince of Tonga, chief of Fiji: The life and times of Fiji’s first Tui Lau
Mabel McKay: Weaving the Dream 2013
Mabiki: Infanticide and Population Growth in Eastern Japan, 1660-1950 2013
Macao and the British, 1637–1842: Prelude to Hong Kong 2009
A Macao Narrative 2009
Macaronic Sermons: Bilingualism and Preaching in Late-Medieval England
MacArthur in Asia: The General and His Staff in the Philippines, Japan, and Korea 2012
Macassan History and Heritage: Journeys, Encounters and Influences
Macau: A Cultural Janus 1999
Macaulay and Son 2012
Macbeth 2005
The Macbride Principles: Irish America Strikes Back 2009
Macedonia: The Politics of Identity and Difference
Machado de Assis: A Literary Life
Machado de Assis, the Brazilian Pyrrhonian 1994
Machado de Assis: Toward a Poetics of Emulation
Machaut and the Medieval Apprenticeship Tradition: Truth, Fiction and Poetic Craft 2014
The Machiavellian Cosmos
The Machiavellian Moment: Florentine Political Thought and the Atlantic Republican Tradition
Machiavellian Rhetoric: From the Counter-Reformation to Milton
Machiavelli's Ethics 2009
Machiavelli's God 2010
Machine Scoring of Student Essays: Truth and Consequences
A Machine to Make a Future: Biotech Chronicles 2005
The Machinery of Whiteness: Studies in the Structure of Racialization 2010
Machinic Eros: Writings on Japan
Machos Maricones & Gays: Cuba and Homosexuality 1996
The Maciste Films of Italian Silent Cinema
Mackenzie King and the Prairie West 2000
Mackenzie Pipeline 1974
MacKenzie-Papineau Battallion: The Canadian Contingent in the Spanish Civil War 1986
Macroanalysis: Digital Methods and Literary History 2013
Macroeconomics: A Critical Companion
Macroeconomics and Development: Roberto Frenkel and the Economics of Latin America
The Macropolitics of Congress 2006
Mad Dogs and Meerkats: A History of Resurgent Rabies in Southern Africa
Mad Like Artaud
Mad Loves: Women and Music in Offenbach's "Les Contes d'Hoffmann" 2000
Mad money: with an introduction by Benjamin J. Cohen
Mad Mothers, Bad Mothers, and What a "Good" Mother Would Do: The Ethics of Ambivalence
A Mad People’s History of Madness 1982
Mad River 1995
Mad Science: The Nuclear Power Experiment
Mad Tales from the Raj: Colonial Psychiatry in South Asia, 1800-58
Mad Tuscans and Their Families: A History of Mental Disorder in Early Modern Italy 2014
Mad Wives and Island Dreams: Shimao Toshio and the Margins of Japanese Literature 1999
Madam Belle: Sex, Money, and Influence in a Southern Brothel 2014
Madame Chair: A Political Autobiography of an Unintentional Pioneer
Madame Vieux Carré: The French Quarter in the Twentieth Century 2010
Made Flesh: Sacrament and Poetics in Post-Reformation England 2014
Made in Africa: Learning to Compete in Industry
Made in America: Self-Styled Success from Horatio Alger to Oprah Winfrey 1997
Made in Canada: Craft and Design in the Sixties 2005
Made in Newark: Cultivating Industrial Arts and Civic Identity in the Progressive Era
Made in Sheffield: An Ethnography of Industrial Work and Politics 2009
Made to Hear: Cochlear Implants and Raising Deaf Children
Made to Play House: Dolls and the Commercialization of American Girlhood, 1830–1930
Made with Words: Hobbes on Language, Mind, and Politics 2008
Made-from-Bone: Trickster Myths, Music, and History from the Amazon 2009
Madeline McDowell Breckinridge and the Battle for a New South 2009
The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving Us Crazy
Madhouses, Mad-Doctors, and Madmen: The Social History of Psychiatry in the Victorian Era
Madison Avenue and the Color Line: African Americans in the Advertising Industry 2008
The Madisonian Turn: Political Parties and Parliamentary Democracy in Nordic Europe
Madison's Advice to My Country
The Madisons at Montpelier: Reflections on the Founding Couple 2009
Madmen and Other Survivors: Reading Lu Xun's Fiction 2007
Madness and Democracy: The Modern Psychiatric Universe: The Modern Psychiatric Universe 1999
Madness and Memory: The Discovery of Prions--A New Biological Principle of Disease 2014
Madness and the Mad in Russian Culture 2007
Madness at Home: The Psychiatrist, the Patient, and the Family in England, 1820-1860 2006
The Madness of Vision: On Baroque Aesthetics 2013
Madonna, Bawdy & Soul: Bawdy and Soul 1997
The Madrasa in Asia: Political Activism and Transnational Linkages
The Madrid Codex: New Approaches to Understanding an Ancient Maya Manuscript 2004
Madurez escolar
Mae Murray: The Girl with the Bee-Stung Lips 2013
Mafias on the Move: How Organized Crime Conquers New Territories 2011
Magazine Writing From the Boonies 1996
Magazines and the Making of America: Modernization, Community, and Print Culture, 1741–1860
Magazines, Travel, and Middlebrow Culture: Canadian Periodicals in English and French, 1925–1960
Magda and André Trocmé: Resistance Figures 2014
The Magellan Fallacy: Globalization and the Emergence of Asian and African Literature in Spanish
Magia Sexualis: Sex, Magic, and Liberation in Modern Western Esotericism 2006
Magic and the Supernatural in Medieval English Romance 2010
The Magic Behind the Voices: A Who's Who of Cartoon Voice Actors 2004
Magic in the Web: Action and Language in Othello 1956
Magic Lantern Empire: Colonialism and Society in Germany 2012
The Magic of Beverly Sills
The Magic of Turquoise 2011
Magic Realist Cinema in East Central Europe 2012
Magical Marxism: Subversive Politics and the Imagination
Magical Mathematics: The Mathematical Ideas That Animate Great Magic Tricks 2012
Magna Carta and the England of King John 2010
Magna Carta: Its Role in the Making of the English Constitution, 1300-1629 1948
The Magna Carta Manifesto: Liberties and Commons for All 2008
Magnetic Appeal: MRI and the Myth of Transparency 2008
Magnetic Ions in Crystals 1997
Magnetic Mountain: Stalinism as a Civilization 1995
The Magnificent Mrs Tennant 2009
Magnus Hirschfeld: The Origins of the Gay Liberation Movement 2014
The Magpie: A Novel of Post-War Disillusionment 1923
Maguey Journey: Discovering Textiles in Guatemala
The Mahatma Misunderstood: The Politics and Forms of Literary Nationalism in India
The Mahfouz Dialogs 2007
Mahler and Strauss: In Dialogue
Mahmoud Darwish: The Poet's Art and His Nation
Mahmud Sami al-Barudi: Reconfiguring Society and the Self
Mahogany: The Costs of Luxury in Early America 2012
Ma‘i Lepera: A History of Leprosy in Nineteenth-Century Hawai‘i 2013
Maid to Order in Hong Kong: Stories of Migrant Workers, Second Edition 2007
Maida Springer: Pan Africanist and International Labor Leader 2000
The Maiden of Ludmir: A Jewish Holy Woman and Her World 2003
Maiden Voyage: The Senzaimaru and the Creation of Modern Sino-Japanese Relations 2014
The Maid's Daughter: Living Inside and Outside the American Dream 2011
Maimonides and Abrabanel on Prophecy
Maimonides and the Book That Changed Judaism: Secrets of The Guide for the Perplexed
Maimonides in His World: Portrait of a Mediterranean Thinker 2009
Maimonides: Life and Thought 2014
Main Street and Empire: The Fictional Small Town in the Age of Globalization 2012
Maine Politics and Government
The Maine Woods: A Fully Annotated Edition 2009
The Maine Woods 2004
Mainland Passage: The Cultural Anomaly of Puerto Rico 2009
Mainline Christianity: The Past and Future of America's Majority Faith 2012
Mainsprings of Indian and Pakistani Foreign Policies 1974
Mainstream Culture Refocused: Television Drama, Society, and the Production of Meaning in Reform-Era China
Mainstreaming Gender in Development
Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in Development and Humanitarian Programmes
Maintaining and Restoring Balance in International Trade
Maintaining Control: Autonomy and Language Learning 2009
Maintaining Military Medical Skills During Peacetime: Outlining and Assessing a New Approach
Maithil Women's Tales: Storytelling on the Nepal-India Border 2014
Majesty and Humanity: Kings and Their Doubles in the Political Drama of the Spanish Golden Age 2009
Major Lyricists of the Northern Sung: 960-1126 A.D.: 960-1126 A.D. 1974
Major Poems and Selected Prose 2004
The Major Realist Film Theorists: A Critical Anthology
Major thinkers in welfare: Contemporary issues in historical perspective 2010
Majoritarian Cities: Policy Making and Inequality in Urban Politics
Make It Stick 2014
Make Room for Daddy: The Journey from Waiting Room to Birthing Room 2009
Make the Connection: Improve Your Communication at Work and at Home
Make the Night Hideous: Four English-Canadian Charivaris, 1881-1940 2010
Make/Believing the World(s): Toward a Christian Ontological Pluralism 2009
The Makeover: Reality Television and Reflexive Audiences 2012
Makers and Users of Medieval Books: Essays in Honour of A.S.G. Edwards 2014
The Makers of American Wine: A Record of Two Hundred Years 2012
Makers of Modern Asia 2014
Making a Better World: Public Housing, the Red Scare, and the Direction of Modern Los Angeles 2005
Making a Difference: Psychology and the Construction of Gender 1990
Making a Difference?: Social Assessment Policy and Praxis and its Emergence in China 2015
Making a Green Machine: The Infrastructure of Beverage Container Recycling 2011
Making a Living in the Middle Ages: The People of Britain 850–1520 2002
Making a Living: Work and Environment in the United States 2008
Making a Match: Courtship in Shakespeare and His Society 1991
Making a Middle Class: Student Life in English Canada during the Thirties 1990
Making a Moral Society: Ethics and the State in Meiji Japan 2010
Making a Non-White America: Californians Coloring outside Ethnic Lines, 1925-1955 2008
Making a Place for Pleasure in Early Childhood Education
Making a Promised Land: Harlem in Twentieth-Century Photography and Film 2013
Making a Way out of No Way: African American Women and the Second Great Migration 2009
Making American Boys: Boyology and the Feral Tale 2004
Making Americans Healthier: Social and Economic Policy as Health Policy 2008
Making an American Workforce: The Rockefellers and the Legacy of Ludlow 2014
Making an Impact in the Kurdistan Region—Iraq: Summary of Four Studies to Assess the Present and Future Labor Market, Improve Technical Vocational Education and Training, Reform the Health Sector, and Build Data Collection Capacity
Making and Breaking the Rules: Women in Quebec, 1919-1939 2010
Making and Faking Kinship: Marriage and Labor Migration between China and South Korea 2011
Making and Marketing Arms: The French Experience and Its Implications for the International System 1987
Making and Remaking Horror in the 1970s and 2000s: Why Don’t They Do It Like They Used To? 2014
Making and unmaking in early modern English drama: Spectators, aesthetics and incompletion
The Making and Unmaking of a Saint: Hagiography and Memory in the Cult of Gerald of Aurillac 2014
The Making and Unmaking of a University Museum: The McCord, 1921-1996 2000
The Making and Unmaking of a Zionist: A Personal and Political Journey
Making Animal Meaning 2011
Making Art Panamerican: Cultural Policy and the Cold War
Making Asian American Film and Video: History, Institutions, Movements 2015
Making Black Los Angeles: Class, Gender, and Community, 1850-1917
Making Blood White: Historical Transformations in Early Modern Makassar 2002
Making Capitalism Work: All Makes, All Models 1996
Making Care Count: A Century of Gender, Race, and Paid Care Work 2011
Making Change Happen: Black and White Activists talk to Kevin Cook about Aboriginal, Union and Liberation Politics
Making Chastity Sexy: The Rhetoric of Evangelical Abstinence Campaigns 2011
Making Chaucer’s Book of the Duchess: Textuality and Reception
Making Cities Work: Prospects and Policies for Urban America 2009
Making Crime Count 2001
Making Democracy Work: Civic Traditions in Modern Italy 1993
Making Do in Damascus: Navigating a Generation of Change in Family and Work
Making Easy Listening: Material Culture and Postwar American Recording 2006
Making Ecuadorian Histories: Four Centuries of Defining Power 2004
Making Ends Meet: How Single Mothers Survive Welfare and Low-Wage Work 1997
Making Equity Planning Work: Leadership in the Public Sector 1990
Making Ethnic Choices: California's Punjabi Mexican Americans 1992
Making Faces: Self and Image Creation in a Himalayan Valley 2013
Making Fast Food: From the Frying Pan into the Fryer 1991
Making Feminist Politics: Transnational Alliances between Women and Labor 2011
Making Freedom Pay: North Carolina Freedpeople Working for Themselves, 1865-1900 2000
Making Freedom: The Underground Railroad and the Politics of Slavery 2013
Making Good Citizens: Education and Civil Society 2001
Making Good Communities Better 1953
Making Good: Law and Moral Regulation in Canada, 1867-1939. 1997
Making Good Neighbors: Civil Rights, Liberalism, and Integration in Postwar Philadelphia 2014
Making Hate A Crime: From Social Movement to Law Enforcement 2001
Making Headway: The Introduction of Western Civilization in Colonial Northern Nigeria
Making Heretics: Militant Protestantism and Free Grace in Massachusetts, 1636-1641 2002
Making Human Rights a Reality 2013
Making Human: World Order and the Global Governance of Human Dignity
Making Icons: Repetition and the Female Image in Japanese Cinema, 1945–1964
Making Immigrant Rights Real: Nonprofits and the Politics of Integration in San Francisco
Making Indian Law: The Hualapai Land Case and the Birth of Ethnohistory 2007
Making Ireland English 2012
Making It Count: The Improvement of Social Research and Theory 1985
Making It Crazy: An Ethnography of Psychiatric Clients in an American Community 1981
Making it in the Political Blogosphere PB: The World's Top Political Bloggers Share the Secrets to Success
Making it personal: Individualising activation services in the EU 2007
Making It Work: Low-Wage Employment, Family Life, and Child Development 2006
Making Italian America: Consumer Culture and the Production of Ethnic Identities: Consumer Culture and the Production of Ethnic Identities 2014
Making Japanese Citizens: Civil Society and the Mythology of theShiminin Postwar Japan 2010
Making Knowledge Count: Advocacy and Social Science 1991
Making Lahore Modern: Constructing and Imagining a Colonial City 2008
Making Legal History: Essays in Honor of William E. Nelson 2013
Making Life Work: Freedom and Disability in a Community Group Home 2010
Making Los Angeles Home: The Integration of Mexican Immigrants in the United States
Making Love in the Twelfth Century: "Letters of Two Lovers" in Context
Making Love with Scripture: Why the Bible Doesn't Mean How You Think It Means
Making Media Work: Cultures of Management in the Entertainment Industries 2014
Making Medicare: New Perspectives on the History of Medicare in Canada 2012
Making Memory: Jewish and Christian Explorations in Monument, Narrative, and Liturgy
Making Men Moral: Social Engineering During the Great War 1996
Making Merit, Making Art: A Thai Temple in Wimbledon 2003
Making Micronesia: A Political Biography of Tosiwo Nakayama 2014
Making Migration Work: The Future of Labour Migration in the European Union
Making Minnesota Liberal: Civil Rights and the Transformation of the Democratic Party 2002
Making Modern Love: Sexual Narratives and Identities in Interwar Britain
Making Modern Mothers: Ethics and Family Planning in Urban Greece 2004
Making Modern Muslims: The Politics of Islamic Education in Southeast Asia 2009
Making Mondragón: The Growth and Dynamics of the Worker Cooperative Complex 1991
Making Money in Sixteenth-Century France: Currency, Culture, and the State 2014
Making Morocco: Colonial Intervention and the Politics of Identity
Making Multicandidate Elections More Democratic 1988
Making Music in Los Angeles: Transforming the Popular 2007
Making Music in the Polish Tatras: Tourists, Ethnographers, and Mountain Musicians
Making Music 1995
Making New Music in Cold War Poland: The Warsaw Autumn Festival, 1956-1968
Making New York Dominican: Small Business, Politics, and Everyday Life 2013
Making North America: Trade, Security, and Integration 2014
The Making of a Counter-Culture Icon: Henry MIller's Dostoevsky 2007
The Making of a Generation: The Children of the 1970s in Adulthood 2010
The Making of a Mediterranean Emirate: Ifriqiya and Its Andalusis, 1200-1400 2011
The Making of a Peacemonger: The Memoirs of George Ignatieff
The Making of a Savior Bodhisattva: Dizang in Medieval China 2007
The Making of a Southern Democracy: North Carolina Politics from Kerr Scott to Pat McCrory 2014
The Making of an African Working Class: Politics, Law, and Cultural Protest in the Manual Workers' Union of Botswana
The Making of an American High School: The Credentials Market and the Central High School of Philadelphia, 1838-1939
The Making of an Arab Nationalist: Ottomanism and Arabism in the Life and Thought of Sati' Al-Husri: Ottomanism and Arabism in the Life and Thought of Sati' Al-Husri 1971
The Making of an Economist, Redux 2007
Making of an Explorer: George Hubert Wilkins and the Canadian Arctic Expedition, 1913-1916 2004
Making Of Asian America: Through Political Participation 2001
The Making of Black Detroit in the Age of Henry Ford 2012
The Making of British Anthropology, 1813-1871
The making of British bioethics
The Making of British Socialism 2011
Making of Canadian Food Aid Policy 1992
The Making of Chicana/o Studies: In the Trenches of Academe 2011
The Making of Colonial Lucknow, 1856-1877 1984
The Making of Fornication: Eros, Ethics, and Political Reform in Greek Philosophy and Early Christianity 2003
The Making of High Performance Athletes: Discipline, Diversity, and Ethics 1999
The Making of John Ledyard: Empire and Ambition in the Life of an Early American Traveler 2007
The Making of Jorge Luis Borges as an Argentine Cultural Icon 2014
The Making of Lee Boyd Malvo: The D.C. Sniper 2012
The Making of Marx's Capital Volume 2
The Making of Marx's Capital-Vol 1
The Making of Massive Resistance: Virginia's Politics of Public School Desegregation, 1954-1956
The Making of Minjung: Democracy and the Politics of Representation in South Korea 2007
The Making of Modern Anthrax, 1875-1920: Uniting Local, National and Global Histories of Disease
The Making of Modern Colombia: A Nation in Spite of Itself 1993
The Making of Modern English Theology: God and the Academy at Oxford, 1833-1945 2014
The Making of Modern Liberalism 2012
The Making of Rehabilitation: A Political Economy of Medical Specialization, 1890-1980 1985
The Making of Restoration Poetry 2006
The Making of Revolutionary Paris 2002
The Making of Salafism: Islamic Reform in the Twentieth Century
The Making of Sir Philip Sidney 1998
Making of the Alice Books: Lewis Carroll's Uses of Earlier Children's Literature 1997
The Making of the Asia Pacific: Knowledge Brokers and the Politics of Representation 2013
Making of the Auden canon 1957
The Making of The Australian National University: 1946-1996
The Making of the Cold War Enemy: Culture and Politics in the Military-Intellectual Complex 2001
The Making of the Elizabethan Navy 1540-1590: From the Solent to the Armada 2009
The Making of the English Gardener: Plants, Books and Inspiration, 1560-1660 2011
Making of the English Literary Canon: From the Middle Ages to the Late Eighteenth Century 1998
The Making of the First Korean President: Syngman Rhee's Quest for Independence, 1875-1948 2014
The Making of the First World War 2012
The Making of the Humanities, vol. III: The Making of the Modern Humanities
The Making of the Humanities: Volume 1- Early Modern Europe
The Making of the Humanities: Volume II - From Early Modern to Modern Disciplines
The Making of the Irish Protestant Ascendancy: The Life of William Conolly, 1662-1729 2010
The Making of the Mexican Border: The State, Capitalism, and Society in Nuevo León, 1848-1910 2001
The Making of the Middle Ages
The Making of the Modern Self: Identity and Culture in Eighteenth-Century England 2004
The Making of the Nations and Cultures of the New World: An Essay in Comparative History 2008
The Making of the New Negro: Black Authorship, Masculinity, and Sexuality in the Harlem Renaissance 2011
Making of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine: A Case Study in the History of Medical Education 2009
The Making of the Pentecostal Melodrama: Religion, Media and Gender in Kinshasa 2012
The Making of the Self: Ancient and Modern Asceticism
The Making of "This Side of Paradise"
The Making of Women Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong 2004
The Making of Working-Class Religion
Making Other Worlds Possible: Performing Diverse Economies 2015
Making Out-of-School-Time Matter: Evidence for an Action Agenda
Making Personas: Transnational Film Stardom in Modern Japan
Making Photography Matter: A Viewer's History from the Civil War to the Great Depression 2015
Making Place: Space and Embodiment in the City
Making Policy in the Shadow of the Future
Making Policy in Turbulent Times: Challenges and Prospects for Higher Education
Making Political Choices: Canada and the United States 2009
Making Public Pasts: The Contested Terrain of Montreal's Public Memories, 1891-1930 2001
Making Public Transport Work 2004
Making Race in the Courtroom: The Legal Construction of Three Races in Early New Orleans 2014
Making Race, Making Power: North Carolina's Road to Disfranchisement 2003
Making Reform Work: The Case for Transforming American Higher Education 2009
Making Rocky Mountain National Park: The Environmental History of an American Treasure
Making School Reform Work: New Partnerships for Real Change 2004
Making Seafood Sustainable: American Experiences in Global Perspective 2012
Making Security Social: Disability, Insurance, and the Birth of the Social Entitlement State in Germany
Making Sense in Life and Literature 1992
Making Sense of AIDS: Culture, Sexuality, and Power in Melanesia 2008
Making Sense of American Liberalism 2012
Making Sense of Collectivity: Ethnicity, Nationalism and Globalisation
Making Sense of Intersex: Changing Ethical Perspectives in Biomedicine
Making Sense of Micronesia: The Logic of Pacific Island Culture 2013
Making Sense of Place: Multidisciplinary Perspectives 2012
Making Sense of Sentencing 1999
Making Sense of Taste: Food and Philosophy 1999
Making Sense of Test-Based Accountability in Education
Making Sense of the Census: Observations of the 2001 Enumeration in Remote Aboriginal Australia
Making Sense of Wales: A Sociological Perspective 2002
Making Sense of War: The Second World War and the Fate of the Bolshevik Revolution 2001
Making Sense of Weather and Climate: The Science Behind the Forecasts
Making Sense out of Meaning: An Essay in Lexical Semantics 2013
Making social policy work 2007
Making Space: How the Brain Knows Where Things Are 2014
Making Space on the Western Frontier: Mormons, Miners, and Southern Paiutes 2006
Making spaces for community development 2008
Making Suburbia: New Histories of Everyday America
Making Summer Count: How Summer Programs Can Boost Children's Learning
Making Sweatshops: The Globalization of the U.S. Apparel Industry 2002
Making Technology Masculine: Men, Women, and Modern Machines in America, 1870-1945
Making the American Mouth: Dentists and Public Health in the Twentieth Century 2009
Making the Case: Advocacy and Judgment in Public Argument 2012
Making the Desert Modern: Americans, Arabs, and Oil on the Saudi Frontier, 1933--1973
Making the Empire Work: Labor and United States Imperialism 2015
Making the European Monetary Union 2012
Making the March King: John Philip Sousa's Washington Years, 1854-1893 2013
Making the Mexican Diabetic: Race, Science, and the Genetics of Inequality 2011
Making the Modern Middle East: Second Edition
Making the News Popular: Mobilizing U.S. News Audiences
Making the Past Present: David Jones, the Middle Ages and Modernism 2007
Making the San Fernando Valley: Rural Landscapes, Urban Development, and White Privilege 2011
Making the Scene: Contemporary New York City Big Band Jazz 2007
Making the White Man's West: Whiteness and the Creation of the American West
Making the Work-Based Safety Net Work Better: Forward-Looking Policies to Help Low-Income Families 2009
Making the World Safe for Capitalism: How Iraq Threatened the US Economic Empire and had to be Destroyed
Making the World Safe for Democracy: A Century of Wilsonianism and Its Totalitarian Challengers 1997
Making the World Safe for Workers: Labor, the Left, and Wilsonian Internationalism 2013
Making Things International 1: Circuits and Motion 2015
Making Things International 2: Catalysts and Reactions
Making Things Perfectly Queer: Interpreting Mass Culture 1993
Making Things Stick: Surveillance Technologies and Mexico's War on Crime
Making Toleration 2013
Making Transcendents: Ascetics and Social Memory in Early Medieval China 2009
Making Virtual Worlds: Linden Lab and Second Life 2009
Making Volunteers: Civic Life after Welfare's End 2011
Making War and Building Peace: United Nations Peace Operations 2006
Making War and Minting Christians: Masculinity, Religion, and Colonialism in Early New England 2011
Making War at Fort Hood: Life and Uncertainty in a Military Community 2013
Making War, Making Women: Femininity and Duty on the American Home Front, 1941-1945 2010
Making Waste: Leftovers and the Eighteenth-Century Imagination 2010
Making Way for Genius: The Irish Aristocracy in the Seventeenth Century 2012
Making Womens Histories: Beyond National Perspectives 2013
Making Words Matter: The Agency of Colonial and Postcolonial Literature
Making Work Pay 2001
Making Yugoslavs: Identity in King Aleksandar's Yugoslavia 2014
The Makings of Happiness 1991
The Makings of Indonesian Islam: Orientalism and the Narration of a Sufi Past 2011
Mal y sufrimiento humano: Un acercamiento filosófico a un problema clásico
Malamalama: A History of the University of Hawai`i 1998
The Malay-Muslim Insurgency in Southern Thailand--Understanding the Conflict's Evolving Dynamic: RAND Counterinsurgency Study--Paper 5
Malaysian Cinema, Asian Film: Border Crossings and National Culture
Malaysian Development 1994
The Malaysian Islamic Party 1951-2013: Islamism in a Mottled Nation 2014
Malcolm and the Cross: The Nation of Islam, Malcolm X, and Christianity 1998
Malcolm X: Inventing Racial Judgment 2004
Malcolm X's Michigan Worldview: An Exemplar for Contemporary Black Studies 2015
Malcontents, Rebels, and Pronunciados: The Politics of Insurrection in Nineteenth-Century Mexico
Male Armor: The Soldier-Hero in Contemporary American Culture 2008
Male Trouble 1993
Male witches in early modern Europe
Malformed Frogs: The Collapse of Aquatic Ecosystems 2008
Malicious Objects, Anger Management, and the Question of Modern Literature 2013
Malignant: How Cancer Becomes Us 2013
Malinowski and the Work of Myth 1992
Mallas urbanas desplazadas: Ciudades sostenibles para el siglo XXI 2013
A Malleable Map: Geographies of Restoration in Central Japan, 1600-1912 2010
Malory and his European Contemporaries: Adapting Late Arthurian Romance 2014
Malory's Contemporary Audience: The Social Reading of Romance in Late Medieval England 2006
Malory's Library: The Sources of the Morte Darthur 2008
Maltese in Michigan 2011
Malthus 2014
The Malthusian Moment: Global Population Growth and the Birth of American Environmentalism 2012
Mama Rose's Turn: The True Story of America's Most Notorious Stage Mother 2013
Mambo Montage: The Latinization of New York City 2001
Mambu: A Melanesian Millennium 1988
Mammals from the Age of Dinosaurs: Origins, Evolution, and Structure 2004
Mammals of China 2013
Mammals of Colorado, Second Edition
Mammals Of Kentucky 1974
The Mammals of Minnesota 1982
Mammals of North America: (Second Edition) 2009
Mammon’s Music: Literature and Economics in the Age of Milton 2002
Mammoth Cave Curiosities: A Guide to Rockphobia, Dating, Saber-toothed Cats, and Other Subterranean Marvels
Mammoth Cave National Park: Reflections 2005
Mamoulian: Life on Stage and Screen 2013
Man and the Word: The Orations of Himerius 2007
Man and Water: The Social Sciences in Management of Water Resources 1974
Man Bac: The Excavation of a Neolithic Site in Northern Vietnam
Man from Babel 1998
The Man from Bashmour 2007
The Man from Porlock: Engagements, 1944-1981 1982
The Man I Pretend to Be: The Colloquies and Selected Poems of Guido Gozzano: The Colloquies and Selected Poems of Guido Gozzano 1981
Man in the Ivory Tower: F. Cyril James of McGill 1991
Man in the Landscape: A Historic View of the Esthetics of Nature 1991
Man in the Moon: Essays on Fathers and Fatherhood 2014
Man of Fire: Selected Writings 2013
A Man of Letters 2014
A Man of Many Parts: Essays in Honor of John Bowker on the Occasion of his Eightieth Birthday
Man On His Own: Interpretations of Erasmus, c1750-1920 1992
The Man Question: Male Subordination and Privilege 2010
Man Takes Control: Cultural Development and American Aid 1961
The Man That Got Away: The Life and Songs of Harold Arlen 2015
The Man Who Built the Sierra Club: A Life of David Brower
The Man Who Guarded the Bomb: Stories
The Man Who Had Been King: The American Exile of Napoleon's Brother Joseph 2005
The Man Who Is and Is Not There: The Poetry and Prose of Robert Francis 2011
The Man Who Loved Birds: A Novel
The Man Who Loved Levittown 1985
The Man Who Saved Kabuki: Faubion Bowers and Theatre Censorship in Occupied Japan 2001
The Man Who Thought He Owned Water: On the Brink with American Farms, Cities, and Food
The Man Who Was Rip Van Winkle: Joseph Jefferson and Nineteenth-Century American Theatre 2007
The Man with the Strange Head and Other Early Science Fiction Stories
A Man Without Words 2012
The Managed Hand: Race, Gender, and the Body in Beauty Service Work 2010
The Managed Heart: Commercialization of Human Feeling 2012
Management and Economics of Construction Safety in Hong Kong 2008
Management and gender in higher education
The Management of Conflict: Interpretations and Interests in Comparative Perspective
Management of the Mentally Disordered Offender in Prisons 1996
Management Perspectives Pertaining to Root Cause Analyses of Nunn-McCurdy Breaches, Volume 4: Program Manager Tenure, Oversight of Acquisition Category II Programs, and Framing Assumptions
Management Perspectives Pertaining to Root Cause Analyses of Nunn-McCurdy Breaches, Volume 6: Contractor Motivations and Anticipating Breaches
A Manager's Guide to ISO22301: A practical guide to developing and implementing a business continuity management system 2013
A Manager's Guide to Virtual Teams
Managing Adverse and Reportable Information Regarding General and Flag Officers
Managing Archaeological Landscapes in Northumberland: Till Tweed Studies Volume 1
Managing Biodiversity in Agricultural Ecosystems 2007
Managing British Colonial and Post-Colonial Development: The Crown Agents, 1914-1974 2007
Managing Business Transformation: A Practical Guide 2011
Managing Climate Risks in Coastal Communities: Strategies for Engagement, Readiness and Adaptation
Managing Complexity: Economic Policy Cooperation after the Crisis
Managing Consultants: A Practical Guide for Busy Public Sector Managers
Managing Contracted Services in the Nonprofit Agency: Administrative, Ethical, and Political Issues 1991
Managing Disasters through Public–Private Partnerships 2013
Managing Displacement: Refugees and the Politics of Humanitarianism 2000
Managing Diversity in Corporate America: An Exploratory Analysis
Managing Diversity: Practices of Citizenship
Managing Egypt's Poor and the Politics of Benevolence, 1800-1952 2003
Managing Ethnic Diversity after 9/11: Integration, Security, and Civil Liberties in Transatlantic Perspective 2010
Managing Europe from Home: The changing face of European policy-making under Blair and Ahern 2011
Managing for Stakeholders: Survival, Reputation, and Success 2007
Managing Global Issues: Lessons Learned 2001
Managing Green Mandates: Local Rigors of U.S. Environmental Regulation 2001
Managing in a Service-Focused World: I, team, stewards and marketplace
Managing India's Nuclear Forces 2012
Managing Inequality: Northern Racial Liberalism in Interwar Detroit 2015
Managing Information Risk: A Director's Guide 2009
Managing Information Security Breaches: Studies from real life 2014
Managing Information Security Breaches: Studies from Real Life 2010
Managing IT in a Downturn: A Pocket Guide 2008
Managing Labor Migration in the Twenty-First Century 2006
Managing labour migration in Europe: Ideas, knowledge and policy change 2010
Managing Leviathan: Environmental Politics and the Administrative State, Second Edition 2005
Managing Madness in the Community: The Challenge of Contemporary Mental Health Care 2014
Managing Motherhood, Managing Risk: Fertility and Danger in West Central Tanzania
Managing Risk in Developing Countries: National Demands and Multinational Response 1990
Managing Sickle Cell Disease: In Low-Income Families 1994
Managing Spent Nuclear Fuel: Strategy Alternatives and Policy Implications
Managing the ageing experience: Learning from older people 2010
Managing the China Challenge: How to Achieve Corporate Success in the People's Republic 2011
Managing the Fiscal Metropolis: The Financial Policies, Practices, and Health of Suburban Municipalities 2011
Managing the Human Factor: The Early Years of Human Resource Management in American Industry 2008
Managing the Infosphere: Governance, Technology, and Cultural Practice in Motion 2008
Managing the Mountains: Land Use Planning, the New Deal, and the Creation of a Federal Landscape in Appalachia 2010
Managing the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy: Perspectives, Policies, and Practices from Asia
Managing the Unknown: Essays on Environmental Ignorance 2014
Managing transitions: Support for individuals at key points of change 2009
Managing Under Austerity, Delivering Under Pressure: Performance and Productivity in Public Service
Managing Water: Avoiding Crisis in California 2007
Managing Water Quality in the Face of Uncertainty: A Robust Decision Making Demonstration for EPA’s National Water Program
Managing Water Supply and Sanitation in Emergencies
Managing Women: Disciplining Labor in Modern Japan 2007
Mañana Means Heaven
Manassas: A Battlefield Guide
The Manchester School: Practice and Ethnographic Praxis in Anthropology 2008
Manchu Princess, Japanese Spy: The Story of Kawashima Yoshiko, the Cross-Dressing Spy Who Commanded Her Own Army 2015
The Manchurian Myth: Nationalism, Resistance, and Collaboration in Modern China 2000
The Mandate of Dignity: Ronald Dworkin, Revolutionary Constitutionalism, and the Claims of Justice
Mandates, Parties, and Voters: How Elections Shape the Future 2007
Mandela's Kinsmen: Nationalist Elites and Apartheid's First Bantustan 2014
Mandel'shtam's Poetics: A Challenge to Postmodernism 2000
Manderley: Poems 2001
Maneuvers: The International Politics of Militarizing Women's Lives 2000
The Mangrove Ecosystem of Deep Bay and the Mai Po Marshes, Hong Kong 1999
The Manhattan Cocktail: A Modern Guide to the Whiskey Classic
Manhattan: Letters from Prehistory: Letters from Prehistory 2007
Manhood Enslaved: Bondmen in Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century New Jersey 2011
Manhood Factories: YMCA Architecture and the Making of Modern Urban Culture 2010
Manhood in Hollywood from Bush to Bush 2009
Manhood in the Making: Cultural Concepts of Masculinity 1990
Manhood, Marriage, and Mischief: Rembrandt's 'Night Watch' and Other Dutch Group Portraits 2007
Manhood on the Line: Working-Class Masculinities in the American Heartland
Manhunts: A Philosophical History 2012
Mania for Freedom: American Literatures of Enthusiasm from the Revolution to the Civil War
The Maniac in the Cellar: Sensation Novels of the 1860s 1980
Manic Minds: Mania's Mad History and Its Neuro-Future 2011
The Manichaean Codices of Medinet Madi
Manifest in Words, Written on Paper: Producing and Circulating Poetry in Tang Dynasty China
Manifestly Haraway
Manifesto of a Tenured Radical
Manitoba's French-Language Crisis: A Cautionary Tale 2004
Mankind Beyond Earth: The History, Science, and Future of Human Space Exploration 2012
The Man-Leopard Murders: History and Society in Colonial Nigeria 2007
The Manliest Man: Samuel G. Howe and the Contours of NineteenthCentury American Reform 2012
Manliness and Militarism: Educating Young Boys in Ontario for War 2014
Manliness 2006
The Manly Priest: Clerical Celibacy, Masculinity, and Reform in England and Normandy, 1066-1300
Manly States: Masculinities, International Relations, and Gender Politics 2001
A Manner of Being: Writers on Their Mentors
Manner of Correspondence: A Study of the Scriblerus Club 1997
Mannerheim: President, Soldier, Spy
Mannerist Fiction: Pathologies of Space from Rabelais to Pynchon 2014
Manners and Mischief: Gender, Power, and Etiquette in Japan 2011
Manners and Southern History 2007
Manners Make a Nation: Racial Etiquette in Southern Rhodesia, 1910-1963
Manpower Planning in a Free Society 1966
Man’s Changing Mask: Modes and Methods of Characterization in Fiction 1966
A Man's Place: Masculinity and the Middle-Class Home in Victorian England 1999
Man’s Quest for Political Knowledge: The Study and Teaching of Politics in Ancient Times 1964
A Man’s Reach 2000
Man’s Worldly Goods
Mansfield and Vietnam: A Study in Rhetorical Adaptation 1995
Manual de ámbito jurisdiccional comunitario e internacional. Guía práctica para abogados ante la UE y el TEDH
Manual de atención de familias para profesionales de la salud
Manual de cirugía plástica: Para público en general
Manual de consttución y democracia (Volumen II): Del estado y la protección de los derechos
Manual de decisiones difíciles: Sugerencias éticas para jóvenes profesionales
Manual de dramaturgia
Manual de ejercicios en psicología del deporte. Cinco habilidades psicológicas para el éxito deportivo
Manual de implementación de Herramientas Digitales para el desarrollo sostenible
Manual de patología quirúrgica
Manual de primeros auxilios
Manual de producción audiovisual
Manual de protocolos de valoración de la condición física de deportistas. Estudio de caso: Universidad del Rosario
Manual de psicología educacional
Manual de teoría de la comunicación / I- Primeras explicaciones
Manual de urgencias pediátricas
Manual de urología esencial
Manual de vinificación: Guía práctica para la elaboración de vinos
Manual for Living
The Manual of Ethnography 2009
Manual of Grasses for North America 2007
Manual práctico del alumno para escribir un trabajo universitario
Manual sobre derecho de sociedades
Manuel de rédaction à l’usage des militaires 2013
Manuel Vázquez Montalbán: El compromiso con la memoria 2007
Manufactured Light: Mirrors in the Mesoamerican Realm
A Manufactured Wilderness: Summer Camps and the Shaping of American Youth, 1890–1960 2006
Manufacturing a Socialist Modernity: Housing in Czechoslovakia, 1945-1960 2011
Manufacturing Discontent: The Trap of Individualism in Corporate Society
Manufacturing Ideology: Scientific Management in Twentieth-Century Japan 1998
Manufacturing Miracles: Paths of Industrialization in Latin America and East Asia 1990
Manufacturing Suburbs: Building Work And Home 2004
Manufacturing Tibetan Medicine: The Creation of an Industry and the Moral Economy of Tibetanness
Manuscript Diversity, Meaning, and Variance in Juan Manuel's El Conde Lucanor 2006
The Manuscript Poems of A.E. Housman: Eight Hundred Lines of Hitherto Uncollected Verse from the Author’s Notebooks 1955
The Manuscript Tradition of Propertius 1984
Manuscritos griegos en España y su contexto europeo. Greek Manuscripts in Spain and their European Context
The Many and the One: Religious and Secular Perspectives on Ethical Pluralism in the Modern World 2003
The Many Captivities of Esther Wheelwright
The Many Faces of Alexander Hamilton: The Life and Legacy of America's Most Elusive Founding Father 2006
The Many Faces of Weimar Cinema: Rediscovering Germany's Filmic Legacy 2010
Many Identities, One Nation: The Revolution and Its Legacy in the Mid-Atlantic 2007
The Many Landfalls of John Cabot 1997
The Many Legalities of Early America 2001
The Many Lives of Khrushchev's Thaw: Experience and Memory in Moscow's Arbat 2008
Many Middle Passages: Forced Migration and the Making of the Modern World 2007
Many Petals of the Lotus: Five Asian Buddhist Communities in Toronto 1999
Many Skies: Alternative Histories of the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars 2005
Many Subtle Channels: In Praise of Potential Literature 2012
The Many Woods of Grief: Poems 2011
The Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics 1973
Many-Storied House: Poems 2013
Maoism at the Grassroots
Maoists at the Hearth: Everyday Life in Nepal's Civil War 2013
The Maoists in India: Tribals Under Siege
Māori and Aboriginal Women in the Public Eye: Representing Difference, 1950-2000
Mao's New World: Political Culture in the Early People's Republic 2011
A Map of the Lost World 2012
A Map of the Night 2008
Mappae Mundi: Humans and their Habitats in a Long-Term Socio-Ecological Perspective, Myths, Maps and Models
Mapping and Empire: Soldier-Engineers on the Southwestern Frontier 2005
Mapping Arab Women’s Movements: A Century of Transformations from Within 2012
Mapping Chengde: The Qing Landscape Enterprise 2000
Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the Fate of the American City 2008
Mapping Difference: The Many Faces of Women in Contemporary Ukraine 2011
Mapping Early Modern Japan: Space, Place, and Culture in the Tokugawa Period, 1603-1868 2003
Mapping European Security After Kosovo
Mapping Feminist Anthropology in the Twenty-First Century
Mapping Gender Differences in Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Care: A Pilot Assessment of LDL Cholesterol Testing Rates in a California Health Plan
Mapping Indigenous Presence: North Scandinavian and North American Perspectives
Mapping Intermediality in Performance
Mapping Jewish Loyalties in Interwar Slovakia
Mapping Literary Modernism 1985
Mapping Mongolia: Situating Mongolia in the World from Geologic Time to the Present 2011
Mapping Morality in Postwar German Women's Fiction: Christa Wolf, Ingeborg Drewitz, and Grete Weil 2010
Mapping Norwood: An IrishAmerican Memoir 2010
Mapping Our Selves: Canadian Women's Autobiography 1993
Mapping Postcommunist Cultures: Russia and Ukraine in the Context of Globalization 2007
Mapping "Race": Critical Approaches to Health Disparities Research 2013
Mapping Region in Early American Writing
Mapping the Americas: The Transnational Politics of Contemporary Native Culture 2009
Mapping the Cold War: Cartography and the Framing of America’s International Power
Mapping the Country of Regions: The Chorographic Commission of Nineteenth-Century Colombia
Mapping the End of Empire 2014
Mapping the Godzone: A Primer on New Zealand Literature and Culture 1998
Mapping the Margins: The Family and Social Discipline in Canada, 1700-1975 2004
Mapping the Medieval City: Space, Place and Identity in Chester, c. 1200-1600 2011
Mapping the Mississippian Shatter Zone: The Colonial Indian Slave Trade and Regional Instability in the American South
Mapping the Moving Image: Gesture, Thought and Cinema circa 1900 2010
Mapping the Nation: An Anthology of Indian Poetry in English, 1870–1920
Mapping the Risks: Assessing the Homeland Security Implications of Publicly Available Geospatial Information
Mapping Upper Canada, 1780-1867: An Annotated Bibliography of Manuscript and Printed Maps 1991
Mapping Wonderlands: Illustrated Cartography of Arizona, 1912–1962
Mappings: Feminism and the Cultural Geographies of Encounter 1998
Maps and Meaning: Levitical Models for Contemporary Care 2014
Maps for a Fiesta: A Latina/o Perspective on Knowledge and the Global Crisis: A Latina/o Perspective on Knowledge and the Global Crisis 2015
Maps of Difference: Canada, Women, and Travel 2005
Maps of Experience: The Anchoring of Land to Story in Secwepemc Discourse 2005
Maps of Time: An Introduction to Big History 2011
Maqroll y compañía
Maquinaciones neoyorquinas y querellas porfirianas:: Marshall H. Saville, El American Museum of Natural History de Nueva York y los debates en torno a las leyes de Protección del Patrimonio Arqueológico Nacional, 1896-1897 2014
Marathon Japan: Distance Racing and Civic Culture 2015
Marca Holística de Moda
The March of Spare Time: The Problem and Promise of Leisure in the Great Depression 2005
Marching into Darkness 2014
Marching Masters: Slavery, Race, and the Confederate Army during the Civil War 2014
Marching Through Suffering: Loss and Survival in North Korea 2015
Marching to the Canon: The Life of Schubert's "Marche militaire" 2014
Marco Bellocchio: The Cinematic I in the Political Sphere 2010
Marco Polo and the Encounter of East and West 2008
Marco Polo y la cruzada: Historia de la literatura de viajes a las Indias en el siglo XIV 2009
Marco Polo's Le Devisement du Monde: Narrative Voice, Language and Diversity 2013
Mardi Gras, Gumbo, and Zydeco: Readings in Louisiana Culture 2003
Maresha Excavations Final Report I: Subterranean Complexes 21, 44, 70
Maresha Excavations Final Report II: Hellenistic Terracotta Figurines from the 1989-1996
Maresha Excavations Final Report III: Epigraphic Finds from the 1989-2000 Seasons
Marga Richter 2012
Margaret: A Tale of the Real and Ideal, Blight and Bloom 2009
Margaret Addison: A Biography 2001
Margaret Atwood and the Labour of Literary Celebrity 2013
Margaret Atwood: The Open Eye
Margaret Cavendish and the Exiles of the Mind 1998
Margaret Fuller, Critic: Writings from the New-York Tribune, 1844-1846 2000
Margaret Fuller, Wandering Pilgrim 2008
Margaret Garner: The Premiere Performances of Toni Morrison's Libretto
Margaret Laurence: Critical Reflections
Margaret Macdonald: Imperial Daughter 2005
Margaret McWilliams: An Interwar Feminist 1991
Margaret Tyler, 'Mirror of Princely Deeds and Knighthood' 2014
Margaret Webster: A Life in the Theater
Margery Kempe and Translations of the Flesh 1991
Marginal at the Center: The Life Story of a Public Sociologist 2012
A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus, Volume 4: Law and Love 2009
Marginal Man: The Dark Vision of Harold Innis 2006
Marginal Modernity: The Aesthetics of Dependency from Kierkegaard to Joyce: The Aesthetics of Dependency from Kierkegaard to Joyce 2013
Marginal Workers: How Legal Fault Lines Divide Workers and Leave Them without Protection
Marginalism and Discontinuity: Tools for the Crafts of Knowledge and Decision 1989
Margins and Metropolis: Authority across the Byzantine Empire 2013
Margins in the Classroom: Teaching Literature 1994
Margins of the Market: Trafficking and Capitalism across the Arabian Sea
Marguerite Bourgeoys and Montreal, 1640-1665 1997
Marguerite Bourgeoys and the Congregation of Notre Dame, 1665-1700 2005
Marguerite Bourgeoys et la Congrégation de Notre Dame, 1665-1670 2007
Marguerite Bourgeoys et Montréal 1999
Marguerite de Navarre (1492-1549): Mother of the Renaissance 2006
María de Maeztu. Una antología de textos
María y los espíritus: Diarios y cartas de María Tupper
Marian and the Major: Engel's "Elizabeth and the Golden City" 2010
Marian Devotion in Thirteenth-Century French Lyric 2005
Marian Engel: Life in Letters 2004
Mariana Griswold Van Rensselaer: A Landscape Critic in the Gilded Age 2013
Marianna Martines: A Woman Composer in the Vienna of Mozart and Haydn 2010
Marianne in the Market: Envisioning Consumer Society in Fin-de-Siècle France 2001
Marianne Moore - American Writers 50: University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers 1965
Marianne Moore, Subversive Modernist
Marianne Moore: The Poet's Advance: The Poet's Advance 1978
Marie d`Agoult: The Rebel Countess 2000
Marie de France: A Critical Companion 2012
Marie de France: An analytical bibliography, Supplement No. 3 2007
Marie de France and the Poetics of Memory 2008
Marie Dressler: The Unlikeliest Star 1997
Marie Elisabeth Belpaire: Gender en macht in het literaire veld, 1900 - 1940 2013
Marie NDiaye: Blankness and Recognition
Marijuana: A Short History
Marine Distributions
The Marine Flora and Fauna of Hong Kong and Southern China IV 1997
Marine Historical Ecology in Conservation: Applying the Past to Manage for the Future 2015
Marine Insurance in the Netherlands 1600-1870: A Comparative Institutional Approach 2009
The Marines of Montford Point: America's First Black Marines 2007
Mario Cuomo: Remembrances of a Remarkable Man
The Maritain Factor: Taking Religion into Interwar Modernism 2010
A Maritime Archaeology of Ships: Innovation and Social Change in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Maritime Capital: The Shipping Industry in Atlantic Canada, 1820-1914 1990
The Maritime Dimension of International Security: Terrorism, Piracy, and Challenges for the United States
Maritime Empires: British Imperial Maritime Trade in the Nineteenth Century 2004
Maritime Enterprise and Empire: Sir William Mackinnon and His Business Network, 1823-1893 2003
Maritime Labour: Contributions to the History of Work at Sea, 1500-2000 2007
Maritime Rights Movement/Univ Microfilm: A Study in Canadian Regionalism 1979
Maritime Terrorism: Risk and Liability
Mark: A New Covenant Commentary
Mark Antony: A Biography 1978
Mark, Mutuality, and Mental Health: Encounters with Jesus 2014
Mark My Words: Native Women Mapping Our Nations 2013
Mark 2014
Mark of the Beast: Death and Degradation in the Literature of the Great War 1989
Mark One or More: Civil Rights in Multiracial America
Mark Twain - American Writers 5: University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers 1960
Mark Twain and the Bible 1969
Mark Twain and the Community 1970
Mark Twain And The South 1974
Mark Twain: The Adventures of Samuel L. Clemens 2010
Mark Twain’s Book of Animals 2010
Mark Twain's Civil War 2007
Mark Twain's Correspondence with Henry Huttleston Rogers, 1893-1909 1969
Mark Twain’s Helpful Hints for Good Living: A Handbook for the Damned Human Race 2004
Mark Twain's Notebooks & Journals, Volume I: (1855-1873) 1975
Mark Twain's "Which Was the Dream?" and Other Symbolic Writings of the Later Years 1966
Marked Men: White Masculinity in Crisis 2000
Market Aesthetics: The Purchase of the Past in Caribbean Diasporic Fiction 2015
Market and Thought: Meditations on the Political and Biopolitical 2004
The Market Approach to Education: An Analysis of America's First Voucher Program 2000
The Market Comes to Education in Sweden: An Evaluation of Sweden's Surprising School Reforms 2005
Market Demand: Theory and Empirical Evidence 1994
Market Dreams: Gender, Class, and Capitalism in the Czech Republic
The Market for Virtue: The Potential and Limits of Corporate Social Responsibility 2006
The Market for Virtue: The Potential and Limits of Corporate Social Responsibility 2005
Market Friendly or Family Friendly?: The State and Gender Inequality in Old Age 2007
Market Orientalism: Cultural Economy and the Arab Gulf States
Market Rebels: How Activists Make or Break Radical Innovations 2009
Market Rules: Economic Union Reform and Intergovernmental Policy-Making in Australia and Canada 2002
The Market System: What It Is, How It Works, and What To Make of It 2001
Market Threads: How Cotton Farmers and Traders Create a Global Commodity 2010
Marketing conceptos y aplicaciones
Marketing de relaciones. Aproximación a las relaciones virtuales
Marketing Dreams, Manufacturing Heroes: The Transnational Labor Brokering of Filipino Workers 2010
Marketing, la administración y la gerencia básica para las mipymes colombianas
Marketing Modernisms: The Architecture and Influence of Charles Reilly
Marketing Nutrition: Soy, Functional Foods, Biotechnology, and Obesity 2005
The Marketing of Farm Products: Studies in the Organization of the Twin Cities Market 1927
The Marketplace of Democracy: Electoral Competition and American Politics 2006
The Market-Planned Economy of Yugoslavia 1966
Markets and Civil Society: The European Experience in Comparative Perspective 2009
Markets and Cultural Voices: Liberty vs. Power in the Lives of Mexican Amate Painters
Markets and Justice: Nomos XXXI
Markets and Medicine: The Politics of Health Care Reform in Britain, Germany, and the United States
Markets and States in Tropical Africa: The Political Basis of Agricultural Policies 2014
Markets at Work: Dynamics of the Residential Real Estate Market in Hong Kong 1997
Markets for Cybercrime Tools and Stolen Data: Hackers' Bazaar
The Markets for Force: Privatization of Security Across World Regions 2015
Markets, Market Culture and Popular Protest in Eighteenth-Century Britain and Ireland 1996
Markets, rights and power in Australian social policy
Marking Thought and Talk in New Testament Greek: New Light from Linguistics on the Particles 'hina' and 'hoti'
Marking Time: On the Anthropology of the Contemporary 2008
Markov Processes from K. Ito's Perspective (AM-155) 2003
Marks of Distinctions: Christian Perceptions of Jews in the High Middle Ages 2012
Marlborough's America 2013
Marlowe, Shakespeare, and the Economy of Theatrical Experience
Marlowe's Counterfeit Profession: Ovid, Spenser, Counter-Nationhood 1997
Maroon and White: Mississippi State University, 1878-2003 2008
The Marquess of Queensberry: Wilde's Nemesis 2013
Marriage, Adultery and Inheritance in Malory's Morte Darthur 2006
Marriage and Family: Perspectives and Complexities 2009
Marriage and Fertility: Studies in Interdisciplinary History 1980
Marriage and Violence: The Early Modern Legacy 2008
Marriage as a Fine Art
The Marriage Buyout: The Troubled Trajectory of U.S. Alimony Law 2014
Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage: Professional Practice in the Hong Kong Cultural Context 2005
Marriage, Gender, and Desire in Early Enlightenment German Comedy 2012
Marriage In A Culture Of Divorce 1999
Marriage in Medieval England: Law, Literature and Practice 2004
Marriage of Convenience: Rockefeller International Health and Revolutionary Mexico 2006
Marriage of Minds: Isabel and Oscar Skelton Reinventing Canada 2003
Marriage on Trial 2012
Marriage or Celibacy?: The Daily Telegraph on a Victorian Dilemma 1995
Marriage Proposals: Questioning a Legal Status 2006
Marriage, Sex, and Civic Culture in Late Medieval London 2006
Married or Single?
Married to Another Man: Israel's Dilemma in Palestine
Married to the Military: The Employment and Earnings of Military Wives Compared with Those of Civilian Wives
Married to the Mouse: Walt Disney World and Orlando 2001
Married Women and the Law in Premodern Northwest Europe 2013
Married Women and the Law of Property in Victorian Ontario 1997
The Marrow of Human Experience: Essays on Folklore by William A. Wilson
The Marrying Kind?: Debating Same-Sex Marriage within the Lesbian and Gay Movement 2013
Marsa Matruh I: The Excavation 2002
Marsa Matruh II: The Objects 2002
Marsden Hartley 1952
Marsh Meadow Mountain 1986
Marsh Mud and Mummichogs: An Intimate Natural History of Coastal Georgia
Marshall and His Generals: U.S. Army Commanders in World War II
Marshall and Taney: Statesmen of the Law 1939
Marshes: The Disappearing Edens 2007
Marta Oulie: A Novel of Betrayal 2014
Martha Jefferson Randolph, Daughter of Monticello: Her Life and Times 2012
Martial Spectacles of the Ming Court
Martin Buber's Journey to Presence 2007
Martin Buber's Social and Religious Thought: Alienation and the Quest for Meaning 1989
Martin Faber: The Story of a Criminal with "Confessions of a Murder"
Martín López: Conquistador Citizen of Mexico 1958
Martin Luther and Buddhism: Aesthetics of Suffering
Martin Luther and the Called Life
Martin Luther and the German Reformation
Martin Luther, German Saviour: German Evangelical Theological Factions and the Interpretation of Luther, 1917-1933 2000
Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses: With Introduction, Commentary, and Study Guide
Martin van Buren and the American Political System 1984
The Martyrdom of Maev and Other Irish Stories
Martyrdom Street
The Marvellous and the Monstrous in the Sculpture of Twelfth-Century Europe 2013
Marvell's Ambivalence: Religion and the Politics of Imagination in mid-seventeenth century England 2011
Marvin Miller, Baseball Revolutionary 2015
Marx and Modern Fiction
Marx and Other Four-Letter Words
Marx and the Alternative to Capitalism
Marx, Justice and History: A "Philosophy and Public Affairs" Reader 1980
Marx On Religion 2002
Marx Went Away--But Karl Stayed Behind
Marxism and Democracy in Chile: From 1932 to the Fall of Allende
Marxism and Form: 20th-Century Dialectical Theories of Literature
Marxism and Media Studies: Key Concepts and Contemporary Trends
Marxism and the Crisis of Development in Prewar Japan 1986
Marxism and the French Left: Studies on Labour and Politics in France, 1830-1981 2011
Marxism and the History of Art: From William Morris to the New Left
Marxism for Our Times: C. L. R. James on Revolutionary Organization 1999
Marxism in Dark Times: Select Essays for the New Century
Marxism, Morality, and Social Justice 1990
The Marxist and the Movies: A Biography of Paul Jarrico 2007
A Marxist History of the World: From Neanderthals to Neoliberals
Marx's 'Capital' - Sixth Edition
Marxs Ecology: Materialism and Nature 2000
Marx's 'Eighteenth Brumaire': (Post)Modern Interpretations
Mary Austin and the American West 2008
Mary I 2011
Mary Lincoln's Insanity Case: A Documentary History 2012
Mary Magdalene and Her Sister Martha: An Edition and Translation of the Medieval Welsh Lives 2013
Mary Magdalene and the Drama of Saints: Theater, Gender, and Religion in Late Medieval England 2004
Mary McCarthy - American Writers 72: University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers 1968
Mary, Music, and Meditation: Sacred Conversations in Post-Tridentine Milan
Mary P. Follett: Creating Democracy, Transforming Management 2003
Mary Pickford: Queen of the Movies 2012
Mary Slessor - Everybody's Mother: The Era and Impact of a Victorian Missionary
Mary Telfair to Mary Few: Selected Letters, 1802-1844 2007
Mary, the Devil, and Taro: Catholicism and Women's Work in a Micronesian Society 2010
Mary Through the Centuries: Her Place in the History of Culture 1996
Mary Wickes: I Know I've Seen That Face Before 2013
Maryam’s Maze 2007
Maryland Politics and Government: Democratic Dominance
Mary's Well, Nazareth: the late Hellenistic to the Ottoman periods
Masculine Compromise: Migration, Family, and Gender in China
Masculine Identity in the Fiction of the Arab East since 1967
Masculine Interests: Homoerotics in Hollywood Film 2002
Masculine Migrations: Reading the Postcolonial Male in New Canadian Narratives 1998
The Masculine Woman in Weimar Germany 2011
Masculinities and Hong Kong Cinema 2005
Masculinities and the Law: A Multidimensional Approach 2012
Masculinities in Polish, Czech and Slovak Cinema: Black Peters and Men of Marble 2010
Masculinities on Clydeside: Men in Reserved Occupations 1939-1945
Masculinity and Italian Cinema: Sexual Politics, Social Conflict and Male Crisis in the 1970s
Masculinity and Popular Television 2008
Masculinity at Work: Employment Discrimination through a Different Lens
MASH: An Army Surgeon in Korea 1998
Mashairi ya Vita vya Kuduhu: War Poetry in Kiswahili Exchanged at the Time of the Battle of Kuduhu 1995
Mashed Up: Music, Technology, and the Rise of Configurable Culture 2010
The Mask of Comedy: Aristophanes and the Intertextual Parabasis 1991
The Mask of Enlightenment: Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, Second Edition 2004
Masking and Power: Carnival and Popular Culture in the Caribbean 2002
Masking Terror: How Women Contain Violence in Southern Sri Lanka 2003
Masks of Conquest: Literary Study and British Rule in India 2015
Masks of Proteus: Canadian Reflections on the State 1990
The Masochistic Pleasures of Sentimental Literature 2000
Mason Wade, Acadia and Quebec 1991
Masquerades of Modernity: Power and Secrecy in Casamance, Senegal 2007
Masques, Mayings and Music-Dramas: Vaughan Williams and the Early Twentieth-Century Stage 2014
Mass and Elite in Democratic Athens: Rhetoric, Ideology, and the Power of the People 1989
Mass Atrocity Crimes: Preventing Future Outrages 2010
Mass Atrocity, Ordinary Evil, and Hannah Arendt: Criminal Consciousness in Argentina`s Dirty War 2001
Mass Communication in Israel: Nationalism, Globalization, and Segmentation 2015
Mass Culture in Soviet Russia: Tales, Poems, Songs, Movies, Plays, and Folklore, 1917–1953
Mass Deception: Moral Panic and the U.S. War on Iraq 2010
Mass Destruction: The Men and Giant Mines That Wired America and Scarred the Planet 2009
Mass Flourishing: How Grassroots Innovation Created Jobs, Challenge, and Change 2013
Mass Media and the Shaping of American Feminism, 1963-1975 2003
Massachusetts and the Civil War: The Commonwealth and National Disunion
Massacre at Camp Grant: Forgetting and Remembering Apache History
Massacre at the Champ de Mars: Popular Dissent and Political Culture in the French Revolution 2000
Massacre at the Yuma Crossing: Spanish Relations with the Quechans, 1779-1782
Massacre in Norway: The 2011 Terror Attacks on Oslo and the Utøya Youth Camp
The Massacres at Mt. Halla: Sixty Years of Truth Seeking in South Korea 2014
The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World 2009
The Master Architects: Building the United States Foreign Service 1890--1913 1977
Master Mechanics and Wicked Wizards: Images of the American Scientist as Hero and Villain from Colonial Times to the Present 2009
The Master of Game 2005
Master of Penance 2014
Master of the House: Stalin and His Inner Circle 2009
Master poets, ritual masters: The art of oral composition among the Rotenese of Eastern Indonesia
Master Sorai's Responsals: An Annotated Translation of Sorai sensei tōmonsho 1994
Mastering Import & Export Management
Mastering Soldiers: Conflict, Emotions, and the Enemy in an Israeli Army Unit
Mastering the Semi-Structured Interview and Beyond: From Research Design to Analysis and Publication 2013
Mastering the Ultimate High Ground: Next Steps in the Military Uses of Space
Masterless Mistresses: The New Orleans Ursulines and the Development of a New World Society, 1727-1834 2007
Masterminding Nature: The Breeding of Animals, 1750-2010 2015
Masters and Servants 1997
Masters and Slaves in the House of the Lord: Race and Religion in the American South, 1740-1870 1988
Masters of Bedlam: The Transformation of the Mad-Doctoring Trade 1996
Masters of Light: Conversations with Contemporary Cinematographers 2013
Masters of the Ninth Art: Bandes dessinées and Franco-Belgian Identity 2005
Masters of the Sabar: Wolof Griot Percussionists of Senegal 2007
Masters of the Universe: Hayek, Friedman, and the Birth of Neoliberal Politics - Updated Edition
Masters of their Craft: The Art, Architecture and Garden Design of the Nesfields
Masters of Two Arts: Re-creation of European Literatures in Italian Cinema 2002
Masterworks of the Orchestral Repertoire: A Guide for Listeners 1954
Mastery and Uses of Fire in Antiquity 2000
The Match Girl and the Heiress 2014
Matching Organs with Donors: Legality and Kinship in Transplants 2012
The Matchmaker, the Apprentice, and the Football Fan: More Stories of China 2013
Matemática estructural
Matemática recreativa en el aula
Materia de España: Cultura, política e identidad en la España moderna 2007
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Material Beings
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Material de estudio: Ejercicios de econometría
Material Ecocriticism
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Material Feminisms
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Materiales Sostenibles: principios y guía práctica
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Math Bytes: Google Bombs, Chocolate-Covered Pi, and Other Cool Bits in Computing 2014