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P. S. O'Hegarty (1879-1955): Sinn Féin Fenian
P(0)2 Euclidean (Quantum) Field Theory 1974
Pablo Tac, Indigenous Scholar: Writing on Luiseño Language and Colonial History, c.1840 2011
The Pacaa Nova: Clash of Cultures on the Brazilian Frontier 1989
Pachakutik and the Rise and Decline of the Ecuadorian Indigenous Movement
Pachangas: Borderlands Music, U.S. Politics, and Transnational Marketing 2006
Pachucas and Pachucos in Tucson: Situated Border Lives
Pacific Alliance: Reviving U.S.-Japan Relations 2009
Pacific Citizens: Larry and Guyo Tajiri and Japanese American Journalism in the World War II Era 2012
Pacific Connections: The Making of the U.S.-Canadian Borderlands 2012
Pacific Crossing: California Gold, Chinese Migration, and the Making of Hong Kong 2013
Pacific Currents: The Responses of U.S. Allies and Security Partners in East Asia to China’s Rise
The Pacific Festivals of Aotearoa New Zealand: Negotiating Place and Identity in a New Homeland 2015
Pacific Futures: Projects, Politics and Interests 2014
Pacific Island Heritage: Archaeology, Identity & Community
Pacific Islanders Under German Rule: A Study in the Meaning of Colonial Resistance
The Pacific Islands: Environment and Society, Revised Edition 2013
Pacific Islands Regional Integration and Governance
Pacific Lady: The First Woman to Sail Solo across the World's Largest Ocean
Pacific Missionary George Brown 1835-1917: Wesleyan Methodist Church
Pacific Opportunities: Leveraging Asia's Growth
Pacific Pinot Noir: A Comprehensive Winery Guide for Consumers and Connoisseurs 2008
Pacific Regional Order
Pacific Rim Modernisms 2009
Pacific Skies: American Flyers in World War II 2004
Pacific Strife: The Great Powers and their Political and Economic Rivalries in Asia and the Western Pacific 1870-1914
Pacifica Radio 2E
Pacification in Algeria, 1956-1958
Pacifism in Europe to 1914 1972
Pacifism in the United States: From the Colonial Era to the First World War
The Pacifist Impulse in Historical Perspective 1996
Package Deal: Marriage, Work And Fatherhood In Men'S Lives 2002
Packing for India: A Life of Action in Global Finance and Diplomacy
A Pact with Vichy: Angelo Tasca from Italian Socialism to French Collaboration: Angelo Tasca from Italian Socialism to French Collaboration 2013
Paddle Whispers 1993
A Paddler's Guide to the Delaware River: Kayaking, Canoeing, Rafting, Tubing
Paddling Her Own Canoe: The Times and Texts of E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake) 2000
The p-adic Simpson Correspondence (AM-193)
Padres in No Man's Land: Canadian Chaplains and the Great War 1995
Padres in No Man's Land, Second Edition: Canadian Chaplains and the Great War 2014
PADRES: The National Chicano Priest Movement 2005
Padua and the Tudors: English Students in Italy, 1485-1603 1998
Paediatric Allergy and Clinical Immunology (As Applied to Atopic Disease): A Manual for Students and Practitioners of Medicine (Fourth Edition)
Paesaggi socialmente utili: Accoglienza e assistenza come dispositivi di progetto e trasformazione urbana
Pagan Britain 2013
Pagan Family Values: Childhood and the Religious Imagination in Contemporary American Paganism 2013
The Pagan God: Popular Religion in the Greco-Roman Near East: Popular Religion in the Greco-Roman Near East 1977
Pagan Virtue in a Christian World
The Pagan Writes Back: When World Religion Meets World Literature 2015
Paganism in the Middle Ages: Threat and Fascination 2012
Paganism in the Roman Empire
Pagans and Philosophers: The Problem of Paganism from Augustine to Leibniz
Page to Stage: The Craft of Adaptation
Pago por desempeño en el sistema de salud colombiano
Pago por servicios ambientales en México:: un acercamiento para su estudio 2014
Paid to Party: Working Time and Emotion in Direct Home Sales 2012
Paideia at Play 2008
Pain and Compassion in Early Modern English Literature and Culture 2012
Pain and Gain: Implementing No Child Left Behind in Three States, 2004-2006
Pain and Suffering in Medieval Theology: Academic Debates at the University of Paris in the Thirteenth Century 2009
Pain, Death, and the Law
Pain Medicine: A Multidisciplinary Approach 2010
The Pain of Reformation: Spenser, Vulnerability, and the Ethics of Masculinity
Pain, Pride, and Politics: Social Movement Activism and the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora in Canada
Paine and Jefferson in the Age of Revolutions 2013
Painful Choices: A Theory of Foreign Policy Change 2005
The Painted Desert: Land of Wind and Stone
The Painted King: Art, Activism, and Authenticity in Hawai`i 2012
The Painted Screens of Baltimore: An Urban Folk Art Revealed
The Painter in French Fiction: A Critical Essay
The Painter's Practice: How Artists Lived and Worked in Traditional China 1994
Painting Indiana III: Heritage of Place
Painting, Literature and Film in Colombian Feminine Culture, 1940-2005: Of Border Guards, Nomads and Women 2012
Painting: Painting 1600-1900 2015
Painting the Gospel: Black Public Art and Religion in Chicago
Painting with Words, Writing with Pictures: Word and Image Relations in the Work of Italo Calvino 2001
A paixão do negativo: Lacan e a dialética
Pájaro libre como soy: Cartas de Wanda Morla Lynch
Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military 2005
Pakistan: Can the United States Secure an Insecure State?
Pakistan: The US, Geopolitics and Grand Strategies
Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws: From Islamic Empires to the Taliban 2013
Pakistan's Counterterrorism Challenge 2014
Pakistan's Enduring Challenges 2015
Palabras de vida: Homilías de don Enrique Alvear
Palace of Culture: Andrew Carnegie's Museums and Library in Pittsburgh 2011
The Palace of Nestor at Pylos in Western Messenia, Vol. 1: The Buildings and Their Contents
The Palace of Nestor at Pylos in Western Messenia, Vol. II: The Frescoes
Palace Politics: How the Ruling Party Brought Crisis to Mexico 2008
Palaces and Power in the Americas: From Peru to the Northwest Coast 2006
The Pale of Settlement: Stories 2007
Paleopathology of the Ancient Egyptians: An Annotated Bibliography 1998–2011 2012
A Paler Shade of Red: The 2008 Presidential Election in the South
Palestine and Jewish History: Criticism at the Borders of Ethnography 1996
Palestine and the Great Powers, 1945-1948 1982
Palestine and the Palestinians in the 21st Century
Palestine Betrayed 2010
The Palestine-Israel Conflict: A Basic Introduction
Palestinian Christians and the Old Testament: History, Hermeneutics, and Ideology 2015
Palestinian Cinema: Landscape, Trauma and Memory 2008
Palestinian Ethnonationalism in Israel 2011
Palestinian Music and Song: Expression and Resistance since 1900
Palestinian Politics after the Oslo Accords: Resuming Arab Palestine 2003
The Palestinian Refugee Problem: The Search for a Resolution
Palestinian Refugees: The Right of Return
Palestinian Society and Politics 1980
Palestinians Born in Exile: Diaspora and the Search for a Homeland 2005
Palestinians in Israel: Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy
Palestinians in Syria: Nakba Memories of Shattered Communities
A Palette of Particles 2013
Palilalia 2008
Palimsesto Urbano: de la formalidad a la informalidad, procesos de informalidad urbana en barrios de origen formal
The Palm House 2012
Palmerston: A Biography 2010
Palms of Southern Asia 2009
Palomino: Clinton Jencks and Mexican-American Unionism in the American Southwest 2013
Pam na fu Cymru: Methiant Cenedlaetholdeb Cymraeg
The Pan American Imagination: Contested Visions of the Hemisphere in Twentieth-Century Literature 2014
Pan American Women: U.S. Internationalists and Revolutionary Mexico 2014
Pana O`ahu: Sacred Stones, Sacred Land 1999
Panaesthetics: On the Unity and Diversity of the Arts 2014
Panama and the United States: The End of the Alliance 2012
Panama: Made in the USA
Pandemonium and Parade: Japanese Monsters and the Culture of Yokai 2009
Pandora's Locks: The Opening of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway 2009
Pandora's Risk: Uncertainty at the Core of Finance 2011
Paneas I: the Roman to Early Islamic Periods. Excavations in Area A, B, E, F, and H
Paneas II: Small Finds and Other Studies
Paneas IV: the Aqueduct and the Northern Suburbs
Pan-Gemanism and the Austrofascist State, 1933-38 2011
Panic and Deaf: Two Modern Satires 2001
Panorama de l'archivistique contemporaine: évolution de la discipline et de la profession: Mélanges offerts à Carol Couture
Panorama del cine iberoamericano en un contexto global. Historias comunes, propuestas, futuro
Pansy's History: The Autobiography of Margaret E. P. Gordon, 1866-1966 2011
Panther Tract: Wild Boar Hunting in the Mississippi Delta 2011
Paolo Giovio: The Historian and the Crisis of Sixteenth-Century Italy 1995
Papa, PhD: Essays on Fatherhood by Men in the Academy
Papa Sartre 2009
The Papacy, the Jews, and the Holocaust 2006
Papal Justice: Subjects and Courts in the Papal State, 1500-1750 2011
Papa's Baby: Paternity and Artificial Insemination
De papen van Brugge: De seculiere clerus in een middeleeuwse wereldstad 2014
Paper Bullets: Print and Kingship under Charles II 1996
Paper Memory: A Sixteenth-Century Townsman Writes His World 2012
The Paper Road: Archive and Experience in the Botanical Exploration of West China and Tibet 2011
Paper Scissors Stone 2011
Paper Son: One Man's Story
Paper Sons and Daughters: Growing up Chinese in South Africa
Paper Sovereigns: Anglo-Native Treaties and the Law of Nations, 1604-1664 2014
Paper Swordsmen: Jin Yong and the Modern Chinese Martial Arts Novel 2005
'Paper-contestations' and Textual Communities in England, 1640-1675 2005
Papers from the Eranos Yearbooks, Eranos 3: Man and Time
The Papers of Henry Clay: Candidate, Compromiser, Elder Statesman, January 1, 1844-June 29, 1852 1991
The Papers of Henry Clay: Candidate, Compromiser, Whig, March 5, 1829-December 31, 1836 1984
The Papers of Henry Clay: Presidential Candidate, 1821-1824 1963
The Papers of Henry Clay: Secretary of State, 1825 1972
The Papers of Henry Clay: Secretary of State 1826 1973
The Papers of Henry Clay: Secretary of State, January 1, 1828-March 4, 1829 1982
The Papers of Henry Clay: Supplement 1793--1852 1992
The Papers of Henry Clay: The Rising Statesman, 1797-1814 1959
The Papers of Henry Clay: The Rising Statesman 1815--1820 1961
The Papers of Henry Clay: The Whig Leader, January 1, 1837-December 31, 1843 1988
The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Retirement Series: Volume 7: 28 November 1813 to 30 September 1814: 28 November 1813 to 30 September 1814 2010
The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Retirement Series: Volume 8: 1 October 1814 to 31 August 1815: 1 October 1814 to 31 August 1815 2011
The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 38: 1 July to 12 November 1802: 1 July to 12 November 1802 2011
The Papers of William Penn, Volume 1: 1644-1679
The Papers of William Penn, Volume 2: 1680-1684
The Papers of William Penn, Volume 3: 1685-1700
The Papers of William Penn, Volume 4: 1701-1718
The Papers of William Penn, Volume 5: William Penn's Published Writings, 1660-1726: An Interpretive Bibliography
Paperwork: Fiction and Mass Mediacy in the Paper Age 2005
Papist Devils 2014
Paprika, Foie Gras, and Red Mud: The Politics of Materiality in the European Union
Papua New Guinea's Last Place: Experiences of Constraint in a Postcolonial Prison 2006
Para ler Gaston Bachelard
Para pertenecer a la gran familia mexicana:: Procesos de naturalización en el siglo XIX
Parable and Politics in Early Islamic History: The Rashidun Caliphs 2010
Parables of Sun Light: Observations on Psychology, the Arts, and the Rest 1989
Parables Unplugged: Reading the Lukan Parables in Their Rhetorical Context 2014
Paradeisos. Genèse et métamorphose de la notion de paradis dans l’Antiquité: Actes du colloque
Parades and Politics at Vichy
Parades and the Politics of the Street: Festive Culture in the Early American Republic 1997
Paradigm Freeze: Why It Is So Hard to Reform Health Care in Canada
Paradigm Lost: State Theory Reconsidered 2002
Paradigmas y conceptos en educación y pedagogía
Paradigms for a Metaphorology 2010
Paradise: Class, Commuters, and Ethnicity in Rural Ontario 1994
Paradise for Sale: A Parable of Nature 2000
Paradise in Ashes: A Guatemalan Journey of Courage, Terror, and Hope 2004
Paradise Lost and the Rhetoric of Literary Forms 1985
A Paradise Lost: The Imperial Garden Yuanming Yuan 2001
Paradise, New York: A Novel 1998
A Paradise of Priests: Singing the Civic and Episcopal Hagiography of Medieval Liège 2014
Paradise: Poems
Paradise Remade: The Politics of Culture and History in Hawai'i 1993
Paradise Transplanted: Migration and the Making of California Gardens 2014
Paradojas de la globalización y el desrrollo latinoamericano
Paradox and Perception: Measuring Quality of Life in Latin America 2009
The Paradox of Asset Pricing 2002
The paradox of body, building and motion in seventeenth-century England
The Paradox of Gender Equality: How American Women's Groups Gained and Lost Their Public Voice
The Paradox of Hope: Journeys through a Clinical Borderland 2010
The Paradox of Love 2012
Paradox Of Natural Mothering 2002
The Paradox of Preservation: Wilderness and Working Landscapes at Point Reyes National Seashore
The Paradox of Relevance: Ethnography and Citizenship in the United States 2011
Paradoxes of Civil Society: New Perspectives on Modern German and British History
Paradoxes of Gender
Paradoxes of Green: Landscapes of a City-State
Paradoxes of Liberal Democracy: Islam, Western Europe, and the Danish Cartoon Crisis 2014
Paradoxes of Prosperity: Wealth-Seeking Versus Christian Values in Pre-Civil War America 2009
The Paradoxes of Transparency: Science and the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management in Europe
Paradoxia Epidemica: The Renaissance Tradition of Paradox
Paradoxical Life: Meaning, Matter, and the Power of Human Choice 2009
The Paradoxical Rationality of Søren Kierkegaard
Paradoxy of Modernism 2006
Paraguay and the United States: Distant Allies 2007
Paraguay: Power Game
Parallel Lines: Post-9/11 American Cinema 2014
Parallel Paths: The Development of Nationalism in Ireland and Quebec 2006
Parallel Worlds: Genre, Discourse, and Poetics in Contemporary, Colonial, and Classic Maya Literature 2012
Parallels, Interactions, and Illuminations: Traversing Chinese and Western Theories of the Sign 2010
Paramilitarism and Neoliberalism: Violent Systems of Capital Accumulation in Colombia and Beyond
Paramilitarism and the Assault on Democracy in Haiti 2012
Paramilitarismo violencia y transformación social política y económica en Colombia 2015
The Paranoid Apocalypse: A Hundred-Year Retrospective on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
Paraphrase on John: Volume 46 1991
Paraphrase on Luke 1 to 10
Paraphrase on Luke: Volume 48 2003
Paraphrase on Mark: Volume 49 1988
Paraphrase on the Gospel of Matthew: Volume 45 2008
Paraphrases on Romans and Galatians: Volume 42 1984
Paraphrases on the Epistles to the Corinthians, Ephesians, Philippans, Colossians, and Thessalonians: Volume 43 2009
Paraphrases on the Epistles to Timothy, Titus and Philemon, the Epistles of Peter and Jude, the Epistle of James, the Epistles of John, and the Epistle to the Hebrews: Volume 44 1993
Parasites: Tales of Humanity's Most Unwelcome Guests 2010
The Para-State: An Ethnography of Colombia's Death Squads
Parejas conyugales en transformación: Una visión al finalizar el siglo XX 2011
The Parent as Citizen_x000B_: A Democratic Dilemma 2011
Parent Education: A Survey of the Minnesota Program 1939
Parent Education: The Northwest Conference on Child Health and Parent Education 1927
Parental Incarceration and the Family: Psychological and Social Effects of Imprisonment on Children, Parents, and Caregivers 2012
Parental Monitoring of Adolescents: Current Perspectives for Researchers and Practitioners 2010
Parental rights and responsibilities: Analysing social policy and lived experiences 2011
Parenting Out of Control: Anxious Parents in Uncertain Times 2010
Parenting Programs in Shelby County, Tennessee: A Brief Review of the Research Literature
Parenting Stress 2004
A Parent’s Guide to Cleft Lip and Palate 1990
A Parent’s Guide to Cystic Fibrosis 1991
A Parent’s Guide to Heart Disorders 1988
A Parent’s Guide to Kidney Disorders 1993
Parents, Personalities and Power: Welsh-medium Schools in South-east Wales 2013
Parents Without Papers: The Progress and Pitfalls of Mexican American Integration
Pari de la Franchise: Discours et écrits sur l'unité canadienne 1999
The Pariah Problem: Caste, Religion, and the Social in Modern India 2014
Paris 1918: The War Diary of the British Ambassador, the 17th Earl of Derby 2001
Paris 1928: Nexus Ii
De Paris à Nuremberg: Naissance de l'interpretation de conférence
Paris City Councillors in the Sixteenth-Century: The Politics of Patrimony 1983
Paris on the Potomac: The French Influence on the Architecture and Art of Washington, D.C. 2007
The Paris Years of Thomas Jefferson 1997
Paris-Amsterdam Underground: Essays on Cultural Resistance, Subversion, and Diversion
The Parish Clergy in Nineteenth-Century Russia: Crisis, Reform, Counter-Reform 1983
The Parisian Jazz Chronicles: An Improvisational Memoir 2005
Parisian Music-Hall Ballet, 1871-1913
Parkscapes: Green Spaces in Modern Japan 2011
Parlementer: Assemblées représentatives et échange politique en Europe occidentale à la fin du Moyen Age
Parliament and Political Pamphleteering in Fourteenth-Century England 2010
The Parliament of Canada 1987
Parliamentary Privilege in Canada 1997
Parliamentary reform at Westminster 2009
Parliaments, Nations and Identities in Britain and Ireland, 1660-185 2003
Parliaments of Autonomous Nations
Parlor Ponds: The Cultural Work of the American Home Aquarium, 1850 - 1970
The Parmenides and Plato's Late Philosophy: Translation of and Commentary on the Parmenides with Interpretative Chapters on the Timaeus, the Theaetetus, the Sophist, and the Philebus 1998
Parrots and Nightingales: Troubadour Quotations and the Development of European Poetry 2013
Parrots of the World 2010
Partial Differential Equations
Partial Faiths: Postsecular Fiction in the Age of Pynchon and Morrison 2007
Partiality 2013
Participación ciudadana en el control de los programas sociales
Participar. La ciudadanía activa en las relaciones estado sociedad
Participation, Responsibility and Choice: Summoning the Active Citizen in Western European Welfare States 2011
Participatory Budgeting and Civic Tech: The Revival of Citizen Engagement
The Participatory Condition in the Digital Age
Participatory Planning for Climate Compatible Development in Maputo, Mozambique
Particles 2011
Particular Condition in Life: Self-Employment and Social Mobility in Mid-Victorian Brantford, Ontario 1994
Partidos y elecciones en Colombia
Parties and Policies: How the American Government Works 2008
Parties in Transition 1986
The Parties Versus the People: How to Turn Republicans and Democrats into Americans 2012
Partimento and Continuo Playing in Theory and in Practice 2010
The Parting of the Sea: How Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Plagues Shaped the Story of Exodus 2009
Parting Ways: New Rituals and Celebrations of Life's Passing 2011
Parting Ways: The Crisis in German-American Relations 2004
The Partisan: A Romance of Revolution
Partisan Balance: Why Political Parties Don't Kill the U.S. Constitutional System 2011
A Partisan Church 2015
Partisan Gerrymandering and the Construction of American Democracy
Partisan Hearts and Minds: Political Parties and the Social Identities of Voters 2002
Partisan Publics: Communication and Contention across Brazilian Youth Activist Networks 2008
Partisans of Allah: Jihad in South Asia 2008
Partisans of the Southern Press: Editorial Spokesmen of the Nineteenth Century 1994
Partisanship, Globalization, and Canadian Labour Market Policy: Four Provinces in Comparative Perspective 2006
Partita for Glenn Gould: An Inquiry into the Nature of Genius 2010
Partitioning Palestine: Legal Fundamentalism in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
Partly Colored: Asian Americans and Racial Anomaly in the Segregated South 2010
"Partly Laws Common to All Mankind": Foreign Law in American Courts' 2012
Partner and I: Molly Dewson, Feminism, and New Deal Politics 1987
Partner to the Poor: A Paul Farmer Reader 2010
Partnering with Parents: Family-Centred Practice in Children's Services 2013
Partners in Furs: A History of the Fur Trade in Eastern James Bay, 1600-1870 1983
Partners in Print: Artistic Collaboration and the Ukiyo-e Market 2015
Partners or Rivals?: Power and Latino, Black, and White Relations in the Twenty-First Century
Partnership and Profit in Medieval Islam 1970
Partnership for Excellence: Medicine at the University of Toronto and Academic Hospitals 2013
Partnership working in public health 2014
Partnerships for Girls' Education
Partnerships for Prevention: The Story of the Highfield Community Enrichment Project 2005
Partnerships in the Sea: Hong Kong's Marine Symbioses 1988
Partnerships: Machines of possibility 2008
Partonopeus de Blois: Romance in the Making 2011
Party Colonisation of the Media in Central and Eastern Europe 2014
Party Competition: An Agent-Based Model: An Agent-Based Model 2012
Party Competition and Responsible Party Government: A Theory of Spatial Competition Based Upon Insights from Behavioral Voting Research
Party Discipline in the U.S. House of Representatives
Party Lines: Competition, Partisanship, and Congressional Redistricting 2005
Party Politics in India
Pasados y presentes de la violencia en Colombia: Estudios sobre las comisiones de investigación (19582011)
Pascual de Gayangos: A Nineteenth-Century Spanish Arabist 2008
Pashas: Traders and Travellers in the Islamic World
Pashtun Identity and Geopolitics in Southwest Asia: Pakistan and Afghanistan since 9/11
Pasic & Trumbic: The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes
Pass It On 1989
Passage of Change: Law, Society and Governance in the Pacific
A Passage to England: Barbadian Londoners Speak of Home 1992
The Passage to Europe: How a Continent Became a Union 2013
Passage to Modernity: An Essay on the Hermeneutics of Nature and Culture 1993
Passage to the Center: Imagination and the Sacred in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney 1999
Passage to Wonderland: Rephotographing Joseph Stimson's Views of the Cody Road to Yellowstone National Park, 1903 and 2008 2013
Passages de la prose, poésie dévoyée: Loranger «contre Mallarmé»
Passages to Modernity: Motherhood, Childhood and Social Reform in Early Twentieth Century Japan 1999
Passamaquoddy Ceremonial Songs: Aesthetics and Survival 2010
Passchendaele 2002
The Passenger Cases and the Commerce Clause: Immigrants, Blacks, and States' Rights in Antebellum America
The Passenger Pigeon 2015
Passing for Black: The Life and Careers of Mae Street Kidd 1997
Passing for Spain: Cervantes and the Fictions of Identity 2003
Passing into the present: Contemporary American fiction of racial and gender passing 2010
Passing on the Faith: Transforming Traditions for the Next Generation of Jews, Christians, and Muslims: Transforming Traditions for the Next Generation of Jews, Christians, and Muslims 2006
Passing the Buck: Congress, the Budget, and Deficits 2004
Passing the Light: The Incense Light Community and Buddhist Nuns in Contemporary Taiwan 2013
Passing the Test: Combat in Korea, April-June 1951 2011
Passing the Torch: Does Higher Education for the Disadvantaged Pay Off Across the Generations? 2007
Passing the Torch: Planning for the Next Generation of Leaders in Public Service
Passion and Paradox: Intellectuals Confront the National Question 2002
Passion and Virtue: Essays on the Novels of Samuel Richardson 2001
Passion, Betrayal, and Revolution in Colonial Saigon: The Memoirs of Bao Luong 2010
A Passion for Facts: Social Surveys and the Construction of the Chinese Nation-State, 1900–1949 2011
Passion For Living: John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester
A Passion for Policy: Essays in Public Sector Reform
Passion for Reality: The Extraordinary Life of the Investing Pioneer Paul Cabot 2014
A Passion for Society: How We Think about Human Suffering
A Passion for the Past: The Odyssey of a Transatlantic Archaeologist 2010
A Passion for the Pole: Ethological Research in Polar Regions 2008
A Passion for the Possible: Thinking with Paul Ricoeur
A Passion for the True and Just: Felix and Lucy Kramer Cohen and the Indian New Deal
The Passion of Max von Oppenheim: Archaeology and Intrigue in the Middle East from Wilhelm II to Hitler
The Passion of Montgomery Clift 2010
Passionate Amateurs: Theatre, Communism, and Love
Passionate Communities: Reading Lesbian Resistance in Jane Rule's Fiction 1999
Passionate Fictions: Gender, Narrative, and Violence in Clarice Lispector 1994
The Passionate Fictions of Eliza Haywood: Essays on Her Life and Work 2000
Passionate Friendship: The Aesthetics of Girls' Culture in Japan 2012
Passionate Histories: Myth, memory and Indigenous Australia
Passionate Intellect: The Poetry of Charles Tomlinson
The Passionate Torah: Sex and Judaism 2009
Passionate Uncertainty: Inside the American Jesuits 2002
Passionately Human, No Less Divine: Religion and Culture in Black Chicago, 1915-1952 2005
The Passions and the Interests: Political Arguments for Capitalism before Its Triumph (New in Paperback) 2013
Passions and Virtue 2015
The Passions of Law 1999
Passions of the Mind: Unheard Melodies: a Third Principle of Mental Functioning 1993
Passions Pedagogies and 21st Century Technologies
The Past Ahead: A Novel
The Past and the Punishments: Eight Stories 1996
The Past as Present in the Drama of August Wilson
The Past Before Us 2013
Past Convictions: The Penance of Louis the Pious and the Decline of the Carolingians 2009
Past Futures: The Impossible Necessity of History 2004
Past Imperfect: French Intellectuals, 1944-1956 2011
The Past in Pieces: Belonging in the New Cyprus 2010
The Past Is Not Dead: Essays from theSouthern Quarterly 2012
Past Law, Present Histories
Past Scents: Historical Perspectives on Smell 2014
The Past Within Us: An Empirical Approach to Philosophy of History 1989
Pasta: The Story of a Universal Food 2002
Pastimes: From Art and Antiquarianism to Modern Chinese Historiography 2011
Pastoral Care in Late Anglo-Saxon England 2005
The Pastoral Care of Women in Late Medieval England 2008
The Pastoral Clinic: Addiction and Dispossession along the Rio Grande 2010
Pastoralism and Politics in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia 2012
Pastoralism in Africa: Past, Present and Future 2013
Pastoralist Landscapes and Social Interaction in Bronze Age Eurasia 2008
Pastors and Pluralism in Wurttemberg, 1918-1933 1987
Pastrami on Rye: An Overstuffed History of the Jewish Deli
Patagonia: Natural History, Prehistory, and Ethnography at the Uttermost End of the Earth 1997
The Pataphysician’s Library: An Exploration of Alfred Jarry’s ‘Livres pairs’ 2000
Patchwork Nation: Sectionalism and Political Change in American Politics
Patchworks of Purpose: The Development of Provincial Social Assistance Regimes in Canada 1998
The Pate Chronicle 1993
Patent Failure: How Judges, Bureaucrats, and Lawyers Put Innovators at Risk 2008
Paternalistic Capitalism 1972
Paternalistic Intervention: The Moral Bounds on Benevolence 1986
Path Not Strewn With Roses: One Hundred Years of Women at the University of Toronto 1884-1984 1985
The Path of Mercy: the life of Catherine McAuley 2012
Path of Thorns: Soviet Mennonite Life under Communist and Nazi Rule 2014
The Path to a Larger Life: Creating Kentucky's Educational Future 1990
Path to Prosperity: Hamilton Project Ideas on Income Security, Education, and Taxes 2008
The Path to the Berlin Wall: Critical Stages in the History of Divided Germany 2014
Pathogens for War: Biological Weapons, Canadian Life Scientists, and North American Biodefence 2013
The Pathological Family: Postwar America and the Rise of Family Therapy 2013
Pathologies of Paradise: Caribbean Detours 2013
Pathologies of Power: Health, Human Rights, and the New War on the Poor 2003
Pathologies of Reason: On the Legacy of Critical Theory 2009
Pathophysiology of Peptic Ulcer: Proceedings of the Second World
Paths of Emancipation: Jews, States, and Citizenship 1995
Paths of Fire: An Anthropologist's Inquiry into Western Technology 1996
Paths of Integration: Migrants in Western Europe (1880-2004)
Paths Out of Dixie: The Democratization of Authoritarian Enclaves in America's Deep South, 1944-1972
Paths to Sustainability for Innovative Delivery System Programs
Paths to Union Renewal: Canadian Experiences 2006
Paths to Victory: Detailed Insurgency Case Studies
Paths to Victory: Lessons from Modern Insurgencies
Paths toward the Modern Fiscal State 2013
Pathways in Theodicy: An Introduction to the Problem of Evil 2015
Pathways of Power: Building an Anthropology of the Modern World 2001
Pathways to Nonprofit Excellence
Pathways to the Present: U.S. Development and its Consequences in the Pacific
Patient Citizens, Immigrant Mothers: Mexican Women, Public Prenatal Care, and the Birth Weight Paradox 2011
Patient Expectations: How Economics, Religion, and Malpractice Shaped Therapeutics in Early America
Patient Privacy, Consent, and Identity Management in Health Information Exchange: Issues for the Military Health System
Patient Safety in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Current Status and Opportunities for Improvement
Patients and Agents: Mental Illness, Modernity and Islam in Sylhet, Bangladesh
Patients as Policy Actors: A Century of Changing Markets and Missions 2011
A Patient's Guide to Surgery
Patriarchs on Paper: A Critical History of Medieval Chan Literature
Patricia Neal: An Unquiet Life 2006
Patrician Liberal: The Public and Private Life of Sir Henri-Gustave Joly de Lotbinière, 1829-1908 2013
Patrick Chamoiseau: Recovering Memory
Patrick McGrath 2011
Patrick Modiano: Second Edition
Patrick White Beyond the Grave
Patriotic Elaborations: Essays in Practical Philosophy 2009
Patriotic Professionalism in Urban China: Fostering Talent 2010
Patriotism and Other Mistakes 2006
Patriotism and Piety: Federalist Politics and Religious Struggle in the New American Nation 2015
Patriotism and Propaganda in First World War Britain: The National War Aims Committee and Civilian Morale
The Patriotism of Despair: Nation, War, and Loss in Russia 2009
Patriots and Profiteers: Economic Warfare, Embargo Busting, and State-Sponsored Crime 2008
Patriots and Proletarians: Politicizing Hungarian Immigrants in Interwar Canada 1994
Patristic Scholarship: The Edition of St Jerome, Volume 61 1992
Patron Gods and Patron Lords: The Semiotics of Classic Maya Community Cults
Patronage and Humanist Literature in the Age of the Jagiellons: Court and Career in the Writings of Rudolf Agricola Junior, Valentin Eck, and Leonard Cox 2007
Patronage in the Renaissance 1981
Patronizing the Arts 2008
Patrons of Enlightenment 2006
Patrons of Women: Literacy Projects and Gender Development in Rural Nepal
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Paul's Pisidian Antioch Speech: (Acts 13)
Paul's Summons to Messianic Life: Political Theology and the Coming Awakening 2015
Paving the Empire Road: BBC television and West Indian immigration 2011
Paving the Great Way: Vasubandhu's Unifying Buddhist Philosophy 2015
Pax Sinica: Geopolitics and Economics of China's Ascendance 2012
Pax Syriana: Elite Politics in Postwar Lebanon
Pay for Play: A History of Big-Time College Athletic Reform 2011
Paying for the Party 2013
Paying the Human Costs of War: American Public Opinion and Casualties in Military Conflicts 2009
Paying the Tab: The Costs and Benefits of Alcohol Control 2007
Paying the Toll: Local Power, Regional Politics, and the Golden Gate Bridge 2009
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Payoffs for California College Students and Taxpayers from Investing in Student Mental Health
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PCI DSS: A Pocket Guide
PCI DSS: A Pocket Guide - 3rd edition 2013
PCI DSS: A Pocket Guide, fourth edition
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PCT, Spin and Statistics, and All That
‘Pe gallwn, mi luniwn lythyr’: Golwg ar waith Menna Elfyn 2013
Pea Ridge: Civil War Campaign in the West 1992
Peace and Bread in Time of War 2002
Peace and Democratic Society
Peace And Disarmament: Naval Rivalry and Arms Control, 1922-1933 1995
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Peace Corps Fantasies: How Development Shaped the Global Sixties
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The Peace of Passarowitz, 1718 2011
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Peace Through Entrepreneurship: Investing in a Startup Culture for Security and Development
Peace, war and party politics: The Conservatives and Europe, 1846-59 2007
Peacebuilding and Reconciliation: Contemporary Themes and Challenges
Peacebuilding in Practice: Local Experience in Two Bosnian Towns 2013
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Peaceful Resistance: Building a Palestinian University Under Occupation
The Peacekeeping Economy 2011
Peacemaking and Religious Violence: From Thomas Aquinas to Thomas Jefferson
Peace-Making and the Settlement with Japan
Peacemaking from Above, Peace from Below: Ending Conflict between Regional Rivals
The Peach Bloosom Fan 1998
The Pearl: A Failed Slave Escape on the Potomac 2005
The Pearl: A True Tale of Forbidden Love in Catherine the Great's Russia 2008
Pearl Harbor Jazz: Change in Popular Music in the Early 1940s 2007
The Pearl of Dari: Poetry and Personhood among Young Afghans in Iran
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Peasants under Siege: The Collectivization of Romanian Agriculture, 1949-1962 2011
Peconic Bay: Four Centuries of History on Long Island’s North and South Forks
Peculiar Portrayals: Mormons on the Page, Stage and Screen
Pedagogía crítica latinoamericana y género: Construcción social de niños, niñas y jóvenes como sujetos políticos
The Pedagogical Contract: The Economies of Teaching and Learning in the Ancient World
The Pedagogical Imagination: The Republican Legacy in Twenty-First-Century French Literature and Film
Pedagogies for Student-Centered Learning: Online and On-Ground 2014
Pedagogy for Religion: Missionary Education and the Fashioning of Hindus and Muslims in Bengal 2011
Pedagogy of Democracy: Feminism and the Cold War in the U.S. Occupation of Japan 2008
The Pedagogy of Empowerment: Community Schools as a Social Movement in Egypt 2004
Pedal To The Metal: The Work Life of Truckers 1994
The Peddler's Grandson: Growing Up Jewish in Mississippi 1999
Pedestrian Modern: Shopping and American Architecture, 1925–1956 2013
Pedigree and Panache: A History of the Art Auction in Australia
Pedro Calderón de la Barca: El purgatorio de San Patricio
Pedro Calderón de la Barca, 'La devoción de la Cruz' / August Wilhelm Schlegel, 'Die Andacht zum Kreuze' 2012
Pedro Pino: Governor of Zuni Pueblo, 1830-1878
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Pen for a Party: Dryden's Tory Propaganda in Its Contexts: Dryden's Tory Propaganda in Its Contexts 1993
Pen of Iron: American Prose and the King James Bible 2010
Penaid Nonproliferation: Hindering the Spread of Countermeasures Against Ballistic Missile Defenses
Penelope's Renown: Meaning and Indeterminacy in the Odyssey 1991
Penetration Testing: Protecting Networks and Systems 2012
Penetration Testing Services Procurement Guide 2014
Penina Uliuli: Contemporary Challenges in Mental Health for Pacific Peoples 2007
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D.A. Pennebaker 2011
Pennsylvania and the War of 1812 1970
Pennsylvania Dutch Stuff: A Guide to Country Antiques
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The Pennsylvania Railroad, Volume 1: Building an Empire, 1846-1917 2013
Penny Red: Notes from the New Age of Dissent
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Pens and Swords: How the American Mainstream Media Report the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2008
Pensamiento económico en Colombia. Construcción de un saber, 1948-1970
Pensamientos ambientales: ideas libres y no tanto razonadas de nuestro entorno
Pensar el antiimperialismo: Ensayos de historia intelectual latinoamericana, 1900-1930 2012
"Pensar la historia, pensar la política… a manera de Lorenzo Meyer"
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Pensionnats du Canada : La réconciliation: Rapport final de la Commission de vérité et réconciliation du Canada, Volume 6
Pensionnats du Canada : Les séquelles: Rapport final de la Commission de vérité et réconciliation du Canada, Volume 5
Pensionnats du Canada : L’expérience inuite et nordique: Rapport final de la Commission de vérité et réconciliation du Canada, Volume 2
Pensionnats du Canada : L’expérience métisse: Rapport final de la Commission de vérité et réconciliation du Canada, Volume 3
Pensionnats du Canada : L’histoire, partie 1, des origines à 1939: Rapport final de la Commission de vérité et réconciliation du Canada, Volume I
Pensionnats du Canada : L’histoire, partie 2, de 1939 à 2000: Rapport final de la Commission de vérité et réconciliation du Canada, Volume I
Pensions at Work: Socially Responsible Investment of Union-Based Pension Funds 2008
The Pentateuch: Fortress Commentary on the Bible Study Edition
Pentatonicism from the Eighteenth Century to Debussy 2007
Penumbra: The Premier Stage for African American Drama 2013
People and Cultures of Hawai`i: The Evolution of Culture and Ethnicity 2011
The People and the Word: Reading Native Nonfiction 2005
People at Work: Life, Power, and Social Inclusion in the New Economy 2008
The People beside Paul: The Philippian Assembly and History from Below
The People Factor: Strengthening America by Investing in Public Service 2009
People from Our Side: A Life Story with Photographs and Oral Biography 1993
People Get Ready: African American and Caribbean Cultural Exchange 2009
The People Have Never Stopped Dancing: Native American Modern Dance Histories 2007
The People Have Spoken: The 2014 Elections in Fiji
People in Nature: Wildlife Conservation in South and Central America 2004
The People Link: Human Resource Linkages Across The Pacific
People, Money and Power in the Economic Crisis: Perspectives from the Global South 2015
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People of the Dream: Multiracial Congregations in the United States 2006
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People of the Saltwater: An Ethnography of Git lax m'oon
The People of the Standing Stone: The Oneida Nation from Revolution through the Era of Removal 2011
The People of This Generation: The Rise and Fall of the New Left in Philadelphia 2003
People, Parasites, and Plowshares: Learning From Our Body's Most Terrifying Invaders 2013
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People, Peace and Power: Conflict Transformation in Action
People, Places and Passions: "Pain and Pleasure": A Social History of Wales and the Welsh, 1870–1945
People, Plants, and Justice: The Politics of Nature Conservation 1999
People Power: Unarmed Resistance and Global Solidarity
People Studying People: The Human Element in Fieldwork 1980
The People Trade: Pacific Island Laborers and New Caledonia, 1865-1930 1999
People under Power: Early Jewish and Christian Responses to the Roman Empire
People Want: A Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprising 2013
People with intellectual disabilities: Towards a good life? 2010
The People with No Name: Ireland's Ulster Scots, America's Scots Irish, and the Creation of a British Atlantic World, 1689-1764 2001
People Without History: India's Muslim Ghettos
People-centred public health 2013
Peopled Landscapes: Archaeological and Biogeographic Approaches to Landscapes
Peoples and Crafts in Period IVB at Hasanlu, Iran 2011
A People's Army: Massachusetts Soldiers and Society in the Seven Years' War 1984
The People's Courts: pursuing judicial independence in America 2012
A People's Guide to Los Angeles 2012
A People's History of Baseball 2012
A People's History of Modern Europe
A People's History of the European Court of Human Rights 2007
A People's History of the New Boston
A People's History of the Russian Revolution
A People's History of the Second World War: Resistance Versus Empire
The People's House of Commons: Theories of Democracy in Contention 2007
The Peoples Lawyer: The Center for Constitutional Rights and the Fight for Social Justice, From Civil Rights to Guantnamo 2011
The People's Martyr: Thomas Wilson Dorr and His 1842 Rhode Island Rebellion
The People's Money: How China Is Building a Global Currency
The People's Network: The Political Economy of the Telephone in the Gilded Age 2014
The People's News: Media, Politics, and the Demands of Capitalism 2014
Peoples of the River Valleys: The Odyssey of the Delaware Indians 2007
The People's Own Landscape: Nature, Tourism, and Dictatorship in East Germany
The People's Right to the Novel: War Fiction in the Postcolony: War Fiction in the Postcolony 2014
The People's Voice: The Orator in American Society 1979
A People's War on Poverty: Urban Politics and Grassroots Activists in Houston
A Perceforest Reader: Selected Episodes from Perceforest: The Prehistory of Arthur's Britain 2011
Perceiving God: The Epistemology of Religious Experience 1991
Perception and Prejudice: Race and Politics in the United States 1998
The Perception of Meaning
Perceptions of a Monarchy without a King: Reactions to Oliver Cromwell's Power 2013
Perceptions of Cuba: Canadian and American Policies in Comparative Perspective 2010
Perceptions of Femininity in Early Irish Society
Perceptions of Technological Risks and Benefits 1988
Perceptions of the Press in Nineteenth-Century British Periodicals: A Bibliography
Perceptions of the Second Sophistic and Its Times - Regards sur la Seconde Sophistique et son époque 2011
Perceptual Acquaintance: From Descartes to Reid 1984
Perceval; or, The Story of the Grail 1985
Perceval: The Story of the Grail
Perceval: The Story of the Grail 1999
Perder para ganar
Pérdida de la investidura, 1991-2011. Una herramienta eficaz contra la corrupción de los congresistas, diputados y concejales
Pere Bosch Gimpera: Universidad, política, exilio 2011
Père Marie-Benoît and Jewish Rescue: How a French Priest Together with Jewish Friends Saved Thousands during the Holocaust
Peregrinaciones de ayer y hoy: Arqueología y antropología de las religiones 2012
Perennial Decay: On the Aesthetics and Politics of Decadance 1999
Perennials Short and Tall: A Seasonal Progression of Flowers for Your Garden
Perestroika in Perspective: The Design and Dilemmas of Soviet Reform 1989
The Perfect Business?: Anti-Trafficking and the Sex Trade along the Mekong 2012
The Perfect Dictatorship: China in the 21st Century
Perfect Motherhood: Science and Childrearing in America 2006
Perfect Order: Recognizing Complexity in Bali: Recognizing Complexity in Bali 2006
A Perfect Pint's Beer Guide to the Heartland 2014
The Perfect Square: A History of Rittenhouse Square 2009
The Perfect Wave 2014
Perfect Worlds: Utopian Fiction in China and the West
Perfecting Perfection: Essays in Honour of Henry D. Rack
Perfection in Death
The Perfectionist Turn: From Metanorms to Metaethics
Perfectly Average: The Pursuit of Normality in Postwar America 2010
Perfectly Japanese: Making Families in an Era of Upheaval 2002
The Perfectly Simple Triune God: Aquinas and His Legacy
Performance and Gender in Ancient Greece: Nondramatic Poetry in Its Setting 1997
Performance and Personhood in Caribbean Literature: From Alexis to the Digital Age
Performance and the Middle English Romance 2012
Performance Degree Zero: Roland Barthes and Theatre 2006
Performance Evaluation and Army Recruiting
Performance Incentives: Their Growing Impact on American K-12 Education 2009
Performance Measurement, Reporting, Obstacles and Accountability: Recent Trends and Future Directions
The Performance of Self: Ritual, Clothing, and Identity During the Hundred Years War 2002
Performance Standards for Restaurants: A New Approach to Addressing the Obesity Epidemic
Performances of Violence 2011
The PerformanceStat Potential: A Leadership Strategy for Producing Results 2014
Performatively Speaking: Speech and Action in Antebellum American Literature 2015
A Performer's Guide to Renaissance Music, Second Edition
A Performer's Guide to Seventeenth-Century Music, Second Edition
Performing Africa 2002
Performing al-Andalus: Music and Nostalgia across the Mediterranean
Performing America: Cultural Nationalism in American Theater
Performing Asian America: Race and Ethnicity on the Contemporary Stage 1997
Performing Democracy in Iraq and South Africa: Gender, Media, and Resistance
Performing Economic Thought: Mercantile Writing and Drama 1600-1642 2014
Performing Englishness: Identity and politics in a contemporary folk resurgence
Performing Ethnomusicology: Teaching and Representation in World Music Ensembles 2004
Performing Gender, Place, and Emotion in Music: Global Perspectives 2013
Performing Grief: Bridal Laments in Rural China
Performing Hybridity 1999
Performing Indigeneity: Global Histories and Contemporary Experiences
Performing Medieval Narrative 2005
Performing Music in the Age of Recording 2004
Performing New Media, 1890-1915
Performing Noncitizenship: Asylum Seekers in Australian Theatre, Film and Activism
Performing Piety: Making Space Sacred with the Virgin of Guadalupe 2011
Performing Place, Practising Memories: Aboriginal Australians, Hippies and the State 2012
Performing the Great Peace: Political Space and Open Secrets in Tokugawa Japan 2012
Performing the Past: Memory, History, and Identity in Modern Europe 2010
Performing the US Latina and Latino Borderlands
Performing Twentieth-Century Music: A Handbook for Conductors and Instrumentalists
Performing Women and Modern Literary Culture in Latin America: Intervening Acts 2006
Pericles: A Sourcebook and Reader 2009
Pericles of Athens 2014
Periklean Athens and Its Legacy: Problems and Perspectives 2005
Peril in the Ponds: Deformed Frogs, Politics, and a Biologist's Quest 2012
Perilous Balance 1945
Perilous Desert: Insecurity in the Sahara 2013
Perilous Glory 2011
The Perilous Hunt: Symbols in Hispanic and European Balladry 1980
The Perilous Life of Symphony Orchestras 2012
Perilous Place, Powerful Storms: Hurricane Protection in Coastal Louisiana 2009
A Perilous Progress: Economists and Public Purpose in Twentieth-Century America 2001
Perilous Realms: Celtic and Norse in Tolkien's Middle-earth 2005
Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam 2005
The Perils of Joy: Contesting Mulid Festivals in Contemporary Egypt
The Perils of Protest: State Repression and Student Activism in China and Taiwan 2001
The Perils of Proximity: China-Japan Security Relations 2010
The Perils of Uglytown: Studies in Structural Misanthropology from Plato to Rembrandt: Studies in Structural Misanthropology from Plato to Rembrandt 2015
Period Spaces for p-divisible Groups (AM-141), Volume 141
Periodicals of Queen Victoria's Empire: An Exploration 1996
Periodismo transmedia: miradas múltiples
Periodization and Sovereignty: How Ideas of Feudalism and Secularization Govern the Politics of Time 2008
Peripheral Desires: The German Discovery of Sex
Peripheral Vision: Politics, Technology, and Surveillance 2013
Peripheral Visions for Writing Centers 2013
The Periplus Maris Erythraei: Text with Introduction, Translation, and Commentary 1989
Permafrost in Canada: Its Influence on Northern Development 1970
Permanence in Diversity: Netherlands Ecological Research on Edgeøya, Spitsbergen 2004
The Permanence of the Political: A Democratic Critique of the Radical Impulse to Transcend Politics 1995
The Permanent Nature of Everything: A Memoir 2014
Permissible Dose: A History of Radiation Protection in the Twentieth Century 2000
Permissive Residents: West Papuan refugees living in Papua New Guinea
The Permit that Never Expires: Migrant Tales from the Ozark Hills and the Mexican Highlands
A Pernicious Sort of Woman: quasi-religious women and canon lawyers in the later Middle Ages 2005
Perpetual Euphoria: On the Duty to Be Happy 2010
The 'perpetual fair': Gender, disorder, and urban amusement in eighteenth-century London
Perpetuities Law in Action: Kentucky Case Law and the 1960 Reform Act 1962
The Perreaus and Mrs. Rudd: Forgery and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century London 2001
Perry's Arcana: A Facsimile Edition
Perryville: This Grand Havoc of Battle 2011
Persecution and Rescue: The Politics of the “Final Solution" in France, 1940-1944
Persephone's Quest: Entheogens and the Origins of Religion
The Persians: Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern Iran 2009
The Persistence of Allegory: Drama and Neoclassicism from Shakespeare to Wagner 2007
The Persistence of Empire: British Political Culture in the Age of the American Revolution 2000
The Persistence of Innovation in Government 2014
The Persistence of Presence: Emblem and Ritual in Baroque Spain 2010
The Persistence of Sentiment: Display and Feeling in Popular Music of the 1970s 2013
The Persistence of the Negative: A Critique of Contemporary Continental Theory 2010
Persistence of Unemployment: Hysteresis in Canadian Labour Markets 1995
Persistence, Privilege, and Parenting: The Comparative Study of Intergenerational Mobility 2011
A persistência dos deuses: religião, cultura e natureza
Persistent Forms: Explorations in Historical Poetics
The Persistent Prison?: Rethinking Decarceration and Penal Reform 1992
Persistent Progressives: The Rocky Mountain Farmers Union
A Persistent Threat: The Evolution of al Qa'ida and Other Salafi Jihadists
Person and Place: Ideas, Ideals and Practice of Sociality on Vanua Lava, Vanuatu 2009
Person, Being, and History 2011
The Person in Dementia: A Study of Nursing Home Care in the US 2007
Personal Accounts From Northern Ireland's Troubles: Public Conflict, Private Loss
Personal Business: Character and Commerce in Victorian Literature and Culture 2014
Personal Effects: Essays on Memoir, Teaching, and Culture in the Work of Louise DeSalvo: Essays on Memoir, Teaching, and Culture in the Work of Louise DeSalvo 2015
Personal Effects
Personal Liberty and Public Good: The Introduction of John Stuart Mill to Japan and China 2005
The Personal Rule of Charles II, 1681-85 2007
Personal Salvation and Filial Piety: Two Precious Scroll Narratives of Guanyin and Her Acolytes 2008
Personalising public services: Understanding the personalisation narrative 2011
The Personalism of John Henry Newman 2014
Personalist Papers 2004
Personality and Politics: Problems of Evidence, Inference, and Conceptualization 1987
Personas jurídicas: Abiso de la Forma - Gobierno Corporativo y Responsabilidad - Derechos y Obligaciones de los Miembros - Divisiones - Fusiones - Conflictos de Interés - Control
Persons, Powers, and Pluralities: Toward a Trinitarian Theology of Culture
Perspectivas actuales de las libertades de opinión, expresión e información
Perspectivas en la ecología de arrecifes coralinos
Perspectivas jurídicas para la paz
Perspective Criticism: Point of View and Evaluative Guidance in Biblical Narrative
The Perspective of Morality: Philosophical Foundations of Thomistic Virtue Ethics 2011
The Perspective of the Acting Person: essays in the renewal of thomistic moral philosophy 2008
Perspectives critiques en communication: Contextes, théories et recherches empiriques
Perspectives in Bioethics, Science, and Public Policy 2013
Perspectives in Developmental Change 1968
Perspectives in Ecological Theory 1989
Perspectives in Pentecostal Eschatologies: World Without End
Perspectives of Jesus in the Writings of Paul: A Historical Examination of Shared Core Commitments with a View to Determining the Extent of Paul's Dependence on Jesus
Perspectives on Antitrust Policy
Perspectives on Barry Hannah 2007
Perspectives on Contemporary Literature: Literature and the Historical Process 1988
Perspectives on Contemporary Literature: Literature and the Other Arts 1987
Perspectives on Cormac McCarthy 1999
Perspectives on Food-Safety Issues of Animal-Derived Foods
Perspectives on Gender in Post-1945 German Literature 2009
Perspectives On Irish Nationalism 1989
Perspectives on Max Frisch 1982
Perspectives on Racism and the Human Services Sector: A Case for Change 1996
Perspectives on Richard Ford 2000
Perspectives on Schoenberg and Stravinsky
Perspectives on the Older Scottish Tongue 2005
Perspectives on Transitions in Schooling and Instructional Practice 2013
The Persuadable Voter: Wedge Issues in Presidential Campaigns 2009
Persuasion and Propaganda: Monuments and the Eighteenth-Century British Empire 2006
Persuasion and Rhetoric 2004
The Persuasive Power of Campaign Advertising 2011
Perú en la era del chino: la política institucionalizada y el pueblo en busca de un salvador 2012
Peru in Focus: A Guide to the People, Politics and Culture
Peru: Time of Fear
Peruvian Democracy under Economic Stress: An Account ofthe Belaunde Administration, 1963-1968: An Account ofthe Belaúnde Administration, 1963-1968 1977
The Peruvian Experiment: Continuity and Change Under Military Rule: Continuity and Change Under Military Rule 1975
Peruvian Experiment Reconsidered 1983
The Peruvian Industrial Labor Force
Perversion for Profit: The Politics of Pornography and the Rise of the New Right 2010
The Perversion of Youth: Controversies in the Assessment and Treatment of Juvenile Sex Offenders 2009
The Perversity of Things: Hugo Gernsback on Media, Tinkering, and Scientifiction
Pesquisa em saúde coletiva: fronteiras, objetos e métodos
Pesquisas em gramática funcional: descrição do português
Pesquisas em lingüística aplicada: ensino e aprendizagem de língua estrangeira
Pessimism: Philosophy, Ethic, Spirit 2006
Pesticides, A Love Story: America's Enduring Embrace of Dangerous Chemicals
Pests of the Native California Conifers 2003
Pet Food Politics: The Chihuahua in the Coal Mine 2008
Peter Carey 2003
Peter Cartwright, Legendary Frontier Preacher 2005
Peter Dickinson: Words and Music
Peter Ho-Sun Chan's He's a Woman, She's a Man 2009
The Peter J. Braun Russian Mennonite Arc: A Research Guide 1996
Peter Lorre: Face Maker: Constructing Stardom and Performance in Hollywood and Europe 2012
Peter M. Pringle, Master Decoy Maker 2002
Peter Nielsen’s Story 1949
Peter Selz: Sketches of a Life in Art 2012
Peter the Great: A Biography
Peter the Venerable and Islam
Peter Weir: Interviews 2014
The Peterborough Version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: Rewriting Post-Conquest History 2015
Peter's War: A New England Slave Boy and the American Revolution 2009
Petersburg Fin de Siècle: The Darkening Landscape of Modern Times, 1905-1917 2011
Petrarch: The Canzoniere, or Rerum vulgarium fragmenta
Petrarchan Love and the Continental Renaissance 1999
Petrarchism at Work: Contextual Economies in the Age of Shakespeare
Petrarch's 'Fragmenta': The Narrative and Theological Unity of 'Rerum vulgarium fragmenta'
Petrels, Albatrosses, and Storm-Petrels of North America: A Photographic Guide 2012
The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology: Characters and Collections
Petrified Forest National Park: A Wilderness Bound in Time
Petrified Utopia: Happiness Soviet Style
The Petroleum Triangle: Oil, Globalization, and Terror 2011
Pets, People, and Pragmatism 2013
Petty Justice: Low Law and the Sessions System in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, 1785-1867 2014
Petun to Wyandot: The Ontario Petun from the Sixteenth Century 2014
The Pew and the Picket Line: Christianity and the American Working Class
Pews, Prayers, and Participation: Religion and Civic Responsibility in America 2008
Pfeiffer Country: The Tenant Farms and Business Activities of Paul Pfeiffer in Clay County, Arkansas, 1902-1954
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