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R. K. Narayan 2007
R. Murray Schafer 1983
R. S. Thomas: A Stylistic Biography 2011
R. S. Thomas: Identity, environment, deity 2003
R. S. Thomas 2006
R S Thomas: Serial Obsessive 2013
Rabat: The Autobiography of Arai Hakuseki (Oritaku Shiba no Ki) 1980
Rabbi Talks with Jesus 2000
Rabbinic Fantasies: Imaginative Narratives from Classical Hebrew Literature 1990
A Rabble in Arms: Massachusetts Towns and Militiamen during King Philips War 2009
Rabble Rousers: The American Far Right in the Civil Rights Era 2010
Raccoon John Smith: Frontier Kentucky's Most Famous Preacher 2005
Race against Empire: Black Americans and Anticolonialism, 1937–1957 1997
Race Against the Court: The Supreme Court and Minorities in Contemporary America 1993
Race and Antiracism in Black British and British Asian Literature 2010
Race and Authority in Urban Politics 1973
Race and Class Matters at an Elite College 2008
Race and empire: Eugenics in colonial Kenya 2007
Race and Entrepreneurial Success: Black-, Asian-, and White-Owned Businesses in the United States 2008
Race and Human Rights 2009
Race and Liberty in America: The Essential Reader 2009
Race and Multiraciality in Brazil and the United States: Converging Paths? 2006
Race and Practice in Archaeological Interpretation 2004
Race and Racism: Canada's Challenge 2000
Race and Radicalism in the Union Army 2009
Race and Real Estate: Conflict and Cooperation in Harlem, 1890-1920 2015
Race and Reconciliation: Essays from the New South Africa 2003
Race and Religion Among the Chosen People of Crown Heights 2006
Race and Renaissance: African Americans in Pittsburgh since World War II 2010
Race and Slavery in the Middle East: Histories of Trans-Saharan Africans in Nineteenth-Century Egypt, Sudan, and the Ottoman Mediterranean 2010
Race and the Atlanta Cotton States Exposition of 1895 2010
The Race and the Cherokee Nation: Sovereignty in the Nineteenth Century 2008
Race and the Chilean Miracle: Neoliberalism, Democracy, and Indigenous Rights 2013
Race and the Genetic Revolution: Science, Myth, and Culture 2011
Race and the Invisible Hand: How White Networks Exclude Black Men from Blue-Collar Jobs 2003
Race and the Obama Phenomenon: The Vision of a More Perfect Multiracial Union 2014
Race Appeal: How Candidates Invoke Race in U.S. Political Campaigns 2011
Race, Campaign Politics, and the Realignment in the South 1996
Race, Color, Identity: Rethinking Discourses about "Jews" in the Twenty-First Century 2013
Race Consciousness: Reinterpretations for the New Century 1997
Race, Ethnicity, and Nation: Perspectives from Kinship and Genetics 2007
Race, Ethnicity and Nuclear War: Representations of Nuclear Weapons and Post-Apocalyptic Worlds 2011
Race, Ethnicity, and Policing: New and Essential Readings 2010
Race for Citizenship: Black Orientalism and Asian Uplift from Pre-Emancipation to Neoliberal America 2011
Race for Empire: Koreans as Japanese and Japanese as Americans during World War II 2011
Race for the Exits: The Unraveling of Japan's System of Social Protection 2006
Race Horse Men 2014
Race in a Bottle: The Story of BiDil and Racialized Medicine in a Post-Genomic Age 2013
Race in Another America: The Significance of Skin Color in Brazil 2004
Race in Cuba: Essays on the Revolution and Racial Inequality 2013
Race in France: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Politics of Difference 2004
Race in Modern Irish Literature and Culture 2009
Race in the Hood: Conflict and Violence among Urban Youth 1997
Race in Translation: Culture Wars around the Postcolonial Atlantic 2012
Race Man: The Rise and Fall of the "Fighting Editor," John Mitchell Jr 2002
Race, Monogamy, and Other Lies They Told You: Busting Myths about Human Nature 2012
Race Music: Black Cultures from Bebop to Hip-Hop 2003
The Race of Time: Three Lectures on Renaissance Historiography 1967
Race on Trial: Black Defendants in Ontario's Criminal Courts, 1858-1958 2010
The Race Question In Canada 1978
Race Questions, Provincialism, and Other American Problems: Expanded Edition 2009
Race, Racialization and Antiracism in Canada and Beyond 2007
Race, Racism and Social Work: Contemporary issues and debates 2014
Race, Rights, and Recognition: Jewish American Literature since 1969 2012
Race, Rights, and the Asian American Experience: Race, Rights, and the Asian American Experience, second edition 2006
Race, Riots, and Roller Coasters: The Struggle over Segregated Recreation in America 2012
Race Riots: Comedy and Ethnicity in Modern British Fiction 2006
Race, Romance, and Rebellion: Literatures of the Americas in the Nineteenth Century 2013
A Race So Different: Performance and Law in Asian America 2013
Race to Revolution: The U.S. and Cuba during Slavery and Jim Crow 2014
Race to the Finish: Identity and Governance in an Age of Genomics 2005
Race under Reconstruction in German Cinema: Robert Stemmle's Toxi 2011
Race Unmasked: Biology and Race in the Twentieth Century 2014
Race, War, and Remembrance in the Appalachian South 2008
Race War!: White Supremacy and the Japanese Attack on the British Empire 2004
Rachel Carson and Her Sisters: Extraordinary Women Who Have Shaped America's Environment 2014
Rachel in the World: A Memoir 2007
Racial and Ethnic Differences in Mental Illness Stigma and Discrimination Among Californians Experiencing Mental Health Challenges 2016
Racial and Ethnic Differences in Mental Illness Stigma in California 2014
Racial Asymmetries: Asian American Fictional Worlds 2014
Racial Blackness and the Discontinuity of Western Modernity 2014
Racial Conditions: Politics, Theory, Comparisons 1994
The Racial Contract 1997
Racial Culture: A Critique 2005
Racial Democracy and the Black Metropolis: Housing Policy in Postwar Chicago 2012
The Racial Discourses of Life Philosophy: Négritude, Vitalism, and Modernity 2010
Racial Discrimination and Private Education: A Legal Analysis 1957
Racial Feelings: Asian America in a Capitalist Culture of Emotion 2015
Racial Fever: Freud and the Jewish Question 2009
Racial Folly: A Twentieth-Centrury Aboriginal Family 2010
Racial Formation in the Twenty-First Century 2012
Racial Indigestion: Eating Bodies in the 19th Century 2012
Racial Innocence: Performing American Childhood from Slavery to Civil Rights 2011
Racial Justice in the Age of Obama 2009
The Racial Logic of Politics: Asian Americans and Party Competition 2007
Racial Policies and Practices of Real Estate Brokers 1969
Racial Politics And Urban Planning: Gary, Indiana, 1980-1989 1993
Racial Profiling in Canada: Challenging the Myth of 'a Few Bad Apples' 2006
Racial Propositions: Ballot Initiatives and the Making of Postwar California 2010
Racial Reckoning: Prosecuting America's Civil Rights Murders 2014
Racial Uplift and American Music, 1878-1943 2012
Racialized Bodies, Disabling Worlds: Storied Lives of Immigrant Muslim Women 2009
Racialized Migrant Women in Canada: Essays on Health, Violence and Equity 2009
Racine: From Ancient Myth to Tragic Modernity 2010
Racing in Place: Collages, Fragments, Postcards, Ruins 2008
Racing Romance: Love, Power, and Desire among Asian American/White Couples 2009
Racism and Paid Work 1996
Racism in Metropolitan Areas 2005
Racism in the Modern World: Historical Perspectives on Cultural Transfer and Adaptation 2014
Racism in the Nation's Service: Government Workers and the Color Line in Woodrow Wilson's America 2013
Racism 2000
Racism Postcolonialism Europe 2009
Racism, Sexism, and the University: The Political Science Affair at the University of British Columbia 1996
Racisms: From the Crusades to the Twentieth Century 2013
Radclyffe Hall: A Life in the Writing 2011
Radiance from Halcyon: A Utopian Experiment in Religion and Science 2013
Radiant Truths: Essential Dispatches, Reports, Confessions, and Other Essays on American Belief 2014
Radical Ambition: C. Wright Mills, the Left, and American Social Thought 2009
Radical Cosmopolitics: The Ethics and Politics of Democratic Universalism 2013
Radical Democracy and Political Theology 2011
Radical Future Pasts: Untimely Political Theory 2014
Radical Gestures: Feminism and Performance Art in North America 2006
Radical Innocence: A Critical Study of the Hollywood Ten 1989
Radical Islam in East Africa 2009
Radical Islam: Medieval Theology and Modern Politics, Enlarged Edition 1990
Radical Judaism: Rethinking God and Tradition 2010
The Radical Lord Radnor: The Public Life of Viscount Folkestone, Third Earl of Radnor (1779-1869) 1977
The Radical Luhmann 2012
The Radical Middle Class: Populist Democracy and the Question of Capitalism in Progressive Era Portland, Oregon 2003
Radical Moves: Caribbean Migrants and the Politics of Race in the Jazz Age 2013
Radical Pacifism in Modern America: Egalitarianism and Protest 2006
A Radical Philosophy of Saint Paul 2011
Radical Reform: Interracial Politics in Post-Emancipation North Carolina 2011
Radical Relations: Lesbian Mothers, Gay Fathers, and Their Children in the United States since World War II 2013
Radical, Religious, and Violent: The New Economics of Terrorism 2009
The Radical Right in Switzerland: Continuity and Change, 1945-2000 2009
Radical Shelley: The Philosophical Anarchism and Utopian Thought of Percy Bysshe Shelley 1982
Radical social work today: Social work at the crossroads 2011
Radical Spaces: Venues of popular politics in London, 1790-c. 1845 2010
Radical Sydney: Places, Portraits and Unruly Episodes 2010
Radical Thought in Italy: A Potential Politics 1996
Radical Women in Latin America: Left and Right 2001
The Radicalization of Diasporas and Terrorism: A Joint Conference by the RAND Corporation and the Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich 2007
Radicals on the Road: The Politics of English Travel Writing in the 1930s 2001
Radio: Essays in Bad Reception 2011
Radio Fields: Anthropology and Wireless Sound in the 21st Century 2012
Radio Free Dixie: Robert F. Williams and the Roots of Black Power 1999
Radio Free Europe and the Pursuit of Democracy: My War Within the Cold War 1997
Radio Free Europe 1958
Radio Goes to War: The Cultural Politics of Propaganda during World War II 2002
Radio in Small Nations: Production, Programmes, Audiences 2012
Radio Pirenaica: La voz de la esperanza antifranquista 2008
Radio Utopia: Postwar Audio Documentary in the Public Interest 2011
Radio’s Intimate Public: Network Broadcasting and Mass-Mediated Democracy 2005
Radon Transforms and the Rigidity of the Grassmannians (AM-156) 2004
Rafael Carrera and the Emergence of the Republic of Guatemala, 1821�1871 1993
Raffaello Borghini's Il Riposo 2007
The Rag Race: How Jews Sewed Their Way to Success in America and the British Empire 2015
Ragas of Longing: The Poetry of Michael Ondaatje 2003
Rage and Time: A Psychopolitical Investigation 2010
Rage in the Gate City: The Story of the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot 2009
Ragged but Right: Black Traveling Shows, "Coon Songs," and the Dark Pathway to Blues and Jazz 2007
The Ragged Road to Abolition: Slavery and Freedom in New Jersey, 1775-1865 2015
Raiding, Trading. and Feasting: The Political Economy of Philippine Chiefdoms 1999
Rail and the City: Shrinking Our Carbon Footprint While Reimagining Urban Space 2014
Railroads for Michigan 2013
Railroads, Reconstruction, and the Gospel of Prosperity: Aid Under the Radical Republicans, 1865-1877 1984
Railtown: The Fight for the Los Angeles Metro Rail and the Future of the City 2014
Railway Game 1976
The Railway Journey: The Industrialization of Time and Space in the Nineteenth Century 2014
Rain Forest Literatures: Amazonian Texts and Latin American Culture 2004
Rain of Years:: Great Expectations and the World of Dickens 2001
Rain over Baghdad: A Novel of Iraq 2014
Rain Without Thunder: The Ideology of the Animal Rights Movement 1996
Rainbow Bridge 1999
Rainbow 1992
Rainbow's End: Irish-Americans and the Dilemmas of Urban Machine Politics, 1840-1985 1988
Rainer Maria Rilke: The Ring of Forms 1958
Rainforest Cowboys: The Rise of Ranching and Cattle Culture in Western Amazonia 2015
Rainforest Warriors: Human Rights on Trial 2011
Raise: What 4-H Teaches Seven Million Kids and How Its Lessons Could Change Food and Farming Forever 2014
Raised at Rutgers: A President's Story 2014
Raised by the Church: Growing up in New York City's Catholic Orphanages 2012
Raised Up Down Yonder: Growing Up Black in Rural Alabama 2013
Raising Brooklyn: Nannies, Childcare, and Caribbeans Creating Community 2011
Raising Citizens in the Century of the Child: The United States and German Central Europe in Comparative Perspective 2014
Raising Consumers: Children and the American Mass Market in the Early Twentieth Century 2004
Raising Generation Rx: Mothering Kids with Invisible Disabilities in an Age of Inequality 2015
Raising Henry: A Memoir of Motherhood, Disability, and Discovery 2013
Raising Her Voice: African-American Women Journalists Who Changed History 1994
Raising Racists: The Socialization of White Children in the Jim Crow South 2011
Raising the Devil: Satanism, New Religions, and the Media 2000
Raising Your Kids Right: Children's Literature and American Political Conservatism 2010
Rallying for Immigrant Rights: The Fight for Inclusion in 21st Century America 2011
Ralph Adams Cram: An Architect's Four Quests 2005
Ralph Ellison and Kenneth Burke: At the Roots of the Racial Divide 2012
Ralph Ellison and the Genius of America 2012
Ralph Ellison and the Raft of Hope: A Political Companion to Invisible Man 2004
Ralph Ellison in Progress: The Making and Unmaking of One Writer's Great American Novel 2010
Ralph Kirkpatrick: Letters of the American Harpsichordist and Scholar 2014
Ralph Tailor's Summer 2011
Ralph Waldo Emerson - American Writers 41: University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers 1964
Rama and the Dragon 2002
Rambles of a Runaway from Southern Slavery 2012
Ramblin' on My Mind: New Perspectives on the Blues 2008
The Rameau Compendium 2014
Ramsey Campbell and Modern Horror Fiction 2001
Ramsey: The Lives of an English Fenland Town, 1200–1600 2006
Rancheros in Chicagoacán 2006
RAND and the Information Evolution: A History in Essays and Vignettes 2008
RAND in Southeast Asia: A History of the Vietnam War Era 2010
The RAND Online Measure Repository for Evaluating Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury Programs: The RAND Toolkit, Volume 2 2014
The RAND Security Cooperation Prioritization and Propensity Matching Tool 2013
RAND Suicide Prevention Program Evaluation Toolkit 2013
Randall Jarrell and His Age 2002
Randall Jarrell on W. H. Auden 2005
Randolph Bourne - American Writers 60: University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers 1966
Random Walks and Electric Networks 1984
Random Walks: Essays in Elective Criticism 1997
Randomness and Recurrence in Dynamical Systems: A Real Analysis Approach 2010
Randomness in Evolution 2013
Rank and File: Personal Histories by Working-Class Organizers 1981
Raoul Walsh: The True Adventures of Hollywood's Legendary Director 2011
Rape and Ravishment in the Literature of Medieval England 2001
Rape and Sexual Power in Early America 2006
Rape in Chicago: Race, Myth, and the Courts 2012
Rape on Prime Time: Television, Masculinity, and Sexual Violence 2000
Rape on Trial: How the Mass Media Construct Legal Reform and Social Change 1996
Rape Warfare: The Hidden Genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia 1996
Rapid Acquisition and Fielding for Information Assurance and Cyber Security in the Navy 2012
Rappaccini's Children: American Writers in a Calvinist World 1981
Rapt in Plaid: Canadian Literature and Scottish Tradition 2001
Rara!: Vodou, Power, and Performance in Haiti and Its Diaspora 2002
Rare Birds of North America 2014
Rascally Signs in Sacred Places: The Politics of Culture in Nicaragua 1995
The Rat That Got Away: A Bronx Memoir 2009
The Rational Believer: Choices and Decisions in the Madrassas of Pakistan 2012
Rational Causation 2012
The Rational Choice Controversy: Economic Models of Politics Reconsidered 1996
Rational Choice 2010
Rational Decisions 2009
Rational Expectations and Econometric Practice: Volume 1 1981
Rational Expectations and Econometric Practice: Volume 2 1981
Rational Expectations and Inflation (Third Edition) 2013
Rational Legitimacy: A Theory of Political Support 1974
Rational Ritual: Culture, Coordination, and Common Knowledge 2001
Rational Ritual: Culture, Coordination, and Common Knowledge 2001
Rational Theory of International Politics: The Logic of Competition and Cooperation 2010
The Rationale Divinorum Officiorum of William Durand of Mende: A New Translation of the Prologue and Book One 2007
A Rationale of Textual Criticism 1989
Rationality and Cognition: Against Relativism-Pragmatism 2000
Rationing Is Not a Four-Letter Word: Setting Limits on Healthcare 2014
Rav Kook: Mystic in a Time of Revolution 2014
Rave Culture: The Alteration and Decline of a Philadelphia Music Scene 2009
Ravel 2011
The Ravens 2015
Ravished Armenia and the Story of Aurora Mardiganian 2014
Ravished by the Spirit: Religious Revivals, Baptists, and Henry Alline 1984
Ravishing Maidens: Writing Rape in Medieval French Literature and Law 1991
Rawlsian Explorations in Religion and Applied Philosophy 2011
Ray Bradbury 2015
Ray Bradbury Unbound 2014
Raymond Pace Alexander: A New Negro Lawyer Fights for Civil Rights in Philadelphia 2010
A Razor for a Goat: Problems in the History of Witchcraft and Diabolism 1989
Reaching for a New Deal: Ambitious Governance, Economic Meltdown, and Polarized Politics in Obama's First Two Years 2011
Reaching for Health: The Australian women's health movement and public policy 2012
Reaching for Power: The Shi'a in the Modern Arab World 2006
Reaching Outward and Upward: The University of Victoria, 1963-2013 2012
Reactions to the Market: Small Farmers in the Economic Reshaping of Nicaragua, Cuba, Russia, and China 2010
The Readable People of George Meredith 1975
A Reader in Latina Feminist Theology 2002
The Reader in the Text: Essays on Audience and Interpretation 1980
The Reader of Gentlemen’s Mail: Herbert O. Yardley and the Birth of American Codebreaking 2004
A Reader on Classical Islam 1994
A Reader on Reading 2010
Readers and Writers in the Ancient Novel 2009
A Reader's Guide to Wallace Stevens 2007
The Readers of Novyi Mir: coming to terms with the Stalinist past 2013
Readiness Reporting for an Adaptive Army 2013
Reading 1–2 Peter and Jude: A Resource for Students 2014
The Reading Abilities of College Students: An Experimental Study 1931
Reading Abstract Expressionism: Context and Critique 2005
Reading Africa into American Literature: Epics, Fables, and Gothic Tales 2002
Reading and politics in early modern England: The mental world of a seventeenth-century Catholic gentleman 2010
Reading and Responsibility: Deconstruction's Traces 2010
Reading and Variant in Petronius: Studies in the French Humanists and their Manuscript Sources 1993
Reading and War in Fifteenth-Century England: From Lydgate to Malory 2012
Reading and Writing Disability Differently: The Textured Life of Embodiment 2007
Reading Appalachia from Left to Right: Conservatives and the 1974 Kanawha County Textbook Controversy 2009
Reading Arab Women's Autobiographies 2003
Reading Asian American Literature: From Necessity to Extravagance 1993
Reading Autobiography: A Guide for Interpreting Life Narratives, Second Edition 2010
Reading Bayle 1999
Reading between Designs 2003
Reading Between the Lines: Perspectives on Foreign Language Literacy 2003
Reading between the Wines 2010
Reading between the Wines: With a New Preface 2011
Reading Catullus 2008
Reading Chican@ Like a Queer 2010
Reading Chinese Fortune Cookie: The Making of Chinese American Rhetoric 2006
Reading Chinese Transnationalisms: Society, Literature, Film 2006
Reading Contemporary Indonesian Muslim Women Writers: Representation, Identity and Religion of Muslim Women in Indonesian Fiction 2009
Reading Culture & Writing Practices in Nineteenth-Century France 2008
Reading Dante 2014
Reading De Man Reading 1989
Reading Deconstruction/Deconstructive Reading 1983
Reading Descartes Otherwise: Blind, Mad, Dreamy, and Bad 2013
Reading, Desire, and the Eucharist in Early Modern Religious Poetry 2011
Reading Dido: Gender, Textuality, and the Medieval Aeneid 1994
Reading Diversity through Canadian Picture Books: Preservice Teachers Explore Issues of Identity, Ideology, and Pedagogy 2013
Reading Embodied Citizenship: Disability, Narrative, and the Body Politic 2011
Reading Emily Dickinson's Letters: Critical Essays 2009
Reading Essays: An Invitation 2008
Reading Faulkner: Absalom, Absalom! 2010
Reading Food in Modern Japanese Literature 2008
Reading for the Body: The Recalcitrant Materiality of Southern Fiction, 1893�1985 2012
Reading for the Law: British Literary History and Gender Advocacy 2010
Reading for Understanding: Toward an R&D Program in Reading Comprehension 2002
Reading Frames in Modern Fiction 1985
Reading Godot 2002
Reading Goethe: A Critical Introduction to the Literary Work 2002
Reading Huizinga 2010
Reading In Memoriam 1985
Reading in Time: Emily Dickinson in the Nineteenth Century 2012
Reading Ireland: Print, reading and social change in early modern Ireland 2005
Reading Is My Window: Books and the Art of Reading in Women’s Prisons 2010
Reading John with St. Thomas Aquinas: Theological Exegesis and Speculative Theology 2005
Reading Like a Girl: Narrative Intimacy in Contemporary American Young Adult Literature 2013
Reading Literature Historically: Drama and Poetry from Chaucer to the Reformation 2013
Reading Lucretius in the Renaissance 2014
Reading Machines: Toward an Algorithmic Criticism 2011
Reading Mahler: German Culture and Jewish Identity in Fin-de-Siècle Vienna 2010
Reading Mansfield and Metaphors of Form 1999
Reading Marechera 2013
Reading Medieval Anchoritism: Ideology and Spiritual Practices 2012
Reading Nelligan 2002
Reading North by South: On Latin American Literature, Culture, and Politics 1995
Reading Nuruddin Farah: The individual, the novel & the idea of home The individual, the novel & the idea of home 2014
Reading Obama: Dreams, Hope, and the American Political Tradition 2011
Reading Opera 1988
Reading Palestine: Printing and Literacy, 1900-1948 2004
Reading Patristic Texts on Social Ethics: Issues and Challenges for the Twenty-First Century 2011
Reading Paul's Letter to the Romans 2012
Reading Performance: Spanish Golden-Age Theatre and Shakespeare on the Modern Stage 2009
Reading Places: Literacy, Democracy, and the Public Library in Cold War America 2010
Reading Popular Romance in Early Modern England 2002
Reading Prisoners: Literature, Literacy, and the Transformation of American Punishment, 1700–1845 2014
Reading Public Romanticism 1998
Reading Publics: New York City's Public Libraries, 1754-1911 2015
Reading Rape: The Rhetoric of Sexual Violence in American Literature and Culture, 1790-1990 2002
Reading Renunciation: Asceticism and Scripture in Early Christianity 1999
Reading Rochester 1995
Reading Romans with St. Thomas Aquinas 2012
Reading Ronell 2009
Reading Style: A Life in Sentences 2014
Reading the 21st Century: Books of the Decade, 2000-2009 2011
Reading the Allegorical Intertext: Chaucer, Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton 2008
Reading the Body Politic: Feminist Criticism and Latin American Women Writers 1993
Reading the Dead Sea Scrolls: Essays in Method 2013
Reading the Global: Troubling Perspectives on Britain's Empire in Asia 2007
Reading the Irish Woman: Studies in Cultural Encounters and Exchange, 1714–1960 2013
Reading the Literatures of Asian America 1992
Reading the Postmodern Polity: Political Theory as Textual Practice 1992
Reading the Qur'an in Latin Christendom, 1140-1560 2007
Reading the Romance: Women, Patriarchy, and Popular Literature 1991
Reading the Underthought: Jewish Hermeneutics and the Christian Poetry of Hopkins and Eliot 2010
Reading Theatre 1999
Reading Theologically 2014
Reading Up: Middle-Class Readers and the Culture of Success in the Early Twentieth-Century United States 2012
Reading Virginia Woolf 2006
Reading W. G. Sebald: Adventure and Disobedience 2007
Reading with Clarice Lispector 1990
Reading with John Clare: Biopoetics, Sovereignty, Romanticism 2015
Reading Women: Literacy, Authorship, and Culture in the Atlantic World, 1500-1800 2008
Reading Women: Literary Figures and Cultural Icons from the Victorian Age to the Present 2005
Reading, Writing and Race: The Desegregation of the Charlotte Schools 1995
Reading Writing Interfaces: From the Digital to the Bookbound 2014
Reading & Writing the Mediterranean: Essays by Vincenzo Consolo 2006
Readings in Evaluation Research, 2ed 1977
Readings in Interpretation: Holderlin, Hegel, Heidegger 1987
Readings in Latin American Modern Art 2004
Readings of the Lotus Sutra 2009
Readings of the Platform Sutra 2012
Readings On Laws Of Nature 2004
Readings: The Poetics of Blanchot, Joyce, Kakfa, Kleist, Lispector, and Tsvetayeva 1991
Ready for Air: A Journey through Premature Motherhood 2013
Ready for Fall? Near-Term Effects of Voluntary Summer Learning Programs on Low-Income Students' Learning Opportunities and Outcomes 2014
Ready for Takeoff: China's Advancing Aerospace Industry 2011
Ready to Serve: Community-Based Provider Capacity to Deliver Culturally Competent, Quality Mental Health Care to Veterans and Their Families 2014
A Ready-Made Life: Early Masters of Modern Korean Fiction 1998
Reagan and the States 1987
The Reagan Era: A History of the 1980s 2015
Real Collaboration: What It Takes for Global Health to Succeed 2010
The Real Cyber War: The Political Economy of Internet Freedom 2015
The Real Disaster Is Above Ground: A Mine Fire and Social Conflict 1990
The Real Dope: Social, Legal, and Historical Perspectives on the Regulation of Drugs in Canada 2011
The Real Environmental Crisis: Why Poverty, Not Affluence, Is the Environment's Number One Enemy 2003
The Real Fatou Conjecture. (AM-144) 1998
Real Gangstas: Legitimacy, Reputation, and Violence in the Intergang Environment 2012
Real Indians: Identity and the Survival of Native America 2003
Real Knockouts: The Physical Feminism of Women's Self-Defense 1997
Real NASCAR: White Lightning, Red Clay, and Big Bill France 2010
Real or Fake: Studies in Authentication 2009
Real Phonies: Cultures of Authenticity in Post-World War II America 2010
The Real Thing: Imitation and Authenticity in American Culture, 1880-1940 2014
Real Time: Accelerating Narrative from Balzac to Zola 2004
A Real Van Gogh: How the Art World Struggles with Truth 2010
Real Words: Language and System in Hegel 2007
The Real World of Democratic Theory 2011
Realeconomik: The Hidden Cause of the Great Recession (And How to Avert the Next One) 2011
Realer Than Reel 2006
Realism and Anti-Realism 2007
Realism for the Masses: Aesthetics, Popular Front Pluralism, and U.S. Culture, 1935-1947 2009
Realist Biography and European Policy: An Innovative Approach to European Policy Studies 2013
Realist Vision 2005
Reality: Fundamental Topics in Metaphysics 2001
Reality Mining: Using Big Data to Engineer a Better World 2014
The Reality of Film: Theories of filmic reality. 2011
Reality Radio: Telling True Stories in Sound 2010
Reality TV: Realism and Revelation 2005
Reality TV: Remaking Television Culture 2009
Realizations: Narrative, Pictorial, and Theatrical Arts in Nineteenth-Century England 1983
Realizing Capital: Financial and Psychic Economies in Victorian Form 2014
Real-Life X-Files: Investigating the Paranormal 2001
Reaping the Whirlwind: Liberal Democracy and the Religious Axis 2007
The Reappeared: Argentine Former Political Prisoners 2014
Rearing Wolves to Our Own Destruction: Slavery in Richmond Virginia, 1782–1865 1999
Rearticulating Writing Assessment for Teaching and Learning 2002
Reason and Rationality 2009
Reason and Revelation before Historicism: Strauss and Fackenheim 2011
Reason and Self-Enactment in History and Politics: Themes and Voices of Modernity 2006
Reason and the Lover 1984
Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate 2009
Reason Fulfilled by Revelation: The 1930s Christian Philosophy Debates in France 2011
A Reason Open to God 2013
Reason to Believe: Cultural Agency in Latin American Evangelicalism 2007
Reason, Truth and Reality 2009
The Reasonable Man: Trollope's Legal Fiction 1981
Reasonable Self-Esteem 1996
Reasoning about Discrimination: The Analysis of Professional and Executive Work in Federal Antibias Programs 1980
The Reasons of Love 2004
Reasons without Rationalism 2007
Reassessing Reform 2012
Reassessing the Nuremberg Military Tribunals: Transitional Justice, Trial Narratives, and Historiography 2014
Reauthorizing No Child Left Behind: Facts and Recommendations 2010
Rebalancing and Sustaining Growth in China 2012
The Rebbe: The Life and Afterlife of Menachem Mendel Schneerson 2010
A Rebecca Harding Davis Reader: “Life in the Iron Mills,” Selected Fiction, and Essays 1995
Rebecca Harding Davis's Stories of the Civil War Era: Selected Writings from the Borderlands 2010
Rebel Girls: Youth Activism and Social Change Across the Americas 2011
Rebel Raider: The Life of General John Hunt Morgan 1986
Rebel Rulers: Insurgent Governance and Civilian Life during War 2011
Rebellion and Savagery: The Jacobite Rising of 1745 and the British Empire 2006
Rebellion of 1837 in Upper Canada 1985
Rebellion or Revolution? 1968
The Rebellious No: Variations on a Secular Theology of Language 2014
The Rebels: A Brotherhood of Outlaw Bikers 1991
Rebels and Runaways: Slave Resistance in Nineteenth-Century Florida 2012
Rebels at the Bar: The Fascinating, Forgotten Stories of Americas First Women Lawyers 2013
Rebels, Mavericks, and Heretics in Biology 2008
Rebels without Borders: Transnational Insurgencies in World Politics 2009
Rebirth of a Culture: Jewish Identity and Jewish Writing in Germany and Austria today 2008
The Rebirth of Europe 2002
Rebirth of the Clinic: Places and Agents in Contemporary Health Care 2010
Rebordering the Mediterranean: Boundaries and Citizenship in Southern Europe 2004
Rebranding Rule: The Restoration and Revolution Monarchy, 1660-1714 2013
Rebuilding Housing Along the Mississippi Coast: Ideas for Ensuring an Adequate Supply of Affordable Housing 2006
Rebuilding Mostar: Urban Reconstruction in a War Zone 1999
Rebuilding the Ancestral Village: Singaporeans in China 2011
Rebuilding the Christian Commonwealth: New England Congregationalists and Foreign Missions, 1800-1830 1976
Rebuilding the News: Metropolitan Journalism in the Digital Age 2013
Rebuilding Urban Places After Disaster: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina 2006
Recalling the Belgian Congo: Conversations and Introspection 2008
Recast Dreams: Class and Gender Consciousness in Steeltown 1996
Recasting Bourgeois Europe: Stabilization in France, Germany and Italy in the Decade after World War I 1988
Recasting Conservatism: Oakeshott, Strauss, and the Response to Postmodernism 1994
Recasting German Identity: Culture, Politics, and Literature in the Berlin Republic 2002
Recasting NATO's Strategic Concept: Possible Directions for the United States 2009
Recasting Red Culture in Proletarian Japan: Childhood, Korea, and the Historical Avant-garde 2014
Recasting the Machine Age: Henry Ford's Village Industries 2005
Recasting Welfare Capitalism: Economic Adjustment in Contemporary France and Germany 2010
Receiving the Bible in faith: historical and theological exegesis 2004
Recent Advances in Global Optimization 1992
Recent American Drama - American Writers 7: University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers 1961
Recent American Novelists - American Writers 22: University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers 1962
Recent American Poetry - American Writers 16: University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers 1962
Recent Developments in Trinitarian Theology: An International Symposium 2014
Recent Developments on Introducing a Historical Dimension in Mathematics Education 2011
Recent Social Trends in Bulgaria, 1960-1995 2001
Recent Social Trends in Canada, 1960-2000 2005
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Reclaiming the Don: An Environmental History of Toronto's Don River Valley 2014
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Reclaiming the Future: New Zealand and the Global Economy 1999
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Reclaiming the Nation: Muslim Women and the law in India 2008
Reclaiming the Petition Clause: Seditious Libel, ',Offensive', Protest, and the Right to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances' 2012
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Récoltes des forêts publiques au Québec et en Ontario, 1840-1900 1999
ReCombinatorics: The Algorithmics of Ancestral Recombination Graphs and Explicit Phylogenetic Networks 2014
Recommendations for Improving the Recruiting and Hiring of Los Angeles Firefighters 2015
Recommendations for Sustaining California's Statewide Mental Health Prevention and Early Intervention Programs 2014
Recommended Infrastructure Standards for Mass Antibiotic Dispensing 2008
Recommended Principles to Guide Academy-Industry Relationships 2014
Reconceiving Midwifery 2004
Reconceiving the Gene: Seymour Benzer's Adventures in Phage Genetics 2006
Reconceiving the Second Sex: Men, Masculinity, and Reproduction 2009
Reconceptualizing the Industrial Revolution 2010
Reconciliation and Architectures of Commitment: Sequencing peace in Bougainville 2010
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Reconciliation(s): Transitional Justice in Postconflict Societies 2009
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The Recursive Mind: The Origins of Human Language, Thought, and Civilization 2011
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Redeeming Time: Protestantism and Chicago's Eight-Hour Movement, 1866-1912 2015
Redefining Fatherhood 2000
Redefining Information Warfare Boundaries for an Army in a Wireless World 2013
Redefining Race: Asian American Panethnicity and Shifting Ethnic Boundaries 2014
Redefining Rape 2013
Redefining Security in the Middle East 2002
Redefining Urban and Suburban America: Evidence from Census 2000 2005
Redefining Urban and Suburban America: Evidence from Census 2000 2006
Redes globales de producción, rentas económicas y estrategias de desarrollo:: La situación de América Latina 2010
Redes intelectuales en América Latina: Hacia la constitución de una comunidad intelectual 2007
Redesigning Leadership 2011
Redesigning Life?: The Worldwide Challenge to Genetic Engineering 2001
Redesigning Women: Television after the Network Era 2006
Redirecting Innovation in U.S. Health Care: Options to Decrease Spending and Increase Value 2014
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Rediscovering America: Japanese Perspectives on the American Century 2011
Rediscovering Empathy: Agency, Folk Psychology, and the Human Sciences 2006
Rediscovering Europe in the Netherlands 2007
Rediscovering Hawthorne 1977
Rediscovering Margiad Evans: Marginality, Gender and Illness 2013
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Rediscovering Reverence: The Meaning of Faith in a Secular World 2011
The Rediscovery of Jewish Christianity: from Toland to Baur 2012
The Rediscovery of the Wild 2013
The Redistribution of Income in Canada 1980
Redlining To Reinvestment 1992
Rednecks, Queers, and Country Music 2014
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Reducing Global Poverty: The Case for Asset Accumulation 2007
Reducing Gun Violence: Results from an Intervention in East Los Angeles 2010
Reducing Long-Term Costs While Preserving a Robust Strategic Airlift Fleet: Options for the Current Fleet and Next-Generation Aircraft 2013
Reducing the Cost of Dental Care 1983
Reducing the Cultivation of Opium Poppies in Southern Afghanistan 2015
Reducing Workweeks 1988
REED in Review: Essays in Celebration of the First Twenty-Five Years 2006
Reel Knockouts 2001
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Reemerging Jewish Culture in Germany: Life and Literature Since 1989 1994
Re-Envisioning Peacekeeping: The United Nations and the Mobilization of Ideology 1999
Re-evaluating Irish national security policy: Affordable threats? 2009
Reexamining Berkeley's Philosophy 2007
Refashioning Futures: Criticism after Postcoloniality 1999
Refereeing Identity: The Cultural Work of Canadian Hockey Novels 2012
Reference and Description: The Case against Two-Dimensionalism 2005
Reference and Referring 2012
Referendums and Ethnic Conflict 2014
Refiguring Authority: Reading, Writing, and Rewriting in Cervantes 1995
Refiguring Prose Style: Possibilities For Writing Pedagogy 2005
Refiguring the Map of Sorrow: Nature Writing and Autobiography 2001
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Refiguring the Spiritual: Beuys, Barney, Turrell, Goldsworthy 2012
Refiguring Women, Colonialism, and Modernity in Burma 2011
Refining Expertise: How Responsible Engineers Subvert Environmental Justice Challenges 2013
Reflecting Black: African-American Cultural Criticism 1993
Reflecting Narcissus: A Queer Aesthetic 2001
Reflection In The Writing Classroom 1998
Reflections in a Glass Door: Memory and Melancholy in the Personal Writings of Natsume Sōseki 2009
Reflections of a Cold Warrior: From Yalta to the Bay of Pigs 1996
Reflections of a Zen Buddhist Nun: Essays by Zen Master Kim Iryop 2014
Reflections of an American Composer 2002
Reflections on Constitutional Law 2006
Reflections on Crisis: The role of the public intellectual 2012
Reflections on Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment 2007
Reflections on Jesus and Socrates: Word and Silence 1996
Reflections on Judging 2013
Reflections on Life, Death, and the Constitution 2009
Reflections on Native-Newcomer Relations: Selected Essays 2004
Reflections on the Musical Mind: An Evolutionary Perspective 2013
Reflections on the Revolution in France 2003
Reflections on the University of California: From the Free Speech Movement to the Global University 2010
Reflections on Time and Politics 2008
Reflexiones sobre la lengua etnia y educación 2014
Reflexive Governance for Global Public Goods 2012
Refocusing Crime Prevention: Collective Action and the Quest for Community 2007
Reforging the Iron Cross: The Search for Tradition in the West German Armed Forces 1988
Reform in America: The Continuing Frontier 1985
Reform in the House of Commons: The Select Committee System 1993
Reform in the Making: The Implementation of Social Policy in Prison 2000
The Reform of Bismarckian Pension Systems: A Comparison of Pension Politics in Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden 2005
The Reform of FBI Intelligence Operations 1979
¿Reformar o abolir el sistema penal? 2015
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Reformation and the German Territorial State: Upper Franconia, 1300-1630 2008
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Reformers On Stage: Popular Drama and Propaganda in the Low Countries of Charles V, 1515-1556 2000
Reformers, Rebels, and Revolutionaries: The Western Canadian Radical Movement 1899-1919 1977
Reformers to Radicals: The Appalachian Volunteers and the War on Poverty 2008
Reforming Asian Labor Systems: Economic Tensions and Worker Dissent 2012
Reforming Democracies: Six Facts About Politics That Demand a New Agenda 2013
Reforming Fictions: Native, African, and Jewish American Women's Literature and Journalism in the Progressive Era 2000
Reforming Intelligence 2007
Reforming Liberalism: J.S. Mill's Use of Ancient, Religious, Liberal, and Romantic Moralities 2006
Reforming Medicare: Options, Tradeoffs, and Opportunities 2008
Reforming Parliamentary Democracy 2003
A Reforming People: Puritanism and the Transformation of Public Life in New England 2011
Reforming Public Welfare: A Critique of the Negative Income Tax Experiment 1976
Reforming Rules and Regulations: Laws, Institutions, and Implementation 2011
Reforming Rural Russia: State, Local Society, and National Politics, 1855-1914 1990
Reforming Suburbia: The Planned Communities of Irvine, Columbia, and The Woodlands 2005
Reforming Teacher Education: Something Old, Something New 2006
Reforming the European Union: Realizing the Impossible 2012
Reforming the International Financial System for Development 2011
Reforming the Presidential Nomination Process 2009
Reforming the Public Sector: How to Achieve Better Transparency, Service, and Leadership 2012
Reforming the Unreformable: Lessons from Nigeria 2012
Reforming the World: The Creation of America's Moral Empire 2010
Reforming Urban Labor: Routes to the City, Roots in the Country 2010
Reforming U.S. Financial Markets: Reflections Before and Beyond Dodd-Frank 2011
Reforming Welfare by Rewarding Work: One State’s Successful Experiment 2004
Reformist Muslims in a Yogyakarta Village: The Islamic Transformation of Contemporary Socio-Religious Life 2007
Reforms at Risk: What Happens After Major Policy Changes Are Enacted 2008
Refounding Environmental Ethics: Pragmatism, Principle, and Practice 2012
Refracted Modernity: Visual Culture and Identity in Colonial Taiwan 2007
The Refrain and the Rise of the Vernacular in Medieval French Music and Poetry 2013
Reframing Culture: The Case of the Vitagraph Quality Films 1993
Reframing Italy: New Trends in Italian Women’s Filmmaking 2013
Reframing Latin America 2007
Reframing Randolph: Labor, Black Freedom, and the Legacies of A. Philip Randolph 2015
Reframing Rights: Bioconstitutionalism in the Genetic Age 2011
Reframing Singapore: Memory - Identity - Trans-Regionalism 2009
Reframing Transracial Adoption: Adopted Koreans, White Parents, and the Politics of Kinship 2012
Reframing Writing Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning 2010
Refried Elvis: The Rise of the Mexican Counterculture 1999
The Refuge of Affections: Family and American Reform Politics, 1900--1920 2001
A Refuge of Lies: Reflections on Faith and Fiction 2013
Refugee community organisations and dispersal: Networks, resources and social capital 2005
Refugee Rights: Ethics, Advocacy, and Africa 2008
Refugee Roulette: Disparities in Asylum Adjudication and Proposals for Reform 2009
Refugee Sandwich: Stories of Exile and Asylum 2006
Refugee women in Britain and France 2010
Refugees and the Transformation of Societies: Agency, Policies, Ethics and Politics 2004
Refugees from Nazi Germany and the Liberal European States 2010
Refugees: Why seeking asylum is legal and Australia's policies are not 2014
Regaining the Dream: How to Renew the Promise of Homeownership for America's Working Families 2011
Regard for the Other: Autothanatography in Rousseau, De Quincey, Baudelaire, and Wilde 2009
Regarding Animals 1996
Regency in Sixteenth-Century Scotland 2015
Regenerating deprived urban areas: A cross national analysis of area-based initiatives 2013
The Regenerators: Social Criticism in Late Victorian English Canada 1985
Reggae, Rastafari, and the Rhetoric of Social Control 2002
Regime and Periphery in Northern Yemen: The Huthi Phenomenon 2010
Regimes of Historicity: Presentism and Experiences of Time 2015
Regina Anderson Andrews, Harlem Renaissance Librarian 2014
Region: Planning the Future of the Twin Cities 2010
Regional and Metropolitan Growth and Decline in the US 1988
Regional Financial Cooperation 2006
Regional Identities in North-East England, 1300-2000 2007
Regional Integration, Identity and Citizenship in the Greater Horn of Africa 2012
Regional Modernisms 2013
Regional Pathways to Complexity: Settlement and Land-Use Dynamics in Early Italy from the Bronze Age to the Republican Period 2010
A Regional Survey and Analyses of the Vrokastro Area, Eastern Crete, Volume 1: Catalogue of Pottery from the Bronze and Early Iron Age 2002
Regional Theatre: The Revolutionary Stage 1973
Regionalizing Culture: The Political Economy of Japanese Popular Culture in Asia 2014
Region-Building: Vol. I: The Global Proliferation of Regional Integration 2010
Region-Building: Vol. II: Regional Integration in the World: Documents 2010
Regions in Central Europe: The Legacy of History 1999
Regions That Work: How Cities and Suburbs Can Grow Together 2000
Regression and Apocalypse: Studies in North American Literary Expressionism 1989
Regulated Lives: Life Insurance and British Society, 1800-1914 2009
Regulating Aversion: Tolerance in the Age of Identity and Empire 2006
Regulating Capital: Setting Standards for the International Financial System 2007
Regulating Eden: The Nature of Order in North American Parks 2002
Regulating Flexibility: The Political Economy of Employment Standards 2009
Regulating from Nowhere: Environmental Law and the Search for Objectivity 2010
Regulating Girls and Women: Sexuality, Family, and the Law in Ontario, 1920-1960 2014
Regulating international students’ wellbeing 2013
Regulating Intimacy: A New Legal Paradigm 2002
Regulating Labor: The State and Industrial Relations Reform in Postwar France 1992
Regulating Labour: The State, Neo-Conservatism and Industrial Relations 1990
Regulating Older Drivers: Are New Policies Needed? 2007
Regulating Paradise: Land Use Controls in Hawai`i, Second Edition 2010
Regulating Screens: Issues in Broadcasting and Internet Governance for Children 2013
Regulating sex for sale: Prostitution Policy Reform in the UK 2009
Regulating the Social: The Welfare State and Local Politics in Imperial Germany 1993
Regulating Traffic Safety 1990
Regulating Transnational Corporations in Domestic and International Regimes: An African Case Study 2009
Regulation and Public Interests: The Possibility of Good Regulatory Government 2008
The Regulation and Reform of the American Banking System, 1900-1929 1983
Regulation by Litigation 2009
Regulation by Municipal Licensing 1984
Regulation in the Reagan-Bush Era: The Eruption of Presidential Influence 1995
The Regulation of Sexuality: Experiences of Family Planning Workers 1986
Regulations, Crown Corporations and Adminstrative Tribunals: Royal Commission 1985
Regulatory Breakdown: The Crisis of Confidence in U.S. Regulation 2012
Regulatory Institutions in N.A. 1998
Regulatory Justice: Implementing a Wage-Price Freeze 1978
Regulatory Quality in Europe: Concepts, measures and policy processes 2007
Rehabilitating Bodies: Health, History, and the American Civil War 2004
Rehabilitation: A Life's Work 2002
Rehearsals: The German Army in Belgium, August 1914 2007
Re-Humanising Shakespeare: Literary Humanism, Wisdom and Modernity 2007
The Reification of Desire: Toward a Queer Marxism 2009
The Reign of Edward II: New Perspectives 2006
The Reign of Henry IV: Rebellion and Survival, 1403-1413 2008
The Reign of Law: Marbury v. Madison and the Construction of America 1997
Reigns of Terror 2003
The Re-Imagined Text: Shakespeare, Adaptation, and Eighteenth-Century Literary Theory 1995
Reimagining Canada: Language, Culture, Community, and the Canadian Constitution 1994
Re-imagining child protection: Towards humane social work with families 2014
Reimagining Courts: A Design for the Twenty-First Century 2015
Reimagining Europe: Kievan Rus’ in the Medieval World 2012
Reimagining Global Health: An Introduction 2013
Reimagining Greek Tragedy on the American Stage 2012
Reimagining History in Anglo-Norman Prose Chronicles 2013
Reimagining Indian Country: Native American Migration and Identity in Twentieth-Century Los Angeles 2012
Re-imagining Policing in Canada 2005
Reimagining Politics after the Terror: The Republican Origins of French Liberalism 2008
Reimagining Social Welfare: Beyond the Keynesian Welfare State 2001
Re-imagining the 'Dark Continent' in fin de siècle Literature 2012
Reimagining To Kill a Mockingbird: Family, Community, and the Possibility of Equal Justice under Law 2013
Re-Imagining Ukrainian-Canadians: History, Politics, and Identity 2011
Reinhold Niebuhr - American Writers 31: University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers 1963
Reinhold Niebuhr 1975
Reinsuring Health: Why More Middle-Class People Are Uninsured and What Government Can Do 2006
Reintegrating Afghan Insurgents 2011
Reinterpreting Modern Culture: An Introduction to Friedrich Nietzsche's Philosophy 2000
Reinventing Britain: Constitutional Change under New Labour 2007
Reinventing Childhood After World War II 2012
Reinventing Cinema: Movies in the Age of Media Convergence 2009
Reinventing Cities: Equity Planners Tell Their Stories 1994
Reinventing Citizenship: Black Los Angeles, Korean Kawasaki, and Community Participation 2014
Reinventing Discovery: The New Era of Networked Science 2012
Reinventing Justice: The American Drug Court Movement 2003
Reinventing Modern China: Imagination and Authenticity in Chinese Historical Writing 2013
Reinventing Practice in a Disenchanted World 2010
Reinventing social security worldwide: Back to essentials 2010
Reinventing social solidarity across Europe 2012
Reinventing State Capitalism 2014
Reinventing the City: Liverpool in Comparative Perspective 2003
Reinventing The People: The Progressive Movement, the Class Problem, and the Origins of Modern Liberalism 2006
Reinventing The University: Literacies and Legitimacy in the Postmodern Academy 2001
The Reinvention of Ignazio Silone 2003
The Reinvention of Mexico: National Ideology in a Neoliberal Era 2010
The Reinvention of Religious Music: Olivier Messiaen's Breakthrough Toward the Beyond 2009
The Re-invention of the European Radical Right: Populism, Regionalism, and the Italian Lega Nord 2011
Reite Plants: An Ethnobotanical Study in Tok Pisin and English 2010
Reject Aeneas, Accept Pius: Selected Letters of Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini (Pope Pius II) 2006
The Reject: Community, Politics, and Religion after the Subject 2015
ReJoycing: New Readings of Dubliners 1998
The Relación de Michoacán (1539-1541) and the Politics of Representation in Colonial Mexico 2015
Relapse and Recovery in Addictions 2001
Relations of Ruling: Class and Gender in Postindustrial Societies 1994
Relative Histories: Mediating History in Asian American Family Memoirs 2011
Relative Justice: Cultural Diversity, Free Will, and Moral Responsibility 2012
Relativism 2002
Relatos y relaciones de Hispanoamérica colonial 2004
Relearning from Las Vegas 2009
Relecturas y narraciones femeninas de la Revolución Mexicana: Campobello, Garro, Esquivel y Mastretta 2013
Relentless Reformer: Josephine Roche and Progressivism in Twentieth-Century America 2015
The Relevance of Royce 2014
Reliable Partners: How Democracies Have Made a Separate Peace 2003
Relics and Writing in Late Medieval England 2013
Relics of the Christ 2007
Relicts of a Beautiful Sea: Survival, Extinction, and Conservation in a Desert World 2014
Religion after Religion: Gershom Scholem, Mircea Eliade, and Henry Corbin at Eranos 1999
Religion and Culture 1948
Religion and Democracy in the United States: Danger or Opportunity? 2010
Religion and Ecology: Developing a Planetary Ethic 2014
Religion and Economic Justice 1991
Religion and Ethnicity in Canada 2009
Religion and faith-based welfare: From wellbeing to ways of being 2012
Religion and Family in a Changing Society 2006
Religion and Nationality in Western Ukraine: The Greek Catholic Church and the Ruthenian National Movement in Galicia, 1870-1900 1999
Religion and Politics: European and Global Perspectives 2014
Religion and Politics in Latin America: The Catholic Church in Venezuela & Colombia 1981
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Religion and Profit: Moravians in Early America 2009
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Religion and Science as Forms of Life: Anthropological Insights into Reason and Unreason 2015
Religion and Social Justice For Immigrants 2007
Religion and State: The Muslim Approach to Politics 2000
Religion and the Constitution: Volume 2: Establishment and Fairness 2008
Religion and the Constitution: Volume I: Free Exercise and Fairness 2006
Religion and the Creation of Race and Ethnicity: An Introduction 2003
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