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Twentieth Century Japan: The Emergence of a World Power

JSTOR has 9 titles in this series.

Books in the Series

Rediscovering America

Rediscovering America: Japanese Perspectives on the American Century

Peter Duus
Kenji Hasegawa
Copyright Date: 2011
Edition: 1
Pages: 360
Lever of Empire

Lever of Empire: The International Gold Standard and the Crisis of Liberalism in Prewar Japan

Mark Metzler
Copyright Date: 2006
Edition: 1
Pages: 396
The Social Sciences in Modern Japan

The Social Sciences in Modern Japan: The Marxian and Modernist Traditions

Andrew E. Barshay
Copyright Date: 2004
Edition: 1
Pages: 345
Perfectly Japanese

Perfectly Japanese: Making Families in an Era of Upheaval

Merry Isaacs White
Copyright Date: 2002
Pages: 265
The City as Subject

The City as Subject: Seki Hajime and the Reinvention of Modern Osaka

Copyright Date: 2002
Pages: 360
Reconfiguring Modernity

Reconfiguring Modernity: Concepts of Nature in Japanese Political Ideology

Julia Adeney Thomas
Copyright Date: 2001
Pages: 254
Hiroshima Traces

Hiroshima Traces: Time, Space, and the Dialectics of Memory

Lisa Yoneyama
Copyright Date: 1999
Edition: 1
Pages: 301
Japan's Total Empire

Japan's Total Empire: Manchuria and the Culture of Wartime Imperialism

Louise Young
Copyright Date: 1998
Edition: 1
Pages: 500
No Cover Image

Labor and Imperial Democracy in Prewar Japan

Andrew Gordon
Copyright Date: 1991
Pages: 384