Gender and American Culture

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Mobilizing New York

Mobilizing New York: AIDS, Antipoverty, and Feminist Activism

Tamar W. Carroll
Copyright Date: 2015
Pages: 304
Writing Reconstruction

Writing Reconstruction: Race, Gender, and Citizenship in the Postwar South

Sharon D. Kennedy-Nolle
Copyright Date: 2015
Pages: 428
Dress Casual

Dress Casual: How College Students Redefined American Style

Deirdre Clemente
Copyright Date: 2014
Pages: 208
Searching for Scientific Womanpower

Searching for Scientific Womanpower: Technocratic Feminism and the Politics of National Security, 1940-1980

Copyright Date: 2014
Pages: 278
The Myth of Seneca Falls

The Myth of Seneca Falls: Memory and the Women's Suffrage Movement, 1848-1898

Copyright Date: 2014
Pages: 296
The Struggle for Equal Adulthood

The Struggle for Equal Adulthood: Gender, Race, Age, and the Fight for Citizenship in Antebellum America

Corinne T. Field
Copyright Date: 2014
Pages: 260
Radical Relations

Radical Relations: Lesbian Mothers, Gay Fathers, and Their Children in the United States since World War II

Daniel Winunwe Rivers
Copyright Date: 2013
Pages: 312
Forging Freedom

Forging Freedom: Black Women and the Pursuit of Liberty in Antebellum Charleston

Copyright Date: 2011
Pages: 288
The Politics of Fashion in Eighteenth-Century America

The Politics of Fashion in Eighteenth-Century America

Copyright Date: 2011
Pages: 304
Living the Revolution

Living the Revolution: Italian Women's Resistance and Radicalism in New York City, 1880-1945

Copyright Date: 2010
Pages: 416
Talk with You Like a Woman

Talk with You Like a Woman: African American Women, Justice, and Reform in New York, 1890-1935

Cheryl D. Hicks
Copyright Date: 2010
Pages: 392
Terror in the Heart of Freedom

Terror in the Heart of Freedom: Citizenship, Sexual Violence, and the Meaning of Race in the Postemancipation South

Hannah Rosen
Copyright Date: 2009
Pages: 424
The Company He Keeps

The Company He Keeps: A History of White College Fraternities

Nicholas L . Syrett
Copyright Date: 2009
Pages: 432
Good Girls, Good Food, Good Fun

Good Girls, Good Food, Good Fun: The Story of USO Hostesses during World War II

Copyright Date: 2008
Pages: 272
Telling Histories

Telling Histories: Black Women Historians in the Ivory Tower

edited by Deborah Gray White
Copyright Date: 2008
Pages: 304
Conceiving the Future

Conceiving the Future: Pronatalism, Reproduction, and the Family in the United States, 1890-1938

Copyright Date: 2007
Pages: 248
Pauli Murray and Caroline Ware

Pauli Murray and Caroline Ware: Forty Years of Letters in Black and White

Copyright Date: 2006
Pages: 216
Before Jim Crow

Before Jim Crow: The Politics of Race in Postemancipation Virginia

Jane Dailey
Copyright Date: 2000
Pages: 292
Entitled to Power

Entitled to Power: Farm Women and Technology, 1913-1963

Katherine Jellison
Copyright Date: 1993
Pages: 240