The Middle Ages Series

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Books in the Series

The Medieval Culture of Disputation

The Medieval Culture of Disputation: Pedagogy, Practice, and Performance

Alex J. Novikoff
Copyright Date: 2013
Pages: 384
Between Christian and Jew

Between Christian and Jew: Conversion and Inquisition in the Crown of Aragon, 1250-1391

Paola Tartakoff
Copyright Date: 2012
Pages: 264
Bigamy and Christian Identity in Late Medieval Champagne

Bigamy and Christian Identity in Late Medieval Champagne

Sara McDougall
Copyright Date: 2012
Pages: 240
Lords' Rights and Peasant Stories

Lords' Rights and Peasant Stories: Writing and the Formation of Tradition in the Later Middle Ages

Simon Teuscher
Translated by Philip Grace
Copyright Date: 2012
Pages: 320
Poetics of the Incarnation

Poetics of the Incarnation: Middle English Writing and the Leap of Love

Cristina Maria Cervone
Copyright Date: 2012
Pages: 376
The Bride of Christ Goes to Hell

The Bride of Christ Goes to Hell: Metaphor and Embodiment in the Lives of Pious Women, 200-1500

Dyan Elliott
Copyright Date: 2012
Pages: 480
The Queen's Hand

The Queen's Hand: Power and Authority in the Reign of Berenguela of Castile

Janna Bianchini
Copyright Date: 2012
Pages: 352

Unmarriages: Women, Men, and Sexual Unions in the Middle Ages

Copyright Date: 2012
Pages: 296
"Beowulf" and Other Old English Poems

"Beowulf" and Other Old English Poems

Edited and translated by CRAIG WILLIAMSON
With a foreword by TOM SHIPPEY
Copyright Date: 2011
Pages: 288
"The Farce of the Fart" and Other Ribaldries

"The Farce of the Fart" and Other Ribaldries: Twelve Medieval French Plays in Modern English

Edited and translated by JODY ENDERS
Copyright Date: 2011
Pages: 496
Dark Age Bodies

Dark Age Bodies: Gender and Monastic Practice in the Early Medieval West

Lynda L. Coon
Copyright Date: 2011
Pages: 416
The Gibraltar Crusade

The Gibraltar Crusade: Castile and the Battle for the Strait

Joseph F. O’Callaghan
Copyright Date: 2011
Pages: 392
The Lost History of "Piers Plowman"

The Lost History of "Piers Plowman": The Earliest Transmission of Langland's Work

Lawrence Warner
Copyright Date: 2011
Pages: 136
The Making of a Mediterranean Emirate

The Making of a Mediterranean Emirate: Ifriqiya and Its Andalusis, 1200-1400

Copyright Date: 2011
Pages: 248