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Science Essentials

JSTOR has 13 titles in this series.

Books in the Series

Mathematics without Apologies

Mathematics without Apologies: Portrait of a Problematic Vocation

michael harris
Copyright Date: 2015
Pages: 464

Oxygen: A Four Billion Year History

Donald Eugene Canfield
Copyright Date: 2014
Pages: 224
The Cosmic Cocktail

The Cosmic Cocktail: Three Parts Dark Matter

Copyright Date: 2014
Pages: 304
Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Invisible Universe

Jeremiah P. Ostriker
Simon Mitton
Copyright Date: 2013
Pages: 288
Nature's Compass

Nature's Compass: The Mystery of Animal Navigation

James L. Gould
Carol Grant Gould
Copyright Date: 2012
Pages: 320
The Little Book of String Theory

The Little Book of String Theory

Steven S. Gubser
Copyright Date: 2010
Edition: STU - Student edition
Pages: 184
The Long Thaw

The Long Thaw: How Humans Are Changing the Next 100,000 Years of Earth's Climate

Copyright Date: 2009
Pages: 192
The Medea Hypothesis

The Medea Hypothesis: Is Life on Earth Ultimately Self-Destructive?

Copyright Date: 2009
Pages: 208
The Mystery of the Missing Antimatter

The Mystery of the Missing Antimatter

Helen R. Quinn
Yossi Nir
Illustrations by Rutu Modan
Copyright Date: 2008
Pages: 292
Enhancing Evolution

Enhancing Evolution: The Ethical Case for Making Better People

John Harris
Copyright Date: 2007
Pages: 264
The Faces of Terrorism

The Faces of Terrorism: Social and Psychological Dimensions

Neil J. Smelser
Copyright Date: 2007
Edition: STU - Student edition
Pages: 292

Memory: The Key to Consciousness

Richard F. Thompson
Stephen A. Madigan
Copyright Date: 2005
Pages: 288
The Great Brain Debate

The Great Brain Debate: Nature or Nurture?

John E. Dowling
Copyright Date: 2004
Pages: 200