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CASE Studies on Poverty Place and Policy

JSTOR has 7 titles in this series.

Books in the Series

An equal start?

An equal start?: Providing quality early education and care for disadvantaged children

Ludovica Gambaro
Kitty Stewart
Jane Waldfogel
Copyright Date: 2014
Phoenix cities

Phoenix cities: The fall and rise of great industrial cities

Anne Power
Jörg Plöger
Astrid Winkler
Copyright Date: 2010
DIY Community Action

DIY Community Action: Neighbourhood problems and community self-help

Liz Richardson
Copyright Date: 2008
City survivors

City survivors: Bringing up children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods

Anne Power
Copyright Date: 2007
Jigsaw cities

Jigsaw cities: Big places, small spaces

Anne Power
John Houghton
Copyright Date: 2007
Making social policy work

Making social policy work

John Hills
Julian Le Grand
David Piachaud
Copyright Date: 2007
A more equal society?

A more equal society?: New Labour, poverty, inequality and exclusion

John Hills
Kitty Stewart
Copyright Date: 2005