Seminarium Elements

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Interreligious Learning and Teaching

Interreligious Learning and Teaching: A Christian Rationale for a Transformative Praxis

Kristin Johnston Largen
Mary E. Hess
Christy Lohr Sapp
Copyright Date: 2014
Pedagogies for Student-Centered Learning

Pedagogies for Student-Centered Learning: Online and On-Ground

Cari Crumly
Pamela Dietz
Sarah d’Angelo
Copyright Date: 2014
Sticky Learning

Sticky Learning: How Neuroscience Supports Teaching That's Remembered

Holly J. Inglis
Kathy L. Dawson
Rodger Y. Nishioka
Copyright Date: 2014
Understanding Bible by Design

Understanding Bible by Design: Create Courses with Purpose

G. Brooke Lester
Jane S. Webster
Christopher M. Jones
Copyright Date: 2014