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Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society

Publisher Description

The Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society (AAHS) was founded in 1916. It is a nonprofit, educational organization affiliated with the Arizona State Museum.

The Society's objectives are:

  • to encourage scholarly pursuits in the history and anthropology of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico
  • to encourage the preservation of archaeological and historical sites
  • to encourage the scientific and legal gathering of cultural information and materials
  • to publish the results of archaeological, historical and ethnographic investigations
  • to aid in the functions and programs of the Arizona State Museum
  • to provide educational opportunities through lectures, field trips, and other activities

AAHS publishes a monthly newsletter, Glyphs, and the quarterly journal, Kiva. AAHS's partner in the publication of Kiva is AltaMira Press, a division of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. AltaMira Press is an academic publisher specializing in archaeology, anthropology, museum studies, and public history.

Journals in JSTOR from Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society
1 Journal in JSTOR Date Range
Kiva 1935 - 2009

Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society
Arizona State Museum
University of Arizona
P.O. 210026
Tucson, AZ 85721-0026