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20 Years After the Fall:: The U.S. and Russia in the Post-Soviet World 2011
The 21st Century Nuclear Arsenal: Rethinking and Reshaping the American Nuclear Deterrent and its Forces for the 21st Century 2014
Advanced Biofuels & National Security 2013
Africa Conference:: Promoting Investment & Extending America’s Security 2014
Alleviating the Resource Curse: The Opportunity Presented by Section 1504 of Dodd-Frank 2015
American Competitiveness:: A matter of national security 2012
American Security:: The Impact of Climate Change 2012
American Security Enhanced:: The Benefits of the New START Treaty 2012
American Security Enhanced:: The Benefits of the New START Treaty 2013
American Security Project 2012: Top 20 Blog Post Reads in 2012 2012
American Security Project 2013: Top 10 Blog Posts 2013
American Security Quarterly: Vision, Strategy, Dialogue 2013
American Security Quarterly: Vision, Strategy, Dialogue 2012
American Security Quarterly: Vision, Strategy, Dialogue 2013
American Security Quarterly: Vision, Strategy, Dialogue 2012
American Security Quarterly 2014
American Security Quarterly: Vision, Strategy, Dialogue 2014
American Security Quarterly: Vision, Strategy, Dialogue 2012
American Security Quarterly: Vision, Strategy, Dialogue 2012
America’s Energy Choices 2012
The Arab Spring and World Food Prices 2012
Arctic Climate and Energy 2012
Are We Winning?: Measuring Progress in the War on Terror: An Interim Update 2009
Are We Winning?: Measuring Progress in the Struggle Against al Qaeda and Associated Movements 2010
Are We Winning? Mid-Year Update: New Indications of Progress and Lingering Concerns in the Fight against al Qaeda 2010
Assessing U.S. and North American Energy Security in 2017 2017
Backgrounder:: What to know about the upcoming P5+1-Iran summit 2012
Backgrounder:: What to know about the upcoming P5+1 & Iran summit 2012
Cause & Effect:: U.S. Gasoline Prices 2012
The Causes of Violent Jihadism 2007
Central Asia: Five Key Issues 2014
Climate and Energy Security in Alaska 2017
Climate Change:: Coastal Flood Threat 2013
Climate Change and Immigration:: Warnings for America’s Southern Border 2010
Climate Change and National Security: Briefing Note 2014
Climate Change and the Threats to the American Midwest 2014
Climate Diplomacy: A Strategy for American Leadership 2015
The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty 2012
Contextualizing the Drones Debate 2012
Counteracting Chinese Hegemony in the South China Sea 2012
Critical Nuclear Choices for the Next Administration 2012
Critical Security Challenges in the Arctic 2013
Current Space Launch Vehicles Used by the United States 2014
DEFENSE ALTERNATIVES:: Policing the New Global Commons 2008
Defense Industrial Base: American Competitiveness Perspective Paper 2013
DoD’s Biofuels Program 2013
Effective Measures at Tackling Climate Change:: An Analysis of the Divestment Movement 2015
Electricity Supply:: What it Means for Security, Development & Geopolitics 2014
Enemies Among Us:: Domestic Radicalization after September 11 2010
Energy and Geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean 2015
Energy in Egypt:: Background and Issues 2015
Energy Security in the Caribbean:: Unique Challenges 2015
Enhancing the Defense Industrial Base: Strategic Analysis for National Security Policy 2012
Environmental Threats to Louisiana’s Future:: Climate Change 2015
Fact Sheet:: Yemen 2013
Fact Sheet:: Yemen 2015
Fact Sheet:: What Is Energy Independence? 2013
FACT SHEET:: Significant Iranian Sanctions Since 1995 2012
Fact Sheet:: Bangladesh 2013
Fact Sheet:: Yemen 2012
Fact Sheet:: Egypt 2013
FACT SHEET:: Biofuels for National Security 2012
Fact Sheet:: Chinese Nuclear Modernization 2016
FACT SHEET IRAN:: facts and figures 2012
Factsheet:: US Strategic Interests in Central Asia 2012
Five Lessons We Should Have Learned In Afghanistan: Strategic Issues in Policy Planning 2012
Free Trade Agreements and National Security: Five Key Issues 2014
Fusion Power: A Ten-Year Plan for American Energy Security 2012
FUSION POWER – A 10-Year Plan to Energy Security 2013
Fusion Power in the 21st Century: Meeting the Challenge 2013
The Geopolitical Implications of U.S. Natural Gas Exports 2013
Global Natural Gas Pivot to Asia:: The New Geopolitics of Pipeline Gas and LNG 2015
The Global Security Defense Index on Climate Change:: Preliminary Results National Security Perspectives on Climate Change from Around the World 2013
India in the Indian Ocean Region: Re-calibrating U.S. Expectations 2012
Inertial Confinement Fusion at the National Ignition Facility 2012
Intelligence Assessments of Iran’s Nuclear Program 2012
International Progress on Fusion Energy: How American Leadership is Slipping 2013
Internet Censorship and Circumvention 2014
Iran’s Nuclear Facilities 2012
Law of the Sea:: Separating Fact from Fiction 2012
Libya:: On the Brink 2015
Mali:: A Timeline & Factsheet 2012
Measuring Success:: Are We Winning? 2012
Military Basing and Climate Change 2012
Military Public Diplomacy: How the Military Influences Foreign Audiences 2015
Moving Towards Tallinn:: Drafting the Shape of Cyber Warfare 2012
Narcotrafficking in the Americas: An issue of National Security 2013
National Security & America’s Space Challenge 2014
The National Security Need for Public Diplomacy 2012
A New Discourse:: Climate Change in the Face of a Shifting U.S. Energy Portfolio 2012
North Korea’s Nuclear Program 2012
The Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program: Securing and Safeguarding Weapons of Mass Destruction 2012
Offshore Oil Drilling in the Arctic: In conjunction with The Arctic Institute 2012
Ordinary Measures, Extraordinary Results:: An Assessment of Foiled Plots Since 9/11 2010
Potential Areas of Cooperation Between the United States and Cuba 2015
Powering Military Bases:: DoD’s Installation Energy Efforts 2013
Powering the Department of Defense: Initiatives to Increase Resiliency and Energy Security 2017
Preventing the World’s Next Refugee Crisis: Famine, Conflict, and Climate Change in Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen 2017
Principles in Action:: Economic Diplomacy as the New Face of American Global Leadership 2015
Propaganda:: A Tool of Strategic Influence 2013
Protecting the Homeland: The Rising Costs of Inaction on Climate Change 2013
Rare Earth Metals and U.S. National Security 2011
Reaching for an Audience:: U.S. Public Diplomacy Towards Iran 2013
Resilience in the Face of Rising Seas: Regional Approaches to Sea Level Rise 2016
Russian Social Media Information Operations: How Russia has Used Social Media to Influence US Politics 2017
Russian State Media 2014
Russia’s Response to Terrorism: History and Implications for U.S. Policy 2016
Science & America’s National Security 2012
Shipping Container Security: Overcoming Obstacles in the 21st Century 2013
Small Modular Reactors:: A Possible Path Forward for Nuclear Power 2012
The Strategic Context of Lethal Drones: A framework for discussion 2012
Syrian Stabilization and Reconstruction: Lessons Learned for a Post-Conflict Syria 2016
Talking with Tehran:: An Overview of U.S.-Iran Nuclear Negotiations 2012
Technology from Fusion Research:: Benefits Today 2011
Texas and Climate Change 2014
Threat Finance and Financial Intelligence 2012
Timeline:: Afghanistan to 2014 2012
Timeline:: Afghanistan to 2014 2012
Toward a Policy of Modular Multilateralism: The Future Of Alliances And Multilateralism In A Fragmenting Global System 2012
Understanding the Strategic and Tactical Considerations of Drone Strikes 2013
The United States Information Agency 2012
U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Russia: An Overview of Strategy and Considerations 2017
US Fusion Program Recommendations 2014
U.S. Missile Defense and European Security 2012
The U.S. State Department’s American Spaces Programs 2013
“The War on Terror” One Year On 2012
Water Management in the American Southwest: Lessons for an Age of Climate Change 2014
What is Fusion Power? 2013
White Paper:: National Security and Space Part 2: Overcoming Asymmetric Risks in Space 2014
White Paper:: National Security and Space Part 1: The Next Space Race: Competition 2014
Why the U.S. cannot ignore Pakistan 2012
Yemen and U.S. Security: Assessing and Managing the Challenge of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) 2010