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Arab Transformations Project

Research Reports in JSTOR from Arab Transformations Project
22 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
After the Arab Uprisings:: Popular Expectations and the EU'S Response 2016
After the Arab Uprisings:: Popular Expectations and the EU’s Response 2016
After the Arab Uprisings:: resilience or transformation? 2016
Against the Tide:: Conservatism, Gender Equality and the Possibilities for a Democracy Which Includes Arab Women 2017
Building Decent Societies:: Economics and Political Cohesion in Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia 2016
The Effect of Anti-Terrorism and Social Movements in Egypt 2016
From Ring of Friends to Ring of Fire:: Challenges to Stability and legitimacy in MENA States 2017
Human Rights in Egypt:: five years after the revolution 2016
The Integrity of States:: Corruption in the EU’s Southern Neighbours 2017
Iraq After ISIS: Continued Conflict or Rebuilding Beyond Identity? 2017
Key Findings from the Arab Transformations Project 2017
MENA in 2014:: Do People Think Their Nation is Secure? 2017
Perceptions of the EU:: Public Opinion in Six Arab States 2017
Reconsidering the Role of Youth:: Generational Differences in Political and Social Attitudes in the Arab World 2017
The rocky road ahead to peace:: the Arab Uprisings and the conflict in Libya 2016
Sinkholes of Insecurity:: The Structural Causes of Weaknesses in Six Arab Countries 2017
Socio-Economic Inequality and the Failure of Development Strategies for the Middle East 2017
What do ‘the People’ Want?: The Demand for Democracy in Six Middle Eastern States 2017
What do ‘The People’ Want?: Citizens’ Perceptions of Democracy, Development, and EU-MENA Relations in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, and Morocco in 2014 2016
What Drives Migration from the Middle East?: Why People Want to Leave Arab States 2017
Young People in North Africa Not in Employment, Education or Training 2017
Youth and the Arab Uprisings:: the story of the rising tide 2017