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477 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
The 2011 Arab Uprisings and Israel’s National Security 2012
Abbas at Mount Herzl:: A Complex Man at a Complex Moment 2016
Abbas Will Never Walk the Walk of Peace 2017
Administering the Temple Mount Is a Privilege, Not a Right 2017
After Aleppo:: Iran’s Ascendancy and Its Implications 2016
Aid to the Palestinians:: A Case of Flagrant Discrimination 2014
All Quiet on the Middle Eastern Front 2017
America and Russia:: Towards a New Partnership? 2016
The Amoral Revolution in Western Values, and its Impact on Israel 2015
Another Attempt to Solve the Cyprus Problem Ends in Failure 2017
An Antithesis on the Fate of Iraq’s Chemical and Biological Weapons 2006
Arab Armies:: Religious, Economic and Structural Dimensions 2003
Arab Imperialism:: The Tragedy of the Middle East 2006
Are Israeli Raids on Syrian Targets Legal? 2017
The Armageddon Scenario:: Israel and the Threat of Nuclear Terrorism 2010
Arrow Intercepts a Syrian Missile:: Technological, Operational, and Political Aspects 2017
As Saudi Arabia Reels, the Middle East Will Only Get Worse 2017
Assad Is Bad News 2017
Assad’s Survival Is in Israel’s Best Interest 2017
Assessing the North Korean Crisis 2017
Australia and Israel:: Good Guys Should Stick Together 2016
BDS, Political Religion, and the Crisis of the Global Left 2016
Becoming Part of Jordan and Egypt:: A Palestinian Economic Imperative 2017
Between a Hollow Success and a Legacy of Failure 2014
Between Paris and Cairo:: Balancing Security and Diplomacy 2016
Between the Iranian Threat and the Palestinian State Threat 2017
Beware Media Fear-Mongering 2017
A Border as a Dynamic Space 2017
The Boycott Mirage 2014
BRICS Without East Jerusalem 2017
The British Political Crisis and European Politics:: A Dystopian Scenario 2017
The Burden of the 1967 Victory 2017
Can Europe Restrain China’s Influence? 2017
Can the IDF Afford a Small Army? 2013
Can Trump Construct a New World Order? 2016
The Centenary of the Balfour Declaration 2017
Chemical Weapons Could Change the Game in Syria 2016
Chemical Weapons in Syria, Iraq and Beyond:: Assessment and Implications 2016
China and the Independent Kurdish State 2017
China, Europe, and the US:: Are Changes Coming to the World Order? 2017
China in the Red Sea:: The Djibouti Naval Base and the Return of Admiral Zheng He 2017
China is the Likely Winner in Ukraine 2014
China’s Emergence as a Middle Eastern Power and Israel’s Opportunity 2015
China’s New Position on the Middle East 2016
The Chinese Communist Party's 19th National Conference 2017
Conduct of Operations in Limited Scale Conflicts 2014
Consequences of American Retreat from the Middle East 2016
Contours of Israel’s New Strategic Thinking 1996
Contrasting Trends in WMD Proliferation in the Middle East:: Iran and Libya 2005
Converging Enemy Threats on Israel 2015
Cool Heads Needed in the Fight against Palestinian Terrorism 2015
A Covenant of Shadows 2016
Curb Your Enthusiasm About the Trump Administration 2017
Cybersecurity:: Recommendations for President Trump, Implications for Israel 2017
Cyberspace, the Final Frontier 2016
Dangerous and False Palestinian “Unity” 2014
A Dangerous Malady:: Islamophobia-phobia 2017
Decentralization:: The Key to Indo-Israeli Ties 2017
Decoding Flynn-gate:: Russia, the Middle East, and the US Elections 2017
Defying Syrian Employment of Chemical Weapons:: An Outstanding American Move 2017
The Destruction of Islamic State is a Strategic Mistake 2016
The Deterioration in Israeli-Turkish Relations and its International Ramifications 2011
A Different Perspective on the Temple Mount Crisis 2017
Dismantle UNRWA 2017
Dispelling the Myth that Israel Is the Largest Beneficiary of US Military Aid 2017
Do Wars Have an Impact?:: Israeli Public Opinion After the Gulf War 1992
Does ISIS Pose a WMD Threat? 2015
Doing Almost Nothing is a Good Option 2014
Domestic and Regional Implications of Escalated Saudi-Iran Conflict 2016
Donald Trump:: The View from Jerusalem 2017
Don’t Dismantle UNRWA; Reform Its Policies 2017
The Dynamics of Saudi-Russian Relations 2017
The EastMed Pipeline Could Be a Giant Step Towards Enhancing Regional Security 2017
Economic Implications of Iran Sanctions Relief 2015
Egypt and the Threat of Islamic Terror 2014
Ehud Barak:: Blatantly Ignoring Danger 2017
The Emerging Trump Doctrine of Strategic Savvy 2017
Erdoğan Exploits the Temple Mount Crisis to Foment Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism 2017
Erdoğan Is in Trouble 2013
The Erdoğan-Gülen Rivalry 2016
Erdoğan’s Kurdish Gambit 2017
Erdogan’s “Language Revolution” Epitomizes His Anti-Western and Cultural Islamism 2017
Erdoğan’s Mission Impossible:: Sustainable Turkish-Arab Solidarity 2017
Erdoğan’s Turkey:: A Step Closer to the Orient 2017
Erdogan’s Turkey Takes a Fork in the Road 2016
Europe:: It’s Decision Time on Turkey 2017
An Eye for an Eye:: Iran Promises to Partition Saudi Arabia If Iraq Is Partitioned 2017
Eyes Forward:: Modi’s Visit to Israel 2017
The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft:: What It Brings to the IAF 2017
The Failure of the Oslo Process:: Inherently Flawed or Flawed Implementation? 2008
The Farhoud Remembered 2017
Fatal Choices:: Israel's Policy of Targeted Killing 2002
(The) Fence or Offense?: Testing the Effectiveness of "The Fence" in Judea and Samaria 2007
The Fight for Zion 2017
Fight Not the Last War 2014
The Flimsy Palestinian “Unity” Government 2014
For Hamas, Nothing Has Changed 2017
Forty Years to the Yom Kippur War 2013
The Fragility of the Iranian Nuclear Agreement 2017
France and the Iranian Nuclear Program 2013
France and the Syrian Civil War:: From Diplomacy to Military Intervention? 2013
France’s Counterproductive “Peace Initiative” 2017
From Omnipotence to Impotence:: A Shift in the Iranian Portrayal of the "Zionist Regime" 2008
From Osirak to Yongbyon 2017
G20 2017:: China and Germany Step Up 2017
Gadi Eisenkot’s Challenges and Opportunities 2014
The Game of Camps: Ideological Fault Lines in the Wreckage of the Arab State System 2016
The "Game of Camps" Revisited:: Why Qatar? Why Now? 2017
A Gaza Ceasefire Now Would Be a Strategic Miss 2014
Gaza in the Dark Is Not So Terrible 2017
The Gaza Tunnels Get Too Much Attention 2016
Gaza’s Humanitarian Crisis Is Fake News 2017
Gaza’s Inhabitants Share the Blame with Hamas 2017
General John Allen’s Plan Is Dangerous 2017
The Geneva Interim Accord:: A Bad Deal 2013
Geography Still Commands the Mediterranean World 2017
The Globalization of Terror Funding 2007
Greece, Israel, and China's "Belt and Road" Initiative 2017
The Hajj and the Struggle for Islamic Hegemony 2017
Hamas:: A Social Welfare Government or War Machine? 2015
Hamas:: Another Failed Palestinian Organization 2017
Hamas:: Striking the Right Balance 2017
Hamas Cheerleaders:: Professional Failures of the Western Media in Gaza 2014
Hamas Underground Warfare 2014
Hamas was Defeated, Until the Next Time 2014
Hamas’s Irrational Rationale 2017
Handling the North Korean Nuclear Challenge 2017
The Har Adar Attack:: A Reminder of the Fragility of Israel’s Security Landscape 2017
Has Israel’s Support for Kurdistan’s Independence Helped or Harmed the Kurds? 2017
Has Syria’s Chemical Weapons Arsenal Truly Been Dismantled? 2014
The Hezbollah-Fath al-Sham Ceasefire:: A New Regional Equilibrium? 2017
Hit Hamas Hard to Create a Different Strategic Balance Against Islamic Terrorism 2014
Hizb ut-Tahrir in Turkey Calls for Restoring the Caliphate 2017
A Holocaust Denier at the White House 2017
How Can Greece Pay Back China? 2017
How Dangerous is ISIS to Israel? 2015
How Likely Is an Irrational US Presidential Order to Use Nuclear Weapons? 2017
How Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem Can Improve Prospects for Peace 2017
How Palestine “Occupies” Itself 2017
How to Prevent a New Wave of Millions of Iraqi Refugees 2017
How to Reduce Terrorism 2017
The IDF’s Gaza Wall Might Change Hamas Strategy 2017
The IDF’s Priority:: War Readiness 2017
The Impact of the ISIS Terror Attacks on Europe 2017
Implications of Greater Chinese Involvement in the Mideast 2016
Implications of the Emergent Russian-Hezbollah Coordination in Syria 2016
Implications of US Disengagement from the Middle East 2016
The Importance of Interests in Israel-Turkey Reconciliation 2016
Improving Ties between India and Israel 2015
In Shadowy Covert Wars, Iran Takes Center Stage 2017
In the Aftermath of Trump's Visit to the Middle East 2017
India Advances in Naval Arms Race With China 2014
India and Israel: Evolving Strategic Partnership 1998
India-Israel Defense Cooperation 2014
Indian Responses to Israel’s Gaza Operations 2016
The Indian-Chinese Conflict:: Is It Really Heating Up? 2017
The Indian-Israeli Entente 2004
India-US Counterterrorism Cooperation:: The Way Forward 2017
Indo-Israeli Security Cooperation:: Onward and Upward 2017
The Inverted Ideological Pyramids of Anti-Zionist Jews:: The Case of Moshe Zuckermann 2017
Iran and North Korea:: Two Peas in a Nuclear Pod 2017
Iran and the Kurdish Challenge 2017
The Iran Deal One Year Later:: The Fuse Is Still Burning 2016
Iran Flexes Its Missile Muscles 2017
Iran Is Progressing Towards Nuclear Weapons Via North Korea 2017
Iran Remains the Greatest Challenge in U.S.-Israel Relations 2014
Iran Remains the Threat in the Middle East 2014
Iran Wants to Leverage Aleppo into a Campaign Against the Gulf States and Israel 2016
The Iranian Fortress 2017
Iron Dome:: Has the Euphoria Been Justified? 2013
Is China Intervening in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? 2017
Is Gaza Occupied?: Redefining the Legal Status of Gaza 2010
Is It Zero Hour?: Pyongyang’s Nuclear Power Is Developing at a Dizzying Pace 2017
Is Jerusalem Divided? 2015
Is the GCC in Peril? 2014
ISIS:: Some Things Cannot Be Killed Off 2017
The ISIS Challenge in Syria: Implications for Israeli Security 2016
The Islamic Dimension in Palestinian Politics 2005
Islamic State Should be Wiped Out 2016
Israel and Azerbaijan:: Geopolitical Reasons for Stronger Ties 2013
Israel and Europe After Brussels:: What Insights Can We Share? 2016
Israel and India:: Is the Sky the Limit? 2017
Israel and the South Caucasus:: Building a New Approach 2017
Israel and Wars of Attrition 2005
Israel Cannot Accept the Emerging Accord between the US and Iran 2014
Israel Faces a Growing Enemy Drone Threat 2017
Israel Is Not Isolated 2013
Israel Is Real 2017
Israel Joins New Asia Bank Opposed by US 2015
Israel Must Choose:: Enforce the Law or Lose the Negev? 2017
Israel Needs an Ecological Master Plan 2017
Israel Should Avoid Turkey, Include Cyprus in Gas Export Projects 2016
Israel Upgrades Its Asia Policy 2017
Israel vs. the Iran-Hizballah Axis 2013
Israeli Backers of the Two-State Solution Should Support the Levy Report 2013
Israeli Coalition Politics and Foreign Policy 2013
Israeli Identity:: What Has Changed This Year? 2017
Israeli Leadership and Public Attitudes Toward Federal Solutions for the Arab-Israeli Conflict Before and After Desert Storm 1991
Israeli Security and Enemy Rationality 2017
Israeli Sovereignty Over the Temple Mount Is Crucial for Peace 2017
Israeli Strategic Challenges and Opportunities in the New Year 2015
The Israeli-Turkish Strategic Partnership 2003
Israel’s Apology to Turkey:: A Mistake 2013
Israel's Deterrence Strategy Revisited 1994
Israel’s Emerging Relations in the Eastern Mediterranean 2015
Israel’s Five Policy Options Regarding Judea and Samaria 2016
Israel’s Interests in Syria 2013
Israel's Palestinian Dilemmas 2016
Israel’s Possible Paths to Nuclear War 2017
Israel’s Release of Second Ramallah Lynch Murderer Violates International Law 2017
Israel’s Role in the Struggle over the Iranian Nuclear Project 2015
It Is Time for Abbas to Take Positive Action 2017
Jerusalem is More Important than Amona 2016
Jerusalem is not up for grabs 2014
Jerusalem is the Center of Gravity 2017
The Jordan Valley:: Israel’s Security Belt 2014
The Jordan Valley is Israel’s only defensible Eastern Border 2014
Jordanian Security and Prosperity:: An Essential Aspect of Israeli Policy 2015
Kerry:: Stay Home 2013
The Kerry-Qatar Ceasefire Document:: What it Says About American Strategy in the Middle East 2014
Kerry’s Antagonism Unmasked 2013
Kerry’s Attack on Israel:: A Failed Attempt to Divert Attention from Obama’s Disastrous Foreign Policy 2017
Kerry’s Misreading of Reality 2017
Khamenei’s Slant on WWII:: Iran Must Not Go the Way of Germany and Japan 2016
Know Thine Enemy:: From GWOT to CVE to DIT? 2017
The Korean Peninsula Is Waiting for Trump 2017
The Kurdish and Catalan Referenda 2017
Kurdish Battle Positions Kurds as US Ally Against Iran 2017
Kurdistan:: From Referendum to the Road to Independence 2017
The Kurds:: Neither the Twin of Palestine Nor the Clone of Israel 2017
Lebanon 2006-2016:: Deterrence is an Elusive Concept 2016
Lessons for Arms Control in a Changing Middle East 1996
Lessons of the 1967 Deterioration 2017
Lessons of the UNESCO Vote 2016
Libya:: The Next Frontier? 2016
The Libyan Tragedy and Its Meaning: The Wages of Indecision 2016
The Lies of Saeb Erekat:: How Palestinian Propaganda Warps the Truth and Undermines Peace Efforts 2015
Line in the Sand 2015
Living with Iran:: Israel’s Strategic Imperative 2014
The Locker Committee:: A Preordained Failure 2015
Macron’s Election and the Challenges He Faces 2017
Mahmoud Abbas Goes to Washington:: What Is at Stake? 2017
Mahmoud Abbas Should Endorse the Balfour Declaration 2016
Mali:: A Diplomatic Opportunity for Israel 2013
The Mediterranean as a Strategic Environment:: Learning a New Geopolitical Language 2016
The Meeting Between President Trump and President Xi Jinping 2017
The Middle East Turmoil and Israel’s Security 2015
The Middle East Will Remain a Source of Terrorism 2016
A Middle Way for the Gaza Fight 2014
Might China Change Its Policy of Nonintervention? 2017
The Militia Option in Syria 2017
Misplaced Frustration 2014
The Missile Threat from Gaza:: From Nuisance to Strategic Threat 2011
Modi in Israel:: Diplomacy and Development 2017
Modi Is Coming to Jerusalem 2017
Modi’s Visit – The View from Jerusalem 2017
Morsi’s Egypt and Ahmadinejad’s Iran:: Much Ado Over Next to Nothing 2013
Motivation or Capabilities?: Israeli Counterterrorism against Palestinian Suicide Bombings and Violence 2006
Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem:: A Great Opportunity for the New President 2016
Mowing the Grass in Gaza 2014
The Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt-Israel Peace 2014
The Myth of Palestinian Centrality 2014
Myths, Facts, and Wishful Thinking in Responding to Palestinian Violence 2015
Nasser’s Legacy on the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 War 2017
Neglect of IDF Ground Forces:: A Risk to Israel’s Security 2013
Negotiating with Iran:: Lessons from America’s Failed Nuclear Accord with North Korea 2014
A New “Arab Spring” in the Persian Gulf? 2017
A New Geopolitical Bloc is Born in the Eastern Mediterranean:: Israel, Greece and Cyprus 2016
The New Greek Government:: Israel has Reason for Concern 2015
The New Hamas Policy Document:: Same Old Same Old (Mostly) 2017
New Permutations in the Mideast “Game of Camps” 2016
The New Strategic Equation in the Eastern Mediterranean 2014
The New Threat of Very Accurate Missiles 2016
The New US “Peace Team”:: A Test of Will 2017
No Economic Aid to Hamas-Ruled Gaza 2014
No One-Shot Solution to the Hamas Challenge 2016
Non-Proliferation:: Time for Regional Approaches? 1994
Normalizing Anti-Semitism on Campus 2017
North Korea:: A New IR Theory? 2017
North Korea and the Middle East 2017
North Korea Did It Again 2016
North Korean Brinksmanship on Trump's Nuclear "Red Line" 2017
The North Korean Threat:: Rationality, Intentionality, and Nuclear War 2017
The Norwegian Elections, Israel, and the Jews 2017
Obama:: The Reluctant Realist 2015
Obama and Israel:: The Final Year 2016
Obama’s Iran Policy and Israel’s Elections 2015
Occupation Is Not the Problem 2016
On the Future of Jerusalem 2017
Out with the Old, In with the New 2017
The Over-Dramatization of Israel’s “Dilemma” 2017
Pakistan, Afghanistan, and In Between 2017
The Palestinian Red Line 2013
Palestinian Settler-Colonialism 2017
Palestinian Strategy and Attitudes 2004
The Palestinian Victimhood Narrative as an Obstacle to Peace 2015
Palestinians and the Balfour Declaration at 100:: Resisting the Past 2017
The Pax Americana and the Middle East:: U.S. Grand Strategic Interests in the Region After September 11 2003
Pay for Gazan Electricity?: Clarifying the “Israeli Interest” 2017
Playing with Terror:: How to Stop Qatar's Support for Hamas 2014
Potable Water vs. Energy Resources:: National Security Under Trump and Netanyahu 2017
The Potentially Existential Threat to Israel from "Palestine" 2017
President Moon Jae-in's Dilemma 2017
President Trump:: Formulating Strategy As He Goes Along 2017
President Trump, North Korea, and Israel’s Nuclear Strategy 2017
President Xi’s Economy-Focused Leadership Model 2017
Proactive Redemption in Responding to Palestinian Violence 2015
A Problem of Nuclear Proportions 2015
Prospects for a Near East Treaty Organization 2017
Pursuits of Pyrrhic Prestige in the Middle East 2017
Putin’s Next Presidential Term Will Be Different 2017
Putin's "Sacred Mission" in Syria 2016
The Puzzle of the North Korean ICBM 2017
Qatar:: The Limits of Nouveau Riche Diplomacy 2017
The Qatar Crisis:: Signs of Weakness 2017
The Qatar Crisis and China 2017
The Rami Hamdallah Compliment:: IDF Policy Towards the Palestinians Proves Its Value 2017
Raqqa Delenda Est:: Why Baghdadi’s “Caliphate” Should Be Destroyed 2016
Reassessing American Interests in the Middle East 2016
Recognition of Jewish Israel is Critical for Palestinians 2014
Recurring Patterns:: The Temple Mount Riots 2017
The Red-Med Railway:: New Opportunities for China, Israel, and the Middle East 2016
Reflections on Battlefield Decision and Low Intensity Conflict 2002
Regional Implications of the Failed Coup d’État and Purges in Turkey:: Initial Indicators 2016
Reparations for Jews from Arab Countries Should Be an Integral Part of Any Peace Agreement 2017
Resetting the Mideast Peace Process 2015
The Resilience of Israeli-Turkish Relations 2005
Respond Firmly to Palestinian Blackmail 2014
Rethinking Israel-World Jewry Relations 2017
Rethinking the Six-Day War 2017
Rewriting the Six-Day War 2017
The Rise and Demise of the Two-State Paradigm 2009
The Rocket Campaign against Israel during the 2006 Lebanon War 2007
The Roots of Anti-Israeli Attitudes 2016
Running Away from Statehood, Again 2014
Russia Feels American Pressure 2017
Russiagate:: Another Watergate? 2017
Russian Air Defense Architecture… for NATO Member Turkey? 2017
Russian Ambitions, and Israeli Opportunities, in the Partition of Syria 2015
Russian Strategic Logic 2017
The Russian-Iranian Gambit in Syria 2015
The Russians Are Leaving Syria.: Why the Surprise? 2016
Russia’s Air Defenses in Syria:: More Politics than Punch 2017
Russia's New National Identity under Putin's Regime 2014
Russia’s Unlikely Withdrawal from Syria 2017
A Sad Decision That Might Haunt Us All 2017
Sailing through the Straits: The Meaning for Israel of Restored Saudi Sovereignty over Tiran and Sanafir Islands 2016
Sanctioning the Syrians 2017
Saudi Crackdown Raises Specter of Wider Dissent 2017
Saudi Succession:: The Sudayris Return 2015
Saudi Women Behind the Wheel:: Prince Mohammed’s Litmus Test 2017
Saudi-Egyptian Tensions:: Rifts Within the “Camp of Stability” Serve Iran’s Interests 2016
Saudi-Israeli Relations:: Balancing Legitimacy and Security 2013
Security Challenges of the New Israeli Government 2015
Separation is not the Answer 2016
Setting the Record Straight:: Hajj Amin and the Nazis 2015
Shalom, Modi! 2017
Shaping Eurasia’s Future:: Unintended Consequences of Abrogating Iran’s Nuclear Deal 2017
Shiites vs. Sunnis:: A Region at War 2016
Should Israel Maintain Its Policy of Non-Intervention in Syria? 2017
Should Turkey Officially Designate ISIS a Terrorist Organization? 2017
Signs of Hope in the Middle East?: Don’t Hold Your Breath 2017
Sino-American Disagreements on North Korea 2017
Six Strikes against the Nuclear Deal with Iran 2015
The Six-Day War:: An Inevitable Conflict 2017
The Six-Day War Was a One-Time Event 2017
A Soldier, Not a “Child” 2017
South Korea’s Middle East Policy 2013
The Strategic Answer to the Temple Mount Crisis:: Settlement 2017
Strategic Consensus:: DOA in 1981; Resurrected in 2017? 2017
Strategic Folly in the Framework Agreement with Iran 2015
Strategic Implications of Operation Protective Edge 2014
A Strategy for Peace with the Palestinians 2012
A Strike on Iran:: Complex, But Possible 2013
The Struggle over the Iranian Nuclear Program: A Status Report 2015
Studying the Israel Defense Forces:: A Changing Contract with Israeli Society 1995
Suggestion to the New Saudi Crown Prince 2017
The Summit for the Establishment of the Silk Road Forum 2017
The Syrian Civil War:: An Interim Balance Sheet 2016
The Syrian Sarin Attacks of August 2013 and April 2017 2017
Syria’s Chemical Weapon Obfuscations 2015
Syria’s Chemical Weapons:: Is Disarmament Possible? 2013
Syria's Unraveling Gives Way to New Regional Order 2015
The Terrorist Defense Force 2015
There is No Better Deal with Iran 2015
This is Not the Third Intifada 2015
The Threat of the “Salafi Crescent” 2014
Time Is on Israel's Side 2013
Tip of the Iceberg:: Russian Use of Power in Syria 2016
Tokyo’s North Korean Dilemma 2017
Trade Insights, Not Barbs 2017
Tread Carefully with the New US Administration 2017
Trends in US Congressional Support for Israel 2016
Trump:: No More Nation-Building Abroad 2017
Trump, China, and the Middle East 2017
Trump Diplomacy:: Settling North Korea “With Gas and With Bomb”? 2017
Trump, Globalization, and China 2017
Trump Has Fans in Israel 2017
Trump, the Mideast Conflict, and the Jordanian Option 2017
Trump’s Air Strike on al-Tanf:: No to the Shiite Crescent 2017
Trump’s Ambivalence Towards NATO Could Backfire 2016
The Truth Behind the Palestinian Water Libels 2014
A Truth-Telling Strategy to Advance Israeli-Palestinian Peace 2017
Turkey:: Divided We Stand 2017
Turkey:: A Sunni Iran in the Making? 2017
Turkey:: Europe’s “Angry Bird” 2017
Turkey:: Directionless and Friendless 2017
Turkey:: NATO’s Odd One Out 2017
Turkey - America’s Unacknowledged Problem 2015
Turkey and Germany:: A Worsening Crisis 2017
Turkey, the Refugee Crisis and Brexit:: Concerns and Opportunities for Greece 2016
Turkey’s Failed Grand Design for the Middle East 2017
Turkey’s Indigenous Weapons Industry:: A Rover with Rolls-Royce Ambitions 2017
Turkey’s Rants, Raves, and Ramifications 2017
Turkish Foreign Policy in the Twenty-First Century 2012
The Turkish Love-Hate Relationship with America 2017
The Turkish Referendum:: A Turning Point? 2017
A Turkish-EU Opera Buffa 2017
The Turkish-Israeli Reconciliation:: A Balance Sheet 2016
The Turks in Syria and the Kurds in “Rojava”:: Prelude to Tragedy or Reasonable Compromise? 2016
Twenty Years to Oslo 2013
The Two-State Solution:: A Greater Threat to Palestinians than to Israel 2016
A Two-State Solution?: Just Not According to the Clinton Parameters 2017
Ukraine Won’t Be Solved Any Time Soon 2017
The Undercurrents Fueling Terrorism 2017
Underwater Internet Cable Cutting:: A Neglected Aspect of Cyber Warfare 2013
The Unrealistic European Peace Offensive 2015
UNSCR 2334:: A Sad Disservice to the Cause of Peace 2016
The US and Iran:: Pre-Negotiation Maneuvering 2013
The US Must Bolster its Global Credibility 2016
The Use of Force:: Israeli Public Opinion on Military Options 1996
US-Israel Relations:: Beyond the $38 Billion 2016
Victory, Not Deterrence, Will Be Israel's Goal if War Breaks Out Again in Gaza 2017
The Vienna Accord Only Postpones Confrontation with Iran 2015
Vietnam, an Emerging Partner in Israel’s ‘Asia Pivot’ Policy 2017
War:: The School of Life 2017
War Is War 2017
The War With Hamas; Decision Time Approaching 2014
Washington Must Strike Iran, Not Bargain With It 2013
We Have to be Prepared 2014
A Wealth of Friendship 2016
Welcome Back to Mubarak’s Egypt 2013
West Bank Construction Can Help Solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2017
The West’s Hubris:: Is the Price of the Iraq War a Nuclear Iran? 2013
What Does “Getting the Bomb” Mean? 2013
What Is to Be Done About Gaza? 2014
What Israel Can Do Now 2015
What Parades in Pyongyang Ends Up in Tehran 2017
What Status Quo on the Temple Mount? 2017
What Trump Can Learn from Oliver Stone’s: Putin Interviews 2017
What Would the US Do if Israel Defied It by Attacking the Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program? 2013
What’s On a Muslim Refugee’s Mind? 2017
When Palestinians are Hopeless, Terror Declines; When Hopeful, Terrorism Increases 2017
Where are You Going, President Obama? 2014
Where Is the Israeli Military Heading? 2013
While The Jihadists Make Headlines, Fundamentalist Iran is Making Major Gains 2015
Why Are Relations Tightening Between China and Turkey? 2017
Why Did Islamic State Choose to Threaten China at This Time? 2017
Why Is Israel’s Image Improving in Greece? 2017
Why Israel Should Not Adopt Unilateral Initiatives 2016
Why National Leaders Can Go Against Expert Advice 2017
Why Should We Give Up Our Nuclear Weapons?: Pyongyang’s Perspective 2017
Why the Hezbollah Clash Matters 2015
Why the Status Quo on the Temple Mount Needs to Change 2015
Why We Are Surprised by Surprises 2017
The Wide Spectrum of North Korea’s Weapons of Mass Destruction 2017
Will Syria’s Chemical Weapons Arsenal Be Eliminated? 2014
Winning the BDS Battle 2014
The Wisdom of Hindsight 2017
Wise Tactical Choices in Gaza 2014
With Nothing to Lose:: The Limits of a Rational Iran 2013
The World Did Not Agree to a Nuclear-Armed Iran – Not Even in 10 Years 2017
Worse than a Crime:: The Folly of Seeking an Imposed Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2016
A Year After the JCPoA:: An Interim Report on the Nuclear Deal with Iran 2016
Yemen Under Attack 2013
A Young, Determined Saudi Heir 2017