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Abandoning America: Life-stories from early New England: Life-stories from early New England 2013
Admiral Saumarez Versus Napoleon - The Baltic, 1807-12 2008
The Advancement of Music in Enlightenment England: Benjamin Cooke and the Academy of Ancient Music 2014
The Aesthetic Life of Cyril Scott 2013
After Wagner: Histories of Modernist Music Drama from Parsifal to Nono 2014
Alehouses and Good Fellowship in Early Modern England 2014
The Amiens Truce: Britain and Bonaparte 1801 - 1803 2004
Anchoritic Traditions of Medieval Europe 2010
The Anglo-Irish Experience, 1680-1730: Religion, Identity and Patriotism 2012
Anglo-Norman Studies 25: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2002 2003
Anglo-Norman Studies 26: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2003 2004
Anglo-Norman Studies 27: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2004 2005
Anglo-Norman Studies 28: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2005 2006
Anglo-Norman Studies 30: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2007 2008
Anglo-Norman Studies 31: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2008 2009
Anglo-Norman Studies 32: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2009 2010
Anglo-Norman Studies 33: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2010 2011
Anglo-Norman Studies 34: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2011 2012
Anglo-Norman Studies 35: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2012 2013
Anglo-Norman Studies 36: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2013 2014
Anglo-Norman Studies 37: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2014 2015
The Anglo-Saxon Chancery: The History, Language and Production of Anglo-Saxon Charters from Alfred to Edgar 2015
Archaeology, the Public and the Recent Past 2013
Architecture and Interpretation: Essays for Eric Fernie 2012
Armsbearing and the Clergy in the History and Canon Law of Western Christianity 2013
Art and Ideology in European Opera: Essays in Honour of Julian Rushton 2010
Art, Faith and Place in East Anglia: From Prehistory to the Present 2012
Arthur Ransome's Long-Lost Study of Robert Louis Stevenson 2011
The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music: A Social and Cultural History 2012
The Battle for Palestine 1917 2006
The Battle for Syria, 1918-1920 2013
The Battle of Crécy, 1346 2005
The Battle of the Fields: Rural Community and Authority in Britain during the Second World War 2014
The Battle of the Golden Spurs (Courtrai, 11 July 1302): A Contribution to the History of Flanders' War of Liberation, 1297-1305 2002
The Battle of Yorktown, 1781: A Reassessment 2005
The Bayeux Tapestry and Its Contexts: A Reassessment 2014
Bede's 'Historiae': Genre, Rhetoric and the Construction of the Anglo-Saxon Church History 2009
Beethoven's Chamber Music in Context 2010
The Benedictines in the Middle Ages 2011
Benjamin Britten: New Perspectives on His Life and Work 2009
The Birth of the Royal Marines, 1664-1802 2013
The Bishopric of Durham in the Late Middle Ages: Lordship, Community and the Cult of St Cuthbert 2008
Bishops and Reform in the English Church, 1520-1559 2001
Bohemian Baroque: Czech Musical Culture and Style, 1600-1750 2013
The Book of the Order of Chivalry 2013
Bridges, Law and Power in Medieval England, 700-1400 2006
Britain and Colonial Maritime War in the Early Eighteenth Century: Silver, Seapower and the Atlantic 2013
Britain, Hanover and the Protestant Interest, 1688-1756 2006
Britannia and the Bear: The Anglo-Russian Intelligence Wars, 1917-1929 2014
British Music and Literary Context: Artistic Connections in the Long Nineteenth Century 2012
British Naval Captains of the Seven Years' War: The View from the Quarterdeck 2012
British Naval Power in the East, 1794-1805: The Command of Admiral Peter Rainier 2013
The British Naval Staff in the First World War 2009
The British Navy and the State in the Eighteenth Century 2004
The British Navy, Economy and Society in the Seven Years War 2013
The British Navy in the Baltic 2014
The British Navy's Victualling Board, 1793-1815: Management Competence and Incompetence 2010
British Privateering Voyages of the Early Eighteenth Century 2015
British Spies and Irish Rebels: British Intelligence and Ireland, 1916-1945 2008
Britons in Anglo-Saxon England 2007
The Brus Family in England and Scotland, 1100-1295 2005
Bury St Edmunds and the Norman Conquest 2014
By-elections in British Politics, 1832-1914 2013
Calais: An English Town in France, 1347-1558 2008
The Calais Garrison: War and Military Service in England, 1436-1558 2008
Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem and other Analogous Documents preserved in the Public Record Office XXIV: 11-15 Henry VI (1432-1437) 2010
Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem and other Analogous Documents preserved in the Public Record Office XXV: 16-20 Henry VI (1437-1442) 2009
Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem and other Analogous Documents preserved in the Public Record Office XXVI: 21-25 Henry VI (1442-1447) 2009
Calendar of the Fine Rolls of the Reign of Henry III (1216-1248): II: 1224-1234 2008
Cambridge in the 1830s: The Letters of Alexander Chisholm Gooden, 1831-1841 2003
Capital and Corporal Punishment in Anglo-Saxon England 2014
Captain Cook: Explorations and Reassessments 2004
Carl Nielsen and the Idea of Modernism 2010
Cathedrals, Communities and Conflict in the Anglo-Norman World 2011
Céli Dé in Ireland: Monastic Writing and Identity in the Early Middle Ages 2006
Celtic Curses 2009
The Chamber Cantatas of Antonio Vivaldi 2006
The Channel Islands, 1370-1640: Between England and Normandy 2012
Charles Mackerras 2015
Child Workers and Industrial Health in Britain, 1780-1850 2013
Chivalry, Kingship and Crusade: The English Experience in the Fourteenth Century 2013
Christabel Pankhurst: Fundamentalism and Feminism in Coalition 2002
The Chronica Maiora of Thomas Walsingham (1376-1422) 2005
The Chronicle of Geoffrey le Baker 2012
Chronicle of Hainaut by Gilbert of Mons 2005
The Church of England and the Bangorian Controversy, 1716-1721 2007
The Church of England and the Holocaust: Christianity, Memory and Nazism 2006
The Cistercians in the Middle Ages 2011
The Civil Wars after 1660: Public Remembering in Late Stuart England 2013
Cobbold and Kin: Life Stories from an East Anglian Family 2014
Commanders of Dutch East India Ships in the Eighteenth Century 2011
Commercial Activity, Markets and Entrepreneurs in the Middle Ages: Essays in Honour of Richard Britnell 2011
Common Land in English Painting, 1700-1850 2012
Common Law and Enlightenment in England, 1689-1750 2013
Commune, Country and Commonwealth: The People of Cirencester, 1117-1643 2011
A Companion to Bede 2009
A Companion to the Anglo-Norman World 2003
Composers' Intentions?: Lost Traditions of Musical Performance 2015
Concepts of Creativity in Seventeenth-Century England 2013
Conducting for a New Era 2014
Conducting the Brahms Symphonies: From Brahms to Boult 2016
Conferences and Combination Lectures in the Elizabethan Church: Dedham and Bury St Edmunds, 1582-1590 2003
Conscience, Consciousness and Ethics in Joseph Butler's Philosophy and Ministry 2011
Conserving and Managing Ancient Monuments: Heritage, Democracy, and Inclusion 2014
The Consort Music of William Lawes, 1602-1645 2010
Consumption and Culture in Sixteenth-Century Ireland: Saffron, Stockings and Silk 2014
Contact and Exchange in Later Medieval Europe: Essays in Honour of Malcolm Vale 2012
Cornish Wrecking, 1700-1860: Reality and Popular Myth 2010
The Correspondence of Jean Sibelius and Rosa Newmarch, 1906-1939 2011
The Cromwellian Protectorate 2007
The Cruciform Brooch and Anglo-Saxon England 2015
Crusading and Pilgrimage in the Norman World 2015
Crusading Spirituality in the Holy Land and Iberia, c.1095-c.1187 2008
The Cult of King Charles the Martyr 2003
The Cult of Saints and the Virgin Mary in Medieval Scotland 2010
The Cult of St George in Medieval England 2009
Cultural Heritage, Ethics, and the Military 2011
Culture and Politics at the Court of Charles II, 1660-1685 2010
The Culture of Controversy: Religious Arguments in Scotland, 1660-1714 2012
The Culture of Medieval English Monasticism 2007
Curating Human Remains: Caring for the Dead in the United Kingdom 2013
Curia Regis Rolls preserved in the Public Record Office XX (34-35 Henry III) (1250) 2006
Death and the Noble Body in Medieval England 2008
The Decline of Serfdom in Late Medieval England: From Bondage to Freedom 2014
Decoding Domesday 2007
Delius and his Music 2014
The Dependent Priories of Medieval English Monasteries 2004
Displaced Heritage: Dealing with Disaster and Suffering 2014
Dying and Death in Later Anglo-Saxon England 2004
The Early English Baptists, 1603-49 2006
The East India Company and Religion, 1698-1858 2012
The East India Company's London Workers: Management of the Warehouse Labourers, 1800-1858 2010
The East India Company's Maritime Service, 1746-1834: Masters of the Eastern Seas 2010
Edgar, King of the English 959-975: New Interpretations 2008
Edmund Rubbra: Symphonist 2008
Edward III and the English Peerage: Royal Patronage, Social Mobility and Political Control in Fourteenth-Century England 2004
Edward III and the War at Sea: The English Navy, 1327-1377 2011
Edward the Confessor: The Man and the Legend 2009
Elgar the Music Maker 2007
Elgar's Earnings 2013
Elite Women and Polite Society in Eighteenth-Century Scotland 2011
Elves in Anglo-Saxon England: Matters of Belief, Health, Gender and Identity 2007
The Emergence of Britain's Global Naval Supremacy: The War of 1739-1748 2010
The Emergence of British Power in India, 1600-1784: A Grand Strategic Interpretation 2013
England and Scotland in the Fourteenth Century: New Perspectives 2007
England and the 1641 Irish Rebellion 2009
The English and their Legacy, 900-1200: Essays in Honour of Ann Williams 2012
The English Aristocracy at War: From the Welsh Wars of Edward I to the Battle of Bannockburn 2008
The English Catholic Community, 1688-1745: Politics, Culture and Ideology 2009
English Government in the Thirteenth Century 2004
English Medieval Misericords: The Margins of Meaning 2011
English Nuns and the Law in the Middle Ages: Cloistered Nuns and Their Lawyers, 1293-1540 2012
An Enlightenment Statesman in Whig Britain: Lord Shelburne in Context, 1737-1805 2011
Enterprising Women and Shipping in the Nineteenth Century 2009
Environment, Society and Landscape in Early Medieval England: Time and Topography 2012
Episcopal Culture in Late Anglo-Saxon England 2007
Erik Chisholm, Scottish Modernist (1904-1965): Chasing a Restless Muse 2009
Essays on the History of English Music in Honour of John Caldwell: Sources, Style, Performance, Historiography 2010
European Music, 1520-1640 2006
Evangelicalism and the Church of England in the Twentieth Century: Reform, Resistance and Renewal 2014
Evangelicals in the Royal Navy, 1775-1815: Blue Lights and Psalm-Singers 2008
Feasting the Dead: Food and Drink in Anglo-Saxon Burial Rituals 2007
The Fenian Ideal and Irish Nationalism, 1882-1916 2006
The Fifteenth Century X: Parliament, Personalities and Power. Papers Presented to Linda S. Clark 2011
The Fifteenth Century XI: Concerns and Preoccupations 2012
The Fifteenth Century XII: Society in an Age of Plague 2013
The Fifteenth Century XIII: Exploring the Evidence: Commemoration, Administration and the Economy 2014
The Fifteenth-Century Inquisitions 'Post Mortem': A Companion 2012
Fighting at Sea in the Eighteenth Century: The Art of Sailing Warfare 2008
The Final Crisis of the Stuart Monarchy: The Revolutions of 1688-91 in their British, Atlantic and European Contexts 2013
Financing the Raj: The City of London and Colonial India, 1858-1940 2013
The First Century of Welfare: Poverty and Poor Relief in Lancashire, 1620-1730 2014
The First Pacific War: Britain and Russia, 1854-56: Britain and Russia, 1854-56 2008
Food, Eating and Identity in Early Medieval England 2014
Food Poisoning, Policy and Politics: Corned Beef and Typhoid in Britain in the 1960s 2005
The Foundations of Medieval English Ecclesiastical History: Studies Presented to David Smith 2005
Fourteenth Century England III 2004
Fourteenth Century England IV 2006
Fourteenth Century England V 2008
Fourteenth Century England VI 2010
Fourteenth Century England VII 2012
Fourteenth Century England VIII 2014
The Franciscans in the Middle Ages 2006
Friedelind Wagner: Richard Wagner's Rebellious Granddaughter 2013
From Plain Fare to Fusion Food: British Diet from the 1890s to the 1990s 2003
`The Furie of the Ordnance': Artillery in the English Civil Wars 2008
Gender and Petty Crime in Late Medieval England: The Local Courts in Kent, 1460-1560 2006
Gender, Nation and Conquest in the Works of William of Malmesbury 2008
Germany's Asia-Pacific Empire: Colonialism and Naval Policy, 1885-1914 2009
God and Uncle Sam: Religion and America's Armed Forces in World War II 2015
God, Duty and Community in English Economic Life, 1660-1720 2012
Godly Reformers and their Opponents in Early Modern England: Religion in Norwich, c.1560-1643 2005
Grieg: Music, Landscape and Norwegian Identity 2006
Guernsey, 1814-1914: Migration and Modernisation 2007
Hamilton Harty: Musical Polymath 2013
Hanover and the British Empire, 1700-1837 2007
The Haskins Society Journal 12: 2002. Studies in Medieval History 2003
The Haskins Society Journal 14: 2003. Studies in Medieval History 2005
The Haskins Society Journal 15: 2004. Studies in Medieval History 2006
The Haskins Society Journal 16: 2005. Studies in Medieval History 2006
The Haskins Society Journal 18: 2006. Studies in Medieval History 2007
The Haskins Society Journal 19: 2007. Studies in Medieval History 2008
The Haskins Society Journal 20: 2008. Studies in Medieval History 2009
The Haskins Society Journal 21: 2009. Studies in Medieval History 2010
The Haskins Society Journal 22: 2010. Studies in Medieval History 2012
The Haskins Society Journal 23: 2011. Studies in Medieval History 2014
The Haskins Society Journal 24: 2012. Studies in Medieval History 2013
The Haskins Society Journal 25: 2013. Studies in Medieval History 2014
Hawke, Nelson and British Naval Leadership, 1747-1805 2009
Health and Medicine at Sea, 1700-1900 2009
Heinrich Schenker: Selected Correspondence 2014
Henry I and the Anglo-Norman World: Studies in Memory of C. Warren Hollister 2007
Henry II: New Interpretations 2007
Henry Ireton and the English Revolution 2006
The Herald in Late Medieval Europe 2009
The Historia Ierosolimitana of Baldric of Bourgueil 2014
The Historia Iherosolimitana of Robert the Monk 2013
History in Mighty Sounds: Musical Constructions of German National Identity, 1848 -1914 2012
A History of Music at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin 2004
A History of the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds, 1182-1256: Samson of Tottington to Edmund of Walpole 2007
A History of the Early Medieval Siege, c.450-1200 2009
The History of the Kings of Britain: An edition and translation of the De gestis Britonum (Historia Regum Britanniae) 2007
A History of the Late Medieval Siege, 1200-1500 2010
A History of the Mothers' Union: Women, Anglicanism and Globalisation, 1876-2008 2009
The Hospitallers and the Holy Land: Financing the Latin East, 1187-1274 2005
How Britain Won the War of 1812: The Royal Navy's Blockades of the United States, 1812-1815 2011
Humphrey Newton (1466-1536): an early Tudor Gentleman 2008
Ignaz Moscheles and the Changing World of Musical Europe 2014
In the Steps of the Black Prince: The Road to Poitiers, 1355-1356 2011
Informal Justice in England and Wales, 1760-1914: The Courts of Popular Opinion 2014
The Irish in the Spanish Armies in the Seventeenth Century 2014
Irish Migrants in New Zealand, 1840-1937: 'The Desired Haven' 2005
Joanna, George, and Henry: A Pre-Raphaelite Tale of Art, Love and Friendship 2012
Jocelin of Wells: Bishop, Builder, Courtier 2010
John de Vere, Thirteenth Earl of Oxford (1442-1513): `The Foremost Man of the Kingdom' 2011
John Goodwin and the Puritan Revolution: Religion and Intellectual Change in Seventeenth-Century England 2006
John Henry Williams (1747-1829): `Political Clergyman': War, the French Revolution, and the Church of England 2007
John Stainer: A Life in Music 2007
Journal of Medieval Military History: Volume III 2005
Journal of Medieval Military History: Volume IV 2006
Journal of Medieval Military History: Volume IX: Soldiers, Weapons and Armies in the Fifteenth Century 2011
Journal of Medieval Military History: Volume V 2007
Journal of Medieval Military History: Volume VI 2008
Journal of Medieval Military History: Volume VII: The Age of the Hundred Years War 2009
Journal of Medieval Military History: Volume VIII 2010
Journal of Medieval Military History: Volume X 2012
Journal of Medieval Military History: Volume XI 2013
Journal of Medieval Military History: Volume XII 2014
Juan Esquivel: A Master of Sacred Music during the Spanish Golden Age 2010
The Keelmen of Tyneside: Labour Organisation and Conflict in the North-East Coal Industry, 1600-1830 2011
King John and Religion 2015
King Stephen's Reign (1135-1154) 2008
The King's Irishmen: The Irish in the Exiled Court of Charles II, 1649-1660 2014
Kingship, Legislation and Power in Anglo-Saxon England 2013
Landlords and Tenants in Britain, 1440-1660: Tawney's Agrarian Problem Revisited 2013
The Landscape Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England 2010
Landscapes of Monastic Foundation: The Establishment of Religious Houses in East Anglia, c.650-1200 2004
Late Medieval Ipswich: Trade and Industry 2011
Late Medieval Monasteries and their Patrons: England and Wales, c.1300-1540 2007
The Late Victorian Navy: The Pre-Dreadnought Era and the Origins of the First World War 2008
Law, Liberty and the Constitution: A Brief History of the Common Law 2015
The Lawn Road Flats: Spies, Writers and Artists 2014
Lay Religious Life in Late Medieval Durham 2006
Leaders of the Anglo-Saxon Church: From Bede to Stigand 2012
Leadership in Medieval English Nunneries 2005
Lectures on Musical Life: William Sterndale Bennett 2006
The Legend of Spring-Heeled Jack: Victorian Urban Folklore and Popular Cultures 2012
Legends of Arthur 2001
Lennox Berkeley and Friends: Writings, Letters and Interviews 2012
Liberal Intellectuals and Public Culture in Modern Britain, 1815-1914: Making Words Flesh 2010
Liberties and Identities in the Medieval British Isles 2008
Lionel Tertis: The First Great Virtuoso of the Viola 2006
Literacy and Identity in Early Medieval Ireland 2013
Lord of the Pyrenees: Gaston Fébus, Count of Foix [1331-1391] 2008
Lords and Communities in Early Medieval East Anglia 2005
The Loss of the Wager: The Narratives of John Bulkeley and the Hon. John Byron 2004
Lowestoft, 1550-1750: Development and Change in a Suffolk Coastal Town 2008
Loyalism and the Formation of the British World, 1775-1914 2014
Loyalism in Ireland, 1789-1829 2007
Magna Carta and the England of King John 2010
The Making of the Elizabethan Navy 1540-1590: From the Solent to the Armada 2009
The Making of the Irish Protestant Ascendancy: The Life of William Conolly, 1662-1729 2010
Making Sense of Place: Multidisciplinary Perspectives 2012
Managing British Colonial and Post-Colonial Development: The Crown Agents, 1914-1974 2007
Maritime Empires: British Imperial Maritime Trade in the Nineteenth Century 2004
Maritime Enterprise and Empire: Sir William Mackinnon and His Business Network, 1823-1893 2003
Marriage in Medieval England: Law, Literature and Practice 2004
Married Women and the Law in Premodern Northwest Europe 2013
The Marvellous and the Monstrous in the Sculpture of Twelfth-Century Europe 2013
Masques, Mayings and Music-Dramas: Vaughan Williams and the Early Twentieth-Century Stage 2014
Medieval Clothing and Textiles 10 2014
Medieval Clothing and Textiles 11 2015
Medieval Clothing and Textiles 2 2006
Medieval Clothing and Textiles 7 2011
Medieval Clothing and Textiles 8 2012
Medieval Clothing and Textiles 9 2013
Medieval Dress and Textiles in Britain: A Multilingual Sourcebook 2014
Medieval East Anglia 2005
Medieval Futures: Attitudes to the Future in the Middle Ages 2000
Medieval Life: Archaeology and the Life Course 2012
Medieval Liturgical Chant and Patristic Exegesis: Words and Music in the Second-Mode Tracts 2009
Medieval Pets 2012
Medieval Religious Women in the Low Countries: The `Modern Devotion', the Canonesses of Windesheim, and their Writings 2004
Medieval Suffolk: An Economic and Social History, 1200-1500 2007
Memory and Myths of the Norman Conquest 2013
Mental Health Care in Modern England: The Norfolk Lunatic Asylum/St Andrew's Hospital, 1810-1998 2003
Merchant Seamen's Health, 1860-1960: Medicine, Technology, Shipowners and the State in Britain 2014
Midshipmen and Quarterdeck Boys in the British Navy, 1771-1831 2012
The Militia in Eighteenth-Century Ireland: In Defence of the Protestant Interest 2012
Missionary Women: Gender, Professionalism and the Victorian Idea of Christian Mission 2003
Modern Spiritualism and the Church of England, 1850-1939 2010
Monasteries and Society in the British Isles in the Later Middle Ages 2008
Monastic Hospitality: The Benedictines in England, c.1070-c.1250 2007
Mozart's Viennese Instrumental Music: A Study of Stylistic Re-Invention 2007
Museums and Biographies: Stories, Objects, Identities 2012
Museums in China: The Politics of Representation after Mao 2014
Music and Ceremony at the Court of Charles V: The Capilla Flamenca and the Art of Political Promotion 2012
Music and Meaning in Old Hispanic Lenten Chants: Psalmi, threni and the Easter Vigil Canticles 2013
Music and Soviet Power, 1917-1932 2012
Music and Ultra-Modernism in France: A Fragile Consensus, 1913-1939 2013
Music at German Courts, 1715-1760: Changing Artistic Priorities 2011
Music Education in Crisis: The Bernarr Rainbow Lectures and Other Assessments 2013
Music in 1853: The Biography of a Year 2012
Music in Elizabethan Court Politics 2015
Music in Independent Schools 2014
The Music of Herbert Howells 2013
Musicians of Bath and Beyond: Edward Loder (1809-1865) and his Family 2016
The Myth of the Press Gang: Volunteers, Impressment and the Naval Manpower Problem in the Late Eighteenth Century 2015
National Religion and the Prayer Book Controversy, 1927-1928 2009
The Nature of the English Revolution Revisited: Essays in Honour of John Morrill 2013
Naval Leadership and Management, 1650-1950 2012
The Naval Mutinies of 1797: Unity and Perseverance 2011
Naval Resistance to Britain's Growing Power in India, 1660-1800: The Saffron Banner and the Tiger of Mysore 2014
New Perspectives on Medieval Scotland, 1093-1286 2013
The Nobility and Ecclesiastical Patronage in Thirteenth-Century England 2013
Nobles and Nobility in Medieval Europe: Concepts, Origins, Transformations (King's College London 1998) 2000
The Norman Campaigns in the Balkans, 1081-1108 AD 2014
Norman Naval Operations in the Mediterranean 2011
North East England, 1850-1914: The Dynamics of a Maritime-Industrial Region 2006
North-East England, 1569-1625: Governance, Culture and Identity 2006
North-East England in the Later Middle Ages 2005
The Occult Laboratory: Magic, Science and Second Sight in Late Seventeenth-Century Scotland. A new edition 2001
Old Age and the English Poor Law, 1500-1700 2004
The Other Friars: The Carmelite, Augustinian, Sack and Pied 2006
Pain and Suffering in Medieval Theology: Academic Debates at the University of Paris in the Thirteenth Century 2009
Pastoral Care in Late Anglo-Saxon England 2005
The Pastoral Care of Women in Late Medieval England 2008
Peasants and Production in the Medieval North-East: The Evidence from Tithes, 1270-1536 2007
The Personal Rule of Charles II, 1681-85 2007
The Peterborough Version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: Rewriting Post-Conquest History 2015
Physician to the Fleet: The Life and Times of Thomas Trotter, 1760-1832 2011
Place-names, Language and the Anglo-Saxon Landscape 2011
A Polite Exchange of Bullets: The Duel and the English Gentleman, 1750-1850 2010
Political Society in Later Medieval England: A Festschrift for Christine Carpenter 2015
Pope Gregory X and the Crusades 2014
Population, Welfare and Economic Change in Britain, 1290-1834 2014
Portugal: A Traveller's History 2004
Preaching in Eighteenth-Century London 2013
The Premonstratensian Order in Late Medieval England 2001
The Presbyterians of Ulster, 1680-1730 2013
The Present and the Past in Medieval Irish Chronicles 2010
Presenting the Romans: Interpreting the Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site 2013
The Prior of the Knights Hospitaller in Late Medieval England 2009
Privateering, Piracy and British Policy in Spanish America, 1810-1830 2013
Prophecy, Politics and the People in Early Modern England 2006
Public Participation in Archaeology 2014
Publishing Business in Eighteenth-Century England 2014
Puritan Iconoclasm during the English Civil War 2003
Puritanism and the Pursuit of Happiness: The Ministry and Theology of Ralph Venning, c.1621-1674 2015
The Rameau Compendium 2014
Records, Administration and Aristocratic Society in the Anglo-Norman Realm: Papers Commemorating the 800th Anniversary of King John's Loss of Normandy 2009
Reformation and Religious Identity in Cambridge, 1590-1644 2007
The Reformation and Robert Barnes: History, Theology and Polemic in Early Modern England 2010
Regency in Sixteenth-Century Scotland 2015
Regional Identities in North-East England, 1300-2000 2007
Religion and the Demographic Revolution: Women and Secularisation in Canada, Ireland, UK and USA since the 1960s 2012
Religion in the British Navy, 1815-1879: Piety and Professionalism 2014
Religion, Reform and Modernity in the Eighteenth Century: Thomas Secker and the Church of England 2007
Religious Life in Normandy, 1050-1300: Space, Gender and Social Pressure 2007
Religious Men and Masculine Identity in the Middle Ages 2013
Religious Politics in Post-Reformation England 2006
Remaking English Society: Social Relations and Social Change in Early Modern England 2013
Renaissance Military Memoirs: War, History and Identity, 1450-1600 2004
Re-reading Poetry: Schubert's Multiple Settings of Goethe 2009
Restoration Scotland, 1660-1690: Royalist Politics, Religion and Ideas 2003
Revelation Restored: The Apocalypse in Later Seventeenth-Century England 2011
Richard Wagner and the Centrality of Love 2010
Richard Wagner's Beethoven (1870): A New Translation 2014
The Richest East India Merchant: The Life and Business of John Palmer of Calcutta, 1767-1836 2007
The Rise of an Early Modern Shipping Industry: Whitby's Golden Fleet, 1600-1750 2011
Robert `Curthose', Duke of Normandy (c.1050-1134) 2008
Robert Willis (1800-1875) and the Foundation of Architectural History 2013
Roman Warships 2011
Royalism, Print and Censorship in Revolutionary England 2007
The Ruler Portraits of Anglo-Saxon England 2004
Ruling Ireland, 1685-1742: Politics, Politicians and Parties 2004
Runic Amulets and Magic Objects 2006
Rural Conflict, Crime and Protest: Herefordshire, 1800-1860 2003
Rural Women Workers in Nineteenth-Century England: Gender, Work and Wages 2002
Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage 2012
Saint Michael the Archangel in Medieval English Legend 2005
Saints and Animals in the Middle Ages 2008
Saints' Cults in the Celtic World 2009
Scandal and Religious Identity in Early Stuart England: A Northamptonshire Maid's Tragedy 2015
Scotland, England and France after the Loss of Normandy, 1204-1296: `Auld Amitie' 2015
Scotland in the Age of Two Revolutions 2014
Scottish Orientalists and India: The Muir Brothers, Religion, Education and Empire 2010
The Secret War Between the Wars: MI5 in the 1920s and 1930s 2014
Shipping the Medieval Military: English Maritime Logistics in the Fourteenth Century 2011
Ships and Men in the Late Viking Age: The Vocabulary of Runic Inscriptions and Skaldic Verse 2001
Sir George Dyson: His Life and Music 2014
Sleeping in Temples 2014
The Social History of English Seamen, 1485-1649 2012
Social Relations and Urban Space: Norwich, 1600-1700 2014
The Soldier Experience in the Fourteenth Century 2011
Soldiers, Nobles and Gentlemen: Essays in Honour of Maurice Keen 2009
The Songs of Edvard Grieg 2007
The South Sea Bubble and Ireland: Money, Banking and Investment, 1690-1721 2014
The Southern French Nobility and the Albigensian Crusade 2005
Special Operations in the Age of Chivalry, 1100-1550 2007
Sport, History, and Heritage: Studies in Public Representation 2012
The Spy Who Came In From the Co-op: Melita Norwood and the Ending of Cold War Espionage 2008
St David of Wales: Cult, Church and Nation 2007
State and Market in Victorian Britain: War, Welfare and Capitalism 2008
Strategy and War Planning in the British Navy, 1887-1918 2012
Summary Catalogue of the Additional Medieval Manuscripts in Cambridge University Library acquired before 1940 2009
The Supernatural Voice: A History of High Male Singing 2014
Sustaining the Fleet, 1793-1815: War, the British Navy and the Contractor State 2010
Swein Forkbeard's Invasions and the Danish Conquest of England, 991-1017 2003
Syon Abbey and its Books: Reading, Writing and Religion, c.1400-1700 2010
A Tanner's Worth of Tune: Rediscovering the Post-War British Musical 2010
The Teutonic Knights in the Holy Land, 1190-1291 2009
Thirteenth Century England X: Proceedings of the Durham Conference, 2003 2005
Thirteenth Century England XI: Proceedings of the Gregynog Conference, 2005 2007
Thirteenth Century England XII: Proceedings of the Gregynog Conference, 2007 2009
Thirteenth Century England XIII: Proceedings of the Paris Conference, 2009 2011
Thirteenth Century England XIV: Proceedings of the Aberystwyth and Lampeter Conference, 2011 2013
Thomas Becket and his Biographers 2006
Thomas More's Trial by Jury: A Procedural and Legal Review with a Collection of Documents 2011
Thomas Morley: Elizabethan Music Publisher 2014
Thomas Tallis and his Music in Victorian England 2008
Tome: Studies in Medieval Celtic History and Law in Honour of Thomas Charles-Edwards 2011
Toscanini in Britain 2012
Town and Countryside in western Berkshire, c.1327-c.1600: Social and Economic Change 2007
Trade and Economic Developments, 1450-1550: The Experience of Kent, Surrey and Sussex 2006
The Transformation of British Naval Strategy: Seapower and Supply in Northern Europe, 1808-1812 2012
The Transformation of the Irish Church in the Twelfth Century 2010
Trees in Anglo-Saxon England: Literature, Lore and Landscape 2010
Trees in the Religions of Early Medieval England 2015
The True Chronicles of Jean le Bel, 1290 - 1360 2011
The Twilight of the East India Company: The Evolution of Anglo-Asian Commerce and Politics, 1790-1860 2009
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