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The Classical Association of Canada was founded in 1947 as a national non-profit organization. Its official languages are English and French. It aims to advance the study of the civilizations of the Greek and Roman world, their later influence, and their creative presence in modern culture. The Association works to promote the teaching of classical languages and civilizations in Canadian schools, colleges and universities, the publication of research in classical studies, and public awareness of the contribution and importance of classical studies, and liberal studies in general, in Canadian education and life.
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Phoenix 1946 - 2016

Classical Association of Canada
c/o Ingrid Holmberg
Department of Greek and Roman Studies
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC
Canada V8W 3P4

Trinity College
6 Hoskin Ave
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5S 1H8
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The Classical Association of Canada / Société Canadienne des Études Classiques welcomes the participation of all those who share an interest in the classical world: undergraduate students, graduate students, university faculty, school teachers, emeriti, private scholars, and members of the general public. You need not be a professional classicist, or be affiliated with a Canadian institution, in order to belong.

All members receive a year’s subscription to the Association’s two journals, Phoenix and Mouseion, as well as a discounted registration fee for the Association’s annual general meeting.