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The Afterlife of Edgar Allan Poe 2004
Aging and Old-Age Style in Günter Grass, Ruth Klüger, Christa Wolf, and Martin Walser: The Mannerism of a Late Period 2013
Alfred Tennyson: The Critical Legacy 2004
American Icon: Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby' in Critical and Cultural Context 2011
American Pragmatism and Poetic Practice: Crosscurrents from Emerson to Susan Howe 2011
Analog Fictions for the Digital Age: Literary Realism and Photographic Discourses in Novels after 2000 2012
Approaching Emily Dickinson: Critical Currents and Crosscurrents since 1960 2008
Arno Schmidt's 'Zettel's Traum': An Analysis 2003
Arthur Schnitzler and Twentieth-Century Criticism 2004
Becoming John Updike: Critical Reception, 1958-2010 2013
Bertolt Brecht's Dramatic Theory 2004
Bertolt Brecht's Furcht und Elend des Dritten Reiches: A German Exile Drama in the Struggle against Fascism 2010
Born under Auschwitz: Melancholy Traditions in Postwar German Literature 2014
The Burden of the Past: Martin Walser on Modern German Identity: Texts, Contexts, Commentary 2008
Classical Music in the German Democratic Republic: Production and Reception 2015
A Companion to Australian Aboriginal Literature 2013
A Companion to Australian Literature since 1900 2007
A Companion to Friedrich Nietzsche: Life and Works 2012
A Companion to the Works of Hermann Hesse 2009
A Companion to the Works of J. M. Coetzee 2011
A Companion to the Works of Johann Gottfried Herder 2009
A Companion to the Works of Max Frisch 2013
A Companion to the Works of Walter Benjamin 2009
The Counter-Cinema of the Berlin School 2013
Crafting Identity in Zimbabwe and Mozambique 2007
The Critical Reception of Alfred Döblin's Major Novels 2003
The Critical Reception of Hemingway's 'The Sun Also Rises' 2011
The Critical Reception of Henry James: Creating a Master 2007
The Critical Reception of James Baldwin, 1963-2010: "An Honest Man and a Good Writer" 2014
The Critical Response to Robert Musil's 'The Man without Qualities' 2003
Cultural Impact in the German Context: Studies in Transmission, Reception, and Influence 2010
Debating German Cultural Identity since 1989 2011
The Decline and Fall of Virgil in Eighteenth-Century Germany: The Repressed Muse 2006
DEFA after East Germany 2014
Deploying Orientalism in Culture and History: From Germany to Central and Eastern Europe 2013
Detectives, Dystopias, and Poplit: Studies in Modern German Genre Fiction 2014
The Dickens Industry: Critical Perspectives 1836-2005 2008
The Differentiation of Modernism: Postwar German Media Arts 2013
Distant Readings: Topologies of German Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century 2014
A Divided Poet: Robert Frost, 'North of Boston,' and the Drama of Disappearance 2011
E. T. A. Hoffmann and the Serapiontic Principle: Critique and Creativity 2006
Early Germanic Literature and Culture 2004
Edinburgh German Yearbook 2: Masculinity and German Culture 2008
Edinburgh German Yearbook 3: Contested Legacies: Constructions of Cultural Heritage in the GDR 2009
Edinburgh German Yearbook 4: Disability in German Literature, Film, and Theater 2010
Edinburgh German Yearbook 5: Brecht and the GDR: Politics, Culture, Posterity 2011
Edinburgh German Yearbook 6: Sadness and Melancholy in German-Language Literature and Culture 2012
Edinburgh German Yearbook 7: Ethical Approaches in Contemporary German-Language Literature and Culture 2013
Edinburgh German Yearbook 8: New Literary and Linguistic Perspectives on the German Language, National Socialism, and the Shoah 2014
Elias Canetti's Counter-Image of Society: Crowds, Power, Transformation 2004
Emerging German-Language Novelists of the Twenty-First Century 2011
Encountering Disgrace: Reading and Teaching Coetzee's Novel 2009
Encounters with Islam in German Literature and Culture 2009
Enlightened War: German Theories and Cultures of Warfare from Frederick the Great to Clausewitz 2011
The Entanglements of Nathaniel Hawthorne: Haunted Minds and Ambiguous Approaches 2011
Envisioning Social Justice in Contemporary German Culture 2015
The Ethics of William Carlos Williams's Poetry 2010
The Eulenburg Affair: A Cultural History of Politics in the German Empire 2015
The Farm Novel in North America: Genre and Nation in the United States, English Canada, and French Canada, 1845-1945 2013
The Faustian Century: German Literature and Culture in the Age of Luther and Faustus 2013
Fictions from an Orphan State: Literary Reflections of Austria between Habsburg and Hitler 2012
Fifteenth-Century Studies 34 2009
Fifteenth-Century Studies 35 2010
Fifteenth-Century Studies 36 2011
Fifteenth-Century Studies 37 2012
Fifteenth-Century Studies 38 2013
Fifteenth-Century Studies Vol. 27: A Special Issue on Violence in Fifteenth-Century Text and Image 2002
Fifteenth-Century Studies Vol. 28 2003
Fifteenth-Century Studies Vol. 30 2005
Fifteenth-Century Studies Vol. 31 2006
Fifteenth-Century Studies Vol. 32 2007
Fifteenth-Century Studies Vol. 33 2008
The First World War as a Clash of Cultures 2006
Forgotten Dreams: Revisiting Romanticism in the Cinema of Werner Herzog 2016
Freud's Theory and Its Use in Literary and Cultural Studies: An Introduction 2003
Friedrich Nietzsche and Weimar Classicism 2005
The GDR Remembered: Representations of the East German State since 1989 2011
Generational Shifts in Contemporary German Culture 2010
Generic Histories of German Cinema: Genre and Its Deviations 2013
German and European Poetics after the Holocaust: Crisis and Creativity 2011
The German Bestseller in the Late Nineteenth Century 2012
German Culture, Politics, and Literature into the Twenty-First Century: Beyond Normalization 2006
The German Legacy in East Central Europe as Recorded in Recent German-Language Literature 2004
German Life Writing in the Twentieth Century 2010
German Literary Culture at the Zero Hour 2004
German Literature of the 1990s and Beyond: Normalization and the Berlin Republic 2005
German Literature of the Early Middle Ages 2004
German Literature of the Eighteenth Century: The Enlightenment and Sensibility 2005
German Literature of the High Middle Ages 2006
German Literature of the Nineteenth Century, 1832-1899 2005
German Memory Contests: The Quest for Identity in Literature, Film, and Discourse since 1990 2006
German Novelists of the Weimar Republic: Intersections of Literature and Politics 2006
German Women's Writing in the Twenty-First Century 2015
Germans as Victims in the Literary Fiction of the Berlin Republic 2009
Ghetto Voices in Contemporary German Culture: Textscapes, Filmscapes, Soundscapes 2012
Goethe and the Poets of Arabia 2014
Goethe Yearbook 12 2004
Goethe Yearbook 13 2005
Goethe Yearbook 14 2007
Goethe Yearbook 15 2008
Goethe Yearbook 16 2009
Goethe Yearbook 18 2011
Goethe Yearbook 19 2012
Goethe Yearbook 20 2013
Goethe Yearbook 21 2014
Goethe Yearbook 22 2015
Goethe's Concept of the Daemonic: After the Ancients 2006
Goethe's 'Faust' and European Epic: Forgetting the Future 2007
Goethe's Ghosts: Reading and the Persistence of Literature 2013
Goethe's 'Werther' and the Critics 2005
Good Girls, Good Germans: Girls' Education and Emotional Nationalism in Wilhelminian Germany 2013
Günter Grass and His Critics: From The Tin Drum to Crabwalk 2008
Heights of Reflection: Mountains in the German Imagination from the Middle Ages to the Twenty-First Century 2012
Heimat, Space, Narrative: Toward a Transnational Approach to Flight and Expulsion 2014
Heinrich von Kleist and Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Violence, Identity, Nation 2012
Heinrich von Kleist and Modernity 2011
Heinrich von Kleist: Writing after Kant 2011
Heinrich von Kleist's Poetics of Passivity 2009
Hemingway and Africa 2011
Hermann Broch, Visionary in Exile: The 2001 Yale Symposium 2003
The Historical Experience in German Drama: From Gryphius to Brecht 2003
A History of Austrian Literature 1918-2000 2006
History of Literature in Canada: English-Canadian and French-Canadian 2008
Hölderlin after the Catastrophe: Heidegger -- Adorno -- Brecht 2008
The Hotel as Setting in Early Twentieth-Century German and Austrian Literature: Checking in to Tell a Story 2006
Housebound: Selfhood and Domestic Space in Contemporary German Fiction 2012
Humor in Contemporary Native North American Literature: Reimagining Nativeness 2008
Imagining Germany Imagining Asia: Essays in Asian-German Studies 2013
Imagining the Age of Goethe in German Literature, 1970-2010 2011
Imperial Messages: Orientalism as Self-Critique in the Habsburg Fin de Siècle 2011
In the Shadow of Empire: Austrian Experiences of Modernity in the Writings of Musil, Roth, and Bachmann 2008
The Indo-German Identification: Reconciling South Asian Origins and European Destinies, 1765-1885 2010
The Intersection of Science and Literature in Musil's 'The Man Without Qualities' 2005
Interwar Vienna: Culture between Tradition and Modernity 2009
Into the Groove?: Popular Music and Contemporary German Fiction 2015
An Introduction to the Works of Peter Weiss 2003
Jane Austen: Two Centuries of Criticism 2011
Johann Joachim Winckelmann on Art, Architecture, and Archaeology 2013
Joseph Roth's March into History: From the Early Novels to Radetzkymarsch and Die Kapuzinergruft 2008
Kafka for the Twenty-First Century 2011
King Rother and His Bride: Quest and Counter-Quests 2010
Last Features: East German Cinema's Lost Generation 2014
Law, City, and King: Legal Culture, Municipal Politics, and State Formation in Early Modern Dijon 2007
The Life and Works of Wolfgang Borchert 2003
Literary Exiles from Nazi Germany: Exemplarity and the Search for Meaning 2014
A Literary History of the Low Countries 2009
Literary Studies and the Pursuits of Reading 2012
Literature and Censorship in Restoration Germany: Repression and Rhetoric 2009
Literature and Film in the Third Reich 2003
Literature in Vienna at the Turn of the Centuries: Continuities and Discontinuities around 1900 and 2000 2003
The Literature of German Romanticism 2004
Literature of the Sturm und Drang 2003
The Literature of Weimar Classicism 2005
Love and Death in Goethe: `One and Double' 2004
Ludwig Börne: A Memorial 2006
Luise Gottsched the Translator 2012
The Many Faces of Weimar Cinema: Rediscovering Germany's Filmic Legacy 2010
Mapping Morality in Postwar German Women's Fiction: Christa Wolf, Ingeborg Drewitz, and Grete Weil 2010
Marriage, Gender, and Desire in Early Enlightenment German Comedy 2012
Melville's Mirrors: Literary Criticism and America's Most Elusive Author 2011
Mendelssohn, Goethe, and the Walpurgis Night: The Heathen Muse in European Culture, 1700-1850 2007
Metamimesis: Imitation in Goethe's 'Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre' and Early German Romanticism 2012
Metamorphoses of the Vampire in Literature and Film: Cultural Transformations in Europe, 1732-1933 2010
Modern German Political Drama 1980-2000 2003
Modern German Thought from Kant to Habermas: An Annotated German-Language Reader 2012
Modernity and Plato: Two Paradigms of Rationality 2012
The Multiple Worlds of Pynchon's 'Mason & Dixon': Eighteenth-Century Contexts, Postmodern Observations 2005
Music and Literature in German Romanticism 2004
The Musical Novel: Imitation of Musical Structure, Performance, and Reception in Contemporary Fiction 2014
My Shadow in Dachau: Poems by Victims and Survivors of the Concentration Camp 2014
Narrative Deconstructions of Gender in Works by Audrey Thomas, Daphne Marlatt, and Louise Erdrich 2003
The Nazi Past in Contemporary German Film: Viewing Experiences of Intimacy and Immersion 2014
New York and Toronto Novels after Postmodernism: Explorations of the Urban 2011
Nexus 1: Essays in German Jewish Studies 2011
Nexus 2: Essays in German Jewish Studies 2014
Nietzsche and Antiquity: His Reaction and Response to the Classical Tradition 2004
Nolten the Painter: A Novella in Two Parts 2005
Nomadic Ethics in Contemporary Women's Writing in German: Strange Subjects 2012
`The Novels of Erich Maria Remarque: Sparks of Life 2006
Novels of Turkish German Settlement: Cosmopolite Fictions 2007
Orienting the Self: The German Literary Encounter with the Eastern Other 2014
Overturning 'Dr. Faustus': Rereading Thomas Mann's Novel in Light of 'Observations of a Non-Political Man' 2007
Perspectives on Gender in Post-1945 German Literature 2009
A Poet's Reich: Politics and Culture in the George Circle 2011
Political Change and Human Emancipation in the Works of Heinrich von Kleist 2005
Politics and Culture in Twentieth-Century Germany 2003
Popular Revenants: The German Gothic and Its International Reception, 1800-2000 2012
Post-Wall German Cinema and National History: Utopianism and Dissent 2012
Reading Goethe: A Critical Introduction to the Literary Work 2002
Reading Mahler: German Culture and Jewish Identity in Fin-de-Siècle Vienna 2010
Reading W. G. Sebald: Adventure and Disobedience 2007
Recasting German Identity: Culture, Politics, and Literature in the Berlin Republic 2002
Religion in Contemporary German Drama: Botho Strauß, George Tabori, Werner Fritsch, and Lukas Bärfuss 2013
Religion, Reason, and Culture in the Age of Goethe 2013
Remembering Africa: The Rediscovery of Colonialism in Contemporary German Literature 2013
Renaissance Papers 2003 2003
Renaissance Papers 2004 2004
Renaissance Papers 2005 2005
Renaissance Papers 2006 2006
Renaissance Papers 2007 2008
Renaissance Papers 2008 2009
Renaissance Papers 2009 2010
Renaissance Papers 2010 2011
Renaissance Papers 2011 2012
Renaissance Papers 2012 2013
Renaissance Papers 2013 2014
Representation, Subversion, and Eugenics in Günter Grass's 'The Tin Drum' 2004
Representations of Flight and Expulsion in East German Prose Works 2014
Representing the "Good German" in Literature and Culture after 1945: Altruism and Moral Ambiguity 2013
The Revivifying Word: Literature, Philosophy, and the Theory of Life in Europe's Romantic Age 2008
Schiller the Dramatist: A Study of Gesture in the Plays 2009
Schiller's Literary Prose Works: New Translations and Critical Essays 2008
Schiller's "On Grace and Dignity" in Its Cultural Context: Essays and a New Translation 2005
Screening War: Perspectives on German Suffering 2010
Second-Generation Holocaust Literature: Legacies of Survival and Perpetration 2006
The Secret Violence of Henry Miller 2011
Shifting Perspectives: East German Autobiographical Narratives before and after the End of the GDR 2007
Sophie Discovers Amerika: German-Speaking Women Write the New World 2014
The Space of Words: Exile and Diaspora in the Works of Nelly Sachs 2014
Speculations on German History: Culture and the State 2015
Spirit of Resistance: Dutch Clandestine Literature during the Nazi Occupation 2010
Stefan Zweig and World Literature: Twenty-First Century Perspectives 2014
Storytelling in the Works of Bunyan, Grimmelshausen, Defoe, and Schnabel 2004
A Study of the Major Novellas of E.T.A. Hoffmann 2003
Sufism and Jihad in Modern Senegal: The Murid Order 2007
Tatort Germany: The Curious Case of German-Language Crime Fiction 2014
The Technological Unconscious in German Modernist Literature: Nature in Rilke, Benn, Brecht, and Döblin 2008
Thomas King: Works and Impact 2012
Thomas Mann's Death in Venice: A Novella and Its Critics 2003
Tragedy and the Tragic in German Literature, Art, and Thought 2014
Translingual Identities: Language and the Self in Stefan Heym and Jakov Lind 2013
Traumatic Verses: On Poetry in German from the Concentration Camps, 1933-1945 2007
Trial by Fire and Battle in Medieval German Literature 2004
Twenty Years On: Competing Memories of the GDR in Postunification German Culture 2011
Ulrike Meinhof and West German Terrorism: Language, Violence, and Identity 2009
Violent Women in Print: Representations in the West German Print Media of the 1960s and 1970s 2012
Wagner's Ring in 1848: New Translations of The Nibelung Myth and Siegfried's Death 2010
The Wanderer in Nineteenth-Century German Literature: Intellectual History and Cultural Criticism 2008
We Are the Machine: The Computer, the Internet, and Information in Contemporary German Literature 2009
What Will Become of the Children?: A Novel of a German Family in the Twilight of Weimar Berlin 2010
When Heimat Meets Hollywood: German Filmmakers and America, 1985-2005 2007
Who Is This Schiller Now?: Essays on His Reception and Significance 2011
Witnessing, Memory, Poetics: H. G. Adler and W. G. Sebald 2014
Women and Death 3: Women's Representations of Death in German Culture since 1500 2010
Women and Family Life in Early Modern German Literature 2004
Women and German Drama: Playwrights and Their Texts 1860-1945 2003
Women and Writing in the Works of Novalis: Transformation beyond Measure? 2007
Women in the Works of Lou Andreas-Salomé: Negotiating Identity 2009
Women in Weimar Fashion: Discourses and Displays in German Culture, 1918-1933 2008
Women Peasant Poets in Eighteenth-Century England, Scotland, and Germany: Milkmaids on Parnassus 2003
The World as Metaphor in Robert Musil's 'The Man without Qualities': Possibility as Reality 2012
Writers and Politics in Germany, 1945-2008 2009
Writing the New Berlin: The German Capital in Post-Wall Literature 2008
Young Rilke and His Time 2009