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In February 1974 a group of 120 anthropologists launched the Canadian Ethnology Society/société canadienne d'ethnologie (CESCE), because they felt there was room for an association of anthropologists separate from the Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association (CSAA) which was dominated by sociologists. The original constitution defined the organization's mandate as providing a forum for the exchange of ideas among ethnologists. Its aims were to encourage formal and informal dissemination of knowledge through an annual conference and publications; promote relations with other academic and professional associations, aboriginal groups, and governments; and publicize ethnological research and activities to further understanding of ethnological practices.

In 1988 the society changed its name to the Canadian Anthropology Society to clarify its identity and emphasize its role as an anthropology association. It publishes a journal Anthropologica and has reclaimed the name of its former journal, Culture for its occasional online bulletin.

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Anthropologica 1955 - 2011