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Research Reports in JSTOR from Chicago Council on Global Affairs
15 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
American Public Opposes Arming Rebels in Syria 2014
American Views of the United Nations 2014
Americans Prefer Neutrality in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2014
Americans Say Threat of Terrorism at Lowest Level in Twenty Years 2014
Americans Support Limited Military Action in Syria against ISIS: But majorities oppose arming anti-government groups and negotiating a peace with Assad remaining in power 2016
As Acts of Terror Proliferate, Americans See No End in Sight 2016
A Common Future?: NATO and the Protection of the Commons 2010
Guiding Principles for a Sustainable U.S. Policy Toward Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia 2017
Let’s Make a Deal:: Public Backs Iran Talks 2014
NATO’s Nonproliferation Challenges in the Obama Era 2010
North Korea:: Like Father, Like Son 2013
The Transatlantic Alliance in a Multipolar World 2010
US and Russia:: Insecurity and Mistrust shape Mutual Perceptions 2016
U.S.–EU Partnership and the Muslim World:: How Transatlantic Cooperation Will Enhance Engagement 2010
When Hunger Strikes:: How Food Security Abroad Matters for National Security at Home 2016