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$400 Billion Defense Budget Unnecessary to Fight War on Terrorism 2005
Abolish the Department of Homeland Security 2011
After the INF Treaty:: A New Direction for America's European Policy 1988
All the Players at the Table: A Multilateral Solution to the North Korean Nuclear Crisis 2003
An Alternative to Containment 1987
The American Way of War: Cultural Barriers to Successful Counterinsurgency 2006
Are Our Troops Ready for Biological and Chemical Attacks? 2003
Are We Prepared for Terrorism Using Weapons of Mass Destruction?: Government’s Half Measures 2000
Arms and Influence in Syria: The Pitfalls of Greater U.S. Involvement 2013
Arms Control and Missile Defense: Not Mutually Exclusive 2000
Arrogance of Power Reborn: The Imperial Presidency and Foreign Policy in the Clinton Years 2000
A Balanced Threat Assessment of China’s South China Sea Policy 2017
BALLISTIC MISSILE PROLIFERATION: Does the Clinton Administration Understand the Threat? 1999
Befriending Saudi Princes: A High Price for a Dubious Alliance 2002
Better Now Than Never:: Economic and Social Reforms in South Africa 1987
Beyond Symbolism?: The U.S. Nuclear Disarmament Agenda and Its Implications for Chinese and Indian Nuclear Policy 2011
The Bottom Line on Iran: The Costs and Benefits of Preventive War versus Deterrence 2006
Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Preserving Our Liberties While Fighting Terrorism 2002
Budgetary Savings from Military Restraint 2010
Building Leverage in the Long War: Ensuring Intelligence Community Creativity in the Fight against Terrorism 2002
Can Conscription Work? 1981
The Case for U.S. Strategic Independence 1992
Casualties of War: Transatlantic Relations and the Future of NATO in the Wake of the Second Gulf War 2003
Changing the Way We Do Business in International Relations 1995
China, America, and the Pivot to Asia 2013
The CIA as Economic Spy:: The Misuse of U.S. Intelligence After the Cold War 1992
The Cold War Navy in the Post War World 1993
Communism Between Marx and the Marketplace:: Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy 1987
THE COMPREHENSIVE TEST BAN TREATY: The Costs Outweigh the Benefits 1999
Congress Surrenders the War Powers: Libya, the United Nations, and the Constitution 2011
Constitutional Problems with Enforcing the Biological Weapons Convention 2000
Corporate Welfare for Weapons Makers: The Hidden Costs of Spending on Defense and Foreign Aid 1999
A Costly Commitment: Options for the Future of the U.S.-Taiwan Defense Relationship 2016
Countdown to Disaster:: The Threat of Ballistic Missile Proliferation 1991
Cracks in the Foundation: NATO’s New Troubles 2008
Death Knell for NATO?: The Bush Administration Confronts the European Security and Defense Policy 2001
Declaring an Armistice in the International Drug War 1993
Deployed in the U.S.A.: The Creeping Militarization of the Home Front 2003
Do Not Endorse the Law of the Sea Treaty 1994
Do We Need to Go to War For Oil? 1990
Don’t Resurrect the Law of the Sea Treaty 2005
Doublespeak and the War on Terrorism 2006
Draft Registration:: The Politics of Institutional Immortality 1994
Draft Registration:: It's Time to Repeal Carter's Final Legacy 1987
Dubious Anniversary: Kosovo One Year Later 2000
Economic Effects of Reductions in Defense Outlays 2012
Economic Sanctions:: Foreign Policy Levers or Signals? 1989
Economic Security: A National Security Folly? 2001
Education and Indoctrination in the Muslim World: Is There a Problem? What Can We Do about It? 2004
Effective Counterterrorism and the Limited Role of Predictive Data Mining 2006
Emigration and Citizenship:: Implications for Soviet-American Relations 1986
The Empire Strikes Out: The “New Imperialism” and Its Fatal Flaws 2002
Empty Promises: Why the Bush Administration’s Half-Hearted Attempts at Defense Reform Have Failed 2002
The Eurocorps:: A Fresh Start in Europe 1992
European Union Defense Policy: An American Perspective 2004
Extremist, Nuclear Pakistan: An Emerging Threat? 2003
Failed States and Flawed Logic: The Case against a Standing Nation-Building Office 2006
The Fallacy of Economic Security 1995
Faulty Justifications and Ominous Prospects: NATO’s “Victory” in Kosovo 1999
Faulty Repairs:: The Law of the Sea Treaty is Still Unacceptable 1994
Fighting the War against Terrorism: Elite Forces, Yes; Conscripts, No 2002
Fixing What Ain’t Broke: The Renewed Call for Conscription 1999
FLAWED DEMOCRACIES: The Dubious Political Credentials of NATO's Proposed New Members 1998
Flying the Unfriendly Skies: Defending against the Threat of Shoulder-Fired Missiles 2005
A Foreign Policy Report Card on the Clinton-Gore Administration 2000
Friends Like These: Why Petrostates Make Bad Allies 2015
From the Sea: National Missile Defense Is Neither Cheap Nor Easy 2000
The Futility of U.S. Intervention in Regional Conflicts 1994
Global Interventionism and a New Imperial Presidency 1986
Gorbachev and Glasnost--A New Soviet Order?: Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy 1989
A Grand Façade: How the Grand Jury Was Captured by Government 2003
Green Wars: Making Environmental Degradation a National Security Issue Puts Peace and Security at Risk 2000
HARD CHOICES: Fighter Procurement in the Next Century 1999
Help or Hindrance:: Can Foreign Aid Prevent International Crises? 1997
The High Cost of NATO Expansion:: Clearing the Administration's Smoke Screen 1997
A Hollow Debate on Military Readiness 2000
The Illusion of Chaos: Why Ungoverned Spaces Aren’t Ungoverned, and Why That Matters 2014
The Illusion of Power:: Aircraft Carriers and U.S. Military Strategy 1990
Instinct for the Capillary:: The Clinton Administration's Foreign Policy "Successes" 1996
Iran’s Nuclear Program: America’s Policy Options 2006
Is Chinese Military Modernization a Threat to the United States? 2003
IS READINESS OVERRATED?: Implications for a Tiered Readiness Force Structure 1999
“Isolationism” as the Denial of Intervention: What Foreign Policy Is and Isn’t 2000
Japan’s Security Evolution 2016
Joint Strike Fighter: Can a Multiservice Fighter Program Succeed? 2002
Killing with Kindness:: The UN Peacekeeping Mission in Bosnia 1995
Learning the Right Lessons from Iraq 2008
Let the Soviet Jews Come to America 1991
Let’s Make National Missile Defense Truly “National” 2000
Loose Cannon:: The National Endowment for Democracy 1993
Mending the U.S.–European Rift over the Middle East 2003
A Miasma of Corruption:: The United Nations at 50 1996
The Military Industrial Firm -- Private Enterprise Revised 1983
Mini-Nukes and Preemptive Policy: A Dangerous Combination 2003
The Misleading Military "Readiness Crisis" 1995
Missile Defense: Defending America or Building Empire? 2003
Missing the Point:: Why the Reforms of the Joint Chiefsof Staff Won't Improve U.S. Defense Policy 1988
More Defense Spending for Smaller Forces:: What Hath DoD Wrought? 1988
NATIONAL MISSILE DEFENSE: Examining the Options 1999
NATO at 60: A Hollow Alliance 2009
NATO Expansion and the Danger of a Second Cold War 1996
Nato Expansion Flashpoint No. 1:: The Border between Poland and Belarus 1997
NATO EXPANSION FLASHPOINT NO. 2: The Border between Hungary and Serbia 1997
NATO in the 1990s:: Burden Shedding Replaces Burden Sharing 1990
The New Homeland Security Apparatus: Impeding the Fight against Agile Terrorists 2002
North Korea and the Risks of Coercive Nonproliferation 1993
Nuclear Deterrence, Preventive War, and Counterproliferation 2004
The Nunn-Lugar Act:: A Wasteful and Dangerous Illusion 1996
Obama's Foreign Policy Legacy and the Myth of Retrenchment 2017
Old Folly in a New Disguise: Nation Building to Combat Terrorism 2002
Pakistan and the Future of U.S. Policy 2009
Pakistan in America’s War against Terrorism: Strategic Ally or Unreliable Client? 2002
Parting with Illusions: Developing a Realistic Approach to Relations with Russia 2008
Pentagon Myths and Global Realities:: The 1993 Military Budget 1992
The Pentagon's Fraudulent Bottom-Up Review 1994
Perestroika and the Soviet Military:: Implications for U.S. Policy 1990
Perilous Panacea:: The Military in the Drug War 1990
The Pitfalls of U.S. Covert Operations 1989
Politics and the National Defense:: The 1993 Defense Bill 1993
Precision-Guided Munitions and the Neutron Bomb 1982
Present at the Re-Creation:: The Need for a Rebirth of American Foreign Policy 1993
Preserving the Iran Nuclear Deal: Perils and Prospects 2017
Privatizing the Transportation Security Administration 2013
The Problem with the Light Footprint: Shifting Tactics in Lieu of Strategy 2016
PROTECTING THE HOMELAND: The Best Defense Is to Give No Offense 1998
Pursuing a Strategic Divorce:: The U.S. and the Anzus Alliance 1986
THE QUADRENNIAL DEFENSE REVIEW: Reiterating the Tired Status Quo 1998
Reagan, National Security, and the First Amendment:: Plugging Leaks by Shutting Off the Main 1984
Reagan's 1983 Defense Budget:: An Analysis and an Alternative 1982
Reagan's Nuclear Defense Strategy:: Myth and Reality 1982
REAL ID: A State-by-State Update 2014
Reappraising Nuclear Security Strategy 2006
REASONABLE DOUBT: The Case against the Proposed International Criminal Court 1998
Red Phoenix Rising?: Dealing with the Communist Resurgence in Eastern Europe 1996
Reducing a Common Danger: Improving Russia’s Early-Warning System 2001
Reforming a Defense Industry Rife with Socialism, Industrial Policy, and Excessive Regulation 2001
Responding to the Threat of Smallpox Bioterrorism: An Ounce of Prevention Is Best Approach 2002
Responsible Counterterrorism Policy 2014
Robust Response to 9/11 Is Needed: but Poking the Hornets’ Nest Is Ill-Advised 2001
The Rogue State Doctrine and National Missile Defense 2001
The Security Pretext: An Examination of the Growth of Federal Police Agencies 2005
Setting a Dangerous Precedent in Somalia 1992
Should the United States “Weaponize” Space?: Military and Commercial Implications 2002
The Sins of Security Assistance Programs 1992
Smallpox and Bioterrorism: Why the Plan to Protect the Nation Is Stalled and What to Do 2003
The Social and Economic Effects Of Nuclear War 1982
The Somali Crisis:: Time for an African Solution 1994
Somalia, Redux: A More Hands-Off Approach 2009
Special Operations Military Training Abroad and Its Dangers 1999
Staying out of Potential Nuclear Crossfires 1993
Step Back: Lessons for U.S. Foreign Policy from the Failed War on Terror 2017
Strengthening the Biological Weapons Convention: Illusory Benefits and Nasty Side Effects 1999
Subtract Unneeded Nuclear Attack Submarines from the Fleet 1998
Suicide Terrorism and Democracy: What We’ve Learned Since 9/11 2006
The Syria Accountability Act: Taking the Wrong Road to Damascus 2004
Technologies Converge and Power Diffuses: The Evolution of Small, Smart, and Cheap Weapons 2016
Terrorism and Immigration: A Risk Analysis 2016
Theater Missile Defense:: A Limited Capability Is Needed 1998
Threats to Financial Privacy and Tax Competition 2003
TILTING AT WINDMILLS: Post-Cold War Military Threats to U.S. Security 1999
Time for Congress to Vote on the Issue of War in the Gulf 1990
To Reduce Military Tensions in Europe, Ban Conscription 1989
Totalitarian Global Management:: The UN's War on the Liberal International Economic Order 1985
Two Kinds of Change: Comparing the Candidates on Foreign Policy 2008
Undermining Mexico’s Dangerous Drug Cartels 2011
Unforced Error: The Risks of Confrontation with Iran 2017
The United States and Third World Dictatorships:: A Case for Benign Detachment 1985
The United States Should Begin Work on a New Bomber Now 2000
Unsavory Bedfellows: Washington’s International Partners in the War on Drugs 2002
U.S. Aid to Anti-Communist Rebels:: The "Reagan Doctrine" and Its Pitfalls 1986
The U.S. Campaign Against International Narcotics Trafficking:: A Cure Worse than the Disease 1985
U.S. "Global Leadership":: A Euphemism for World Policeman 1997
U.S. Military Spending in the Cold War Era:: Opportunity Costs, Foreign Crises, and Domestic Constraints 1988
The U.S.-South Korea Alliance: Outdated, Unnecessary, and Dangerous 2010
V-22:: Osprey or Albatross? 2003
The Volunteer Military:: Better than a Draft 1991
Warrior Cops: The Ominous Growth of Paramilitarism in American Police Departments 1999
Watching You: Systematic Federal Surveillance of Ordinary Americans 2001
The Western European Union as NATO's Successor 1995
Why Spy?: The Uses and Misuses of Intelligence 1996
Will China Solve the North Korea Problem?: The United States Should Develop a Diplomatic Strategy to Persuade Beijing to Help 2016
Withdrawing From Overseas Bases: Why a Forward-Deployed Military Posture Is Unnecessary, Outdated, and Dangerous 2017
Wrong War, Wrong Place, Wrong Time: Why Military Action Should Not Be Used to Resolve the North Korean Nuclear Crisis 2003