Commonwealth Forestry Association Publisher Description

Sustainable forest management plays a central role in our future, which in turn requires the training and development of forestry professionals.  That's where the CFA comes in. We work in all corners of the Commonwealth and beyond to promote the wise management of trees and forests, and we do this in five main ways.

First, we publish world-class science via our peer-reviewed forestry journal, the International Forestry Review, in which the most up-to-date research results are published.

Second, we facilitate networking of professional members and organisations and exchange of knowledge via our quarterly newsletter, website, Facebook page andTwitter feed.

Third, we encourage professional excellence and promote career development using a range of awards, such as the Queen’s Award for Forestry, the Young Forester Award and the Young Scientist Research Award.

Fourth, we carry out a range of specific projects in the field that have been identified by our membership.

And fifth, we promote capacity building by helping to organise training courses, workshops, and conferences.

Journals in JSTOR from Commonwealth Forestry Association
1 Journal in JSTOR Date Range
The International Forestry Review 1999 - 2001
The Commonwealth Forestry Review 1962 - 1998
Empire Forestry Review 1946 - 1962
Empire Forestry Journal 1922 - 1945