Department of History, National University of Singapore Publisher Description

The department enjoys a worldwide reputation for teaching and research excellence, and offers training at undergraduate and graduate levels. The faculty comprises more than 30 specialists, and in each year approximately 5,000 undergraduates enroll in a slate of about 50 modules. The Department's teaching and research expertise lies primarily in the history of Southeast and East Asia, but there is strong selection of module offerings in European, American, and military history, as well as the history of art, business, religion, science and technology.

The faculty members are committed to teaching the content of history as well as the crucial research skills in critical reading, thinking, writing and oral communication. They are also actively engaged in research and publication.

Journals in JSTOR from Department of History, National University of Singapore
1 Journal in JSTOR Date Range
Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 1970 - 2013
Journal of Southeast Asian History 1960 - 1969