Field Museum of Natural History Publisher Description
The Field Museum is an educational institution concerned with the diversity and relationships in nature and among cultures. It provides collection-based research and learning for understanding and appreciation of our world. Combining Anthropology, Botany, Geology, Paleontology and Zoology, the Museum uses an interdisciplinary approach to increasing knowledge about the past, present and future of the earth, its biota, people, and their cultures. The Museum holds encyclopedic collections of biological and geological specimens and cultural objects as the data needed to understand the nature of - and conditions affecting - environmental and cultural change. Supporting these collections are significant collections of books, periodicals, photographs, illustrations, computer data, archival and instructional material. Like a great research library, our collections of more than 22 million items are a crucial part of the world's knowledge database for the sciences, humanities and the arts. The Museum holds the collections in trust for future generations.
Journals in JSTOR from Field Museum of Natural History
5 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Anthropology Design Series 1924 - 1931
Anthropology, Memoirs 1925 - 1940
Fieldiana. Anthropology 1945 - 2011
Publications of the Field Museum of Natural History. Anthropological Series 1912 - 1951
Publications of the Field Columbian Museum. Anthropological Series 1895 - 1922
Guide (Field Museum of Natural History) 1923 - 1933
Popular Series. Anthropology 1948 - 1959
Anthropology Leaflet 1924 - 1945
Leaflet 1922 - 1924