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IRSA (Istituto per le Ricerche di Storia dell'Arte), was established by Dr. Jozef Grabski in 1979 as a research institute and publishing house subsidiary to the new art periodical, Artibus et Historiae. Jozef Grabski, then a young art historian and research student at Vienna University and at Florence's Fondazione Roberto Longhi, managed to enlist the cooperation of art historians of international repute, including Andre Chastel, Giuliano Briganti, Rene Huyghe, Carlo del Bravo, Everett Fahy, Hermann Fillitz and Konrad Oberhuber, for the new institute and its publication.

IRSA was initially based in Venice (1979 - 1982), then moved to Florence and Vienna, and finally to Cracow (Poland) in 1996, where the semi-yearly art journal Artibus et Historiae is currently published.

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Artibus et Historiae 1980 - 2011