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208 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
1930s or 2020s?: A European Growth Strategy 2012
The 2012 Armenian Parliamentary Elections:: Implications for Armenian Foreign Policy 2012
The 2012 Presidential Elections in Russia:: What Future for the Medvedev-Putin Tandem? 2011
Actors of Accountability in Africa:: ICC, African Union and Nation-States 2015
Afghanistan in Transition:: The Security Context Post-Bin Laden 2011
After Kazan, a Defining Moment for the OSCE Minsk Process 2011
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM):: Implications for Algeria’s Regional and International Relations 2011
Algeria at the Crossroads, Between Continuity and Change 2011
Ambiguous Definitions in the Cyber Domain:: Costs, Risks and the Way Forward 2011
Assessing North Korea’s Nuclear and Missile Programmes:: Implications for Seoul and Washington 2017
Avoiding the Unnecessary War.: Myths and Reality of the West-Iran Nuclear Standoff 2012
Azerbaijan and the Non-Aligned Movement:: Institutionalizing the “Balanced Foreign Policy” Doctrine 2015
Azerbaijan in Transition 2012
Azerbaijan’s Foreign Policy:: Between East and West … 2013
Azerbaijan’s Foreign Policy and the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict 2013
Behind the Scenes of the Turkish-Israeli Breakthrough 2013
Beyond the Asterisk Agreement 2012
Beyond the Intergovernmental- Supranational Divide in EU Foreign Policy:: Insights from Kosovo 2015
Boosting TTIP Negotiations:: A Value Chain Approach 2015
Brexit and the Future of the United Kingdom 2016
Building the Transatlantic Area of Freedom, Security and Justice.: The Case of the Passenger Name Record Agreements 2012
Burma Before the Elections 2015
Can South-Eastern Mediterranean Gas be a Supply for the EU? 2014
Caspian Gas, TANAP and TAP in Europe’s Energy Security 2014
The Challenges for European Policy on Access to Space 2011
Challenges for Global Macroeconomic Stability and the Role of the G7 2017
Changing Migration Patterns in the Mediterranean 2015
A Changing Picture with Unaltered Contours.: US-Iran Antagonism in the Context of the Iraq-Syria Crisis 2015
China in Italy:: Risk Assessment and Preventive Solutions 2021
China Reinterprets the Liberal Peace 2012
China’s Foreign Policy in Northeast Asia:: Implications for the Korean Peninsula 2017
China’s New Silk Road Initiative 2015
Chinese Investments in Italy:: Facing Risks and Grasping Opportunities 2014
Competitive Multipolarity in the Middle East 2014
Confidence-building in Tunisia after the Popular Uprising:: Strategies and Dilemmas of the Interim Government 2011
A Coordinated Approach to Foster Sustainable Growth and Financial Stability 2017
Co-ordination in Tense Times:: Issues for the G7 2017
Creating a Union with a “Human Face”:: A European Unemployment Insurance 2015
Critical Juncture in Cyprus Negotiations 2016
The Cyprus Peace Process Since March 2008:: Short History, State of the Art and What is Next in Store 2011
Dealing with the Ukrainian Crisis:: Transatlantic Strategy Dilemmas 2015
Decoupling Trade from Politics:: The EU and Region-Building in the Andes 2011
Defence Spending in Europe in Light of the Economic Crisis 2012
Democracy in Europe:: Politicizing Champions for the European Public Sphere 2011
Democracy in the EU after the Lisbon Treaty 2011
The Democratic Legitimacy of the EU’s Economic Governance and National Parliaments 2013
Developments in and Obstacles to the US Pivot to Asia:: What Alternatives for Europe? 2012
Did 2016 Mark a New Start for EU External Migration Policy, or Was It Business as Usual? 2016
Does the European External Action Service Represent a Model for the Challenges of Global Diplomacy? 2011
The Eastern Partnership, the Russia-Ukraine War, and the Impact on the South Caucasus 2015
The EEAS and the Western Balkans 2011
Egypt:: Back to Square One? 2013
#ElectricYerevan:: Why Armenia’s Future is in Europe 2015
Energy and Human Rights:: Two Irreconcilable Foreign Policy Goals? The Case of the Trans-Caspian Pipeline in EU-Turkmen Relations 2012
Energy and Politics:: Behind the Scenes of the Nabucco-TAP Competition 2013
Energy Resources and Regional Cooperation in the East Mediterranean 2016
Erbil Sends Oil, Ankara Gets Trouble 2014
The EU and the Korean Peninsula:: Diplomatic Support, Economic Aid and Security Cooperation 2017
The EU and the Libyan Crisis:: In Quest of Coherence? 2011
The EU and the Six-Party Talks 2017
EU Engagement with Local Civil Society in the Great Lakes Region 2013
Eurocriticism:: The Eurozone Crisis and Anti-Establishment Groups in Southern Europe 2013
Europe and Israel:: A Complex Relationship 2016
European Banking Union:: An Immediate Tool for Euro Crisis Management and a Long-Term Project for the Single Market 2014
The European Commission vs. Gazprom:: An Issue of Fair Competition or a Foreign Policy Quarrel? 2013
The European Commission’s Policy Towards the Southern Gas Corridor:: Between National Interests and Economic Fundamentals 2012
European Energy Security and the Role of Russian Gas:: Assessing the Feasibility and the Rationale of Reducing Dependence 2015
European Security and the Future of Transatlantic Relations 2011
A European Strategy for Democracy, Development and Security for the Mediterranean 2011
The European Union and the Reform of the UN Security Council:: Toward a New Regionalism? 2011
The European Union Training Mission in Somalia:: Lessons Learnt for EU Security Sector Reform 2011
The European Union’s Crisis Management After Lisbon:: Addressing New Security Challenges in the 21st Century 2013
The EU’s Conditionality Policy:: A New Strategy to Achieve Compliance 2012
The EU’s Struggle with Normative Leadership in Sub-Saharan Africa 2016
EU-Turkey Energy Cooperation:: Challenges and Opportunities 2014
Fighting against Food Losses and Waste:: An EU Agenda 2017
François Hollande’s Presidency:: A New Era in French Foreign Policy? 2012
From 9/11 to Daʹesh:: What Role for the High Representative and the External Dimension of EU Counter-Terrorism Policies? 2015
From Disfunctionality to Disaggregation and Back?: The Malian Crisis, Local Players and European Interests 2013
From EMU to DEMU:: The Democratic Legitimacy of the EU and the European Parliament 2013
The Future of Multilateral Security Dialogue in the Mediterranean:: Lessons Learnt, Opportunities and Choices 2014
The Future of Syria and the Regional Arms Race 2013
The Future of the European Convention on Human Rights after the Brighton Conference 2012
G7 Economic Cooperation in the Trump Era 2017
The G7’s Task for Restoring Growth and Stability 2017
The GCC Countries and the Arab Spring.: Between Outreach, Patronage and Repression 2012
General Zhukov and the Cyborgs:: A Clash of Civilisation within the Ukrainian Armed Forces 2015
The Geopolitical Impact of TTIP:: A Transatlantic Fortress or an Open Platform? 2015
The Geopolitical Promise of TTIP 2016
Germany Prioritizes the Long-term Goal of Sustainability over the Short-term Goal of Revitalizing the World Economy 2017
Germany’s Ostpolitik.: An Italian Perspective 2017
Global Turkey in Europe: Political, Economic, and Foreign Policy Dimensions of Turkey’s Evolving Relationship with the EU 2013
Global Turkey in Europe III: Democracy, Trade, and the Kurdish Question in Turkey-EU Relations 2015
Governance Challenges of the EU’s 2030 Energy and Climate Framework 2014
Heroes or Villains?: Volunteer Battalions in Post-Maidan Ukraine 2015
How Israel Can Turn the Unrest in the Middle East into an Opportunity for Peacemaking 2011
The Image of Crisis-Ridden Europe and the Division Between Creditor and Debtor Countries:: The Case of Italy 2012
The Impact of the Syrian Crisis on Lebanon.: Local and Regional Rationales for Hezbollah’s Involvement in Syria 2013
Implications of Turkish-Azerbaijani Relations for Regional Security and Development 2013
India 2014:: Return of the One-Party Dominant System 2014
The Informal Europeanization of EU Member State Immigration Policies 2012
Is Europe to Benefit from China’s Belt and Road Initiative? 2015
Is the European Model Relevant for ASEAN? 2014
Is There an Islamist Alternative in Egypt? 2011
Israel and Iran’s Nuclear Weapon Programme:: Roll Back or Containment? 2011
Israel and Iraqi Kurds in a Transforming Middle East 2016
Israel and the Palestinians After the Arab Spring:: No Time for Peace 2012
Israel Remains on the Right.: The Historical Reasons Behind a Long-established Political Supremacy 2013
Israel’s Policies toward Asylum-Seekers:: 2002-2014 2015
Italian Missions Abroad:: National Interests and Procedural Practice 2013
Italy and Saudi Arabia confronting the challenges of the XXI century 2013
Italy and Security in the Mediterranean 2016
Italy and the Renegotiation of the UK’s EU Membership 2015
Italy’s Love Affair with the EU:: Between Continuity and Change 2011
Japan’s Approach to Northeast Asian Security:: Between Nationalism and (Reluctant) Multilateralism 2017
Juggling Security, Democracy and Development in the Caucasus:: What Role for the EU? 2013
The Khartoum Process:: Critical Assessment and Policy Recommendations 2015
Lessons Learned from the Mozambican Peace Process 2013
The Management and Use of Natural Resources and their Potential for Economic and Social Development in the Mediterranean 2013
Mapping Member States’ Stances in a Post-Brexit European Union 2016
Mapping the Proliferation of Parliamentary Actors in the Mediterranean:: Facilitating or Hindering Cooperation? 2017
The Migration and Asylum Crisis as a Transformative Shock for Europe.: Brief Thoughts on the Eve of the Next Summit 2015
The Migration Paradox and EU-Turkey Relations 2017
“Mixed Signals” Still?: The EU’s Democracy and Human Rights Policy Since the Outbreak of the Arab Spring 2012
The Moral Enigma of an Intervention in Syria:: A Just War Analysis 2012
More Than a Trading Power.: Europe’s Political Added Value for Security and Trust Building in Northeast Asia 2017
Moroccan Exceptionalism Examined:: Constitutional Insights pre- and post-2011 2013
The Multilateralisation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:: A Call for an EU Initiative 2015
Myanmar’s Rocky Road to Democracy 2017
The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict:: Current Trends and Future Scenarios 2011
NAPCI and Trilateral Cooperation:: Prospects for South Korea-EU Relations 2017
NATO and European Security:: Back to the Roots? 2015
NATO’s Posture after the Wales Summit 2014
Negotiating the European Union’s Dilemmas:: Proposals on Governing Europe 2016
The Neighbourhood Policy is Dead.: What’s Next for European Foreign Policy Along its Arc of Instability? 2014
The New Energy Resources in the Centre-East Mediterranean:: Potential Current and Future Geo-Strategic Consequences 2016
The New Governance of the Economic and Monetary Union:: Adapted Institutions and Innovative Instruments 2013
North and South Korea:: A Frozen Conflict on the Verge of Unfreezing? 2011
Northeast Asia’s Evolving Security Order:: Power Politics, Trust Building and the Role of the EU 2017
The Offshore Nexus, Sanctions and the Russian Crisis 2015
Oil Price Volatility and the Implications for European Foreign and Security Policy 2016
On the Road to Paris:: How Can the EU Avoid Failure at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 21)? 2015
Opting for Second Best in Libya? 2011
Overhauling EU Policy in the Mediterranean.: Towards More Inclusive, Responsive and Flexible Policies 2015
A People’s Army:: Civil Society as a Security Actor in Post-Maidan Ukraine 2015
Political Stability in Authoritarian Regimes:: Lessons from the Arab Uprisings 2013
Presidential Elections in Armenia and the Opposition’s Long March 2013
Promoting Stability and Development in Africa:: How to Foster Cooperation between Public and Private Sectors 2015
A Proposal for G7/G20 Policy Coordination to Strengthen Global Productivity and Output Growth 2017
The Quest for Political Reform in Azerbaijan:: What Role for the Transatlantic Community? 2012
Raising Awareness Together:: How Can the EU Engage with Civil Society to Promote Sustainable Lifestyles? 2012
Rehashed Commission Delegations or Real Embassies?: EU Delegations Post-Lisbon 2011
Rethinking EU Energy Policies Towards the Southern Mediterranean Region 2014
Rethinking the EU’s Mediterranean Policies Post-1/11 2011
A Return of Armies to the Forefront of Arab Politics? 2011
Reviewing the Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Regimes 2015
Rising Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean:: Implications for Turkish Foreign Policy 2012
The Role of Dual-Use Helicopters in the Security and Defence Field 2015
Russia Plays on Azerbaijan’s Insecurity but Sinks into Its Own Troubles 2013
Russiaʹs Pivot to Asia:: Myths and Realities 2015
Russiaʹs View of Ukraine after the Crisis 2016
Second Revolution on Euromaidan:: What Next for Ukraine? 2014
The September UN Vote on Palestine:: Will the EU Be Up to the Challenge? 2011
Serious and Existential:: The Clinton and Trump Challenges to Transatlantic Relations 2016
The Somali Crisis:: Failed State and International Interventions 2012
Somalia:: A Long Road Ahead 2016
The South East Europe Pipeline:: Greater Benefit for a Greater Number of Actors 2012
The Southern Gas Corridor:: Europe’s Lifeline? 2014
The State-Migration Nexus in the Gulf in Light of the Arab Uprisings 2013
Stop Mass Atrocities: Advancing EU Cooperation with Other International Organizations 2013
Strategy and Its Role in the Future of European Defence Integration 2013
Strengthening the Africa-EU Partnership on Peace and Security:: How to Engage African Regional Organizations and Civil Society 2012
Strengthening the EU’s External Action:: The Need for an EU Food Diplomacy? 2016
Striking a Balance Between Norms and Interests in Italian Foreign Policy:: The Balkans and Libya 2011
The Struggle over the Egyptian Public Sphere 2015
Supporting NAPCI and Trilateral Cooperation:: Prospects for Korea-EU Relations 2017
The Syrian File The Role of the Opposition in a Multi-Layered Conflict 2013
Syriaʹs Impact on the Kurdish Peace Process in Turkey 2017
Technological Innovation and Defence:: The Forza NEC Program in the Euro–Atlantic Framework 2016
Thinking Beyond TAP:: Turkey’s Role in the Southern Energy Corridor 2013
Towards a Stronger Africa-EU Cooperation on Peace and Security:: The Role of African Regional Organizations and Civil Society 2012
Towards the Energy Union:: The BEMIP and the Case of Lithuania 2017
Transatlantic Security from the Sahel to the Horn of Africa 2014
A Trilateral EU-US-Turkey Strategy for the Neighbourhood:: The Urgency of Now 2012
Trust Building and Regional Identity in Northeast Asia 2017
The Tunisian Revolution:: An Opportunity for Democratic Transition 2011
The Turkey-Azerbaijan Energy Partnership in the Context of the Southern Corridor 2014
Turkey’s Energy Strategy and its Role in the EU’s Southern Gas Corridor 2014
Turkey’s Kurdish Gamble 2013
Turkey’s Potential Role in the Emerging South-Eastern Mediterranean Energy Corridor 2014
Una strategia europea di democrazia, sviluppo e sicurezza per il Mediterraneo 2011
An Uncertain Road to Peace:: Domestic and Regional Challenges in the Turkish-Kurdish Process 2013
The Uneasy Balance: Potential and Challenges of the West’s Relations with the Gulf States 2013
The US-EU Energy Trade Dilemma 2015
Vested Interest or Moral Indecisiveness?: Explaining the EU’s Silence on the US Targeted Killing Policy in Pakistan 2012
The West and the Middle East After the Iran Nuclear Deal 2015
What Potential for Cooperation between the EU and Turkey on Diversification of Gas Supply? 2015
What Role for the European Commission in the New Governance of the Economic and Monetary Union? 2013
When Domestic Factors Prevail Upon Foreign Ambitions:: Russia’s Strategic Game in Syria 2012
Where is Israel Heading? 2013
Whither the inter-Korean Dialogue?: Assessing Seoul’s Trustpolitik and Its Future Prospects 2017
Who Needs Whom?: Turkey and Israel Agree on Normalization Deal 2016
Why Does the Islamic State Endure and Expand? 2015
Why Youth Empowerment Can Sustain Tunisia’s Democratic Consolidation 2016
The Winner is TAP:: The EU’s Failed Policy in the South Caucasus 2013
Women and Peace Operations:: The Achievement of the Italian Mission in Herat 2017
The World We Live In.: Megatrends in Global Security, Economy and Governance 2012