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The Louisiana Historical Association (LHA) was founded on April 11, 1889 for the purpose of collecting and disseminating historical information on Louisiana, a goal which remains the primary mission of the association. The LHA has attracted both academics and non-academic members over the years and strives to maintain an even balance between the two groups. In addition to Louisiana History, the LHA also publishes a quarterly newsletter to keep members informed of historical events occurring around the state and to keep members abreast of their fellow members' activities. The LHA hosts an annual state historical conference each Spring, at which members hear presentations of current historical research, share ideas and opinions about the history of the state, and browse the latest titles published on the state's history. Annual awards are given to members and students for their contributions to the study of Louisiana History. The LHA also publishes a number of books related to Louisiana History.

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Louisiana History: The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association 1960 - 2011