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115 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
The 2012 National Elections in Papua New Guinea:: Averting Violence 2012
The 2016 presidential campaign and the crisis of US foreign policy 2016
ADB Outlook Background Paper:: The Evolving Post–crisis World 2010
Al-Qa’ida, Tribes and Instability in Yemen 2009
Ambition:: The Emerging Foreign Policy of the Rudd Government 2008
Antarctica:: Assessing and Protecting Australia’s National Interests 2011
The Audacity of Reasonableness:: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, US Foreign Policy and Australia 2012
Australia in the UN Security Council 2014
Australian foreign fighters:: Risks and responses 2015
Bad Moon Not Rising:: The Myth of the Gulf Shi‘a Crescent 2008
Between Defiance and Détente:: Iran’s 2009 Presidential Election and its Impact on Foreign Policy 2009
Big Enough for All of Us:: Geo-strategic Competition in the Pacific Islands 2013
Building a Democratic Palestine:: An Australian Contribution to Legal and Instututional Development in the Palestinian Territories 2005
Bush is from Mars, Kerry is from Mars too:: The Presidential Election and U.S, Foreign Policy 2004
Can Russia afford to be a great power? 2017
Capital Punishment and Australian Foreign Policy 2006
Caught in the Crossfire:: The Pashtun Tribes of Southeast Afghanistan 2009
China:: Stumbling Through the Pacific 2009
China in the Pacific:: The New Banker in Town 2011
China’s Foreign Policy Dilemma 2013
China’s foreign policy in Afghanistan 2014
Chinese worldviews and China’s foreign policy 2015
Confronting Reality:: Responding to War Criminals Living in Australia 2009
Congress and Asia-Pacific policy:: Dysfunction and neglect 2015
Consular Conundrum:: The Rising Demands and Diminishing Means for Assisting Australians Overseas 2013
Dangerous Luxuries:: How the Quest for Highend Capabilities Leaves the ADF Vulnerable to Mission Failure and More Dependent on the United States 2011
The Dangers of Denial:: Nuclear Weapons in China-India Relations 2011
Defence challenges 2035:: Securing Australia’s lifelines 2014
Design Faults:: The Asia Pacific’s Regional Architecture 2007
The Dragon in the Pacific:: More Opportunity than Threat 2008
Dropping the Autopilot:: Improving Australia’s Defence Diplomacy 2010
Egypt’s Islamist President:: What Lies Ahead? 2012
Enduring Ties and Enduring Interests?: Australia’s Post-Afghanistan Strategic Choices in the Gulf 2011
The European Union and China:: A Rude Awakening 2007
Every Body Counts:: Measuring Violent Deaths 2015
Fiji:: The Flailing State 2009
Fiji’s election and Australia:: the terms of re-engagement 2014
Football Diplomacy Redux:: The 2015 Asian Cup and Australia’s Engagement with Asia 2013
Foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq:: The day after 2016
Fuelling Conformation:: Iran, the US and the Oil Weapon 2006
Full spectrum defence:: Re-thinking the fundamentals of Australian defence strategy 2015
The future of Papua New Guinea:: Old challenges for new leaders 2016
Future proofing Australia–New Zealand defence relations 2016
A G-20 Caucus for East Asia 2009
The G20 needs a growth strategy 2014
The Gulf States and Iran:: Robust Competitors or Interested Bystanders? 2009
Hope or Glory?: The Presidential Election, U.S. Foreign Policy and Australia 2008
How Defence Can Contribute to Australia’s National Security Strategy 2009
India’s new Asia-Pacific strategy:: Modi acts East 2014
India’s New World:: Civil Society in the Making of Foreign Policy 2011
Indonesia and Australia:: Time for a Step Change 2010
Indonesia in the South China Sea:: Going it alone 2016
Indonesian foreign policy under President Jokowi 2014
Inflection Point:: The Australian Defence Force after Afghanistan 2012
Iran, the International Community and the Nuclear Issue:: Where to Next? 2005
Iranian foreign policy under Rouhani 2015
Islamic State propaganda and the mainstream media 2016
Israel's Withrawal from Gaza:: A Role for Australia? 2004
Japan is back:: Unbundling Abe’s Grand Strategy 2013
Jordan’s youth after the Arab Spring 2015
Judicious Ambition:: International Policy Priorities for the New Australian Government 2013
Justice or Stability?: Hizbullah, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and Consequences for the Region 2011
A Key Domino?: Indonesia’s Death Penalty Politics 2012
The 'Khmer Islam' Community in Cambodia and its Foreign Patrons 2004
Koizumi�s Legacy:: Japan�s New Politics 2006
The lion and the kangaroo:: Australia’s strategic partnership with Singapore 2016
Living with the Dragon:: Why Australia Needs a China Strategy 2011
A Long Hot Summer:: Crisis And Opportunity in Afghanistan 2007
Looking for leadership in the Arab Middle East 2015
Measuring Illicit Arms Flows:: Honduras 2016
Measuring Illicit Arms Flows:: Somalia 2016
More talk than walk:: Indonesia as a foreign policy actor 2014
Multilateral Approaches to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle 2005
Neither friend nor foe:: Pakistan, the United States and the war in Afghanistan 2017
Next-gen jihad in the Middle East 2014
Nobody’s Client:: The Reawakening of Iraqi Sovereignty 2009
Nuclear Power in Southeast Asia:: Implications for Australia and Non-Proliferation 2008
Nuclear Security:: What Else Can Australia Do? 2008
Nuclear Weapons and American Strategy in the Age of Obama 2010
Obama’s Surge:: The United States, Australia and the Second War for Afghanistan 2009
Pirates and Privateers:: Managing the Indian Ocean’s Private Security Boom 2012
Policy Overboard:: Australia’s Increasingly Costly Fiji Drift 2011
Principled engagement:: Rebuilding defence ties with Fiji 2016
Problems to Partnership:: A Plan for Australia-India Strategic Ties 2009
The Quiet Achiever:: Australia-Japan Security Relations 2011
Rebuilding Zimbabwe:: Australia’s Role in Supporting the Transition 2009
Reforming the international protection regime:: Responsibilities, roles and policy options for Australia 2016
Reinventing ‘West Asia’:: How the ‘Middle East’ And ‘South Asia’ Fit into Australia’s Strategic Picture 2007
Responding to Indo-Pacific rivalry:: Australia, India and middle power coalitions 2014
Restraining Nuclear Arms in the Asian Century:: An Agenda for Australia 2008
Russia’s Asian rebalance 2015
The shape of Australia’s future engagement with the United Nations 2017
So What?: Matching Policy to Australian Interests in West Asia 2008
Southern Thailand:: From conflict to negotiations? 2014
Stopping a Nuclear Arms Race between America and China 2007
Tactical nuclear weapons in the modern nuclear era 2016
The Testament of Solomons:: Ramsi and International State-Building 2006
Thailand’s triple threat 2017
A Tighter Net:: Strengthening the Proliferation Security Initiative 2009
Toward a Nuclear Weapons Free World:: A Chinese Perspective 2009
Unconventional Partners:: Australia-India Cooperation in Reducing Nuclear Dangers 2009
Understanding China’s Belt and Road Initiative 2017
Uranium for India:: Avoiding the Pitfalls 2007
Violence against women in PNG:: How men are getting away with murder 2014
What Makes a Leader?: Mapping Leadership in our Region 2010
When Turnbull meets Trump 2017
Why the Gulf Matters:: Crafting an Australian Security Policy for the Arabian Gulf 2008
Wicked Weapons:: North Asia’s Nuclear Tangle 2009
Xi Jinping’s moment 2017