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The Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology is published under contract by AltaMira Press, Inc. for the Midwest Archaeological Conference, Inc. MAC, Inc. is a regional society incorporated in the State of Wisconsin with primary membership spanning 13 US states and Canadian provinces.  The Midwest Archaeological Conference was initially formed  in 1956 as an informal annual archaeological conference for the dissemination of new information, and became formally incorporated in 2002. The MCJA has been published since 1976, initially by the Kent State University Press through 1995, and then by The University of Iowa Press.  It was only with formal MAC, Inc. incorporation that the journal became formally linked to the annual Midwest Archaeological Conference and organization.  MCJA is now published and marketed by AltaMira Press, Inc. under contract with MAC, Inc.    
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Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 1976 - 2009
Website: http://www.midwestarchaeology.org/mcja/