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Maisonneuve & Larose

Publisher Description

A house specialized in the serious works on Asia, the Central Asia, the Middle East and Byzance, the Far East, Indian worlds, philosophy, spirituality...

Born in 1835, it is the oldest publisher orientalist in France. Jean Maisonneuve, the current director is the fourth of a dynasty of editors: Adrien, his/her father; Jean-Victor his grandfather and Jean-Claude Maisonneuve, his great-grandfather (born in 1813) founder of the house and editor of the first congress of the Orientalists. In 1961, Maisonneuve joined another house centenaire: Larose.

Journals in JSTOR from Maisonneuve & Larose
1 Journal in JSTOR Date Range
Studia Islamica 1953 - 2011

Maisonneuve & Larose
15, street Victor-Cousin
75005 Paris
Phone: 01 44 41 49 37
Fax: 01 43 25 77 41