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The Micropaleontology Project, Inc., a private non-profit corporation, was formed in July 2003 with the staff and property of the discontinued Micropaleontology Press at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), where it had been housed as an independent program since 1942. The Project was first organized under its present name with "work relief" (WPA) funds during the Depression to build the renowned "Ellis and Messina Catalogue of Foraminifera," at one time employing more than 200 researchers, typists, photographers, artists and printers. During the postwar years at AMNH, with the support of major oil companies, Micro Press expanded to publish catalogues on other microfossil groups (ostracoda, diatoms, radiolaria, coccoliths) as well as the peer-reviewed journal Micropaleontology and the bibliographic service Bibliography and Index of Micropaleontology.

Journals in JSTOR from The Micropaleontology Project., Inc.
1 Journal in JSTOR Date Range
Micropaleontology 1955 - 2011
The Micropaleontologist 1947 - 1954