Milbank Memorial Fund Publisher Description

The Milbank Memorial Fund is an endowed operating foundation that works to improve health by helping decision makers in the public and private sectors acquire and use the best available evidence to inform policy for health care and population health. The Fund has engaged in nonpartisan analysis, study, research, and communication on significant issues in health policy since its inception in 1905. Its staff organizes and participates in meetings with decision makers and publishes reports, books, and the Milbank Quarterly, a peer-reviewed journal of population health and health policy.

Journals in JSTOR from Milbank Memorial Fund
1 Journal in JSTOR Date Range
The Milbank Quarterly 1986 - 2013
The Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly. Health and Society 1973 - 1985
The Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly 1934 - 1972
The Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly Bulletin 1923 - 1933

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