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Agriculture and Food in Crisis: Conflict, Resistance, and Renewal 2010
America's Education Deficit and the War on Youth: Reform Beyond Electoral Politics 2013
The Art of Democracy: A Concise History of Popular Culture in the United States 2002
Behind the Invasion of Iraq 2003
Biology Under the Influence: Dialectical Essays on the Coevolution of Nature and Society 2007
Blowing the Roof off the Twenty-First Century: Media, Politics, and the Struggle for Post-Capitalist Democracy 2014
Build It Now: Socialism for the Twenty-First Century 2006
Capital Accumulation and Women's Labor in Asian Economies 2012
Capitalist Globalization: Consequences, Resistance, and Alternatives 2013
Class Dismissed: Why We Cannot Teach or Learn Our Way Out of Inequality 2011
Cocaine, Death Squads, and the War on Terror: U.S. Imperialism and Class Struggle in Colombia 2011
Columbus: His Enterprise: Exploding the Myth 1991
The Contradictions of "Real Socialism": The Conductor and the Conducted 2012
Cuba, the Media, and the Challenge of Impartiality 2015
The Devils Milk: A Social History of Rubber 2011
Discourse on Colonialism 2000
The Ecological Rift: Capitalisms War on the Earth 2010
The Economic War Against Cuba: A Historical and Legal Perspective on the U.S. Blockade 2013
E.P. Thompson and the Making of the New Left: Essays and Polemics 2014
Eurocentrism 2009
Faces of Latin America: Fourth Edition (Revised) 2013
Fanshen: A Documentary of Revolution in a Chinese Village 2008
A Freedom Budget for All Americans: Recapturing the Promise of the Civil Rights Movement in the Struggle for Economic Justice Today 2013
From Solidarity to Sellout 2011
Global Imperialism and the Great Crisis: The Uncertain Future of Capitalism 2014
Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya 2013
The God Market: How Globalization is Making India More Hindu 2011
The Great Financial Crisis: Causes and Consequences 2009
Hell's Kitchen and the Battle for Urban Space: Class Struggle and Progressive Reform in New York City, 1894-1914 2013
The Hidden Structure of Violence: Who Benefits from Global Violence and War 2015
Hungry for Profit: The Agribusiness Threat to Farmers, Food, and the Environment 2000
Immigrant Women 1985
The Implosion of Contemporary Capitalism 2013
In Walt We Trust: How a Queer Socialist Poet Can Save America from Itself 2015
An Introduction to the Three Volumes of Karl Marx's Capital 2004
Inventing Western Civilization 1997
The Invisible Handcuffs of Capitalism: How Market Tyranny Stifles the Economy by Stunting Workers 2011
Jos Carlos Maritegui: An Anthology 2011
Karl Marx’s Theory of Revolution I 1977
Karl Marx’s Theory of Revolution Vol V 2005
Labor and Monopoly Capital: The Degradation of Work in the Twentieth Century 1998
Labor in the Global Digital Economy: The Cybertariat Comes of Age 2014
Lenin and Philosophy and Other Essays 2001
Lettuce Wars 2013
Magnus Hirschfeld: The Origins of the Gay Liberation Movement 2014
Marxs Ecology: Materialism and Nature 2000
Mexicos Revolution Then and Now 2010
Monopoly Capital 1996
The Necessity of Social Control 2015
One Day in December: Celia Sánchez and the Cuban Revolution 2013
Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent 1997
Paramilitarism and the Assault on Democracy in Haiti 2012
The Peoples Lawyer: The Center for Constitutional Rights and the Fight for Social Justice, From Civil Rights to Guantnamo 2011
The Politics of Genocide 2011
The Problem of the Media: U.S. Communication Politics in the Twenty-First Century 2004
Race in Cuba: Essays on the Revolution and Racial Inequality 2013
Race to Revolution: The U.S. and Cuba during Slavery and Jim Crow 2014
Reconstructing Lenin: An Intellectual Biography 2015
Revolutionary Doctors: How Venezuela and Cuba Are Changing the Worlds Conception of Health Care 2011
The Rise of the Tea Party: Political Discontent and Corporate Media in the Age of Obama 2011
Ruth First and Joe Slovo in the War Against Apartheid 2013
Save Our Unions 2013
Silvertown: The Lost Story of a Strike that Shook London and Helped Launch the Modern Labor Movement 2014
Social Structure and Forms of Conciousness, Volume 2: The Dialectic of Structure and History 2011
The Socialist Imperative: From Gotha to Now 2015
The Theory of Monopoly Capitalism 2014
Three Essays on Marxs Value Theory 2013
Transforming Classes: Socialist Register 2020 2014
The Unlikely Secret Agent 2010
The Vulnerable Planet: A Short Economic History of the Environment 1999
Walter Rodney: A Promise of Revolution 2012
We Are the Poors: Community Struggles in Post-Apartheid South Africa 2002
What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism 2011
Why Unions Matter 2009
Wisconsin Uprising 2010
The Work of Sartre 2012
A World to Build: New Paths toward Twenty-first Century Socialism 2015