Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Publisher Description

The MSH is a foundation "reconnue d'utilite publique" ( a state-approved, non-profit organisation) enacted on January the 4th 1963, and modified by the orders of July the 19th 1966 and of February the 23rd 1973, and which exercises its activities under the tutelage of the Higher Education and Research Ministry.

In charge of supporting and accompanying French research in social sciences, the MSH constitutes a platform for national and international scientific collaboration between institutions, fields and researchers. The action of the MSH which complements the work of other higher education and research insitutions, is carried out as follow:

  • by re-grouping, within the same building - and around common work tools- courses and education in research and documentation relevant to different institutions ;
  • through the organisation of national and international networks for scientific co-operation ;
  • by the implementation of experimental teams likely to determine new research orientations and methods in social sciences ;
  • by the recollection, publication and distribution of scientific data.
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Economic Policy 1985 - 2012