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Yeats Annual 2013 - 2018
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The Altering Eye: Contemporary International Cinema OPEN ACCESS 2009
The Anglo-Scottish Ballad and its Imaginary Contexts OPEN ACCESS 2014
Beyond Holy Russia: The Life and Times of Stephen Graham OPEN ACCESS 2014
Bourdieu and Literature OPEN ACCESS 2011
Brownshirt Princess: A Study of the 'Nazi Conscience' OPEN ACCESS 2009
Cicero, Against Verres, 2.1.53–86: Latin Text with Introduction, Study Questions, Commentary and English Translation OPEN ACCESS 2011
Cicero, On Pompey's Command (De Imperio), 27-49: Latin Text, Study Aids with Vocabulary, Commentary, and Translation OPEN ACCESS 2014
The Classic Short Story, 1870-1925: Theory of a Genre OPEN ACCESS 2014
Coleridge's Laws: A Study of Coleridge in Malta OPEN ACCESS 2010
Denis Diderot's 'Rameau's Nephew': A Multi-media Edition OPEN ACCESS 2014
Digital Humanities Pedagogy: Practices, Principles and Politics OPEN ACCESS 2012
The Digital Public Domain: Foundations for an Open Culture OPEN ACCESS 2012
Economic Fables OPEN ACCESS 2012
The End and the Beginning: The Book of My Life OPEN ACCESS 2010
The End of the World: Apocalypse and its Aftermath in Western Culture OPEN ACCESS 2011
Essays in Conveyancing and Property Law in Honour of Professor Robert Rennie OPEN ACCESS 2015
Feeding the City: Work and Food Culture of the Mumbai Dabbawalas OPEN ACCESS 2013
Fiesco's Conspiracy at Genoa OPEN ACCESS 2015
Foundations for Moral Relativism OPEN ACCESS 2013
From Dust to Digital: Ten Years of the Endangered Archives Programme OPEN ACCESS 2015
Frontier Encounters: Knowledge and Practice at the Russian, Chinese and Mongolian Border OPEN ACCESS 2012
Henry James's Europe: Heritage and Transfer OPEN ACCESS 2011
How to Read a Folktale: The 'Ibonia' Epic from Madagascar OPEN ACCESS 2013
Is Behavioral Economics Doomed?: The Ordinary versus the Extraordinary OPEN ACCESS 2012
Les Bienveillantes de Jonathan Littell: Études réunies par Murielle Lucie Clément OPEN ACCESS 2010
Letters of Blood and Other Works in English OPEN ACCESS 2011
Measuring the Master Race: Physical Anthropology in Norway 1890-1945 OPEN ACCESS 2014
On History: Introduction to World History (1831); Opening Address at the Faculty of Letters, 9 January 1834; Preface to History of France (1869) OPEN ACCESS 2013
Oral Literature in Africa OPEN ACCESS 2012
Oral Literature in the Digital Age: Archiving Orality and Connecting with Communities OPEN ACCESS 2013
The Passion of Max von Oppenheim: Archaeology and Intrigue in the Middle East from Wilhelm II to Hitler OPEN ACCESS 2013
Peace and Democratic Society OPEN ACCESS 2011
A People Passing Rude: British Responses to Russian Culture OPEN ACCESS 2012
Privilege and Property: Essays on the History of Copyright OPEN ACCESS 2010
The Scientific Revolution Revisited OPEN ACCESS 2015
Stories from Quechan Oral Literature OPEN ACCESS 2014
Storytelling in Northern Zambia: Theory, Method, Practice and Other Necessary Fictions OPEN ACCESS 2013
The Sword of Judith: Judith Studies Across the Disciplines OPEN ACCESS 2010
Tacitus, Annals, 15.20-23, 33-45: Latin Text, Study Aids with Vocabulary, and Commentary OPEN ACCESS 2013
Telling Tales: The Impact of Germany on English Children’s Books 1780-1918 OPEN ACCESS 2009
Text and Genre in Reconstruction: Effects of Digitalization on Ideas, Behaviours, Products and Institutions OPEN ACCESS 2010
The Theatre of Shelley OPEN ACCESS 2010
Thomas Annan of Glasgow: Pioneer of the Documentary Photograph OPEN ACCESS 2015
A Time Travel Dialogue OPEN ACCESS 2014
Virgil, Aeneid, 4.1–299: Latin Text, Study Questions, Commentary and Interpretative Essays OPEN ACCESS 2012
Why Do We Quote?: The Culture and History of Quotation OPEN ACCESS 2011
Women in Nineteenth-Century Russia: Lives and Culture OPEN ACCESS 2012
Xiipúktan (First of All): Three Views of the Origins of the Quechan People OPEN ACCESS 2013
Yeats's Mask: Yeats Annual No. 19 OPEN ACCESS 2013