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The Paleontological Society is an international organization devoted exclusively to the advancement of the science of paleontology. The Society was founded in 1908 in Baltimore, Maryland, and has ~1,500 members, including professional paleontologists, academicians, explorationists, science editors, earth-science teachers, museum specialists, land managers, students, amateurs, and hobbyists. The Society holds an Annual Meeting, which is ordinarily in the fall at the same time and place as the Annual Meeting of The Geological Society of America (GSA). The Paleontological Society publishes the Journal of Paleontology six times annually, as well as Paleobiology, which is released quarterly. The Society also publishes, on an irregular basis, The Paleontological Society Memoirs (issued as supplements to the Journal), Short Course Notes, and Special Publications. The Society's official newsletter, Priscum, is issued to all members twice yearly.
Journals in JSTOR from Paleontological Society
3 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Journal of Paleontology 1927 - 2013
Memoir (The Paleontological Society) 1968 - 2009
Paleobiology 1975 - 2012

Professor Roger D. K. Thomas
Secretary, The Paleontological Society
Department of Earth and Environment
Franklin & Marshall College
Lancaster, PA 17604-3003

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