Pluto Journals Publisher Description
Pluto Journals was launched in 2009 and is committed to promote critical thinking and provide a forum for emerging currents of thought on the issues facing our society in this age of globalisation and multiculturalism.

We publish high-quality academic journals in the field of politics, current affairs, international studies, political economy, Arab and Islamic studies and want to offer our broad base of readers worldwide the most original contributions to academic research in those areas, in the attempt to raise political awareness and deepen the knowledge and understanding of other cultures.
Journals in JSTOR from Pluto Journals
8 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Arab Studies Quarterly 1979 - 2017
International Journal of Cuban Studies 2008 - 2016
Policy Perspectives 2004 - 2017
ReOrient 2017
Socialist Lawyer 1986 - 2017
State Crime Journal 2012 - 2015
Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation 2007 - 2017
World Review of Political Economy 2010 - 2017