Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute Publisher Description
The Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute (PVRI) is an independent medical research organization devoted to increasing the awareness and knowledge of pulmonary vascular diseases, and to facilitating advances in the treatment of affected people worldwide. The PVRI is a non-profit international academic medical center. Its activities incorporate the traditional triad of research, education, and clinical care, but the research will focus on pulmonary vascular disease and heart failure, and the education and clinical care will be targeted to countries with healthcare disparities. The PVRI faculty consists of volunteers with academic careers in pulmonary vascular medicine and related fields. Their expertise allows them to conduct basic and translational clinical research at a level that no single academic institution could accomplish. They also provide leadership to foster progress in a way that will best serve the academic community and patients, particularly in underserved areas of the world. 
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Pulmonary Circulation 2011 - 2015