Royal Musical Association Publisher Description

The Royal Musical Association was founded in 1874 'for the investigation and discussion of subjects connected with the art and science of music', and its focus has evolved to embrace all aspects of the study of any kind of music, from history, analysis, and ethnomusicology to studies of perception, reception, and practice-led research. It aims to sustain and enhance British musical culture, while fostering international links and recognizing outstanding scholarly achievement by individuals worldwide, and to support the education and training of young scholars.

The Association's chief activities in pursuit of these aims are the publication and dissemination of books, journals, and similar outlets for research of international standing; the promotion of conferences, symposia, study days, and other public meetings; the sponsorship of awards and prizes; the advocacy of musical studies with public and private policy-making bodies, and with repositories of musical resources; and engagement with the student body in the United Kingdom.

Journals in JSTOR from Royal Musical Association
2 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Journal of the Royal Musical Association 1986 - 2012
Proceedings of the Royal Musical Association 1944 - 1984
Proceedings of the Musical Association 1874 - 1943
Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle 1978 - 2010
R.M.A. Research Chronicle 1961 - 1976