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The Berlin State Museums (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin) constitute a Universal Museum for the preservation, research and mediation of treasures of art and culture of the entire history of humanity. Their collections embrace the areas of European and extra-European art, archaeology and ethnology. Their origins lie in the foundation of the "Royal Museum" through Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia in 1830. Since 1957 they belong to the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation (Stiftung Preu&ischer Kulturbesitz). The Berlin State Museums Publishing Department develops, produces, and publishes the annual Jahrbuch der Berliner Museen and numerous books, exhibition catalogues, coffee-table books, catalogues of the collections holdings, as well as publications on research results, conference proceedings, CDs and DVDs.
Journals in JSTOR from Staatliche Museen zu Berlin -- Preußischer Kulturbesitz
3 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Berliner Museen 1919 - 1973
Amtliche Berichte aus den Preuszischen Kunstsammlungen 1918 - 1919
Amtliche Berichte aus den Königlichen Kunstsammlungen 1880 - 1918
Forschungen und Berichte 1957 - 1991
Jahrbuch der Berliner Museen 1959 - 2010
Jahrbuch der Preuszischen Kunstsammlungen 1919 - 1939
Jahrbuch der Königlich Preussischen Kunstsammlungen 1880 - 1919

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