Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology Publisher Description
The Society is the oldest scientific association devoted to the study of terrestrial vertebrates in the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 1920 as the Pacific Northwest Bird and Mammal Society, the Society has long been recognized as the pre-eminent union of ornithologists and mammalogists in this region. In 1988 the Society adopted its current name, the Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology, to reflect a newly expanded taxonomic scope that included reptiles, amphibians, and (in 1999) fish. The Society endeavors to promote close working relationships among professional and amateur ornithologists, mammalogists, herpetologists, and fisheries biologists in the Northwest. The Society encourages a free exchange of scientific information and fosters interest in the scientific study of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes in this region. The society offers a forum for these activities through meetings and a published journal.
Journals in JSTOR from Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology
1 Journal in JSTOR Date Range
Northwestern Naturalist 1989 - 2012
The Murrelet 1920 - 1988

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