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Research Reports in JSTOR from Sustainable Development Policy Institute
69 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
Adaptation to Climate Change in the Context of Sustainable Development and Equity:: The Case of Pakistan 2002
Air Pollution:: Key Environmental Issues in Pakistan 2005
Air Pollution Reduction and Control in South Asia 2012
An Annotated Bibliography of Research Literature on Energy in Pakistan 1994
Biopiracy:: The Patenting of Basmati by Ricetec 1998
Climate Change and National Security 2012
The Climate Convention:: Unraveling the Kyoto Numbers 1998
Coal-fired Power Generation in Pakistan:: A Policy Paper 2014
The Devastating Impact of Ghazi-Barotha Project on Downstream Water Resources 1995
Development Alternatives:: NGO-Government Partnership in Pakistan 1998
Does Climate Change Matter in Pakistan? 2001
Economic Potential and Environmental Attitudes of Asian Urban Middle Class 1992
Energy and Tax Reforms:: Household Analysis from Pakistan 2014
Energy and Tax Reforms:: Firm-level Analysis from Pakistan 2014
Environment:: A People’s Perspective 1999
Environment and Poverty:: The Vicious Circle 1993
Environmental Evaluation and Accounting:: the Case of Pakistan’s Forests 1998
Environmental Impacts and Mitigation Costs of Cloth and Leather Exports from Pakistan 1999
Environmental Impacts of Tanning and Leather Products Manufacturing Industry in NWFP (Pakistan) 2000
Environmental Security in Pakistan — Are There Grounds for Optimism? 2001
The Environment-Poverty Nexus:: An Institutional Analysis 2000
Experiments with Industrial Policy:: The Case of Pakistan 2012
Food Legislation in South Asia and its Link with Food Security: (A case study of Pakistan) 2013
Forest Management Paradigms and Resource Rights in Historical Perspective:: Evidence from the Swat District, Pakistan 2010
Framework Convention on Climate Change 1993
Fund-raising for Energy Projects in Pakistan 2015
Future of Sustainable Development in South Asia 2013
Green Growth and Technological Innovation:: A case for South Asian countries 2013
How Can Pakistan Reduce Infant and Child Mortality Rates?: A Decomposition Analysis 2004
Implementing NEQS Pakistan’s Experience in Industrial Pollution Control 1998
Importing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG):: A Policy Analysis 2014
Indigenous Rights and Biodiversity Conservation A Case Study of Ayubia National Park 2000
The Integration of Economics into Pakistan’s Biodiversity Action Plan — A Case Study 2001
International Environmental Negotiation:: The Case for a South Secretariat 1998
The International Waste Trade and its Policy Implications for Pakistan 1995
The Kyoto Protocol and Sustainable Development 2002
Lead Exposure And Children:: Blood Lead Levels in School Children Resulting From Leaded Petrol Use and Increasing Road Traffic in Pakistan 2003
Mainstreaming Pakistan for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation Plus (REDD+):: The way forward to Readiness Phase 2011
Natural Resource Allocation in Balochistan and NWFP:: Reasons for Discontent 2009
Natural Resources:: Blessing or Curse 2010
NGOs and Environmental Sustainability:: Issues and a Reserach Agenda 1994
NGOs and the Environment in Pakistan 1994
Note on the First Meeting of the UN Commission for Sustainable Development 1993
Ozone Layer Depletion and its Prevention:: From Theory to Practice 1993
Pakistan:: Energy Sector Appraisal 2013
Pakistan in the Global Seed Politics 2001
The Pakistan National Conservation Strategy:: A Plan of Action for The 1990s 1993
Pakistan's Textile and Clothing Sector:: Its Future in the European Union 2009
Pakistan’s Water Challenges:: A Human Development Perspective 2006
Pesticides and Environment Situation in Pakistan 1994
Population Dynamics, Environment Changes, and Development Processes in Developing Countries 1993
Population, Environment and De-Responsibilisation:: Case Studies from the Rural Areas of Pakistan 1992
Poverty and Environment 2002
Proposal for Development of Islamabad Municipal Conservation Strategy 2000
The Quest for Sustainable Forest Management:: Exploring Public-Private Partnerships in the Forestry Sector in Pakistan 2007
Regional Initiatives (Institutional, Human, Organizational) Required to Implement the Agreements on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT), and on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS) and their Provisions 2003
Risk Efficient Resource Allocation in Agricultural Systems of Pakistan:: A Farm Level Analysis 1998
The Roots of Unsustainability:: Colonisation in Space and Time 1993
Rural Water Supply Scheme Sustainability in Pakistan:: A Comparative Institutional Analysis 1998
Socio-Environmental & Behavioural Correlates of Child Morbidity in Pakistan 1995
Some issues associated with Pakistan's Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP) 2000
The State of Forests in Pakistan through a Pressure-State-Response Framework 2002
Structural Adjustment and Health in Pakistan 1998
Study on Effluents from Selected Sugar Mills in Pakistan:: Potential Environmental, Health, and Economic Consequences of an Excessive Pollution Load 2006
Sustainable Cotton Production, Trade and Environmental Impact:: Policy Issues and Options for Pakistan 1998
Sustainable Development:: Concepts, Measures and Conflicts 1998
Sustainable Energy for All in South Asia:: Potential, Challenges, and Solutions 2015
A Trade-off Between Expected Returns and Risk Among Farmers of Rice-Wheat Farming System of Punjab, Pakistan 1998
Water Harvesting in Mountain Areas of Pakistan:: Issues and Options 2000