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With more than 700 years of history and 145,000 students, La Sapienza is the largest university in Europe, and the second largest in the world after Cairo. The recent reforms have led to the creation of 11 faculties. There are more than 4,500 lecturers and researchers, and around 5,000 technicians and administrative staff. La Sapienza offers more than 370 degree courses, 300 masters, and 117 PhD. Its facilities include 155 libraries, 21 museums, and guidance and information points.

Its 143,000 students include more than 30,000 from outside Rome, and more than 7,000 non-Italians, as well as around 1000 Erasmus students a year. Thanks to its 67 departments and more than 30 study centers, La Sapienza achieves levels of excellence in various fields of research, as statistics and demography. It is a state university, independent and free, committed to contributing to the development of the knowledge society through research, first-rate teaching and international cooperation.

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