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African Police and Soldiers in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1923-80 2011
Africans and the Politics of Popular Culture 2009
Afro-Brazilians: Cultural Production in a Racial Democracy 2009
Afro-Cuban Diasporas in the Atlantic World 2010
Analyzing Atonal Music: Pitch-Class Set Theory and Its Contexts 2008
An Annotated Catalogue of the Edward C. Atwater Collection of American Popular Medicine and Health Reform: Volume III, Supplement: A-Z 2008
Anton Heiller: Organist, Composer, Conductor 2014
Aristophanic Comedy and the Challenge of Democratic Citizenship 2012
The Art of Musical Phrasing in the Eighteenth Century: Punctuating the Classical "Period" 2008
August Halm: A Critical and Creative Life in Music 2009
Bach to Brahms: Essays on Musical Design and Structure 2015
Bacteriology in British India: Laboratory Medicine and the Tropics 2012
Bailiwick Magistrates and Local Governance in Normandy, 1670-1740: Bailiwick Magistrates and Local Governance in Normandy, 1670-1740 2008
The Ballet Collaborations of Richard Strauss 2009
Barefoot Doctors and Western Medicine in China 2012
Beriberi in Modern Japan: The Making of a National Disease 2012
Berlioz: Scenes from the Life and Work 2008
Beyond The Art of Finger Dexterity: Reassessing Carl Czerny 2008
The Birth Control Clinic in a Marketplace World 2012
Blood on the Tides: "The Ozidi Saga" and Oral Epic Narratology 2014
Building the Operatic Museum: Eighteenth-Century Opera in Fin-de-Siècle Paris 2013
Burma's Pop Music Industry: Creators, Distributors, Censors 2011
The Business of Black Power: Community Development, Capitalism, and Corporate Responsibility in Postwar America 2012
Busoni as Pianist 2010
By My Absolute Royal Authority: Justice and the Castilian Commonwealth at the Beginning of the First Global Age 2005
The Career of an Eighteenth-Century Kapellmeister: The Life and Music of Antonio Rosetti (ca. 1750-1792) 2014
Charles Nicolle, Pasteur's Imperial Missionary: Typhus and Tunisia 2006
Civic Christianity in Renaissance Italy: The Hospital of Treviso, 1400-1530 2007
Claude Vivier: A Biography 2014
A Clean Sweep?: The Politics of Ethnic Cleansing in Western Poland, 1945-1960 2006
Communities and Health Care: The Rochester, New York, Experiment 2011
Composing for Japanese Instruments 2008
Critical Thinking in Slovakia after Socialism 2013
David Hume and Eighteenth-Century America 2005
Debussy's Letters to Inghelbrecht: The Story of a Musical Friendship 2005
Edinburgh German Yearbook 1: Cultural Exchange in German Literature 2007
Edward Wilmot Blyden and the Racial Nationalist Imagination 2012
Enchanted Calvinism: Labor Migration, Afflicting Spirits, and Christian Therapy in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana 2013
Enlightened Feudalism: Seigneurial Justice and Village Society in Eighteenth-Century Northern Burgundy 2008
Ethnicity in Zimbabwe: Transformations in Kalanga and Ndebele Societies, 1860-1990 2012
Expansion and Crisis in Louis XIV's France: Franche-Comté and Absolute Monarchy, 1674-1715 2009
Explaining Tonality: Schenkerian Theory and Beyond 2005
The Fante and the Transatlantic Slave Trade 2011
Female Circumcision and Clitoridectomy in the United States: A History of a Medical Treatment 2014
French Music, Culture, and National Identity, 1870-1939 2008
The French Symphony at the Fin de Siècle: Style, Culture, and the Symphonic Tradition 2013
From Boulanger to Stockhausen: Interviews and a Memoir 2013
From the Boardroom to the War Room: America's Corporate Liberals and FDR's Preparedness Program 2005
Genetic Criticism and the Creative Process: Essays from Music, Literature, and Theater 2009
Globalization and Catching-Up in Transition Economies 2002
Globalization and Sustainable Development in Africa 2011
Good Music for a Free People: The Germania Musical Society in Nineteenth-Century America 2010
Gunther Schuller: A Life in Pursuit of Music and Beauty 2011
György Kurtág: Three Interviews and Ligeti Homages 2009
Harry Partch, Hobo Composer 2014
Health and Wealth: Studies in History and Policy 2005
Health and Zionism: The Israeli Health Care System, 1948-1960 2008
Health Care Reform: Ethics and Politics 2006
HIV/AIDS, Illness, and African Well-Being 2007
Humor and Irony in Nineteenth-Century German Women's Writing: Studies in Prose Fiction, 1840-1900 2007
Ideology, Politics, and Diplomacy in East Central Europe 2003
Indirect Rule in South Africa: Tradition, Modernity, and the Costuming of Political Power 2008
Infections, Chronic Disease, and the Epidemiological Transition: A New Perspective 2014
Inside Conducting 2013
Interconnections: Gender and Race in American History 2012
International Relations in Psychiatry: Britain, Germany, and the United States to World War II 2010
Ira Aldridge: Performing Shakespeare in Europe, 1852-1855 2013
Ira Aldridge:: The Early Years, 1807-1833 2011
Ira Aldridge:: The Vagabond Years, 1833-1852 2011
Irony and Sound: The Music of Maurice Ravel 2009
Janácek beyond the Borders 2009
Javanese Gamelan and the West 2013
Jenatsch's Axe: Social Boundaries, Identity, and Myth in the Era of the Thirty Years' War 2008
John Kirkpatrick, American Music, and the Printed Page 2013
John W. Thompson: Psychiatrist in the Shadow of the Holocaust 2010
Kant and the Concept of Community 2011
Kant in Brazil 2012
Labour, Land and Capital in Ghana: From Slavery to Free Labour in Asante, 1807-1956 2005
Laughter between Two Revolutions: Opera Buffa in Italy, 1831-1848 2013
Leon Kirchner: Composer, Performer, and Teacher 2010
Lies and Epiphanies: Composers and Their Inspiration from Wagner to Berg 2014
The Life of the Clinician: The Autobiography of Michael Lepore 2001
Liszt's Final Decade 2014
Liszt's Transcultural Modernism and the Hungarian-Gypsy Tradition 2011
Literary Translation and the Idea of a Minor Romania 2014
The Lobotomy Letters: The Making of American Psychosurgery 2013
Looking for the "Harp" Quartet: An Investigation into Musical Beauty 2011
Louis XIV's Assault on Privilege: Nicolas Desmaretz and the Tax on Wealth 2012
Manhood Enslaved: Bondmen in Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century New Jersey 2011
Marching to the Canon: The Life of Schubert's "Marche militaire" 2014
Marianna Martines: A Woman Composer in the Vienna of Mozart and Haydn 2010
Marriage of Convenience: Rockefeller International Health and Revolutionary Mexico 2006
Maurice Duruflé: The Man and His Music 2007
Meat Matters: Butchers, Politics, and Market Culture in Eighteenth-Century Paris 2006
The Mechanization of the Heart:: Harvey & Descartes 2001
Medicine and the Workhouse 2013
The Men and Women We Want: Gender, Race, and the Progressive Era Literacy Test Debate 2010
Mendelssohn, the Organ, and the Music of the Past: Constructing Historical Legacies 2014
Movements, Borders, and Identities in Africa 2009
Music and Musical Composition at the American Academy in Rome 2014
Music in Print and Beyond: Hildegard von Bingen to The Beatles 2013
The Music of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach 2014
The Music of the Moravian Church in America 2008
Music Speaks: On the Language of Opera, Dance, and Song 2009
Music Theory and Mathematics: Chords, Collections, and Transformations 2008
Musicking Shakespeare: A Conflict of Theatres 2007
Narratives of Identity in Alban Berg's "Lulu" 2014
Natural Resources and Conflict in Africa: The Tragedy of Endowment 2007
Nazi Policy on the Eastern Front, 1941: Total War, Genocide, and Radicalization 2012
The Neurological Patient in History 2012
Nigeria, Nationalism, and Writing History 2010
Nigerian Pentecostalism 2014
Not Russian Enough?: Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism in Nineteenth-Century Russian Opera 2014
Of Poetry and Song: Approaches to the Nineteenth-Century Lied 2010
Opera and Ideology in Prague: Polemics and Practice at the National Theater, 1900-1938 2006
The Origins of Organ Transplantation: Surgery and Laboratory Science, 1880-1930 2010
Othmar Schoeck: Life and Works 2009
A Paradise of Priests: Singing the Civic and Episcopal Hagiography of Medieval Liège 2014
Pentatonicism from the Eighteenth Century to Debussy 2007
Performing Gender, Place, and Emotion in Music: Global Perspectives 2013
Plague and Public Health in Early Modern Seville 2013
Polish Cinema in a Transnational Context 2014
Political Culture and Nationalism in Malawi: Building Kwacha 2010
The Politics of Chieftaincy: Authority and Property in Colonial Ghana, 1920-1950 2014
The Politics of Piety: Franciscan Preachers During the Wars of Religion, 1560-1600 2004
The Politics of Vaccination: Practice and Policy in England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland, 1800-1874 2008
Pragmatic Toleration: The Politics of Religious Heterodoxy in Early Reformation Antwerp, 1515-1555 2015
Protest Song in East and West Germany since the 1960s 2007
Public Health and the Risk Factor: A History of an Uneven Medical Revolution 2003
Rain of Years:: Great Expectations and the World of Dickens 2001
Ralph Kirkpatrick: Letters of the American Harpsichordist and Scholar 2014
The Rediscovered Writings of Veza Canetti: Out of the Shadows of a Husband 2007
Reformation and the German Territorial State: Upper Franconia, 1300-1630 2008
Representing Bushmen: South Africa and the Origin of Language 2009
Representing Non-Western Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain 2007
Rethinking Hanslick: Music, Formalism, and Expression 2013
The Reverend Jennie Johnson and African Canadian 2013
Rockefeller Money, the Laboratory and Medicine in Edinburgh 1919-1930:: New Science in an Old Country 2005
The Royal Doctors, 1485-1714:: Medical Personnel at the Tudor and Stuart Courts 2001
Samuel Barber Remembered: A Centenary Tribute 2010
Schubert in the European Imagination, Volume 1: The Romantic and Victorian Eras 2006
Schumann's Piano Cycles and the Novels of Jean Paul 2004
The Scourge of Demons: Possession, Lust, and Witchcraft in a Seventeenth-Century Italian Convent 2009
The Sea on Fire: Jean Barraqué 2003
Shifting Boundaries of Public Health: Europe in the Twentieth Century 2008
A Show of Hands for the Republic: Opinion, Information, and Repression in Eighteenth-Century Rural France 2014
Smolensk under the Nazis: Everyday Life in Occupied Russia 2013
The Spanish Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919: Perspectives from the Iberian Peninsula and the Americas 2014
Stress, Shock, and Adaptation in the Twentieth Century 2014
The Substance of Things Heard: Writings about Music 2005
Sufi City: Urban Design and Archetypes in Touba 2006
Susan B. Anthony and the Struggle for Equal Rights 2012
Three Questions for Sixty-Five Composers 2011
Transforming the Republic of Letters: Pierre-Daniel Huet and European Intellectual Life, 1650-1720 2007
Turning Points in Historiography: A Cross-Cultural Perspective 2002
The Twelve-Tone Music of Luigi Dallapiccola 2010
Unmasking Ravel: New Perspectives on the Music 2011
The Urban Roots of Democracy and Political Violence in Zimbabwe: Harare and Highfield, 1940-1964 2008
Variations on the Canon: Essays on Music from Bach to Boulez in Honor of Charles Rosen on His Eightieth Birthday 2008
Venereal Disease, Hospitals and the Urban Poor: London's "Foul Wards," 1600-1800 2004
Verdi in America: Oberto' through 'Rigoletto' 2011
Wade Hampton Frost, Pioneer Epidemiologist 1880-1938: Up to the Mountain 2004
Wagner's Meistersinger: Performance, History, Representation 2002
Wagner's Visions: Poetry, Politics, and the Psyche in the Operas through "Die Walküre" 2014
The Whistling Blackbird: Essays and Talks on New Music 2010
Widor: A Life beyond the Toccata 2011
Window on Congress: A Congressional Biography of Barber B. Conable, Jr. 2004
Women and Slavery in Nineteenth-Century Colonial Cuba 2012
Women's Authority and Society in Early East-Central Africa 2010
The Workers' Health Fund in Eretz Israel: Kupat Holim, 1911-1937 2002
Yorùbá Identity and Power Politics 2006