US-Korea Institute at SAIS -test Research Reports
Research Reports in JSTOR from US-Korea Institute at SAIS -test
27 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
2010 Nuclear Security Summit National Commitment Implementation:: Steps in the Fight Against Nuclear Terrorism 2012
The 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit and HEU Minimization 2012
Abe Plays the North Korea Card 2014
Building a Better International Nuclear Security Standard 2012
Dependence and Mistrust:: North Korea’s Relations with Moscow and the Evolution of Juche 2008
Ending the Korean War:: Considerations on the Role of History 2008
Ensuring the Security of Radioactive Sources:: National and Global Responsibilities 2012
The Forgotten War’s POW Saint 2013
How Korea Could Become a Regional Power in Northeast Asia:: Building a Northeast Asian Triad 2008
Japan and North Korea:: The Long and Twisted Path towards Normalcy 2008
The Korean Wave in American Politics 2015
MacArthur Document Reports Imperial Japanese Military’s “Sanction” of Comfort Women Brothels 2013
Maintaining High-Level Focus on Nuclear Security 2012
Mapping Multiple Histories of Korean American Transnational Adoption 2009
Modernity, the South Korean Path 2015
Necessary Enemies:: Anti-Americanism, Juche Ideology, and the Torturous Path to Normalization 2008
NORTH KOREA AND IRAN:: Drawing Comparative Lessons 2011
Nuclear Safety and Security at the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit 2012
Nuclear Security Governance for the 21st Century:: Assessment and Action Plan 2012
The Origins of Korean Adoption:: Cold War Geopolitics and Intimate Diplomacy 2009
Populist Challenge and Its Backlash 2009
Post‐Unification Korean National Identity 2009
Road to the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit 2012
Silent Partners:: Chinese Joint Ventures in North Korea 2011
State Over Society:: Science and Technology Policy in North Korea 2009
Strategic Opportunities for South Korean Development of Energy Resources in Central Asia 2009
Teddy Roosevelt and the Taft-Katsura Agreement 2013