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Yale University, School of Architecture

Publisher Description

Architecture as an art was taught at the Yale School of the Fine Arts in the late nineteenth century. Precedence for thispioneering in art education was set as early as 1832 when the Trumbull Art Gallery (the first college-affiliated gallery inthe country) was opened. This event signaled a commitment to education in the arts that culminated in 1869 with the openingof the Yale School of the Fine Arts, the first college-affiliated art school in the country. The department of Architecturewas established in the School of the Fine Arts in 1916. In 1959 the School of Art and Architecture, as it was then known,was made a fully graduate professional school. In 1972, Yale designated the School of Architecture as its own separate professionalschool. The School's activities are centered in its landmark building, the Art & Architecture Building, designed between1958 and 1963 by Paul Rudolph, who was then the chairman of the Department of Architecture. Today, the A&A Building housesthe Arts Library and the School of Architecture.

Yale School of Architecture
180 York Street
New Haven, Connecticut
Phone: 203.432.2288
Fax: 203.432.7175