The Feathered Heart

The Feathered Heart

Mark Turcotte
Copyright Date: 1998
Pages: 75
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    The Feathered Heart
    Book Description:

    This revised and expanded edition ofThe Feathered Heart, Mark Turcotte's celebrated collection of Native American poetry, brings traditional oral culture to print. Torn, painful, vibrant, and full of hope, his poetry weaves together the multilayered and textured fabric of contemporary Native American urban and rural existence. Appropriately, each poem inThe Feathered Heartpossesses a deeply lyrical quality. Raw emotion echoes in Turcotte's voice, in his verse, in the things he sees. "Ten Thousand Thousand Bones," for example, "a poem about the desecration of Native American burial sites and objects by archeologists," is dedicated "to an ancient woman taken from the Earth near New Lenox, Illinois in the winter 1993/94."

    eISBN: 978-0-87013-962-8
    Subjects: Language & Literature

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-vi)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. vii-viii)
  3. Introduction
    (pp. ix-xii)
    Ray Gonzalez

    As Native American literature reaches new levels of accomplishment, poets like Mark Turcotte will emerge and redefine everything we have known about this vibrant genre.The Feathered Heartproves the deepest and most personal memories are entryways into the poetic spirit that has shaped Native writing for the past century. Turcotte’s poems arise from this tradition, but they clearly gain new ground in the consciousness that pulls our most vital poets together. Reading these poems means any notions about Native Writing can be left behind. There are ghosts here, but they do not haunt us because of our national history....

  4. The Eye Shakes
    (pp. 1-1)
  5. Horse and Cradle
    (pp. 2-2)
  6. Tiny Warriors
    (pp. 3-3)
  7. Flies Buzzing
    (pp. 4-6)
  8. True Sign
    (pp. 7-7)
  9. Indian Boys
    (pp. 8-9)
  10. Room Still Full of Death
    (pp. 10-10)
  11. Father’s Dust
    (pp. 11-12)
  12. Window Glass
    (pp. 13-13)
  13. Unshadow
    (pp. 14-15)
  14. Sky Breathes Sky
    (pp. 16-17)
  15. Flying With the Wind
    (pp. 18-19)
  16. Horse Dance
    (pp. 20-21)
  17. Recognize Stepfather
    (pp. 22-24)
  18. And Betty Jean
    (pp. 25-25)
  19. Under Gray Gods
    (pp. 26-26)
  20. Folded Down
    (pp. 27-27)
  21. Animal Shadows
    (pp. 28-28)
  22. Indio
    (pp. 29-29)
  23. Leads You to Water
    (pp. 30-32)
  24. The Boy Dances
    (pp. 33-33)
  25. Angels We
    (pp. 34-34)
  26. Hands
    (pp. 35-35)
  27. This Wind
    (pp. 36-36)
  28. The Flower On
    (pp. 37-37)
  29. Feather
    (pp. 38-39)
  30. Wedding
    (pp. 40-40)
  31. Amber On Opal
    (pp. 41-41)
  32. Rain Rain
    (pp. 43-43)
  33. Chippewa Hitch Hike
    (pp. 44-44)
  34. Arrow, Humming
    (pp. 46-47)
  35. Motherdrum
    (pp. 48-49)
  36. Ten Thousand Thousand Bones
    (pp. 50-53)
  37. Brother River Dreams
    (pp. 54-55)
  38. Cyrus Calls For His Pony
    (pp. 56-56)
  39. Last Drink
    (pp. 57-58)
  40. Half Blood
    (pp. 59-59)
  41. Song for the Endless Others
    (pp. 60-61)
  42. The Poets Coming
    (pp. 62-62)
  43. Growler
    (pp. 63-63)
  44. Winter
    (pp. 64-64)
  45. Foreign Shore
    (pp. 65-67)
  46. Notes
    (pp. 68-68)
  47. Back Matter
    (pp. 69-69)