Journal of the American Musicological Society

Vol. 61, No. 1, Spring 2008

Table of Contents

  1. Cover (pp. C1-C4)
    DOI: 10.1525/jams.2008.61.1.cover
  2. Front Matter (pp. C2-ii)
    DOI: 10.1525/
  3. Table of Contents (pp. iii-iv)
    DOI: 10.1525/jams.2008.61.1.toc
  4. “Die Ochsen am Berge”: Franz Xaver Süssmayr and the Orchestration of Mozart's Requiem, K. 626 (pp. 1-65)
    Simon P. Keefe
    DOI: 10.1525/jams.2008.61.1.1
  5. Louis Armstrong, Eccentric Dance, and the Evolution of Jazz on the Eve of Swing (pp. 67-121)
    Brian Harker
    DOI: 10.1525/jams.2008.61.1.67
  6. Schoenberg's Interior Designs (pp. 123-206)
    Holly Watkins
    DOI: 10.1525/jams.2008.61.1.123
  7. The Musical World of a Medieval Monk: Adémar de Chabannes in Eleventh-Century Aquitaine by James Grier (pp. 207-210)
    Review by: Rebecca A. Baltzer
    DOI: 10.1525/jams.2008.61.1.207
  8. Music, Discipline, and Arms in Early Modern France by Kate van Orden (pp. 211-215)
    Review by: Jean-Paul C. Montagnier
    DOI: 10.1525/jams.2008.61.1.211
  9. Boccherini's Body: An Essay in Carnal Musicology by Elisabeth Le Guin (pp. 215-220)
    Review by: Annette Richards
    DOI: 10.1525/jams.2008.61.1.215
  10. Music as Thought: Listening to the Symphony in the Age of Beethoven by Mark Evan Bonds (pp. 221-224)
    Review by: Stephen Rumph
    DOI: 10.1525/jams.2008.61.1.221
  11. Louis Armstrong's New Orleans by Thomas Brothers (pp. 224-231)
    Review by: Brian Harker
    DOI: 10.1525/jams.2008.61.1.224
  12. Female Song Tradition and the Akan of Ghana: The Creative Process in Nnwonkorɔ by Kwasi Ampene (pp. 231-237)
    Review by: David Locke
    DOI: 10.1525/jams.2008.61.1.231
  13. Communications (pp. 238-241)
    Jaap Van Benthem and Anne Walters Robertson
    DOI: 10.1525/jams.2008.61.1.238
  14. Contributors to This Issue (pp. 242-243)
    DOI: 10.1525/jams.2008.61.1.242
  15. Publications Received (pp. 244-250)
    DOI: 10.1525/jams.2008.61.1.244
  16. Directions to Contributors (p. 251)
    DOI: 10.1525/jams.2008.61.1.251