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Art and Architecture in Canada

Art and Architecture in Canada: A Bibliography and Guide to the Literature

Copyright Date: 1991
Pages: 1557
  • Book Info
    Art and Architecture in Canada
    Book Description:

    Identifies and summarizes thousands of books, article, exhibition catalogues, government publications, and theses published in many countries and in several languages from the early nineteenth century to 1981.

    eISBN: 978-1-4426-7101-0
    Subjects: Art & Art History

Table of Contents

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  1. Volume 1

    • Front Matter
      (pp. i-vi)
    • Table of Contents
      (pp. vii-x)
    • Towards the Discovery of Canadian Cultural History:
      (pp. xi-xviii)
      Ramsay Cook
    • Preface
      (pp. xix-xxxiv)
      Loren R. Lerner and Mary F. Williamson
    • Acknowledgments
      (pp. xxxv-xl)
    • Guide to Using Volume 1
      (pp. xli-xlviii)
    • Abbreviations / Abréviations
      (pp. xlix-li)
    • Maps
      (pp. lii-lviii)
    • ART

      • Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Arts, Photography / Peinture, sculpture, arts graphiques, photographie
        (pp. 3-246)

        Beginning in 1879, art exhibitions were held annually at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto until 1961, with the exception of the war years 1942-1946. From 1879 to 1902, they were known as the Toronto Industrial Exhibition, and for one year, in 1903, as the Dominion of Canada Industrial Exhibition, and finally in 1904 the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). In 1905 a monumental gallery, designed by George W. Gouinlock, was erected to house the art exhibitions, and this building, known as the Fine Art Building or Art Gallery, stood until 1973 when it was demolished. Another smaller building erected...

      • Decorative Arts, Fine Crafts, Industrial Arts / Arts décoratifs, métiers d’art, esthétique industrielle
        (pp. 247-330)

        2089 Carless, William. The Arts and Crafts of Canada. Reprinted, with additions, from The Family Herald and Weekly Star, April 1 and 8, 1925. Montréal, Que: Mercury Press, 1925. 18 p, 8 ill, En. Reprint, Montreal, Qué: McGill University Publications. Series 13 (Art and Architecture) no 4

        Observing that mechanically reproduced artifacts are inferior to handicrafts, the author surveys textile work, metalwork, woodcarving, basketry, and rug-hooking among the Indians, Inuit, “habitants,” and such modern groups as the Canadian Handicrafts Guild. Particular attention is paid to homespun and theceinture fléchéeof Québec.

        2090 Hulbert, M.Allen. Sketch of the Activities of...

      • Related Studies / Etudes connexes
        (pp. 331-369)

        2957 Verbist, P.J. Projet d’organisation d’une académie des beaux-arts à Montréal. Lecture publique faite à Montréal le 5 février 1873 sous le patronage de l’Institut des artisans canadiens par l’abbé P.J. Verbist, curé de Ste. Pétronille de Beaulieu (île d’Orléans) au profit de l’église Ste. Pétronille. Montréal, Qué: Presses de la “Minerve”, 1873. 20 p, Fr

        L’abbé P.J. Verbist fut envoyé en Europe avec la mission de promouvoir l’émigration au Québec. Son appel remporta un succès. Comme prêtre il se croit doté de la mission de promouvoir les arts autant que l’industrie. Il propose la fondation d’une académie des beaux-arts...

      • Art of the Native Peoples / Art autochtone
        (pp. 370-480)

        3327 Healey, William. On Masks, Labrets and Certain Aboriginal Customs, with an Inquiry into the Bearing of their Geographical Distribution.United States. Bureau of American Ethnology. Third Annual Report, 1881–82,p 67-202,v-xxix. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1884. 29 ill, En. Numerous reprints

        An early study that draws on Indian artifacts held in the collection of the United States National Museum in Washington (DC). The distribution of masks in North, Central, and South America is determined on the basis of the evolution, use, manufacture, and classification of various types. Emphasis is on the Northwest Coast, particularly the Haida, Aleut, and...


      • Artists / Artistes
        (pp. 483-780)

        4501 Shreveport (La), R.W. Norton Art Gallery. Loren D. Adams, Jr.: A Retrospective Exhibition. 21 Jan-4 Mar 1979. 69 p, 101 ill (69 col), biogr, exh list, 101 works shown, En

        American-born artist Loren D. Adams, presently living and working in Vancouver (BC), is said to be among the best of contemporary marine artists. This retrospective exhibition reviews Adams’s growth as an artist during the previous 10 years. Brief annotations accompany many of the reproductions, alluding to their technique and / or biographical or historical significance.

        4502 Lang, Andrea. Gordon Adaskin: Landscape Painter.Arts West 7no 1 (Dec-Jan 1981-1982)...


      • Architecture
        (pp. 783-872)

        7638 Hay, William. Architecture for the Meridian of Canada.Anglo-American Magazine2 (Mar 1853) 253-255. 2 ill, En

        Some aspects of the log hut, such as its high-pitched roof, which throws off the snow, should be taken into account in the development of a local character in Canadian architecture. Hay observes that Greek architecture sprang from simple wooden sheds, and then warns against using the Greek orders and ornament generally on the exterior of houses without regard to the utility and reality of the building. He suggests that the Old English style of building is suited to the Canadian climate....

      • Building Types / Types de constructions
        (pp. 873-988)

        8414 DND Post War Construction Program: Introduction; The Royal Canadian Navy; Architectural Planning of Sites and Structures for Army Installations in Canada; The RCAF Construction Program; Defence Research Board.Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. Journal33 no 9 (Sept 1956) 317-333. 23 ill, plans, En

        This issue of theJournalis devoted to recent military architecture and planning by the Department of National Defence, and includes articles on Navy, Army, and Air Force buildings and installations. Reference is made to the Department’s rebuilding program of long-term accommodations for the permanent Armed Forces; the Royal Canadian Navy’s shore establishments for administrative,...

  2. Volume 2

    • Guide to Using Volume 2
      (pp. i-xviii)
    • Abbreviations / Abréviations
      (pp. xix-xx)
    • Author Index / Index des auteurs
      (pp. 3-34)
    • Subject Index
      (pp. 35-570)