Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 2000
Book Description:

Long praised for its accuracy, readability, and insight, theCanadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairsoffers a synoptic appraisal of the year's developments in Canadian politics.

The first year of the new millennium saw a new conservative federal party born with the union of the Reform Party and disaffected federal Progressive Conservatives. Led by Stockwell Day, the Canadian Alliance was defeated by Jean Chr├ętien's liberals in the subsequent federal election. A second RCMP investigation into questionable job-creation grants in Chr├ętien's home riding, however, hurt the Prime Minister's reputation. The Liberals' new cigarette-packaging requirements, featuring gruesome tobacco-related images meant to discourage smoking, were challenged by tobacco companies. As well, the issue of police racism was brought to the fore when two Saskatoon police officers were suspended over allegations they abandoned a Native man on a cold winter night without a coat. Additionally, Ontario's chief coroner announced an investigation into the deaths of nine people following an outbreak of E.Coli in Walkerton.

TheCanadian Annual Reviewis unique in its collection and presentation of the year in politics. The combination of the calendar and the text offers a superb, easy-access reference source for political events, both federal and provincial.

eISBN: 978-1-4426-7213-0
Subjects: Political Science