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The Jesuit Series Part Three (F-L)

The Jesuit Series Part Three (F-L)

Peter M. Daly
G. Richard Dimler
Copyright Date: 2002
Pages: 360
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    The Jesuit Series Part Three (F-L)
    Book Description:

    This bibliography encompasses all extant books of emblems, and books dealing with the theory and practice of emblematics written by members of The Society of Jesus. Translations and adaptations of Jesuit works in all languages are also included.

    eISBN: 978-1-4426-8153-8
    Subjects: Art & Art History

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-iv)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. v-vi)
    (pp. vii-viii)
    Peter M. Daly and G. Richard Dimler
    (pp. ix-x)

    This bibliography attempts to encompass all extant books of emblems, emblematically illustrated works, and books dealing with the theory and practice of emblematics that were written by members of the Society of Jesus. Included are translations and adaptations by Catholics and non-Catholics alike in all languages of Jesuit works. The Jesuit Series is the keystone of the database known as "The Union Catalogue of Emblem Books"² and, of this series of reference works, the "Corpus Librorum Emblematum" (CLE), for several reasons. First, the Jesuits produced more books in this genre than did any other identifiable group of writers, and second,...

  5. Organizational Principles
    (pp. x-xi)
  6. Of Books and Genres
    (pp. xi-xiii)
  7. Bibliographies and Catalogues
    (pp. xiii-xvi)
  8. Short-Title Listing
    (pp. xvi-xvii)
  9. Record Number
    (pp. xvii-xviii)
  10. Author Name
    (pp. xviii-xix)
  11. Name Authorities
    (pp. xix-xx)
  12. Short-Title
    (pp. xx-xx)
  13. Place
    (pp. xx-xx)
  14. Publisher, Printer, Bookseller
    (pp. xx-xx)
  15. Language
    (pp. xx-xxi)
  16. Pagination
    (pp. xxi-xxi)
  17. Fingerprint
    (pp. xxi-xxii)
  18. Emblem Structure and Illustrations
    (pp. xxii-xxii)
  19. Layout
    (pp. xxii-xxiii)
  20. Illustration Notes
    (pp. xxiii-xxiv)
  21. Artist
    (pp. xxiv-xxiv)
  22. Classification of Jesuit Emblem Books
    (pp. xxiv-xxvii)
  23. References
    (pp. xxviii-xxx)
  24. Library Locations and Shelf Marks
    (pp. xxx-xxxi)
  25. Codes for Countries
    (pp. xxxi-xxxi)
  26. Library Acronyms
    (pp. xxxi-lvii)
  27. Facsimiles and Reprints
    (pp. lvii-lvii)
  28. Microform
    (pp. lvii-lviii)
  29. Remarks
    (pp. lviii-lviii)
  30. Collation Copy
    (pp. lviii-lviii)
  31. Serial Number
    (pp. lviii-lviii)
  32. Use of Facsimiles
    (pp. lviii-lx)
    (pp. 1-369)
    (pp. 370-375)